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  1. Good answer, Bonnie.
  2. Anyone know why this building in downtown Boquete is neither completed nor removed? I believe we could use the parking space, etc.
  3. With about 50 other happy people we attended ARF's pancake breakfast this morning. Lots of great food, but I didn't win the raffle for the door prize 😩. Engaging conversation with like-minded people.
  4. Bonnie, Wonder if Customs can identify what is a cosmetic vs. a prescription. Hopefully a life threatening medicine (legal drug) will not be delayed/refused at Customs. Consequences could be very serious.
  5. Annual Chili Challenge @ Amigos de Animales


    We attended the Chilli Challenge today and enjoyed several tasty entries. Much noise in the sampling room, but this is the announcement of winners I heard: Larry White with his entry of "Little Bit of Texas" won first prize. Larry also won the Best Display award. The Garden's entry received Runner-up. Ruby McKensie and Sandi Stephens representing Amigos de Animales won best award for Vegetarian Chili. Didn't see any losers in any of the entries........looking forward to next year.
  6. Expect the Unexpected

    Scary moment yesterday in David when we witnessed a small white car traveling in the wrong direction on the PanAmerican highway and narrowly avoiding a collision with an SUV. Fortunately the SUV managed to stop; other vehicles were scattering on the roadway attempting to avoid an accident. We believe this was the same white car we saw leaving McDonald's earlier. The vehicle, occupied by two young males with three small children in the back seat was speeding and making obscene gestures to other drivers. "Be careful out there".
  7. Very good question, Bonnie. Are we experiencing more protesters blocking roadways than in the past years? Seems a too common happening recently.
  8. Alison, in downtown Boquete yesterday I glanced at the front of a taxi and noticed the tires had zero tread. Wow, trouble waiting to happen.
  9. Have to travel to David on business in the near future. So, double checking our dash-cam is working for recording pictures in front and to rear of our vehicle. Our rule is to restrain/limit TALKING while driving on streets in David. Safety first.
  10. I sadly agree with your assessment of the drivers in David and Chiriqui. IMO a sole person (driver) in a vehicle is at risk for an accident. My role is to be a "look-out" while Bud concentrates on steering the car around troubling situations. It seems that speed, alcohol, and distractions (cell phone usage) are the main culprits. Thankful one more time when we arrive home safely.
  11. IMO....decapitation is usually associated with drug/gang behavior. Horror, indeed.
  12. I agree with Judy. This is a terrible thing to do to any animal.