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  1. Found German Shepherd in Volcancito

    Any news on this dog?
  2. Yep...more rain is coming: https://www.windytv.com/8.779/-82.432?rain,7.539,-82.432,7,m:dTMadRL
  3. We had our retirement investments with Morgan Stanley for over 25 years. They "fired" us last year!! Good thing! They said the reason is we are residents of Panama and they were dropping Expat accounts. We switched everything to Charles Schwab. Our advisor was born and raised in David. His family is still here. He is the Central Ameican Financial Advisor for Expats in Central America and based in Florida. The service with Charles Schwab has been excellent. It did require a LOT of paperwork and verification of our address here, to move everything over. We use a relatives address in the US for our physical address. But, we have informed all our US banks that we are residents in Panama. Never a problem with any of our accounts or Credit Cards. Still, have to let our CC companies know when and where we travel to. Bottom line regardless where you live/travel you should still have the same relationship with your US Banks. Just be upfront and let them know. Hope this helps you.
  4. until

    This is a great class! Mamie is great and a fun class. Worth $2.00! Easy to get to! Great for all levels. It is not at Skate World anymore. But very close by at an open-air roof covered Rancho.
  5. There goes the neighborhood! 10 thousand passengers. Good thing they widened the roads on the causeway. If 5000 of them decide to go into Casco Viejo, that is roughly 83 buses!! Think you should put in a light rail connection? Just saying.
  6. https://www.tvn-2.com/variedad/cultura/panamenos-celebran-declaracion-patrimonio-humanidad_0_4912008793.html
  7. If you scroll up in this thread to the post I made on Sept 8th MS Panama info is listed there. ( Local medical insurance) World Wide Insurance is available here. We have friends that just took out a policy. Get a local agent who can handle all that for you, including, car, home, and renters insurance. Our agent is Gloria Detresno. Her service is excellent. detresno@usa.net
  8. Here is Abraham's price sheet. Need to check with him on the prices. Car Wash copy.pdf
  9. Did you check with the hospitals here to see if they accept that insurance plan? Otherwise, you will have to pay as you go and get reimbursed from Meridien .
  10. Glad to hear it, Bud! All the work he has done for us has been first class. : Pederhaney, I posted here with a PDF of his price list:
  11. An Alta Al Crimen Report To Boquete

    I think the title could have been more direct. That ACC is no longer going to be in operation. I do hope the members were all contacted directly that are affected by this. Finding out on a public forum is not very wise.