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  1. Lots of great pictures......beautiful house. For sale or rent? Price?
  2. Penny and Bonnie are correct. Parking rules and the police issuing tickets to illegal divers near BCP have been posted on this forum several times. Also information about arrows on the payment indicating turn requirements has been available here. It seems to me that the police are being more diligent with enforcing the rules of the roadway. Perhaps this behavior is influenced by all the vehicle accidents.
  3. Yes, yes. Those pot pies from Kentucky Fried Chicken of course. They are delicious and a favorite when we travel to the states.
  4. Thanks. Very good location info.
  5. This is probably good to know information, but a couple of things: we didn't see any notice at the prior Casa Decor store about the new location and where/what is the San Miguel building? Interesting that with notification to immigration from prosecuting attorney anyone with pending criminal charges cannot exit the country. Good idea. Maybe this is why the last minute check of traveler's passport by the immigration people at Tocumen?
  6. We drove by Casa Decor yesterday and yes, the building appears very empty with zero merchandise in sight. Suspect the denuncia against this place will result in nothing happening because the store has no presence in Boquete.
  7. Concern about litigation and so no assistance? Maybe. My friend was walking her dog in Bajo Boquete when she fell breaking her jaw along with other facial injuries and lay on the ground bleeding into the dirt while crying out "help me, please help me" and in great pain. A gringa stopped, got out of her SUV, stood over and looked down at my friend said nothing and drove away. My friend's husband got concerned when his wife didn't return home. Went looking and found her still bleeding from the head and face. Off to the hospital. Have to wonder about that woman who stopped and just looked at my friend and then drove away.
  8. Keith: too bad more people have not read your posting. We've noticed several drivers making this illegal turn.
  9. I win, Alison! My passenger car seat is already remounted backwards. Last week we came within about five seconds of total wipe-out by one of those flying yellow cars who didn't make the curve. Fortunately he missed us, but gathered the remains of his vehicle piece by piece. Trunk may be my next location.........
  10. Great information with beautiful photography. Thanks, Hil.
  11. PriceSmart. Brand is Carrington Farms, big 54 ozs. jar.
  12. Timely---on May 30 at BCP Tuesday Talks Melissa Vallarion's topic is education in Panama.
  13. Speaking primarily of my experience at PriceSmart, yes we always tip the guys who take our groceries from the store to the car. Also, always a grand time when they want to practice their English with me and of course I practice my Spanish with them. This usually turns a couple of minutes of fun and laughter in the parking area.
  14. While in David last week Bud and I had difficulty locating a certain government office. A call to Rodney provided quick and specific directions for us. We were one of Rodny Direct's first subscribers. Never used his assistance before, but this was Great service. Thanks, Rodny. You gave quick and correct locational information.
  15. Keith: Will any of these new police officers be assigned to Boquete? I am told that we currently have 20 policemen in the Boquete workforce (10 on duty as a rotating shift).