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  1. Sorry for your loss ❤️❤️ To you & Bill for the love & happiness you both gave to Flossy
  2. What a success story for you & Volcan! Best wishes for 2020 ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Thanks for good ideas! We’re taking food & TLC for two friends today who have flu like symptoms. Another friend waiting for bed availability to be admitted to David hospital. Let’s keep helping each other.
  4. Noticed a number of people (especially CL guests) reading medical resources for Chiriqui Province forum. Some of our friends are sick, one in David hospital. May be good idea to check on friends. Just saying.....
  5. Referring to foreigners here in Panama. Just remembering when I noticed natives gathering in a park, I quickly gave away all my belongings & got a flight out of Africa just before the riots in Kenya. (Other individuals didn’t make it). Meaning nothing except hoping folks are paying attention to what is occurring around them.
  6. Disturbances in Bolivia & Ecuador = one thing, but protests in neighboring Colombia may be a scary situation for foreign residents in Panama. Stay alert everyone.
  7. Saturday night after the BCP musical review program we drove the restaurant row route and noticed five vehicles parked in the yellow curb section. Sunday mid morning there were three cars parked there. (One grey pick-up is a “regular” that we’ve seen several times). None on Saturday or Sunday had tickets. Glad Big Tickets are appearing taped to windows because cars illegally parked here can be a scary drive home when car doors suddenly open or individuals casually step out of their vehicle without checking for on-coming traffic on crowded road.
  8. until

    This Soup Fest is another great Boquete community activity. We always discover new varieties of our favorite soups. Don’t miss this 😄😄
  9. until

    That Flossy is a very lucky dog 😄😄
  10. Now that the color markings are in place, I’m thinking the new administration here in Boquete will be enforcing the rules. Pay attention, folks.
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