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  1. Interesting bit of for sale news about the island's history. https://www.prlog.org/10182649-worlds-most-expensive-island-listed-with-costa-rica-real-estate-experts-buyingcr.html
  2. Seems like a valid legal request by his lawyers. The headline is just for sensationalism effect. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article163335338.html PS. Bud, did I fianally get the formatting right? Still learning.
  3. There was a lot going on in Panama during the Vietnam years. Some of it still hasn't been written about, maybe never will be. Panama was a "proving ground" for projects due to its similar environment. Probably not our finest hours.
  4. There is a Baptist church in Dolega named El Faro. Different kind of symbolism than guiding ships off the rocks, however. A "guiding light" has lots of themes. A side benefit if the beacon is bright enough would be help to the pilots find DAV. I think during feria the park would do very well, the tower would be a great view for foto ops.
  5. I have always wondered why Panama Pacifico (Howard AFB) was never used to its potential after the zone was turned over to Panama? Albrook was converted for civilian use quickly with little problem. Pacifico was built to military standards i.e. overbuilt, and Boeing 737s and A320 operate from there now. Perhaps when the Metro line reaches that area, more commercial flights could begin using the airport and connections to Chiriqui would be less hassle than now. jim
  6. Interesting wording. I think I just read it as scuttle and missed it. The port in Balboa has been run by Hutchison Whampoa Ltd since approved by former President Bill Clinton. China is renowned for patience, perhaps this next step is part of the OBOR plan? http://www.reuters.com/article/panama-ports-idUSL2N0S601220141011 jim
  7. I remember the initial rollout for the machines but they were supposed to be on the web or some such requirement. Since the infrastructure could not support the system, the laws went into "review". The administration changeover probably left the whole thing in suspense. Found an old link: http://laestrella.com.pa/economia/impresoras-fiscales-fracasan/23892043
  8. Probably one of those caja fiscal machines mandated by the government some years back. It added to the bureaucrazy burden on businesses.
  9. This puzzled me as well, Dan, until I had to return something. They ask for the receipt and then some ID. If the names do not match, no refund. Even with the receipt, the store workers are not authorized to do returns without the owner or his representative's OK. I bought $300 of remodel materials once and found a defective lockset. I had to tell the manager that if I could not swap the lockset for a working one that I would bring the whole order back. He made 2 phone calls before getting permission for the refund. jim
  10. It is the same all over except for owners who run their own store. The owners don't trust everyone to have access to the funds so there are checks and balances with all employees. Trying to get a refund or exchange without the owner present is exceedingly difficult for the same reasons.
  11. The US has recorded every cell phone, Internet communication since 9/11. Bluffdale has it all stored and nobody is doing anything to stop that. I doubt Martinelli is even a blip.
  12. No proof except that I sat with them and had a beer. Keep in mind, this was 30+ years ago before I took the pledge. Or perhaps it didn't happen. Much of that period is hazy to me now. I am sure all the drivers are sober and drug-free now. As I posted, it looks a lot like mechanical failure. Maybe the mechanics, maybe act of God, maybe poor road conditions. We're you on the bus? Can you give any information? jim
  13. I think I spotted your problem. You should have a few drinks with the bus driver before boarding! Why be the only one on the bus who is sober?
  14. We have been riding the buses to/from David for years, always an adventure. The "new" double deck buses are great on daytime trips but we were usually on the midnight express. The single biggest safety advance in 40 years was when the drivers were limited to 7 hours as their fastest time for the trip. The real fun was riding the Diablo Rojos. jim
  15. I am going to guess the rear axle locked up on one side. Lack of maintenance issue. Driver's side of the axle moved backward, disconnected the driveshaft, back end of the bus goes left, driver steers into the "skid", bus rolls over onto the passenger side. If going fast enough, it all happens in an eyeblink. It might buff out? jim
  16. China's Future in Panama, and the New Margarita Island (Deep Water) Port The recent agreement between China and Panama is going to have an effect on Panama's future. Whether that future is better or worse than what Panama has now will depend on what China's long range plans are. China is already buying large areas of Panama near the canal and has already made purchases that indicate where it is headed. ---------------------------- Consolidating power in the Panama Canal By Callum Wood • June 22, 2016 For more than 100 years, the Panama Canal has controlled the bulk of
  17. My quest is for serenity, preach on, sister! :-) Boquete as the number one retirement destination started it all. EVERYBODY knows what a retirement community is like, even if they have never seen one. Retired people want activities but also want everything handled for them (vast generalization, I know, but so is #1 retirement community). That ain't Boquete. You can apply all the lipstick you want, it is still a pig. That being said, it is THE getaway place for the country, especially those from Panama City. As a tourist stop it is worth the trip. It is living there full-time that wea
  18. I have yet to see a good attitude repair a broken water main. Or restore electrical power at 3AM. Expats arrive with a certain expectation of services are going to be sorely tested in rural parts of any country south of the border. And as the number of expats increases, the services that have provided sufficient reliability for the locals for decades will quickly become erratic. The expats themselves are responsible to some degree as the consumption of services increases dramatically with each new American style home. The locals were always happy in spite of outages because they were n
  19. Copied from Bonnie's link. Beijing Just Poached Panama, Among the Last of Taiwan’s Remaining Friends • BY BETHANY ALLEN-EBRAHIMIAN • JUNE 13, 2017 - 1:27 PM • BETHANY.ALLEN • @BETHANYALLENEBR • • At a time of growing Chinese investment, Panama has cut ties with Taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing. But China’s real impetus for bringing Panama into its fold is most likely political, seeking to punish Taiwan’s independent-minded president by poaching one of the island’s few remaining friends. Panama President Juan Carlos Varela
  20. Didn't Taiwan fund the new marketplace in Boquete? I remember reading that somewhere (but then I am also trying to remember where I left my shoes...). jim
  21. One area of traffic interest where Panama is ahead of the game is a national law against driving and cell fone use. Even hands free cell fone use should be illegal because it is the mental distraction, not the use of your hands, that causes accidents. I did read of a couple of solutions to improving traffic safety. One was a steel spike on the steering column pointed at the driver's chest as a method of maintaining a driver's attention. Another solution was to build all cars within the steering set to pull to the right the moment the driver loosened his/her grip on the wheel. Those famil
  22. No doubt about it, there is an enormous amount of "Mike Machoism" involved on the roads even by those drivers with females parts. The driving gets worse with the distance from Panama City. Out in the boonies it becomes the wild west mentality. Until the national government decides on a real vehicle inspection enforcement, and funds a real traffic police force, nothing anyone does will change. Of course, fixing the infrastructure to provide drainage, signage, lighting would help but don't look for that to change soon either. Bottom line, you one chooses to live there, what you see is what
  23. What happened to the interest in learning another culture? The urge to "we can show you a better way" is what separates the locals from visitors. (I'll wait for the deluge of "down" arrows now.) jim
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