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  1. Yes. A legal handicap tag was visible and hanging from the car's rear view mirror. Thanks.
  2. This sounds like a workable plan, but perhaps vendors "forget" to move their vehicle after unloading merchandise. Didn't see any loading or unloading......just parked SUV, trucks etc. and nobody near that we could ask to move their vehicle. Ugh!
  3. Is handicap parking available at BCP Event Center? Went to the Tuesday Market today and found a very full parking lot. Looked for but couldn't locate a Handicap Parking notice so we asked the parking attendant. He indicated the back of the building has reserved spots for handicap parking. So off we drove in that direction. What we found were many, many vendor vehicles parked in a variety of confusing positions and blocking the entrance/exit route. Fortunately my friend is good at backing his car and managed to escape the area without damage, but it was a scare experience that came close to an argument with a vendor who was a hazard to others but didn't want to move his truck. (Maybe an "off road rage"?) Just asking: Is there a designated Handicap Parking area at BCP Event Center?
  4. Sorry for the disappointment. A long drive to Season's deserves great service and excellent food (plus good cheap wine).
  5. Yesterday we tried the ribs at BQT Sport Grill. Yummy 😀
  6. We visited the DGI office in David earlier this month and noticed three (3) armed policemen near the front door. Our first thought was another robbery had occurred. But with closer attention we realized the officers were just monitoring customers entering the building. No cash transactions available at this location in the foreseeable future we were told.
  7. Judy: We buy eggs at Canasta Basica and always check the date posted on the edge of the cardboard container. Usually purchase the 5 dozen flat package.
  8. I agree with Bonnie and interpreted Keith's actions as she did. Keith has provided many items of helpful information here on CL and deserves our thanks IMO. I'm not wanting to take anyone to task, but, please.....let's drop this and move on. More important items in life for us to deal with.
  9. We can all thank our friend Keith Woolford for starting this worthwhile subject. And yes, knowing Spanish is a major key to the success and enjoyment of living here. I personally appreciate Panamanians. Shy at first, but friendly and helpful once they know you. My Spanish needs a lot of help and I keep working at it. I have fun in stores (especially PriceSmart) where the locals want to practice their English with me and I try using my Spanish with them. These times end with everyone laughing while entertaining each other. Just a happy and good memory spot in the day.
  10. Good point. This incomplete information on business and charity events is a common problem. Not sure how to fix it, but as our audience of readers grows and becomes more varied, we need clear, definite data that all readers can understand. Any suggestion?
  11. until

    Oops.....the Moderator is sorry. I wasn't the Star in my Spanish Class