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  1. A well-equipped home is available for a year rental. Located in Lower Volcancito in a quiet locale -- just a few minutes from downtown -- it is in a desirable microclimate and when Boquete is wet with bajareque (misty rain) the area generally remains dry. Very nice neighbors on all sides who watch out for each other, the area is safe and quiet. Please review the videos (which were shot just before the interior was repainted and the decorations updated) as this will give a clear idea. (The books are no longer there BTW). Nice furnishings, a well-furnished kitchen with professional cookstove, a water-reserve tank with a pressure-system, and on-demand hot water in the main bedroom show and the kitchen sink, the house has a covered carport and a nice front porch (not shown in the video is that the tile on the front porch was replaced with terracotta tile). The rent is $650.00 per month and the only services included are garbage and water. You will need to decide on an Internet carrier and a TV service. Presently, there is an Internet connection which can remain if you wish though the cost per month will have to be assumed). The utilities generally run around $30.00 a month but the cost depends on how much electricity you use, and also how long of shower you take! (On-demand hot-water is heated by electricity). You will also be responsible to pay for the lawn-cutting about once a month (at $20.00 paid to a local gardener). All who have lived in this house have greatly enjoyed it. It is an unpretentious home but is highly liveable. And since it has everything you will need to live well you can settle right in and enjoy your time in Boquete, Chiriqui and Panama. Note: We are only interested in a year rental and we are interested in renting the property now. If you are planning for months in advance I do not think this is an option for you: the home rents quickly because it is fairly priced and nicely appointed. The home is available now for you to see. Email us for further information. Include a telephone number so we can chat. I suggest emailing directly if you have questions. I may not see responses left here for a number of days. skylark.foundation@outlook.com Here are the videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taVHBQkjE8s&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNFt5WVamm0&feature=youtu.be
  2. Volcancio Home FOR SALE BY OWNER. skylark.foundation@outlook.com (please use this for initial inquiry, thereafter phone nubers can be exchanged). This is a quite, out of the way part of Volcancito that many people do not know about. It is a cul-de-sac and does not have through-traffic. For this reason, it is quiet and will remain that way! The house is a simple Panamanian-style house sf 1300-1400 SF with one large bedroom and two smaller bedroom. The house is fully furnished with quality furnishings including a professional cook stove. Thus this is a great opportunity to move in to a comfortable furnished home, or to purchase and rent it for immediate income. The home is easy to rent and most renters have stayed for 2-3 years at a stretch. Note as well that with a minimal investment the house can be affordably improved and made even more comfortable. The present owner has thought this through but, for various reasons, did not opt to make improvements. The price is $176,500.00 and this price includes all the furnishings (except the books). This is really one of the better opportunities on the market and it is worth your while to consider the advantages. Wonderful location, great neighbours, safe, quite (and it will remain that way) and you can walk to Boquete in about 20 minutes if you feel like it. Please look over these YouTube videos: