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  1. is this house available. If it is, please contact rossblankert@ymail.com or 68380894
  2. Need a rental house closer to town. Our roof is leaking and we need to find another place soon. We need a 3 bed 2 bth place. We have our own stuff. Can anyone out there help us please. Any suggestions.
  3. Is this really a 2 bed 3 baths house. We really need a 3 bed 2 bath house. Can you take the furniture out as we have our own. contact Ross at 68380894 or rossblankert@ymail.com. We'd like to see it. Thanks
  4. We are looking for long term rental. Call Ross at 68380894 or email him at rossblankert@ymail.com. Please let us know if its available. Thanks
  5. Is this house still available for rent. One problem. Our max rent is $700.00. We also have two cats. One in and one out. No stairs please as we are an older couple. Hot water. Thanks
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