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  1. I know the father of Monica. I have talked him a couple of times since that terrible day. We have talked about business and other stuff but never about this tragic accident. I couldn't do it. I knew he is not the same man since that day. He is carrying a heavy burden in his heart. She was his baby and it hurts too much when something like this happened to your son or daughter. A father should never bury a son/daugther.
  2. Bonnie Maybe because this type of design is not being used for small housing projects and/or small institutional buildings. In Panama City is being used mostly for big buildings, industrial, commercial and institutional building projects.
  3. Bonnie There is a trend in the architectural world to design buildings that complies with some requirements of environmental issues. For example the design must be one that could save electricity by having better ilumination elements in its design that allows sun light to illuminate in daytime and some special lamps located in some places that will give better illumination at night. Other things are regarding the use of fixtures at toilets, bathrooms, etc that will save sustantially water any time you flush it. Also the type of material used should be one that could be recycled or is recycled and wont contaminate. Those norms and points are actually under what is called in the US LEED. Insert other media
  4. Keith It depends on the felony. I could be arrested because I did have a trouble - fight with a neighbor. Also arrested because I insulted a policeman or any other minor felony . Even that I wont go to La Joya or La Joyita this case was attended by a Municipal Judge and probably fined it will reflect in my police records.
  5. I do agree with Uncle Dog. Something smells fishy.... There is no way that people at immigration in the airport have that kind of information or police record. Unless.... yes there is always a chance that the US authorities had release the immigrations officers that information. Remember that a week ago an US Citizen was arrested and deported to the US because he was being wanted by US authorities with case of pedophilia. You should understand that Panama will never be out of the US influence. Panama always do what is being required by the US Government.
  6. It is a very funny but real description of bureaucracy. ...and I thought that Panama was the only country with this problem of excessive bureaucracy.
  7. Hi Folks! When I have to do any kind of business at any government office/agency I go knowing that I will spend the whole day, if I am lucky, at this office/agency. Some years ago when I was still young and impatient I usually loose my temper and argued, complained and I was the whole day with a bad mood. I criticized from head to toe all the incredible bureaucracy and tramitology of those offices/agencies of the government. Did it helped me to solve the problem? To do everything faster? NO! So my temper was very affected. Now that I am getting "gray and older" I decided that no one will kill me of a stroke or heart attack. I go with a mental state knowing that I have to patient. Almost like a Saint. That if I get mad at some officer/employee I could be punished by leaving my business in the last position. I go knowing that I will loose a lot of precious working and productive hours of my time there. So I go prepared with a book or something to distract myself while waiting, a good attitude, a big smile and listening other people complaining and criticizing. If get all my business done in a "decent time" I will feel happy and lucky. If it took more time of the expected... well resignation and when I have everything done.... I will complain, yell and criticize to death the system, people, bureaucracy and everybody including the people who sells chichas and empanadas. Some managers and administrators put attention to the procedures and not on the final goal. So in order to have control measures they create a lot of paperwork that sometimes are redudant, ridicule and not worthy the paper it is filled with. President Martinelli had a goal to make a paperless government or digital procedure and started to do something in that direction but president Varela with its slogan of doing a transparent government and to eliminate corruption stopped the project and in some places the paper work has increase. In the construction industry we have about 28 agencies/paperwork to do before starting the real construction of such project. It is something that our people at the construction chamber is crying aloud to the government agencies involved to solve. But... it is the way it is.... we dont like it very much.... but we will keep on the fight to make things more quick and swift to do in Panama instead of that huge bureacracy and paperworks we are immersed today.
  8. It is a shame but that is the feeling of the people when they get tired of being abused by maleantes. I may sound bad but I dont fell sorry for those maleantes. Sometimes it is the same feeling I have when I heard they do bad things to innocent people. Let me tell you that if I were close to those punks that did the savage attack to Marion Clamp.... I would be in jail in this moment.
  9. If the panamanian authorities dont take care of this situation people will do. Here is one recent video where construction workers caught a man who was robbering close to their jobsite and took the law in their hands. People is getting tired of being in the hands of criminals and the response will be violent. WhatsApp Video 2017-05-09 at 12.47.37 PM.mp4
  10. JudyS Those are good questions. That is the problem with our intelligent Diputados (senators). They got inspired a night by the "new ideas" fairy and in order to justify they are working go next day to office with a law that has not beginning and end. I work for a company that produce special products to make bags. It is biodegradable and compostable. But this technology is still expensive and have some limitations. Those changes proposed will create some initial problems for its implementation in Panama and of course increase in general prices. It will be good for groceries stores where you can bring your reusable bags. There is not any problem but there are other uses that must be thought deeply.
  11. Stupid parents. How they are going to do this illegal action with their kids as a screen.
  12. It is interesting to know that May 1st is the International Labor Day. It is celebrated in most countries around the world but not in the US. Also it is interesting to know that this date has its origin in the US. It was an strike that labor unions did in Chicago in 1886, in order to improve working conditions and reduce the working hours from 12 to 8. Police and strike breakers started to shoot the workers on strike killing a couple of persons and some leaders were arrested and condemned to be executed by hanging.
  13. Twinwolf The tip is a gratuity you give to any person who you consider deserves it because of the good service you received from that person. Period. I know that in some places the OWNER states the tipping practices and instating the tipping pool. Some business owners include in the tipping pool all the persons working including the kitchen personnel. In your personal case if that happened then it means that anyone of your employee was acting a leader and decided with a good majority to do that. I am so sure that there were a lot of them who were not satisfied with this measure but.... they didnt want to have trouble with their peers so they accepted it reluctantly. People here thinks that their extra effort is theirs but they cant do anything if there is "peer pressure" to accept this.
  14. Twinwolf You are absolutelly right. Give the waitress a tip in cash and the big smile will show up. Some business owner's dont care about teaching correctly the law to their employees. They think the more ignorant they are the more they can control them. Your last paragraph is something that I have been investigating for some years. I think that the cause of some "bad service" given by some waiters and employees is because of that. They feel exploited and sometimes abused and they are not working in a very good work environment that makes them happy. They worked there because they need the job but not because they like to be there.