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      Enhanced Reputation ("Like" and "Dislike") Functionality Here on CL   07/24/2017

      With the recent software upgrade, CL now has a slightly enhanced and more descriptive "reputation" functionality. The reputation is what CL members can click in the lower right corner of each posting (forums, blogs, calendar events, etc.) to indicate their "like' or "dislike" of that posting. This functionality, previously known as a member's "reputation", has been enhanced and is now known as a member's "reaction". Instead of having only two choices ("like" or "dislike", represented by a +1 or -1), there now are seven different "reactions" that a member can express, including the simple "Like" and "Dislike". As was the case previously with reputations, Administrators of this website cannot be given reputation/reaction, however Moderators can, just as all regular members can. Here in graphic form is the complete list of options in word and emoji form, along with the associated numeric value: The "Like" and the "Upvote" and the "Downvote" are essentially the same as the prior "like" and "dislike" reputation. Those are similar to what is available on some of the larger social media, such as Facebook. As in the past with reputation, the use of reactions is optional. Reputations (now "reactions") are not favored by everyone. Prior feedback indicates approximately 30% of CL's members prefer that "reputation" [and now "reactions"] be disabled. However, the majority of CL's members prefer having the ability to indicate their "like" or "dislike" of a posting. The new, enhanced functionality means simply that CL members have more granularity as to what they can indicate to the viewers. If anyone would like to see additional "reactions", please contact CL management, and include a short discussion of what you would like to see and perhaps an emoji to suggest that reaction. Two new reactions that have already been suggested are "I agree" and "I disagree", which might be expressed respectively with green check mark (or thumbs up) and red X-mark (or thumbs down) style emoji. The reactions functionality is currently configured to display who expressed that reaction. If there is sufficient feedback, we can hide the member's Display Name, and show only the cumulative reactions.           To provide general feedback or ask for help regarding Chiriqui.Life, please leave a posting in Problems, Feedback and Suggestions or email support@chiriqui.life or private message to @Admin_01.  


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  1. I recently had bodywork done by Phil Hagen and I cannot say how pleased I was for the result. He exceded my expectations and came in under a price quoted in David body shop I had used before.
  2. if you are moving or know someone who is letting go of one of these in the 6 or 8 quart size, we have been looking for one. Howard 6808-206one whatsapp or call that number.
  3. New Masthead

    A mi me gusta esta photo, gracias, Larry!
  4. Boquete PhotoGrafia & BJBF 2016 Photo Contest

    a year has flashed by and last night we hosted another PhotoGrafia exhibition (that will remain up for the next 30 days in the main room on the third floor of the library) congratulations to Bernie Verhoeven for winning the competion of best of show! and a special shout-out to all who made this show the success it was including the great hanging of all the works on the newly painted walls of the library. Howard Green
  5. i am seeking help with the issue of text messages being sent to my Skype U.S. phone number so I can see those texts here in Panama. Does anyone else pay for Skype credits to use the feature where you get a U.S. phone number? This works perfectly for people calling me but I am unable to receive text messages from them. They don't have a Skype account. not even a smart phone. They can send a simple text, but somehow Skype is not sending them to my iPhone here in Boquete. Thanks. prefer to call me or email, no problem...6808-2061. i also use whatsapp. how611@gmail to reach me that way
  6. My 3 day pass also includes the Dinner Show on Wednesday night at the Rock (you pay for your own dinner)
  7. I WAS selling my extra ticket. This ticket would cost $185 at the show.BUT their website says it is SOLD out for these passes. It is for Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows. Save $65. whatsapp or call +507 68082061 Howard
  8. New - Custom-engraved ID tags for dogs and keys

    how does one order this? thanks for this service, Rodney
  9. New Item at PriceSmart

    i saw an extra-large tub of pitted kalamata olives in the case against the back wall. It was way more olives than I would want to buy, but if 3-4 folks want to split it, then we would all be happy.
  10. I am an experienced teacher with seniors, for all things Apple, including iPads, iPhones, Macs, etc. I offer classes in April on Wednesdays at BCP, Villa Cafe, from 2-4pm. Or I can come help you at your home. I use WhatsApp and FaceTime. 68082061 howardgreen1@me.com
  11. no where can I find a current post of anyone else who attempted a typical border-run that has the participant going to Paso C, or Rio Sereno, and come back the same day. Just curious if you, or anyone you know has successfully done what they have done for the past year, to satisfy thier drivers license or the six month requirement.
  12. i am now offerning private lessons as well as a class at the BCP on Wednesday afternoons in April from 2-4pm for $10. this is really for Mac users with iPads, and iPhones or macbooks. We had our first class last week.
  13. i can confirm this is the case at Multibank.