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  1. MacAssist

    Sunday Recycle Rally

    We would very much appreciate your participation in helping to load the truck that will arrive about 12 noon Sunday.e
  2. MacAssist

    Reforestation (Tree Planting)


    my apologies it is now scheduled for 9 am this morning
  3. MacAssist

    Reforestation (Tree Planting)

    this event is Saturday Sept 29 starting at 8am....just one km past the entrance to Los Molinos on your left
  4. MacAssist

    RRR Boquete Bingo and Raffle

    Please attend, and bring a friend. Hope to see you there!
  5. until
  6. MacAssist

    Tuesday Rally Boquete RRR

    Every Tuesday starting at 8am until 12 noon, Boquete RRR has a Recycling Rally at the Fairgrounds. We want you to bring your recyclables to us, cleaned out and sorted. Should Tuesdays not be good for you, we do offer the same Rally on a Sunday every month. Check the calendar here for that date. new-RRR Guidelines.pdf
  7. MacAssist

    RRR Boquete

    these images relate to our recycle group here in Boqeute, founded on 28 Agusto 2017. 59-RECYCLE.pdf
  8. until
    Help us celebrate our First Year Anniversary of Boquete RRR.We began one year ago on August 28th.Come meet the committee that helped pull this together over the last twelve months and learn all about what we have been doing.All are welcome.If you can, please bring a dessert to be sold at this event, This will help raise funds for our activities.Location: Fairgrounds by Gate 5 The green administration building.Time: 4pm to 6pmDate: Tuesday August 28Ayúdenos a celebrar nuestro Primer Aniversario de Boquete RRR.Comenzamos hace un año el 28 de agosto.Venga a conocer al comité que ayudó a reunir esto durante los últimos doce meses y aprenda todo lo que hemos estado haciendo.Todos son bienvenidos.Si puede, traiga un postre para vender en este evento. Esto ayudará a recaudar fondos para nuestras actividades.Ubicación: recinto ferial por la puerta 5 El edificio de la administración verde.Hora: 4pm a 6pmFecha: el martes 28 de agosto
  9. MacAssist

    results of the Recycle day Poll

    don't forget THIS weekend, we are doing our monthly Sunday Rally at the Fairgrounds from 7am to noon. Bring all you have, we will be waiting for you. And please volunteer an hour if you at all can.
  10. MacAssist

    Reforestation Amistad Park

  11. MacAssist

    Boquete RRR Recycle Rally for August


    Please volunteer to help us with this important activity. You do not have to bend over and lift if you cannot do that. We have many different kinds of tasks. Bring your own cotton gloves if you have them. Let us know which hours you can help by responding here, or email me. For more information, you can reply here or email me. howardgreen1@me.com
  12. until
    See you there!, at Gate 4 at our local FairGrounds (Feria de Los Flores) Sunday August 19th
  13. until
    please freel free to join us for this event open to the public and to give you a chance to learn more about the photo club that meets in this place twice a month.
  14. MacAssist

    Boquete Recycle Rally-New Location!!


    here is another wy for you to let me know when you plan to volunteer on July 15th. Thanks!