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  1. That is correct Bonnie It is something like the ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) that gives you the IRS in the US.
  2. Penny Sorry. But that is not true. I used them every year. I know that they do some changes that makes you to re learn the way to navigate through it but finally you can do it. Sometimes I do admit that it becomes a little bit harder to navigate and go thru but it is more a matter of trying to do a lot for the site from designers than other obscure agenda. It is sad to hear people spreading as true something like this.
  3. Thanks. I have to say that Keith is a person that I do really admire because he is always trying to be informed and keep informed the community and people of ths sites he constributes with his posts about Panama. That says much about the kind of person he is. My respects to Keith.
  4. Keith and all Below is the link that explain, more or less in english, the events of the 9 de Enero de 1964 in Panama. I have to say that I have a cousin that participated as a high school student marching with the Panamanian flag to the Balboa High School. He is alive. He told us all the bad things that happened the day they went to Balboa High School and how they were insulted, spitted and their flag was destroyed and torn by the Zonians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyrs'_Day_(Panama) The guy holding the flag at the right of the student with glasses is my cousin. Inocencio Garcia. My cousin is the third guy from left. Watching the torn Panamanian flag. Flag that was taken abruptly from their hands by zonians students and their parents. My cousin is the first on the left holding the flag while talking with the Canal Zone Governor in front of the Administration Building and Balboa High School. This violent act against the Panamanian flag was the spark that fired all the other events in that day and following 3 to 4 days. "Only one flag. Only one territory". Stones and rocks vs bullets and shotguns.
  5. The most interesting thing is this is a public school located in the city of Chitre, province of Herrera. Young and very talented people from the interior. One of the best school band in Panama. With big efforts from their parents, family members, community those young people did a lot of activities to rise funds to cover the cost of the air tickets and expenses. They could make it. I feel so proud of those young students. Panama still have hope with these young people.
  6. This is the result of what we called here: government and politicians "paternalism" or "populism". It is a bad strategy used by politicians to get support from uneducated, low income masses. The more ignorant and dependent thos people are the better for them to get their support at elections days. They create this kind of dependence and those people thinks that they deserve everything for free from government. I dont like to much all those "social" trips to poor areas in the comarcas to give food, clothing and toys a couple of times a year and what happened to the rest of the days in a year. I am a believer of this old saying: "Dont give people a fish.... teach them how to fish them." What is needed is to improve education. Increase health and create better conditions for creating good and new jobs. By giving away everything for free you create a society with parasites that dont want to work and pretend they deserve everything for free from the government.
  7. Well. I know Ing. Roberto Roy. The only thing I can say, according to what I have known about him, is that he is a very good and succesfful professional, a very good public servant and a great businessman. Being in the construction business I know him from the CAPAC or construction chamber and this news have taken us by surprise. I seriously doubt about this bribery accusations. Let see what the investigations bring out to light.
  8. The criminal was caught. He was presented before the judge and prosecutor and declared legal the arrest. He was heavily protected by police officers. Fearing that anybody would like to take Justice in their own hands. This murderer asked the judge for protection in jail. There is an urban legend in Panama that says that violent criminals in jail will harm and could kill people that commit horrendous crimes to children. Most of those criminals have children and they don't like people who harm children. The guy is terrified and fear that he will be targeted by those criminals in jail. This could sound bad, but almost all people in Panama wish that something happen to this guy in jail.
  9. People: In the last 6 months the ATTT or Transit Authority has launched an APP to be used on Android Smartphones. With that App you can denounce any driver that is committing a traffic violation. Also I have also seen that some people has sent to the ATTT Twitter account photographs with all the details of people committing traffic violations and the agency has identified the vehicles by the license plates and have fine them severely according to the traffic violation committed.
  10. A very sad news shook Panama's society yesterday. A missing six years old girl was found dead in the house of her godfather. The son of the godfather was arrested and accused of commiting such horrendous crime. I did cry when I heard about it and when I saw the sad video of the little girl parents. There are a lot of people in Panama that would like just only 5 minutes alone with this animal and punish him little by little for this horrible crime done to a poor little angel. The young father of the little girl was totally destroyed, crying aloud with pain and sorrow.... this is something to make anybody crazy. This is such a pain that nobody can heal. This is rising a cry from people in Panama. Some are asking for death penalty for such kind of crime in our country. https://www.tvn-2.com/videos/noticias/crimen-nina-anos-Chorrera-impacto_2_4921027921.html Here is an interview with the father of the little girl. He tells about how they discovered the body of the girl in the godfather's house. About 50 yards from their house. How the mother of the criminal helped his son to hide what he did. http://www.telemetro.com/nacionales/Padre-hallada-Chorrera-sospechoso-buscarla_0_1092191234.html
  11. Uncle Doug. I do agree with your comments and opinion. Clear and loud. And what are the consequences of being on the EU blacklist? Essentially nothing. We hope so. Government officials and business organizations are studying this and will be planning a retaliation strategy. Why don't they mention Andorra Interesting and we make the same question. There are also other countries with very "soft" banking laws and are involved in more financial scandals. How much does Panama rely on Belgium for its economy? Nothing. But because is a consensus decision that will be taken in the EU forced by France it could affect financing to Panama's funding from that continent. But most of our financing comes from our big brother USA and some Asian countries. In the last decade we have seen several attacks coming from a specific european country: France. Why? We dont know.
  12. Marie Elaine it will be interesting to know how do you do with getting refills in Medellin or importing them into Colombia.
  13. I can deny the fact that some lawyers, banks, goverment officials, politicians and businessmen in Panama have been involved in scandals that have to do with tax evasion, money laundering and other financial crimes. But also we can deny the fact that Panama's authorities have done drastic changes in our financial and banking system. It is hard for a Panamanian citizen or a panamanian corporation to open a banking account today. I opened a checking account in a panamanian bank for a little corporation I opened and.... my God. I had an interview with the banking officer that looked like an interrogation scene from a spy movie. They asked for a lot of papers. I thought they would ask for the model of the underwear my grandmother used in 1950. After giving them all the papers and documents they asked me I was giving the manual for operations. Every wire transfer I do receive from foreign countries I should do a declaration from where it came from and what was the origin of that transaction. So there were other procedures when dealing with deposits, wire transfers, etc. We should give all the details of where the money is coming from and for what reason. To make it worst. My youngest son. Who is still under my protection and it is studying mechanical engineering at a local university wanted to open a Saving Account and he was overwhelmed with the requisites he had been asked. He was asked for a probe of an income. He told the officer he was studying and living in his parent's house and he was asked for my income documents. He was asked for a copy of receipt of payment of any utility at the house and another documents that I found to be incredible. He desisted to open a saving account. The law of incorporation also changed. The stocks should be nominal and the owner of the stocks should be listed. The stockholder's name should be listed and recorded. So the list of changes done to please those agencies in Europe is long. People in Panama have started to think that there are other hidden agenda for this kind of constant attacks to Panama's financial system. In Europe there are still countries that have a banking systems that are more permissive than Panama and they are working without problems like: Andorra, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco. There are also some Caribbean islands under the protectorate of some european countries that are doing worst than Panama like Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, etc. The recent "Paradise Papers" or what we call "Bahamas papers" showed that the problems there is worst and bigger. So this give me some kind of doubt about the real intention of the EU with Panama, specially France. Something below the surface is the real intention. That could be... to kill Panama's financial and banking system to promote and develop their own "banking havens"
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