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  1. TwoSailors

    City Mall grand opening May 24th

    Great info. Thanks!
  2. TwoSailors

    Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    Great suggestion!
  3. NATIONALS Insured, drivers and owners will share responsibility in case of traffic accidents Illustrative image of traffic accident. Illustrative image of traffic accident. Courtesy: @TraficoCPanama Tweet Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Share by email BY EDITORIAL STAFF OF TVN NOTICIAS 05/24/2018 - 4:14 PM The National Assembly made an amendment to Law 68 of 2016, which regulates basic compulsory insurance in the case of traffic accidents. When the law came into force, it stipulated that the driver of the vehicle responsible for the accident would be the one who would have to pay for the damage caused. At the time it was criticized because the owner of the vehicle and the insurer were exempt from liability. With the new modification, published this Thursday, May 24 in the Official Gazette, the responsibility falls on the insurance company issuing the policy, the driver and the owner of the vehicle. It is also detailed that the insurer will respond up to the limit of the amount stipulated in the policy, while the driver and the owner will "respond jointly and severally" for the amount that corresponds to pay.
  4. Very nice. Great to see the community spirit!
  5. Guess they want folks to see all the progress.
  6. Totally agree!
  7. Not! I just tried to get an Uber and it came back with: Unfortunately, Uber is currently unavailable for your area.
  8. Wow. That is sad.
  9. TwoSailors

    Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    Dog Biscuit crisis!
  10. Over 5 inches in two hours on Saturday here in Brisas Boquetenas! ( photo was taken before the rain hit the 5-inch mark šŸ˜‰ )
  11. Has anyone tried this place? On the left side going east before you go over the BCP bridge.
  12. Those are very fair ticket prices for a great organization!
  13. TwoSailors

    Big Changes at the BCP

    Totally agree! The last post from 2 guys and a cooler was for free food when all it was really was a free sample. They need to be honest and cut way back on their post and sense of humor!
  14. We use Unlocator and no problems. https://unlocator.com/ You probably already did, but have you tried rebooting everything? Sign out and sign back into Smart DNS?