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  1. The Clubhouse at the BCP - Grand Opening Party

  2. until
  3. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    I stay confused......is it because we are so close to the equator?
  4. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    Yes....I looked today. It is directly across from Merca Max.
  5. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    Marcelyn.....San Miguel is a hotel sort of. If you are headed toward David on the main road, you will pass Ivan stores on the right, then you will need to watch as San Miguel is just past a little ways also on the right. It is a nice looking building with a large lighted sign at night. There is an old black antique car that always sits in front...it is along in the area where Merca Max is. If you reach Guadalupano school on the left, you have gone a ways too far. I am guessing that yes, when anyone swipes your passport, then this "red flag warning" comes up. Again...just guessing but that sounds very logical.
  6. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    Casa Décor has moved from the previous location. And yes, there is a story there as well but it is not mine to tell. It has moved, according to Patsi's Instagram posts, to the San Miguel building. In the front where there was, briefly, a Mexican restaurant. According to the instagrams, there is a shop there and a "tea room". Nobody with pending criminal charges is permitted to leave the country...at least not until they are resolved. And the attorney and prosecuting attorney have contacted Immigration to ensure this from what I understand. I am also hearing of many, many more coming forward asking to be involved in the charges with their experiences. The amount of people who have been ripped off is astounding....just my opinion.
  7. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    Again, in another matter, my attorney told me NOT to put a specific name to a complaint in a public forum without charges or a denuncia filed. BUT, I did have a couple come to ask about my situation as rumors do get out and BEFORE I said anything I contacted my attorney. He told me to go ahead and tell them of my experience as it was solely the truth and our charges were going to be filed within the next couple of days. Its a fine line...without charges or a denuncia..... WHY walk it.
  8. Denuncia Against The Consignment Shop

    The prosecutor, along with attorney Julio Espinosa Brown, both have said that once charges/denuncia have been filed, the matter then becomes "public". At that point it can be posted on any public forum with no risk of slander. I happen to know this from another matter but it would certainly apply here as well.
  9. Tuesday Team Trivia


    How about a slice of fresh coconut Easter cake this week at Tuesday Team Trivia!!
  10. 2013 Polaris side x side for sale. Original owner. Paid $15,500. Excellent condition. Adult driven into town maybe once a week. Has NOT been driven off road. Seats are in great shape, no tears or rips. Automatic trans with manual dump bed. Added aftermarket windshield and roof. Street legal. It is tagged and licensed. No problems with it, we just don't use it. Asking $8500. Please contact me at 6997-1845
  11. Wedesday Night Honkytonk

    Longing to hear some George Straight, maybe line dancing to Reggae Cowboy....Boot Scootin Boogie? Wednesday Night Honkytonk at Skateworld...No skatin', just line dancin' and two steppin' fun! Doors open at 5pm. $1 entrance fee. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.