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  1. Webdesign and Online Marketing Training I worked more than a decade as a professional web developer in big online-agencies in Germany and also studied media design. Since 4 years I am driving my own business (www.simon-koehler.com/) and from time to time I give small teachings to customers. If you want to create your own website or blog, or you want to improve the search engine visibility or marketing power of your existing website, I can help you. Especially for people who want to make some money with their websites or blogs, this topic might be interesting. I can teach you the following: Basics of Online Marketing / Websites Writing clean and modern HTML and CSS code Setting up a website with Wordpress Manage a web hosting account, ftp, email and databases Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Advanced Search Engine Optimization (if you have the basics already) Create and optimize graphics for the web How to design stunning websites (you need to be a creative person for this) Build professional Landing Pages to sell products or services I also offer: Photoshop Basics Basics in 3D graphics with Cinema 4D Making perfect photos for websites Important note: My service is not „cheap“ but very professional. My philosophy is not to have hundreds of customers. I'd like to share my experience with people who want to be successful with what they do. Quality matters, not only quantity. Pricing: A single private lesson: $40 2 persons in a group: $18/person 3 persons in a group: $15/person for more persons, please ask... Package of 10 private lessons: $340 Additional Information: A lesson is 60 minutes. Single person lessons can take place in my house or your house in Boquete or Alto Boquete. Group lessons with more than 2 persons will take place in the restaurant „Zum Emsländer“ at Plaza San Francisco in the evening hours. Contact: You can contact me by email: info@simon-koehler.com or phone: 6822-4998
  2. FYI: In memory of our dear friend Georg a memorial service will be held at St. Juan Bautista Church in Boquete Saturday, September 3 at 10:00am
  3. I always use Google translate for assistance, but I sometimes do a „double check“. First I translate from my language to Spanish, then copy the Spanish and see what comes out in my language. This helps sometimes.... and of course the best is having lessons and try to speak a lot of Spanish. Sometimes very difficult but worth it... @PanamaPatrick Thanks for the hint!
  4. Hello Penny, we also miss George more than one can imagine. There are many things to do and to manage because of his sudden death and last sunday we had to close the restaurant due to some very important and spontanously organized company meetings. I am sorry. We will of course keep the restaurant open and most of Georges philosophy. Since we are new people, we will also optimize and develop some things, but this is what George wanted, too. Don't worry about the prices. We will keep them low as long as possible. By the way „Wiener Schnitzel“ ist the correct pronounciation
  5. We are looking for a cheap pickup to transport construction materials for building our house. I know that I can buy a good one for 10.000 but it should be really cheap, maybe like 1000-3000 or something. Mechanically ok, the rest almost doesn't matter. No air condition needed, no electrical windows etc... manual gear no problem. We only need a car to carry stuff, not more than between Boquete and David or so... If you know someone or if you have an old pickup, I am looking forward to your message.
  6. I will make Knödel for sure. It will take some time to teach our panamanian staff, but they are teachable and clever
  7. Hello, I have just found this post. Sorry if I make some mistakes, I am German Me an my wife are the new owners of the restaurant, since our very good friend and former owner Georg Schulze died 2 weeks ago. We had to take the restaurant very suddenly and have lots of stress with managing all the business stuff right now. But once we are ready, we will change the menu and definitely add some vegetarian meals. There is of course other food than pig meat in the modern german kitchen and we are much younger than Georg. We are also interested in creating some more healthy and green stuff in addition to the traditional kitchen. You can now also get in contact with us very easily on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restaurantealeman/
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