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  1. Peter Sterling

    Plants and Trees of Boquete

    To the community of gardeners and friends of the Boquete Library: We write from Finca Tangara to thank you all for your patronage this year. Two plant sales at the Library, many visits to our farm for plants and compost, and invitations to consult at your gardens earned a grand total of $3401 for the Library's Endowment Fund. We, along with the Library Board, thank you for your patronage. All best wishes, Peter Sterling and Sally Zigmond
  2. Peter Sterling

    Plants and Trees of Boquete

    The Biblioteca de Boquete will be hosting a plant sale on Saturday morning April 15. Various plants and flowers will be contributed -- for example, Bonnie Williams' famous blue ginger. And more from the Jaramillo Gardeners. I will bring in some bagged compost and plants. However, I urge people to visit our farm soon to see what we have and order because I cannot move the whole nursery in for the day. Also we have lots of plants blooming here that will not look so great in bags at the Library.Visit us to see the menu and then order for delivery on April 15. Peter Sterling Finca Tangara
  3. Peter Sterling

    Plants and Trees of Boquete

    PLANT LIST FINCA TANGARA 2017 psterlin@gmail.com Trees Laureacea family (avocado): Aguacatillo – tiny avocado-like fruit; tanagers, etc love it. Sigua (white and red) -- also small avocado-like fruit for birds; March-April Bambito – larger avocado-like fruit; food of the quetzal; highlands Croton niveus (colpachi) – fast growth; good windbreak; fruit beloved by parrots Cypress (cipré) – evergreen, dense foliage; prune-able as hedge or shrub; good windbreak. fast growth Eucalyptus deglupta (rainbow eucalyptus) – world’s fastest growing; pretty bark Bignonacea family: Tabebuia rosea (roble) candelabra-like arbor; white/rose trumpet blooms in March Tecoma stans (yellow trumpet blooms); small tree/shrub; grows fast and flowers often) Spathodea campanulata (African tulip; llama de bosque, flame of the forest) – fast growing; scarlet flowers Nance amarillo – plum like yellow fruit; tall tree; Inga (guabo; several species) mimosa like flowers; hummers, tanagers, orioles; fast growing Erythrina poeppigana (poró) – beautiful orange flowers, tall, fast-growing; highlands; birds Erythrina lanceolata (palo santo) fence-post tree; red machete flowers; pretty seeds Diphysa Americana (macano) bright yellow pea-like flowers; pea-like foliage fence post Enterolobium cyclocarpus (corotú, Guanacaste) – grows huge; spreading canopy; beautiful foliage; lowland Quercus (oak; several species: mamecillo, black oak) important forest trees Lonchocarpus minimiflorus – lovely purple flowers in Feb/March Mimosa – pretty flowers for hummers Trema micrantha -- Jamaican nettle; fast growth; seeds for grosbeaks and other birds. Cecropia obtusifolia (guarumo) -- fast growing; fantastic for birds Bahuinia variegate (orchid tree) – white orchid-like flowers Anacardium exelsum – espavé; tall tree related to mango and cashew. good forest tree Hymenaea courbaril (algarrobo) -- tall; best at lower altitudes good forest tree Spondias purpurea (red mombin; jobo) -- red, sweetish, cherry-sized fruit; live fence-post Caesalpinina pulcherrima (dwarf poinsianna; pride of Barbados)-- beautiful blooms; does well in Boquete. Flowers Asclepias curassavica (a milkweed); butterflies, including monarch Lantana camera – orange, white, pink butterflies Stachytarpheta franztii (porter weed, verbena)-- clustered purple flowers; hummers and butterflies Allamanda – yellow trumpet blooms; sturdy vine; wind tolerant Penta – red and white; hummers Snakey succulent with red blossoms Shrubs Tres amores – blue,white, and purple flowers Brugmansia -- trumpet flowers with perfume in early evening Calliandra haematocephala (powderpuff) -- red blooms; hummers Streptosolen jamesonii -- marmalade bush, chinese hat (hummers and butterflies) Yellow daisy (as shrub or vine ) Hamelia patens (zorillo real, fire bush) -- tubular red flowers for hummers; berries for tanagers Jatropha multiday (coral bush) -- scarlet flowers shaped like coral Duranta erecta (golden dew drop) -- greem or variegated; small blue flowers for hummers; yellow berries Melastomata shrub with purple spikey blossoms) Grasses Vetiver -- deep roots for holding soil on hillsides Lemon grass -- cultivar from the Nasó tribe on the upper Rio Teribe Agave (2 kinds) Maguey organ pipe “cactus” for tall fence, windbreak, etc PLANT LIST FINCA TANGARA 2017 copy.docx
  4. Please find a PDF format of a PowerPoint presentation on the Trees and Plants of Boquete. Watch for announcements on News Boquete. Note: this 100 page PDF document is quite large (~20MB) and so it may take a while to download. This PDF version has been optimized for web access from its original ~198MB PowerPoint file size, but with essentially no loss in fidelity of the images. Trees and Plants of Boquete - Feb. 2017 - optimized.pdf