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  1. It was a well written script and the acting was good. This production from Spain describe clearly the problem of the government agencies bureaucracy in Latin America.
  2. That is correct. We wanted to get rid of them but they are like cockroaches.... They appear suddenly from every crack available. Remember that the laws are made to protect criminals not decent people.
  3. This remind me british humour from Monty Python. A graphic live and 3D demonstration of Sex Education themes.
  4. In Panama, according to the law, they should count the money. They will fill some documents stating the amount of money and the name of the owner with ID information and so on. They will deposit the money in a goverment account. They give you the chance to prove the source of that money. If you satisfactorily prove that this money is product of your savings, a sale of any property or money you won at the Miami Lotto they will return it back to you. Remember that all this measures are asked by the DEA and the US Government to control money laundering from drugs business or terrorism. All countries should have this report and present them to the US authorities when requested.
  5. Hi TwoSailors No problem. I dont take things personally and always look at it with a very open mind. So, everything is ok. AS Bud said there could be some language barriers and also cultural differences that could lead to interpret things in other way. I always keep learning new things eveyday. In our latin culture a "piropo" very fine and educated, is just something that men says to women as a compliment. Of course that there are another type of piropos, specially at construction job sites that men said to women that pass by the street that are rude, vulgar and distasteful.
  6. It is the same rule that is now being used in every airport I travel. In the US or in any country of Central America and South America.
  7. If this is correct and is a serious problem and authorities should be placed in knowledge of this thing. Unfortunatelly he hasnt done anything yet and authorities couldnt do anything based on assumptions but.... keep a close look at that.
  8. It is only for Panama City. The problem was that the repair on the electrical substation located in Condado del Rey area will take some days and they need to work on the system and any excess of the demand will affect the now affected system that is not working at its 100%. When everything is repaired it will return to normal operations.
  9. Bonnie You are right. I am happily married with 4 young adults kids and two beautiful grandkids. It was always a pleasure to have good words and compliments to a lady in a very respectful way. I cant get why it should be seen in other way than it really is.
  10. Please. A lady is a lady and a gentleman should always have good words and compliments to ladies in a very respectul way. It doesnt have to do with any "dating" situation. It is only being and behaving like a gentleman under the presence of a lady and should not be seen as a personal approach. of any means
  11. AS I have been posted recently on comments done by the Director of Servicios Naciones de Migracion you should stay out of Panama at least 30 days and return back.
  12. Bonnie You are a nice and good looking lady. Very elegant. Sorry If I am out of subject.
  13. We tend to forget the difference between TOURIST and RESIDENT or IMMIGRANTS. They are not the same. Different types of persons.
  14. You will not find here a solution for your immigrations problems. I think that you should look for legal advice with one of the good, honest, reliable and affordable lawyers a lot of expats round here have used succesfully and without any complain. With their guidance you could go step by step doing what is required and get a legal immigration status. You wont be the first or the last. Thousands people have done it before and are enjoying their stay in this little country.
  15. I think Spain will be good for you. A nice place to be. It is in Europe. A lot of history there. Every place you set your foot has a recorded history way back to more than 2000 years. Panama has a lot of retirees and will welcome all of them. The only thing they have to do is comply with all the requisites, regulations and laws and thats it. Easy. I am so sure that more than 75% of the Expats in Boquete are legal and did all the stuff they have to do to live here peacefully and quietly. Is that to much to ask?? Is that very difficult to understand?? Panama will be accepting expats for many years and will welcome all of them but legally.