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  1. Not sure I understand the value of the certificate which exempts an individual from getting a yellow fever vaccination. How does this certificate protect someone who is exposed to yellow fever? Why wouldn’t someone take the extra effort to protect their health and obtain the vaccination? I appreciate the risk in not being vaccinated, but what is the risk to getting the yellow fever shot?
  2. Top Cat and Tails Wine Tasting Gala Benefitting Salvadores de Animales


    This sounds like a fun time! Please save two tickets for us.
  3. Seems to me this situation between Panama and Venezuela is more serious each day.
  4. Thanks for posting. I feel like I was right there on the street with all the other crowd.
  5. Maybe the problem is poor quality tape. I purchased a large roll of the only “stuff” available at a local store. Wouldn’t stick to my container no matter how much I used or how hard I pressed. Ugh! Free “tape” available........
  6. During lunch with a friend last week, she mentioned she is taking a class here in Boquete. Enjoys it and believes she is learning and benefiting from the experience, but said she may not continue. My friend has a big smile for everyone. Her Spanish is good but usually speaks only English during class sessions. She told me several Panamanian females talk negatively about “gringos” and don’t like Americans or Canadians being in Panama. Yesterday a car with two Panamanian men left turned right toward our car. We stopped to avoid an accident. They started yelling at us. I offered a giant smile and waved a big hello. Their facial expressions changed to shocked stares and their mouths stopped moving. Today two Panamanian males gave Bud “the finger gesture”. The same morning another man yelled “gringo go home” as Bud drove down the street near Romero’s. What is happening? We don’t know any of these people, certainly didn’t do anything wrong, and don’t believe we deserve this kind of treatment. Have never noticed this rudeness from the locals until recently. Anyone else seen this escalation of dislike toward gringos? Comments requested.
  7. And Now I Know -- Hummingbirds

    Last week we were invited to a friend’s house to enjoy the view from their balcony and watch the hummingbirds. What a treat to see clouds racing across the sky and thinking this is the top of the world. Started wondering about these tiny birds with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, measure about 3 inches in length, and have a heartbeat of 200 times a minute. I see them around our house getting nectar from colorful flowers using their long narrow bills and tongue. Their tongues are groved like the shape of a “W” with tiny hairs that help lap up nectar—-similar to a cat’s tongue. There are more than 300 species of hummingbirds and are found only in the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Chile. Most live in the tropics. And yes, they migrate alone, not in a flock. Have no sense of smell, but can hear better than humans. Now that name hummingbird comes from flapping their wings so fast (720 to 5400 times per minute when hovering) that they make a humming noise.The average flying speed is 30 miles an hour but they can travel as fast as 60 miles an hour. They almost never stop moving. Legs are so small and weak they typically can’t walk at all and use their feet for perching. Hummers are the only birds that can fly up, down, sideways, backwards and forward like a helicopter. They can even fly upside down. And Now I Know.....a bit more about the birds of Chiriqui. Below are two stock photos of hummingbirds. We find them difficult to photograph.
  8. Approximately two years ago Bud and I were in the medical waiting room of Dr. Gómez. We noticed a female (guessing early 20’s) was being helped from a car parked out front. Her boy friend and another woman (B&B owner) were half carrying and partly dragging this young girl to Dr. Gomez’s door. Admission paperwork was started by the nurse (who didn’t speak English) and none of the three arrivals spoke Spanish. This was not working! Bud started helping with the language barrier by asking the young woman her name, what had happened, etc. In between her crying spells, we learned that four days earlier the young couple had been riding an ATV at the beach in Bocas. The equipment overturned and dragged the female thru mud and resulted in her leg injury. Went to a doctor (really a vet) and was given pills. Not antibiotic as she thought, and she had never had a tetanus shot. We waited for this screaming female with a seriously infected leg to be treated by the doctor. I didn’t see the wound, but it had to be really bad and causing great pain. After many, many minutes (and much screaming) the girl was being placed back into the car. We heard conversation about going to the David hospital and not having any insurance. Will always wonder if this girl lost her leg.
  9. Happy Easter

    That Flossy is one very lucky dog!
  10. Yesterday our last night at Oasis Restaurant was a bit sad 😢 and I might even have had a tear in my eye when we gave goodbye hugs to Calixto and Neyra. Both people indicated they will move on to other opportunities. We wish them much success.
  11. Yup. Felt the tremor....was strong enough to get me out of bed. I think time was around 11:00pm.
  12. Dra. Chely is amazing. This was the day for Anouk’s check-up which included worming pills and rabies shot. Dra. Chely inspected Anouk’s ears and did a thorough exam of our dog’s teeth and mouth condition. All good news now, but Dra. Chely pointed to enamel lost because of bad diet fed by Anouk’s earlier owners. (Remember Anouk is a rescue dog.) Fur condition outstanding — shines. Dra. Chely asked what dog food we are feeding Anouk and gave immediate approval of our selection. Should mention she said “no treats” because Anouk is overweight and cautioned this is bad for her heart. Longer walks needed! Except for a weight problem (my fault because I am the “food lady”), Anouk’s heart, lungs, feet, etc., are in excellent condition. Dra. Chely kissed our dog, gave her a hug and said to me “Anouk has a good home now”. Everyone happy and home we go.
  13. PriceSmart's private labels

    Sassy: can you also inquire at PriceSmart for these products (they used to stock them): 100% Alaskan Salmon Oil (320 count) Kirkland dog biscuits (15 pound box) Thanks. Marcelyn
  14. We provide breakfast (scrambled eggs, ham or sausage, tortillas and lots of coffee) for our part-time housekeeper and gardener. They also eat lunch with us on their work days. Both happily eat whatever I serve, but a surprise is their favorite food is spaghetti and green salad. Another favorite is roasted garlic.