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  1. Same side to side lateral movement in Los Molinos. 6.8 earthquake 12 miles SSE of Jaco CR
  2. They pay when they publish someone's article
  3. JRWsaxman

    ATM charges

    I went inside BN and asked about the discrepancy. She told me the $4 was a mistake. It had been $5.25 before they changed ATM machines. Scotia charges $4.28 for our Schwab Bank withdrawals but no charge for Scotia card withdrawals
  4. What is the time deadline for updating after the cedula is issued? I should have mine June 15 but I am leaving for an international trip the next day. Can you move the registration from Panama City to David or Dolega at the same time? Drivers license and car license tag are due for renewal in August.
  5. I have been using Browsec as a plugin to my Chrome browser and I am able to access AmazonPrime video.
  6. My Earthquake app showed it as a 4.7 in Nueva Gorgona. Isn't that just outside Coronado?
  7. Fish tacos and Boom Boom shrimp. Love Big Daddy's and Chris' expanding vision for it.
  8. Is there a rule of thumb for estimate of what a used car price should be compared to the US Blue Book value? +25%? +40%?