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  1. No need for 300 parking spaces. Just hop on the Bullet trains!
  2. 31 attempted hacks! That is sad that there are people out there with nothing better to do but hassle other people. That's good that you caught them. Maybe there will be a World Web Hacking Authority that will find these people and prevent them from ever getting onto the internet or incapable of using their cell phones!
  3. As part of our cost for our Pensionado Visa, the registration of our marriage License is included.
  4. Boy what total confusion! So...get a lawyer if you plan to retire in Panama.
  5. Jeeze...that is horrible. What the heck is wrong with these people? It is out of control. Anyone think US of A is a free country better think again when they want to go on an international flight. Was that a recent experience and what airport were you flying out of?
  6. Yesterday a group of 15 like minded folks hired Explora Ya & Mucho Gusto Panama to take us to Sendero Chorro de Kiki. This waterfall is located inside the comarca Nagbe in Cerro Banco about one hour from the high way opposite direction of Boca Chica. You will find very little information on this magical place. Here is a bit on Trip Anvisor: They transported us in a 4x4 vehicle's because the road is very rough and it does provide an extra adventure feeling to the trip. ( Actually you would be crazy not to have a very high clearance 4 x 4!) The trail down to the waterfall can be quite challenging specially in the rainy season because of the mud. Since it is dry season is was actually pretty easy as long as you take it slow. The angle down is about 45 grade. You need to bring some type of shoes to get in the water and walk around the rocks to protect your feet. It was an awesome adventure and words cannot describe the falls and this beautiful swimming hole! Oscar and his guides provided us with a wonderful trip that we shall remember for a long time! Here is his contact information:Explora Ya & Mucho Gusto Panama/ Oscar Peña +507 6596 2070 +507 730 9427
  7. I was curious about this 27% of US citizens having passports and it seemed very low.
  8. Could be a website glitch. ( Boy isn't that a surprise, with an official US government agency!..yes that was a joke! ) Try sending an email here for assistance: Good luck...and good for you for attempting and wanting to sign up!
  9. just want to be sure that no one was misunderstanding what TwoSailors wrote here. This was a kind of "tongue-in-cheek" and light-hearted joke. Totally "tongue in cheek"! I cant get why it should be seen in other way than it really is. ........It was not meant in "any other way'!