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  1. Bud: People from provinces in Panama always complain that the utility and other services companies treat them like second class citizens. They center their main operation in Panama City and the metropolitan area but do not do much in the Interior or provinces. In Panama City there are not such problems that you suffered and if something happens they solved it quickly. There is an Agency to complain about the service of utilities companies. It is called ASEP. I am not so sure how to do it but they could give you a hint on the ways to place a claim if you have any damaged appliance because of the power surges and brownouts. I will suggest to look for that information and file a complain. There is nothing to lose. Just give it a try.
  2. WE are looking for the president and the other police authorities to wear very well their "pantalones" and hit so hard those criminals and their families of criminals.
  3. JohnF13: It is not a problem of such magnitude like other countries in Central America and South America.... but it is something to take care immediately. For every expat murdered and victim of a crime there are a thousand of locals panamanians being attacked by the maleantes. The president doesnt want bad publicity. He has said on the news and showed statistics that says that the criminality in the country is very little but people dont believe in his statistics. People want more aggressive actions. We used to be a very safe country with very little criminal activity. Now that we see this increase, even a little, we feel shocked. We were not used to that. In the world, seems like the laws are done to protect criminals and not citizens. Lawyers know how to interpret the law in favor of their clients. The lawyers and NGO usually fight for criminals and inmates in prisons human rights but they dont fight for the victims' human rights. There are some laws in Panama that were "forced" by some international agencies in order to protect and save young people, minors, etc... but the problem is that the law was left with some holes that minors could commit crimes and go unpunished. People over the years have been crying for changes in the law but... the pressure of the international agencies are so high and the changes are not yet in the future of the legislators in Panama. To me it was a surprise that the President says something like that in the news. It was the first time that he recognizes that something is not going well.... and we hope he takes care about this issue seriously. We could not leave the country to the maleantes. We cant allow to be kidnapped by the maleantes in this country... because it could turn into taking the law in people's hand.
  4. If not... for sure people's pressure will be so high that he will have to do something quick.
  5. President Varela told to the news media that the family members of the three suspects of this murder were threatening the judges. Also he was emphatic that he will not allow this kind of threats to judges, witnesses, and members of the authorities.
  6. Pat If the Police Director is issuing this memo it is because the problem exist. Looks like they have found police units distracted by using their smartphones chatting, most of the time.
  7. Hil Usually a contract like this include all the repairs needed in the street and roads. I have not seen the contract but surely it is included. The major and all the people of Boquete should be very careful and watch what the contractor is doing and claim that the roads be repaired accordingly before the contractor finished and leave. Support the major regarding this subject and be ready. I dont know, also, who is the government agency who should do Inspection of the jobs. The contractor couldnt present any account for payment if they dont have the ok from the engineer inspection. It is possible that the Major and Authorities of the Municipio know who they are. All the business organizations and citizens should be concerned and ask when something is not seen accordingly. Lets remember that in bidding projects the winner of the job is the contractor who gave the lowest price. It is bad because that contractor will try to cut expenses and that means it will be lower quality. Junction boxes could be made of concrete blocks... but, here is always the but...the blocks should be of good quality. They should have steel passing through the holes, the joints should be made of high quality mortars, the holes in the block should be filled with a good quality cementitious mortars and at least the inner side should have a waterproofed plaster. At the end the whole responsability falls in the inspection company of the government agency. They should be checking that all the jobs have to be done according to the specifications and with known and good construction practices.
  8. Well. That is why I am not so friendly with attorneys or lawyers. They know how to twist the law in favor of their clients. Also the judges do interpret the law according to what they think is correct. But this thing is backfiring the government. The people's outrage is increasing and will harm the very deteriorated image of our actual government and law authorities.
  9. Sure. He was one of the most important fighters of the democracy in Panama back in the times of military dictatorship.
  10. This is the picture of this gentleman that I like the most. Protecting his followers from the "dobermans" of Noriega back in the times of Military Dictatorship in Panama.
  11. This bank is close to my house in PC and I do some banking transactions in that bank. It is another sad story. Thinks like this makes the general population to criticize harshly the police authorities and the government and ask for prompt solutions to security and handling the maleantes. There is a folkloric tale in Panama that back in 1964 we had a President of the Republic named Marco Aurelio Robles. He had a nickname that time that was "Marco Rifle". It is being told that on that time the President ordered the police that criminal saw in flagrant crime must be shot immediatelly. People said it helped to reduce criminal actions drastically.
  12. Judy Sorry for my bad English. I am more than good writing in Spanish and when writing in English my thoughts and ideas become a little difficult to express the way I wanted to. What do I wanted to say with a "rape that went bad". A criminal rapist's original intentions are to satisfy his sick behavior of sexual complacency. Initially this criminal do not have intention of killing the victims. How this horrible thing could "go bad"? If the rapist is well known by the victim or the victim fight so hard with criminal, the criminal could be easily identified and in order to a avoid any penal consecuence the criminal would then kill the victim. The original intentions were sexually oriented but...Things changed and ended with terrible consecuence.
  13. IN Panama City where the traffic is so bad the SUNTRACS - Construction workers union- know for his communist preferences, close some important avenues protesting against the recent scandal involving president Varela with Odebrecht and other aromatic flowers.
  14. People All what we are doing here is SPECULATE. We are not conducting the investigations, we are not part of the investigation so all our opinions here are only that... opinions and speculations. I suggest to wait for what the investigations will reveal. Speculating like all here do, I would say that I found very interesting the comments done by Uncle Dog. Strangulation is a very personal way of killing a person. It is something done close to the victim until it is dead. Usually the robbers or maleantes in Panama do not kill their victims unless the robbery turns bad. They do not take additional care of killing a person and dumping the body somewhere else. They usually leave the body where the robbery occurs and run away from the scene. If it is proved that the poor girl was killed in other place and the body was left on that trail then It is more the kind of crime that the person who commited it would like to hide it as much as possible until he/she dissapear without suspect. It is trying to hide the crime. Could be a person close to the victim in the last 24 hours before was killed. Panamanians serial killers are very rare in this country. In my 57 years in this country I have only heard about two cases. I knew one of them because one uncle I did have was the state assigned attorney of the criminal. A sexual crime? It could be possible a Rape that went bad. What if the criminal was not a local person but another expat? Foreign people tend to not trust a 100% on locals but open too much to other tourist and trust on people of their same country. As I said we have to wait for the investigations results. I do really hope this case be solved quickly and sending the criminals to prison.
  15. until

    It is interesting to see that this festival is being now advertised on national TV as a cultural event of Boquete. It was a very good job of the people in charge of its organization.