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  1. Our Neighbor Watch group has informed us that the road into El Santuario will be repaired next Monday (October 16). Yeah!
  2. Thanks, Keith, for posting updates for the Water Works project. Appreciate it.
  3. Podcasts

    Thanks, Pat. Here's an interesting story from Mike Schwartz (you know --- the announcer for the CL podcast stories). Mike said he was talking to a friend while waiting in line at a downtown Boquete store. A customer being waited on and hearing the conversation turned around and asked "aren't you Mike Schwartz"? The man said he recognized Mike's voice from the podcasts. isn't it a small and wonderful world!
  4. Boquete Recycle meeting MONDAY

    No news or status report from Recycle meetings. Guess this project has ended? Anyone have any information?
  5. Thanks, Judy, for this happy news.
  6. Took Anouk for her physical check-up with Dra. Chely this morning. Remember when we accepted this beautiful Husky about one plus years ago, this rescue dog had some health issues including raw ears devoid of hair because of flea infestation. So bad that Dra. Chely was fearful the hair would never grow back! With the application of medicine and a lot of work on our part Anouk now has clean and "hairy" ears. Per Dra. Chely's instructions we bathed Anouk's feet daily in white vinegar and water to get rid of fungus and of course there was a problem with poor fur (matty and bad smelling). This morning Anouk got an A+ in all areas including her clean teeth. We give her a raw bone (preferably tan bone, pig) once a week plus dry dog food with a small amount of canned wet food morning and night. "0nly egg white" per Dra. Chely "not the egg yolk" is included at breakfast. Anouk enjoys chewing on a Nyla bone on a regular basis. "Excellent mouth, no dog breath" per the vet. Will admit that Anouk could lose a few pounds. Guess that means more walks and my throwing the ball for her to chase more times. Reckon I better get busy....rain or sunshine 😀. She really is a beautiful dog and a major addition to our family.
  7. I believe all these horrible vehicle accidents and deaths indicate a major roadway problem. Many caused by excessive speed. Question is: What will be done to resolve this situation? And when?
  8. Coming Soon . . .

    Thanks, Joe.
  9. There Is An Excellent Recycling Facility in David

    Yes. Great idea. 😀
  10. Good news. Just received my US prescriptions. Package was not opened but was held in Customs for three (3) weeks. No additional paperwork required.
  11. There Is An Excellent Recycling Facility in David

    Maybe the City could provide weekly pick-up of recycles at same time as garbage collection. If recycling products is a money maker, perhaps the road repair fund could benefit.
  12. There Is An Excellent Recycling Facility in David

    Maybe we can get help from the David Recycling Facility on how to establish this function in Boquete.