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  1. Saturday night after the BCP musical review program we drove the restaurant row route and noticed five vehicles parked in the yellow curb section. Sunday mid morning there were three cars parked there. (One grey pick-up is a “regular” that we’ve seen several times). None on Saturday or Sunday had tickets. Glad Big Tickets are appearing taped to windows because cars illegally parked here can be a scary drive home when car doors suddenly open or individuals casually step out of their vehicle without checking for on-coming traffic on crowded road.
  2. What is current condition of Anita?
  3. until

    This Soup Fest is another great Boquete community activity. We always discover new varieties of our favorite soups. Don’t miss this 😄😄
  4. until

    That Flossy is a very lucky dog 😄😄
  5. Now that the color markings are in place, I’m thinking the new administration here in Boquete will be enforcing the rules. Pay attention, folks.
  6. One of my favorite items that I brought to Panama from US is a large 1920s vintage Asian wall clock. I purchased it from a surplus store many years ago. “This clock hung in the office of the Hong Kong harbormaster” was the story told by the sales clerk. This favorite item has hung on my kitchen wall here in Boquete for several years. Recently the clock stopped working. A friend told me about a repair shop in David, so yesterday off we went to David with my clock nestled in the back seat of our vehicle. Found the repair place near the main park. Couldn’t be certain we understood the very rapid Spanish of the man behind the counter. And here is the good part....another customer in the store (young Asian fella about 18-20 years old) introduced himself as Ricky and offered translation help. We were in the watch repair store. The manager’s father, Erik Marquez, repairs clocks. His location is on the corner across the street from Global Bank and Canal Bank and a few blocks further. Our new found friend, Ricky, escorted us along the crowded sidewalks to Mr. Marquez’s store and stayed with us to help with translations. Sometime in its past history the clock mechanism was changed from wind-up to battery operation. Moisture and corrosion was the problem with my clock now. An hour later we left the clock shop with a working clock and big smiles on our faces. Cost was $15.00 Another experience with very friendly and helpful Panamanians. They had no idea who we were, but both Ricky and Mr. Marquez were incredibly helpful and friendly.
  7. Visited Cuba in November, 2018 & now have a Havana stamp in my passport.
  8. What is the price for the shopping bags at PriceSmart? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for your great work in the neuter clinic in Volcan 👏👏👏😊😊😊
  10. Keith, perhaps you don’t know that some people have been denied access to FB. Sad, but that’s the truth of it.
  11. Sounds to me like the people who have access to FB are the only ones who can and will participate in recycle.
  12. Big excitement this morning. Bud was attending his ROMEO meeting when I heard a warning bark from Anouk. Before passing through the front door, I grabbed a heavy walking stick. Expected but didn’t see anyone inside the yard and both gates were closed. Anouk started digging in the flowers next to the house. I used my walking stick to separate plants and spotted a two foot+ long coral snake (deadly type). Kept striking it with my big stick, but couldn’t get leverage in the soft ground. As the snake was slithering through the flowers, I dashed back into the house for a spray bottle of ammonia (cheap but effective defensive weapon). Using the spray I managed to guide or force the snake up against the hard surface side of the house so I could smash the critter. Even with Anouk’s help of barking and digging in the dirt, took me more than 15 minutes to kill this deadly thing. My concern is that snakes don’t usually live or travel alone. Reckon we should stay alert!
  13. Where in Boquete or David can I purchase computer paper? PriceSmart no longer stocks this item. We asked three store employees and all three said the same thing. Thanks.
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