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  1. I had to go see Dr. Anguizola's and got lucky after 3 phone calls and got squeezed in. He is very busy indeed. I concur that he is a great cardiologist!
  2. Joyful, Be happy with that! Most folks around the world would pay a lot of money to get those speeds!
  3. I tried that. Results were dismal! That's for the US. The results are insignificant for Panama. This is the best bet for Panama. http://beta.speedtest.net/ It will default to San Jose, Costa Rica. You must change your location to Cable Onda, Panama City, for a more accurate reading.
  4. Alan, Give them a call. They can answer those questions.
  5. They called us a month ago and said we can go from 20Mb to 50 MB at no extra charge. ( Will see if they raise the rates next year...they said they would not! ) Well, we switched and had problems. We did disconnect and re boot the modem several times. They sent a tech out-and he replaced a joiner for the cable going into the box and problem solved. So now we are going from 50MB to 100MB!!! Totally happy with the 50MB. Me thinks there is going to be rate increases next year! Our speed test: http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6544609289
  6. Hi Judy, Yes the owners of Hooked On Panama told us about that place. Being heavy rainy season they advised us not to go as the road is very difficult even with a high clearance 4 X 4. Will try on our next trip in Dry Season. Thanks for providing the link!
  7. This was our second visit to Hooked On Panama, a fishing lodge near Punta Burica. Another great experience! The beachfront property has a fantastic pool and lovely tropical landscaping. Full-service restaurant and bar. HOP entertains anglers from all over the world but welcomes even non-fishers for a chill beach get-away. Nice spacious cabin-style accommodations with A/C, Wi-Fi and your own private patio area to view the grounds and the surf. They specialize in seafood and tuna is always on the menu. Just ask, and the accommodating staff will fix you up with some ceviche and sushi rolls if they have fish in stock. It's off-season now until Dec. 1 so our fish was flashed frozen, but oh, so delicious. They cook a great breakfast, (killer breakfast taco) and the house special for lunch is tuna burgers made with Hawaiian poke-style seasonings. Full course dinner with appetizers, salad, entree, and dessert! For our stay, they also had chicken, burgers, and pork chops. Ricardo the bar manager can whip up some great drinks! The food and beverage prices are very reasonable and they do provide the jubilado discount on meals and lodging. Ask for the Boquete rate! This is a real sweet spot for a 2-3 night getaway. Best of all, it's DOG-FRIENDLY!!! Dan, Mike, Gay, Connie, and Rex are the low-key and very welcoming owners! Located here: http://www.hookedonpanama.com/accommodations/
  8. Hermanos Gago SA

    Yes. They are a wholesaler. Whether they will sell to the public will remain to be seen.
  9. It didn't work because the majority of the members on the California Air Resources Board were appointed and came from backgrounds in the oil and automotive industry.
  10. Hermanos Gago SA

    I was curious about this name next to Casa Jamon. Great web site and information: http://hnosgago.com/
  11. Casa Jamon

    Has anyone tried the frozen Lamb Chops in the box at Casa Jamon? $25 a box. Tender and meaty? http://hnosgago.com/index.php/casa-del-jamon
  12. Just had a newer 2012 CRV checked via email and it was not part of the recall!! If you send the following information to info@hondapanama.com they will let you know if your VIN number is in the recall. Saves a trip to the Honda Dealer. Full Name, Vin number, Motor number, Plate number, A phone number so we can contact you, Email
  13. We drove by this yesterday. Amazing anyone survived! Must have been going well over a 100MPH!
  14. Right here: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-1119-mitchell-farren-uber-taxis-deregulate-20151118-story.html