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  1. Here it is 8:30pm and we just lost electricity for the second time today.
  2. O.K. I understand that winds have never ever occurred in Chiriqui during February until now. Is this right? Guess I should add this excuse to the long list of reasons why no electricity!
  3. Last Tuesday, along with about 30 other movie fans, we watched the gran cine “Sicario” (Hit Man) at Los Molinos with Chef Juan. On Tuesday (February 27) showing will be the musical comedy “Victor Victoria” featuring Julie Andrews. These free movies start at 6:00pm. Food available for purchase. See you there!
  4. Yes, but.........Houston is oil and China is interested in and needs more oil. The Chinese seem to be long term planners and usually have a reason behind their activities IMO. Let’s wait and watch for upcoming events.
  5. Huh? Wild grass fires another reason for no electricity. O.K. I’ll add this to the list.
  6. Yesterday we enjoyed an Italian ham & mushroom pizza at Milano Italia. Tasty and with thin crust, just like we like pizza. This very clean and decorated restaurant is located on the corner opposite the new public school in Bajo Boquete. Take out pizza and delicious pastries are also on the menu. I think Milano Italia is becoming one of our favorite eateries in town. 😋
  7. Microclimates and pests

    We checked with Finca Marta at the Tuesday Market today and were told they do not have boric acid for sale to others. They purchase this product for their own use only. Suggested we could find small amounts at a local farmacia. Looks like we will try for a bulk Internet purchase unless someone can identify a good source here in our area.
  8. News Flash. I’m preparing a book (log) on the electricity outages in El Santuario. What did my neighbor say: “the electricity here goes out more often than I do”. This is sad and not a good evaluation for our utilities service. Very difficult on our appliances. Replacement costs will be part of my log.
  9. No electricity for five (5) minutes this morning starting at 9:35am. No electricity for nine (9) hours yesterday, Tuesday, January 30.
  10. A transformer “exploded” in our area this morning shortly after 7:00 am. It is now approaching 1:30pm and still no electricity. For the curious, Gas Natural has been notified.
  11. BCP's Olde Timey Radio Show


    What a great program! The best $5.00 I have spent in Boquete. Kudos to all performers and staff, especially Phil Bennett the President of BCP.
  12. According to our resources, a vehicle hit a power post this morning in the Los Molinos area on the hiway between Boquete and David. Accident occurred earlier this morning. Entire electrical power for Boquete expected to be out for many hours.
  13. We witnessed these officers “chasing “ a delivery truck driver and then placing handcuffs on this man. Happened last week in downtown Boquete. Situation looked serious.