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  1. Hm-m-m. I sent them the photo of the screen, which is in English, and Schwab didn't indicate that, and neither did the Banco Nacional Rep. But it's an interesting thought. But why wouldn't the other ATMs from other banks have a similar message/disclosure?
  2. The Banco Nacional ATM shows that there is a $4 fee for cash disbursements. But when you confirm that you agree to this, the receipt shows it deducts $5.25. My husband discovered this at the Boquete Banco Nacional ATM. Today, I saw this again at a Banco Nacional branch in David. When I addressed this with the Customer Service person at the Boquete branch she rather defiantly said, "check your statement. If in fact, there is a $5.25 deduction, your bank must dispute it, and our bank will settle it with your bank." I checked my statement and sure enough, there are all $5.25 fees from the Banco Nacional ATM. I called Schwab, who issued our ATM card. They actually reimburse the ATM fees back into our account; so it's them whose being cheated. It doesn't matter to me who is paying the bill, it appears to be cheating on the part of Banco Nacional. Maybe someone can enlighten me, but it seems that when we agree to the $4 fee, that is a contract between the client and the ATM owner. Schwab had no idea that this was going on and they were alarmed that it was happening. Unfortunately, at least at the level of management that I was dealing with, they said it was not in their authority to pursue the bank. But if anyone reading this has to have the ATM fee taken from their personal account, please check your statements and be aware that it appears that Banco Nacional is cheating. When I told the Customer Service person that this appears to be fraud since we agree to the $4 fee, and then they assess a $5.25 fee. The Banco Nacional representative didn't seem the least bit interested, apologetic, or interested in trying to explain it--as if there is a legitimate explanation.
  3. I forgot to mention, they're the insulated bags for carrying hot or cold items--not together in the same bag of course!
  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I bought it yesterday but I can't put my hand on the receipt at the moment. But it was $9+ change. maybe $9.95 or whatever change PriceSmart typically charges. So just figure they're about $10.
  5. I've purchased a ream of computer paper at mandarin in Boquete.
  6. The nice looking shopping bags are back at PriceSmart. Just came in a couple days ago. Only 160 came to our David store. Item number 377597. Not at the registers. They're in the back of the store
  7. In the past, there were some requests for real vanilla extract at PriceSmart. At the time of the inquiries, real vanilla extract was $30+ a bottle. It's still a bit pricey, $25 + change, but at least it's here now. I don't know anything about whether it'll be a regular item or for how long it'll be on the shelves. But if you need real vanilla extract, it's at PriceSmart now.
  8. https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com/agq-encore/ttac/?utm_campaign=mail-agq&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email&utm_content=agq-docuseries-reg&utm_term=prelaunch to sign up for free viewing of the miniseries.
  9. are you suggesting that the clinical studies they cite are invalid just for the fact that Natural News cites them?
  10. It was gratifying to see this article of some clinical studies that validate the use of high doses of Vitamin C in treating cancers. In "The Truth About Cancer", series, I can't remember whether they mention Vitamin C. Of course, they mention many other very interesting approaches. So I've included the link to the article as a fyi for anyone searching alternatives. High doses of vitamin C aggressively kill cancer cells, research confirms https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-10-07-high-doses-of-vitamin-c-aggressively-kills-cancer-cells.html I mentioned earlier my successful treatment of feline leukemia with high dose Vitamin C. My awed Panamanian Vet, said, "I've never read anything in the literature about it." My American Vet thought it was very interesting. Actually, the medical literature has lots of references over the decades of the benefits of high dose vitamin C. The problem is that pharmaceutical companies can't patent "what God made", so Vitamin C hasn't gotten much "press". But anyone can research Linus Pauling M.D, and Thomas Levy, MD. The former was a pioneer in Vitamin C, and the later is carrying the torch. A beauty of Panamanian medical doctors is that they don't scoff at the use of 'alternatives'. They often admit they're unfamiliar with them, but they don't demean the patient for wanting to incorporate them-- that's my limited experience with docs here.
  11. Some of the "thinking" adults who have "educated" themselves are in fact licensed, practicing M.D.'s. Some are featured in the series, and others work in Private Practice in the States and elsewhere. As an aside. My husband's cousin is an M.D., and she watched the series, and said there is one M.D. in the series who practices in the Seattle area where she was working, and she was very aware of his work and told us he is pretty well known in the area for his good work, but he is persecuted horribly by the medical community there. One of the things I appreciate about Medical Practitioners here in Panama and in Chile (where we've also lived), aka M.D.s, is that their medical education doesn't teach them to be hostile to alternatives. And in fact, physicians here, at least the ones i've spoken with, even seem to know some things about alternatives. That's commendable. It makes them more objective about options. As was said earlier, there are no guarantees in life, or in serious-illness treatments, some people die whether they do one modality or the other. Question: If I recall Steve Jobs' tragic health issue, and I didn't follow it, didn't he have pancreatic cancer, which doesn't have an excellent prognosis? And didn't he also have a liver transplant which would compromise his prognosis? And actually, none of this back and forth matters, because in the end the posting of the Series is an invitation for open-minded, or curious individuals to be aware of the series and do what they will with it. Watch it or not. There is no agenda here to try to make anyone believe or discredit anything. It's just an announcement of a doc-series, which admittedly, does have an agenda. That said, so too, do the references you mentioned, have an agenda. People have to make their own decisions about the information and will act accordingly. Watch or not watch. It's just an announcement. I don't have a dog in the fight. There is no need to dissuade or convince anyone of anything. It's just the posting of an 'event'. All "thinking" and "educated" individuals will continue to think and educate themselves, and make appropriate life choices.
  12. I forgot to include in the post above: in reference to the doctors who themselves wouldn't opt for the very treatments they promote: we worked in orthopedics. We had doctors as patients. One of our patients was a prominent Oncologist in our medical community. wonderful man. well liked, well respected. When he himself got melanoma, he too, chose NOT TO TAKE traditional cancer therapy. These are all anecdotal instances. But we're not about censoring what people read, think, or watch. If nothing else, it's a very interesting series, and it's informational.
  13. For Dottie: I just got back from PriceSmart and the 5 lb ground turkey rolls are in! go get them. I only bought 1 so as to save some for you!! lol
  14. there are those who might think alternative treatments are controversial. Everyone is entitled to their perspective. I personally, have friends who when their children had serious health challenges chose NOT to have parts of their children's intestines cut out, and chose instead to treat alternatively, and the child is now grown and, is a father, and is in perfect health. I also, have a friend who was treated for prostate cancer by one of the doctors in the series, and he's doing great, even though the cancer was diagnosed as advanced. Also, while I was at a doctor's office many years ago, before we even knew what we now know about alternative options, and there was a magazine in the office wherein, doctors were interviewed about what their choices would be if they received a cancer diagnosis, and 100% of the doctors interviewed said while they'd recommend chemo and radiation to their patients, they themselves WOULD NOT opt for the traditional cancer treatments. That said, they didn't say they'd try alternative treatments, they said they'd just "get their affairs in order" and spend their days with their families. They said they were aware of the quality of life issues with traditional treatments, and chose not to go that direction. And finally, of course allopathic practitioners would poo-poo the series, as it is a direct threat to their cash cow. I've had 2 cats that had feline leukemia diagnosed. It is considered a death sentence for a cat. There is no cure for it. In both instances I treated the cats alternatively with a protocol I'd researched, and in both instances, the cats ultimately tested negative for feline leukemia after the treatment and went on to live healthy long lives. The Vets, were surprised and baffled. They couldn't believe it. All these examples are from my own little world. People die from traditional approaches and people die when they've tried alternatives. Ultimately, we don't control whether we die. It's in God's hands. But it's a quality of life choice in the end. People are in charge of their own health choices when they educate themselves. People who watch the series will make their own decisions about the validity.
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