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  1. Maybe "no worries" if your family members can threaten judges, witnesses, etc. (See Roger B's posting re Varela's report to news media).
  2. We had no electricity (again) this morning, so ate Sunday breakfast at Mike's Global Grill. Heidi showed us the donation box the restaurant has provided for collecting funds for ARF. We appreciate the good support of Heidi, owner of Mike's.
  3. Penny: what time of day were you in David? Thanks.
  4. Thank you, Roger. Your postings are always excellent with good insight about Panama. Thoughtful material based on experience and knowledge.
  5. Could the use of cell phone while driving have a connection to some of the wild driving I've seen recently? Hummm.......
  6. The rock behind or in front of a parked vehicle tire is what my elderly uncle often did because he didn't drive an automatic shift car. This local habit of using "holding rocks" sounds like many years ago behavior. It made me smile with a good memory.šŸ˜€
  7. Great job, Dottie! Best wishes and many blessings to "the Volcan gang".
  8. Ladies: did you hear about the woman who put her purse on the back of her chair while eating at a local restaurant? A bad guy stole her purse which contained money, credit cards, and identification papers. Tip #1: in a public place keep your purse in sight at all times. Tip #2: And never leave your purse in your car when you dash into a store for a couple of items. You never know who is watching what you are doing. Tip #3: If you are renting the facility where you are living here in Boquete, did you change the door and window locks? Should have. Tip #4: Watch the closing of your automatic gate to make certain no one is "sneaking" onto your property after your vehicle has entered. Good idea to not exit your car until after the gate is closed. No security program is 100%. We are responsible for our own safety. These are some of my ideas on how to keep safe. Other suggestions?
  9. Penny, I haven't lived here in Boquete, Panama, as long as you and don't know about these local crimes involving gringos as victims. One of the hoped for outcomes of the meeting that Bud and I had with Captain Espinoza was to have better communication between the police and the gringo population. Example: outcome of police findings re crime investigations. Bud and I are trying to extend a "friendship hand" to Captain Espinoza and his staff. Bud is busy in the kitchen baking brownies, which we will take to the police station later today. This to tell the Captain we appreciate his taking time to meet with us earlier this week. Gotta go.....Bud needs help in the kitchen!
  10. So if the legal system works against gringos in favor of Panamanian perpetrators, what rights/choices do gringos (non citizens) have? I have been told that if I try to get involved with protesting or changing Panamanian laws I can be deported.
  11. Bud and Marcelyn of Chiriqui.Life will sponsor Celestino's animals for March. Please tell us how to complete the donation. A direct bank transfer to ARF is the preferred method, but we will honor whatever method you indicate. P.S. If Celestino wants to keep the stray cat, we will increase the dollar amount of our donation.
  12. Mark your calendar........ 0nly one month away. February 18, 2017, (2:00pm to 5 :00pm). This is the next POKER FUN in Boquete.
  13. Happy for you!