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  1. Electricity outage for 4-1/2 hours today. Finally at about 9:30am the lights are back on. (Cold cereal and no coffee for breakfast. Yikes!)
  2. Marcelyn

    Showcase Your Chili!

    I need help in understanding the correct date for the Chili Challenge: is it August 19 or September 19? I see notices for both dates. Would like to attend this fund raiser to support the animals.
  3. Marcelyn

    Found male beagle with red collar

    A heart-warming story. Glad we have so many animal lovers in Boquete 😊.
  4. Marcelyn

    Chili Challenge - Amigos de Animales


    I think it is unfortunate timing for the Chili Challenge (a one day favorite happening for many people) to be set on the same day as the BCP already announced show. Too bad. Tickets already purchased for Rumors, thanks to advertising by that group.
  5. Encountered an Anti Corruption in Government protest of some 150 members marching on the David to Boquete road at approximately 4:00pm today. Most marchers were carrying banners or signs. Leader was wearing a grotesque mask. Had a Police escort. Marchers were heading south in the lanes going south, and were in the area of Estadio Kenny Seracín.
  6. Marcelyn

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    Interesting conversation with wife of State Department Officer during a flight into Tocumen yesterday. Her husband is on a three month (minimum) assignment at the US Embassy in Panama City and the wife was soliciting our comments re the low level of service provided by the current staff in PC. She admitted the Embassy is functioning with a skeleton crew and no permanent Ambassador. (Not sure why, but she moved to vacant seat next to us in economy section about an hour into the flight.)
  7. I suspect President Varela didn’t want this “fight”. Far too many organizations voiced their disagreement with an electrical power rate increase.
  8. I don’t believe in awarding bad behavior, i.e., poor service. Perhaps asking for a rate increase after providing consistent, reliable electrical power would meet approval from customers.
  9. I agree. Too bad Martinelli can’t muster a little dignity and stop the “sick card” defense. Believe he expected a different type of welcoming in Panama.
  10. Marcelyn

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    Jonathan Farrar was the wonderful US Ambassador to Panama from 2012 to 2015. I sense the activities (services) at the Embassy in Panama City have deteriorated since he left.
  11. Marcelyn

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    And we have a US Embassy in Panama because? I thought this organization was here to help US citizens.
  12. Marcelyn

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    Oh, Oh. Looks like I need to do a better job of planning my emergencies. ONE HOUR four days a week . mid morning is when I can have a problem. Sort of indicates the importance (or lack of) the US Embassy in Panama?
  13. Yeah! I agree with the CCIAP. Certainly hope they push their opinion re no increase in electricity rates.