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  1. We just posted this on our blog: ( This is our point of view ) http://latitudeadjustmentblog.com/2018/07/21/boquete-a-renters-market-and-a-buyers-dream/
  2. You do not need a travel agent. You can do it yourself. If you are a Copa Connect Miles member it is a piece of cake. One of the best mileage programs out there. Go online and book your travel and use the 24-hour hold. Get your reservation number. Call 321-3455, (Press 2 for English) and give them your Copa Connect miles number and your reservation number and tell them you want the Pensionado discount. They will have you email a scanned copy of your Cedula to escalation@copaair.com or you can do this step first to get confirmation they have received it. Once you receive confirmation you are now in their system for future travel with the discount but you still must call in to get the discount and pay over the phone with your CC. Once you book and pay by phone they will email you your travel documents and receipt. Very easy to do.
  3. TwoSailors

    Areas affected by Lightning Strike and Surges

    Has anybody used this company?
  4. The President says that if the National Assembly agrees to find $60 million in the budget, the increase will be absorbed by the state. Like that would be hard to do! He made a wise decision.
  5. Very true for fiberglass boats! If you look at the remains of the boat in Keiths pictures, it is obviously a steel hulled boat. Any active and well-maintained fire suppressing system could have stalled the fire quite a bit. IF it started in the engine room, which it appears from the photos that it did.
  6. A boat that size is required by International Maritime law to have an automatic fire extinguishing system in the engine room. It appears that is where the fire originated from.
  7. You would think that would be the appropriate way to proceed.
  8. We have been back here in Boquete 1 week from a fact-finding mission in Medellin. Our power has gone off 5 times. ( Granted no more than 10 minutes) We have had to reboot our internet modem twice. ( Cable Onda) and now there is no water coming in due to another broken pipe. Thankfully we have a huge backup tank. How could you live here and not have one? We have been in and out of Panama since 2004. We do not see the infrastructure changes that are accruing in other countries that should be here. Especially with all the money that is being generated by the Panama Canal. Now they want to raise the electricity prices? Can't blame the Panamians for protesting about that! This is not a complaint just an observation. There is a lot to like about living here. But not forever! With the condition of the roads, lack of efficient police protection, increase in utility cost it's a wonder the Panamanians are not protesting in the streets in larger numbers. We, as expats can afford the extra cost. ( And the inconveniences) It's the Panamanian people that are getting the short end of the stick.
  9. Well said, Bonnie! The blind eye of justice starts with the lack of education in the schools.
  10. TwoSailors

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    Maybe that is why they cut the Embassy hours? So the staff can get out and see Panama, in nice new cars paid for by US taxpayers.
  11. According to this article, changes will be made to the Police command and personnel in Boquete. Eighteen new officers will be assigned to the zone. That's a pretty quick reaction!
  12. A while back a Panamanian lady got caught with drugs and she got 20 years. 12 years for murder? Makes no sense.