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  1. Where in Boquete can I buy tissue paper? The type used to stuff Christmas bags for gift giving. I’m attending the ACCB party at Boulder 54 and taking kids’ gifts. Have the bags, and toys but need the tissue paper. Many thanks for suggestions.
  2. Why bother to report the crime and ask for no punishment for the criminal? How does this protect others and get help for the woman with the “bad habit”.
  3. This story sounds suspicious. Why would you suggest other folks can look at their bank statements for any suspect stuff when you have done nothing to help stop this woman’s criminal habits? The next person who gets ripped off by this woman’s “bad habit” can blame you.
  4. OK. I promise to schedule my emergency to fit your one hour schedule. Geeez!
  5. So what was the purpose of the original post which identified the theft? I’m getting mixed message here.
  6. Sure hope you are correct, but gotta wonder why the police and the lawyer—“no one could help”. Just saying.
  7. This is missing cost. Please complete the information.
  8. Whoops.....50 million accounts on Facebook hacked.
  9. What next for Facebook after 50,000 accounts hacked!!!
  10. Why in the world was the original notice posted only in Spanish and available in local hotels? Goodness. What audience do the presenters expect?
  11. If this store only wants Panamanian customers (looks like it) then gringos should take note and shop at other stores.
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