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  1. A new Panamonte Bridge sounds like a good idea; right now I'm wondering when the streets will be paved. Anyone know for certain? I've heard many versions with many timelines. Just asking.
  2. Traffic lights.....what a good idea. Could we also ask pedestrians not to walk in the middle of roadways? What about a one-way street into/through town and another one-way street in the opposite direction out of town. This traffic pattern would eliminate much of the congestion and help the traffic flow. My big scare last week was observing two cars traveling in the wrong direction, in the wrong traffic lane and heading directly at me. Whee...had to use defensive driving thru Restaurant Row area.
  3. We are always stopped at the Check Point between Boquete and David. Officers are friendly and only sometimes ask to see our cedulas. We usually offer bottled water....especially on hot days.
  4. We've tried several pasta dishes at Otto's. All excellent. Small area and often crowded. The waitress used to work at the German restaurant in Plaza San Francisco. Great food and friendly service.
  5. I am also not surprised that N22 is closed. No parking was a serious problem and trying to get along that busy "freeway" street was sometimes scary. Best wishes for them in Volcan.
  6. Hey, Alison.....are you and Bill part of this surfing program? Sounds like fun.
  7. Where can I have a custom curtain made for a kitchen window? Please answer here or send me a private message. Thanks for all help.
  8. Happy to see a Police Patrol on our street in El Santuario. Four times in the past one plus weeks during night, early morning, and daytime hours. Don't believe there is a special problem in the area, just a Police presence that we welcome. 😀
  9. until

    What "serious losses"? Things were stolen from BCP's LaVilla Cafe or a fire, or?
  10. We were having dinner last night (Tuesday) at a downtown Boquete restaurant when the electricity went off and on four times...each time with a loud bang and screech. The waitress brought a very small lantern to our table which didn't help much and we still couldn't see what we were eating. Decided to hold on to my glass and fork ...... might not be able to find them again in the dark. Stumbled out the restaurant door, down the stairs to our car. Another exciting or maybe a "life story" adventure.
  11. Maybe "no worries" if your family members can threaten judges, witnesses, etc. (See Roger B's posting re Varela's report to news media).
  12. We had no electricity (again) this morning, so ate Sunday breakfast at Mike's Global Grill. Heidi showed us the donation box the restaurant has provided for collecting funds for ARF. We appreciate the good support of Heidi, owner of Mike's.