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  1. Uncle Doug. I do agree with your comments and opinion. Clear and loud. And what are the consequences of being on the EU blacklist? Essentially nothing. We hope so. Government officials and business organizations are studying this and will be planning a retaliation strategy. Why don't they mention Andorra Interesting and we make the same question. There are also other countries with very "soft" banking laws and are involved in more financial scandals. How much does Panama rely on Belgium for its economy? Nothing. But because is a consensus decision that will be taken in the EU forced by France it could affect financing to Panama's funding from that continent. But most of our financing comes from our big brother USA and some Asian countries. In the last decade we have seen several attacks coming from a specific european country: France. Why? We dont know.
  2. Marie Elaine it will be interesting to know how do you do with getting refills in Medellin or importing them into Colombia.
  3. I can deny the fact that some lawyers, banks, goverment officials, politicians and businessmen in Panama have been involved in scandals that have to do with tax evasion, money laundering and other financial crimes. But also we can deny the fact that Panama's authorities have done drastic changes in our financial and banking system. It is hard for a Panamanian citizen or a panamanian corporation to open a banking account today. I opened a checking account in a panamanian bank for a little corporation I opened and.... my God. I had an interview with the banking officer that looked like an interrogation scene from a spy movie. They asked for a lot of papers. I thought they would ask for the model of the underwear my grandmother used in 1950. After giving them all the papers and documents they asked me I was giving the manual for operations. Every wire transfer I do receive from foreign countries I should do a declaration from where it came from and what was the origin of that transaction. So there were other procedures when dealing with deposits, wire transfers, etc. We should give all the details of where the money is coming from and for what reason. To make it worst. My youngest son. Who is still under my protection and it is studying mechanical engineering at a local university wanted to open a Saving Account and he was overwhelmed with the requisites he had been asked. He was asked for a probe of an income. He told the officer he was studying and living in his parent's house and he was asked for my income documents. He was asked for a copy of receipt of payment of any utility at the house and another documents that I found to be incredible. He desisted to open a saving account. The law of incorporation also changed. The stocks should be nominal and the owner of the stocks should be listed. The stockholder's name should be listed and recorded. So the list of changes done to please those agencies in Europe is long. People in Panama have started to think that there are other hidden agenda for this kind of constant attacks to Panama's financial system. In Europe there are still countries that have a banking systems that are more permissive than Panama and they are working without problems like: Andorra, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco. There are also some Caribbean islands under the protectorate of some european countries that are doing worst than Panama like Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, etc. The recent "Paradise Papers" or what we call "Bahamas papers" showed that the problems there is worst and bigger. So this give me some kind of doubt about the real intention of the EU with Panama, specially France. Something below the surface is the real intention. That could be... to kill Panama's financial and banking system to promote and develop their own "banking havens"
  4. Keith I heard that ATTT and Transit Police adquired new radar guns or speed guns but problems may continue for some time. It is imposible to put a police or inspector in every road but there is a concern about this issue.
  5. A Warning

    Jim and Judy are right. I have seen this warning since 2003 on the internet. Frankly I have never heard or met anyone who has had this experience in Panama.
  6. The photographs of the two young police officers killed.
  7. JudyS Everybody in Panama knows that corruption is bad and is aware of what it is doing. Look at the recent polls how people in Panama grade or rate this government in terms of transparency and trust. Less than 26%!!! It is extremely low. People dont trust our actual government. Who has the power to stop t?? Well the authorities and lawmakers. But they dont want to make laws that will hurt them in a future so we are not safe yet. People are asking to change a lot a laws that could make easier to investigate not only the low level government official but the big shots in high positions. They are involved in corruption because they know they can get away without any consecuences. Every new member of the National Assembly promise to make changes in the law and fight the corruption but when they are seated in power they suffer from amnesia and forget the promises. Everything remains the same. Nothing change.
  8. That is what I said. The Major is doing some kind of inspections to the job. Keep a constant communication with his office and send him all the concerns you have about this job. If you tell him that they should leave the roads in good condition and do the jobs according to the specs he will enforce this and will raise his voice to make the corrections needed.
  9. They should do a concrete type of structures at the pavement level. That is the specs. I do really think that it is great that you are always "supervising" those works. I do suggest that if you have any contact with Major office to inform them about those things that concern you and the community. He could later ask his people to talk with the contractor and the inspection to do any correction they should do before the government accept the works done and pay them for it.
  10. Grubs? Nematodes?

    Dottie Always at your service... You are welcome.
  11. Grubs? Nematodes?

    Dottie I will suggest to talk with the people of the MIDA or any other farmer about the best and healthy way to solve this problem you had. I could be possible to find those nematodes available locally. Bringing live stuff to Panama is very difficult and has a lot of paperwork to do in advance before importing them. You will have to go up and down stairs and office to get the approval. It is a mess. Talk to other "colleagues" that have crops similar to yours, visit government agricultural agencies for advise and also as a last chance visit some agricultural stores like MELO but tell them you dont want chemicals or something like that and that you are looking for healthy solutions.
  12. For its existence and recurrence bribery may need to things. A person who ask for a bribe.... and specially a person who is willing to pay the bribe. If for any reason you wanted to avoid the driving test and pay the bribe.... you are also guilty of the bribery sin. Dont feed the corrupt people.
  13. AS I SEE IT. Yes. There is corruption in our 3 powers in our state and government systems: Judicial, legislative and Executive. There are some people that not only crave for the political power but also crave more for the economical power. People wants money in an easy a quick way. They want to get rich not matter what. Why this is happening? What do we have to do to stop it? If everything starts from the government officials and they did it freely and without consecuences what will the normal population will think and do. If we are living in a place of pirates then you will be a fool if you dont act and become a pirate too. I have phrase that I use to illustrate this: When your song is not good, even to clean office, get him to be a politician. There he could make money fast, doesnt need to go to college and he could get rid of any legal consecuences. Our lawmakers usually makes laws to protect them from legal actions and investigations about corruption acts they could be involved. Recently in some countries in South America they did laws where corruptions crimes committed by any government official wont prescribe in time. They will be open until by any other circunstances should be closed. Of course our legislators or diputados (senators) reacted. People is pushing hard because they are tired of those people getting rich with our money. The other problem is law enforcement. Rich people and powerful politicians has economic resources, legal resources and a system that makes them to get away from legal actions against them. This should be stopped. But hey! This happens also in big and developed countries. The problem is that Panama is a very little country and is very noticeable all the cases that develops. It is a big scandal here... but what we can do. People can only protest and demand for justice. If they commit a crime they should pay for it as any normal citizen. This is not good for any country and a lot of people in Panama is fighting to end this bad practice. It will took some time. We don't want to have corrupt politicians. People are asking to not re-elect the actual diputados and for shure the political party of the actual president Varela wont have any chance to win next elections. People are for some amendments in our constitution. This president promised to do it but.... he wont shoot himself on his foot. So he hasn't done it yet.... and seems like he is not going to do that. We keep fighting. We keep trying to the best for our little country. It is a hard job but not impossible.