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  1. EU Craft

    Eucraft S.A. Products and Services

    Greetings from Eucraft S.A. (The German Guys) Some of you may alread know a couple of our family members (Stev & Bodo) from various tiling/plumbing/countertop jobs ALL over the Boquete area. Since we started out specializing in stonework, over the years we have come to add an array of other services to our reportoire such as gravestones, headstones and building plates... Eventually this list grew to include everything from banner design and prints to mugs to laser engraved awards! (We also create gravestones for pets) Since many of you may not be aware of these services & products, I will attach a small gallery of the aforementioned items. We customer service via whatsapp/email and accept deposits as downpayment for any of these items. We will personally bring your purchases to Boquete once every 2 weeks with options for rush jobs. My personal whatsapp: 6651-5806 (Kevin) (English & Español) Bodo's whatsapp: 6696-8058 (English & Deutsch) Stev's whatsapp: 6651-0113 (English & Deutsch) Our email: eucraftboquete@yahoo.com Bodo's email: bodowinkler@yahoo.com Our website: www.eucraftboquete.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/eucraft Facebook: www.facebook.com/EucraftBoquete We are at your service and hope to hear from you soon! Regards, -Kevin
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