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  1. Several year ago I had problems with PriceSmart getting answers for something I had ordered online which didn't come and didn't come and didn't come. I ended up calling their Corporate Office in San Diego. It took some perseverance to get to the right person but I eventually asked "Why the Delay/What is Their Solution/When I Would Receive the Item." I took the lady's name and said I would keep calling until I received what I had ordered. It worked, I picked up the item in PriceSmart the following week. Can't remember the lady's name but the phone number for the Corporate Office is 858-404-8800. It might be worth giving them a call to keep those doggies happy.The Corporate Office is open 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday Pacific Daylight Time.
  2. Even though I no longer live in Panama -- oh Dr. Dru, I was so sad to hear of your passing. You were a special man. Dr. Dru helped me so much when my husband passed away. Wakana, my deep, deep condolences. My love, my tears and my respect are sent to you. And Gaia, she is beautiful, I know how proud Dr. Dru was when she was born -- and she looks so much like him. My thoughts and my love are with you.
  3. I am so, so very sorry to read this. Dr. Dru was a lovely man. My heart and my thoughts are with Jasmine and their daughter.
  4. Beautiful video -- southern stingrays, my favorite wonderful spotted drums, lobster, French Angelfish, trunk fish, white tip reef sharks, butterfly fish, green morays -- but also Lion Fish!! Is there an active program to kill lion fish on the Caribbean side of Panama to keep them under control? In the Yucatan where I now live there are many groups who go spearfishing for lion fish -- they are served in some of the best restaurants and are delicious. I am so happy to see that happening here as they are predators who will pray on every type of fish and slowly kill off all endemic species. Wonderful video but seeing that the lion fish had made it so far south made me sad.
  5. Make that "Punto de Encuentro", which means "Meeting Point" in Spanish.
  6. I am so sorry for your loss Jeanie. My thoughts and my heart are with you. My Love, Marion
  7. Hola Dan, There's also another site, Matrix, which compares fares offered by different airlines. You can't book direct on this site but it gives you price comparisons and the airline name so you can go direct to the airline website, find that fare and book. It's http://matrix.itasoftware.com/ I've used it a lot. I just got a $99 fare from Cancun to Houston direct. Saludos
  8. Good for her but I hope she follows through to have the laws changed so that minors (those under 18) can be prosecuted in serious/lethal crime cases. She was gung-ho on having the law changed after my "incident", probably because my home was only two minutes walk away from her parents' house. Enrique Athenasiadas has the finances to hire armed guards to protect his house, himself and his family 24/7. Perhaps her voiced intentions to have the laws changed regarding prosecution of minors was a knee jerk reaction to the fact that the attack happened so close to her parents' home and over time has become less urgent, given the armed protection her parents enjoy. I hope Athenas continues to push for changes in the laws regarding minors (for everybody's protection), as she promised she would 2-1/2 years ago.
  9. Hi Keith, great to hear a "minor" has actually been prosecuted -- this is progress indeed. Thank you so much for your post. I AM doing well (in between another emergency surgery and multiple and continuing doctor visits), but after 21 months here in the Yucatan with my wonderful daughter I am returning home to the UK. 20+ years in the US, 16 in Panama and 2 in Mexico -- it's time to go home. Of course I HAD to go see Mark, Gary and Shelly -- and they will take the ferry over to visit me here -- Gary fell in love with the arrachera at a local restaurant I took him and Shelly to so naturally Mark wants to try it out. Best to you and to the beautiful Jillian. Stay well, stay happy. Abrazos.
  10. I was so happy to read this. Good for the Policia on duty in Potrerillos!! Their proactive response came a couple of years too late in my case but I have no doubt that, on this occasion, somebody's life has been saved. Hopefully the Police will make much more progress in the fight to eliminate the gangs of underage (as in too young to be prosecuted) teenage members and are able to find and prosecute the gang leaders who recruit them -- and ultimately the legal system will sentence them -- maybe.....
  11. Rodny, Though I am no longer in Panama, I did live in Potrerillos for 16 years. You have been and continue to be one of the greatest treasures of Panama. Gracias por todo lo que haces. Eres un joven especial. Saludos, Marion (Con Abrazos y Besos)
  12. In the UK large supermarkets and retail stores charge 5p for each plastic bag you want – if you buy a week’s worth of groceries the 5p’s can mount up. It’s a great incentive to take your own shopping bags (as my mother did when I was small, as I did when I grew and as I do now). Smaller businesses can charge on a voluntary basis. The 5p is not a government tax and does not go into the government coffers but the government does expect retailers to give the proceeds to good causes – it is for the individual businesses to choose what to do and which causes to support. I’m sure if, worldwide, charges were levied for plastic bags we’d see a sharp decline in their usage.
  13. Nice one -- hadn't seen this before -- Thanks John.
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