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  1. IMO this sounds like poor or lack of planning by Union Fenosa (Naturgy).
  2. Marcelyn

    Do you know this doggy ??

    Oh, thanks for the clarification! I was feeling sorry for this doggie as I started looking for his green hair. 😁
  3. Jim, this brings up that old question: Who in the heck is in charge, anyway? Yikes!
  4. Any idea when Panama will have a US Ambassador?
  5. What prompted the US Embassy to schedule this safety meeting in Boquete?
  6. Wonder if the people who do school planning know about increased enrollment in the classroom coming in a few years?
  7. Plus a ticket for littering. Wonder what the glue on the post-it notes does to car finish?
  8. Marcelyn

    Gran Cine / Grand Cinema

    Happy that Chef Juan is offering this Western movie next Wednesday. This is one of my old time favorite. Thanks.
  9. Here’s a new experience! Yesterday afternoon about 4 o’clock while driving home (slowly) thru downtown Boquete, a man threw another fella out of the Sabroson #1, almost hitting our car with him. Yes, he was actually sailing thru the air. The fallen man then staggered on across the street, picked up rocks and started throwing them toward the eatery window. We noticed pedestrians stopping and alerting other people about the dangerous situation with the “flying objects”.
  10. I’ve seen a number of these very small taxi vehicles dash around trucks without knowing what was ahead in the road. Don’t know the circumstances that caused this accident, but I don’t drive hoping trucks can stop quickly. Can’t happen.
  11. Marcelyn

    Police Seize Over 4,500 Turtle Eggs

    What in the world would someone do with all these turtle eggs in their car?
  12. This US action may be part of the tariff sanctions aimed at China.