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  1. I called Isabella and learned the following. Her place is open: Monday — Saturday 9:30am to 6:00pm Closed Sunday.
  2. Mike’s Art Shop. This store is located at Calle 4a Sur, Bajo Boquete, in space previously occupied by Charlie’s Pet Fashion (listed on Maggie’s List of Animal Resources posted on Chiriqui Life).
  3. Isabella’s Bakery & More. Isabella Fasano is owner and chef of this eatery located in Bajo Boquete, diagonal from the Police station and next door to an auto parts supplier. We enjoyed a berry pie with ice cream and took home an individual pecan pie. Her menu includes coffees and sandwiches. Special salads will soon be added. Here’ a copy of her business card plus some pictures.
  4. Kotowa Chocolate Victoria. Recently we stopped by to visit this Boquete addition for coffee and a piece of beautifully decorated and very delicious chocolate. Located on the corner across from La Posada restaurant, Kotowa Chocolate also offers wine and various desserts. Here are pictures taken during our visit.
  5. Marcelyn

    Boquete ning?

    Keith, technically you are correct, but I believe Dottie was seeking help.
  6. Traffic in downtown Boquete today (Saturday) was very busy. I’m standing on Calle Principal waiting and waiting to cross the street, when a gracious Panamanian male saw me as a gringa in a predicament. He said “follow me”, moved into the street, held up his hand to stop all vehicles, and we crossed the street safely under his escort. I smiled, waved and yelled gracias as my benefactor returned to his original position.
  7. Marcelyn

    Medicare Cards

    Had our new Medicare Health Insurance cards laminated at Mail Box Etc. Great job and good customer service, as always. Inexpensive too!!
  8. Marcelyn

    Drivers License Renewal

    January is my birth month and 2019 is when I had to renew my Panamanian drivers license. Visited a lab here in Boquete for blood test. Then two days later, with blood result information in hand, went to doctor office for a physical exam and memory test. (At my age this exam has to be done by an internalist or gerontologist). Dra Díaz issued the “results” letter which I took to the licensing office the following day. (Glucose and blood pressure reading seem to be the primary criteria for consideration for license.) Also remembered to take copy of my cedula — instead of paying 10 cents for a copy at licensing office). The staff at the ATTT (Transito Y Transporte) office which is located in Chiriqui Mall (near PriceSmart) was polite and efficient. All instructions were in Spanish. I had to ask one female employee to repeat her information because I couldn’t be sure I had understood her very rapid Spanish! Passed all hearing and visual tests. Process was completed and license issued in less than 20 minutes from time we entered the building. With my jubilado discount, the cost was $16.00. A happy experience.
  9. Marcelyn

    Tocumen Baggage Inspection Experience

    No, a dog not visible in the entire baggage area.
  10. Marcelyn

    Tocumen Baggage Inspection Experience

    Yes, this happened at the large X-ray machines and after my bag was scanned. Couldn’t figure what food item the inspector thought she saw in my luggage, but she was determined I had food. She did seem embarrassed when she only discovered my bottle of water and a few mints. P.S. I noticed this woman (there were three inspectors) opened luggage from female passengers only.
  11. A new experience at Tocumen last week. My one bag was stopped by a determined Custom inspector who asked me three times what food I had. Tried to assure “no food,” but she directed me to the inspection station where I had to open my luggage. Took her about two minutes to locate my bottle of water and a handful of candy mints I had dropped into the side pocket. The interesting part of this experience was my 50 minute delay caused by the lady in front of me. She had three suitcases all wrapped in plastic. The inspector used scissors and removed the plastic covering and proceeded to remove various items from the woman’s bags. Two rolls of sausage (about five pounds each), several bottles of wine (I think six total), and various types of snack foods...looked like crackers and dips. The inspector kept all the food. Needless to say, the bags were now pretty empty and the owner didn’t look happy. We wondered if this woman was headed to a party or had just cleaned all remaining food from a festival gathering!
  12. Marcelyn

    VIDEO: Children's Christmas Party

    Always glad to see expats share their talents and help our community. Thanks.😄😄
  13. Make room in that trunk for one more person. I may be joining you! 😄
  14. Marcelyn


    O.K. Two gold stars.
  15. Marcelyn

    New photos

    Not sure what Larry can do with a paint brush, but he sure does a great job with his camera. CL appreciates Larry’s photography skill and his willingness to share his work.