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  1. Two suggestions: Former staff at Senor Gyros since they are not out of business, and talk to Debra at Chox. She may know some folks. Good luck!
  2. That is good news. It is amazing this judge grants a $1 million bail when it was requested for $5 million. $4 million less. Hum, I wonder who got that money? http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/judge-gives-martinelli-1-million-bail-surprise?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+newsroompanama+(Newsroom+Panama)
  3. There you go again Bonnie, quoting something I did not state! I see many Casa Solutions signs around this new university on empty land.
  4. Also saw the Boquete Music and Arts Festival logo in the newsletter they released. Guess they want to be able to offer other music interest. They have very few jazz performers. Then there is the announcement on Boquete News of: Launch of Chiriqui Jazz Festival in David We are ready for the launch of the Chiriqui Jazz Festival this Tuesday, February 20 at 8:00 p.m. in Terrace Sasoon, behind the Super 99 of the F- South Street. Presenting a Blues and Jazz Night, the Blues by Andy Egert and his Group and Jazz by Quelvin Delgado and Natural Sound, do not miss it ... Only US $ 15.00 per personTickets for sale at Terraza Sasoon Restaurant, Terrazas Café and Deli and Casa Cultural La Guaricha.Thanks to the Sponsorship of Carta Vieja and Terraza Sasoon RestaurantThe Chiriqui Jazz Festival will be 12th to 14th of April at Club David. -- Antonio M. Singh C.ConsultorGestión del Talento, Comunicación y Eventoshttp://antoniosingh.com http://about.me/antoniosingh http://www.linkedin.com/in/antoniosingh http://www.facebook.com/antonio.singh http://twitter.com/tonypan http://www.flickr.com/photos/antoniosingh/ http://antoniosingh.com Entrega General, David, Chiriquí Panamá, Rep. de Panamá Cel. PTY 507-6618-2929 Cel. PTY 507-6122-2089Skype: antoniomsingh
  5. No wonder there are so many Casa Solutions for sale signs up!
  6. Carla Black who owns the Haliconia farm has a huge pond with lots of water plants as well.
  7. until
    See notice on BEC Facebook page.
  8. Pig Roast at Big Daddy's

  9. Mail Boxes Etc. - Our hours during Carnavales

    So our banks and government offices also closed on these dates? Just not enough holidays here in Panama!
  10. Panama is lucky that China is ready and able to help them move forward. They would be holding their breath waiting for any assistance from the US. Except for drug intervention money!
  11. This report on TVN 2, At least they got some press coverage! https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Protestan-terminen-construccion-policlinica-Boquete_0_4956254369.html