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  1. Hil, Sounds like they should've had you as the project manager! Your information was an education...thanks.
  2. Other than the fact these people are bat s&%t crazy,...... don't understand why CL is bothering with this thread! Let's get back to the regular scheduled programing!
  3. One of the owners of a business in Boquete, that we are clients with, said that they were told no street paving under this administration. The cost of paving were not in the water improvement budget. The next two years is suppose to fund the money for the street paving. Crazy? TIP!!! Going into Boquete is a last resort. Look how well Ivan and Dorado are doing business wise!
  4. She responds very well to emails:
  5. Dr Zapata is great! In David at HC.
  6. We were wondering what this place will be! Maybe the folks at Skate World have info?
  7. Three of us hiked that same trail last year and had been advised about the muggings etc, from locals!! After having done it round trip we can easily see that being the case. Obviously their is a local system set up to ambush tourist and somehow this last one got out of hand. Hopefully the powers to be will take notice and get these scum out of there! It's another bad rep for Panama!
  8. Picture of water fountain?
  9. Bud and Marcelyn thank you for this report! What astonished me was that Boquete Police are back down to one police vehicle? If my memory serves me correct, did the Boquete Police receive at least 4 new vehicles in 2015? I know they are sharing with Dolega and Gualaca but only 1 in Boquete? Really? Did the rest get stolen?
  10. Thanks for the directions for Rodrigo!