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  1. Yes...another gem of a restaurant! All 3 of their places!
  2. Been a while since we last went to Colibri. Went last night and everything was excellent! Service, food, atmosphere, and gracias owners Caroline and Daniel. On Thursday nights they serve free Tapas with your drink orders and great piano music by Dr Rhody! In the sea of restaurants here in Boquete, Coibri is a gem!
  3. This fancy brochure was on my lawn this afternoon: Never heard of them. I went to the web site, ( nice and fancy as well ) as I wanted to know who these folks are. On the "about us" section, there is only a mission and vision statement. Not a clue as to who these people are. I did an on line chat with them and all I could get is that they are Panamanians who speak excellent English. No references or accolades from previous customers. They stated they started a week or so ago, they do have some customers and as they get customer reviews it will posted on the site and in Facebook. Nice ...but who are you...what is your background and qualifications to offer these services?
  4. True. On just about any Friday or Saturday night, you see very few restaurants that have a waiting list to get in, are totally full for more than 2 hours, or turning folks away. If you don't have at least 2 full seatings for dinner you are not going to make it. Meat locker for ageing beef! Nice to have deep pockets.
  5. Gary told me it is a family from South Africa who have been in the restaurant business over 30 years. Plan is to double the space, enclose the patio, and have entertainment.
  6. Casa Decor has been closed since June 1st. Lock stock and barrel. Probably went back to the states or some other area. Very shameful what was done to folks by them.
  7. Good for them! Just flew RT with them. I love Copa. Just wish the pilots were more communicative with the passengers. Seems it is taking longer for take offs and to get to the gate. For a totally new experience last nights flight, we sat on the tarmac for 10 minutes after landing and then rode around the airport for 15 minutes till we got to our gate. Felt like we were being driven to David or the pilot could not find the gate! We did arrive early though.
  8. Wish them luck! They will need it, and a lot of operating capital!
  9. Love cutting edge companies!