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  1. Sounds like she was “impaired” for sure.
  2. Took items to the recycle center yesterday here in Boquete, and noticed what looked like many weeks of bags left inside and outside the fenced area. A messy scene. No visible staff. Anyone know current status of this project?
  3. Another “mystery” accident. This area is a roadway under repair and demands very low speed when driving. Interesting to note that last Wednesday about 6:00pm the police had an inspection stop in this area and were checking car documention.
  4. Picture Framing

    Good job, TwoSailors. Did you use the search capability on CL to quickly locate this information published here last August? (Hint to other members): on a tablet or mobile device just click on the magnifying glass and type in what you are searching for; on a desktop/laptop look for the “search box” in the upper right.)
  5. Traveling thru the Caldera checkpoint last Friday we noticed six officers stopping cars in all lanes (both directions) checking for proper vehicle paperwork, especially drivers license and current insurance. Seven cars were pulled off the roadway where one female was crying, two other people talking on cell phones. Not a happy scene. There probably are many reasons for it, but this time the police were not their usual friendly personalities. Could be related to the recent assassination of two officers on guard duty. We later were told by a knowledgeable gringo that one owner (another gringo) didn’t have his cedula and no current car insurance paperwork, but he did have his driver license. His vehicle was seized. He paid a $750 fine to get back his car. He had the required documents, but just not on his person or in the vehicle at the time he was stopped. The lesson to take away from this experience is to be absolutely certain that you have all required documentation in your car while driving.
  6. Microclimates and pests

    Thanks. Off to the pharmacy now.😀
  7. Microclimates and pests

    Can you be more specific about which boric acid powder to order on Amazon? Thanks. I’m going to try your method to rid ants from our house.
  8. Holidays for 2017

    If you are using a tablet or hand held device, access the CL calendar by clicking on activity, browse and then the calendar category. A laptop/desktop device has more "space" for display so just select or click the calendar icon listing. Hope this helps.
  9. Our Neighbor Watch group has informed us that the road into El Santuario will be repaired next Monday (October 16). Yeah!
  10. Thanks, Keith, for posting updates for the Water Works project. Appreciate it.
  11. Podcasts

    Thanks, Pat. Here's an interesting story from Mike Schwartz (you know --- the announcer for the CL podcast stories). Mike said he was talking to a friend while waiting in line at a downtown Boquete store. A customer being waited on and hearing the conversation turned around and asked "aren't you Mike Schwartz"? The man said he recognized Mike's voice from the podcasts. isn't it a small and wonderful world!
  12. Boquete Recycle meeting MONDAY

    No news or status report from Recycle meetings. Guess this project has ended? Anyone have any information?
  13. Thanks, Judy, for this happy news.