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  1. Recycling in Chiriqui

    today is Sunday March 4. At 10am until noon i am hosting a gathering at my home where thera are about 15 bags of mixed recycing we need to sort and clean out all the trash. Bring a pair of gloves if you have any or i can give you disposables, and we have watermelon for a snack. to get here:
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    Refreshments, friends and fotos extrodinaire! come join us today 4-6pm at the library
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  5. Recycling in Chiriqui

  6. Recycling in Chiriqui

    to find us on February 18th here is a map. Super easy to find if coming from town go up the hill and you'll pass the Visitors Center on your left. We are the very next Left turn after that. We will mark the corner with balloons.
  7. Recycling in Chiriqui

    So that you better understand how sorting works....all aluminum items will go in one bin. All colored glass one bin. all clear glass one bin; everything washed before donating. plastic bags will go in one bin, all other plastic bottles, jars etc. wil go in another bin. Newspaper will be separated from office paper (color not important). the more you pre-sort, the easier our job will be in the sorting. Please, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to pre-sort what you donate. If you can join us for an hour to help sort, you will know what i mean. Show up any time to help from 8-2pm. People keep asking me when we will have a permenant center. Know that we are working on this as our number 1 priority and when I have that answer it will certainly be announced. For now, keep checking back to see when we schedule another one. Thank You. Howard Green
  8. Recycling in Chiriqui

  9. Recycling in Chiriqui

    things to please remember clean everything you bring, all bottles and cans should be washed out please separate them into boxes, or bags so we don't have to spend precious time, separating all the items mixed together kindly REMOVE bottle caps from water bottles and jars, we don't need them together. Clear plastic water bottles should be seperated from all other plastics you are recycling. bring in everything BEFORE 2pm please, do not leave anything after we close. THiiS IS A ONE DAY EVENT.
  10. Recycling in Chiriqui

    My name is Howard Green, an expat from the USA, and always an avid recycler and supporter of this program here in my new home, Boquete. Here is an introduction from the committee that is dedicated to making Chiriqui greener: Boquete February 1, 2018. To the Boquete Community: Boquete Recycle, Reduce, Reuse (Boquete RRR), is a committee created by citizens devoted to Boquete´s eco conservancy. We are convinced that a family who recycles makes the difference, and the only way to achieve this goal is by educating and creating awareness among students, business people and the whole community. Our group wishes to have your support to tackle this chore together. Please help us attain our programme of a clean and healthy environmentally friendly district for all “Boqueteños” and for those lucky ones who also happen to live on this paradise. This includes visitors who should be aware of their responsibility as well. We would like to begin by reducing all non-biodegradable materials such as: aluminum, iron, plastic, paper (white and colored) cardboard, and others; at home, schools, shops and businesses. At the same time, we want to teach everyone the reason why it is important to recycle these materials. We are working to accomplish this educational process at all levels. Also, we are organizing cleaning and collecting days for recyclable materials. This activity could be part of the social hours students have to comply at their own schools. Boquete RRR, wants the town of Boquete to be a role model in terms of cleanliness and beauty to the point that it will make us all proud. To all business people, we would like to include you in our data base of businesses committed with the environment. Thus, we are currently working to enroll everyone as part of our programme. We invite you all to become active collaborators of Boquete RRR and participate of the events the Committee members duly organize. Please support Boquete RRR pursue a better environment for a better quality of life. We thank you in advance for your collaboration and wish you a Happy 2018. Yours truly, Francisco Serracin President Comité Boquete Recicla, Reduce, Reutiliza ***************************************** Next i want everyone to see where Boquete's current recycling center is, Marked by the big red X. It is owned by a man in David who has one there, as well. Easy to find from the main street coming from either way. Just look for the large sign Boquete Bible Fellowship and turn as the arrow points (away from the biblioteca, across the street.) Next, you see the list of what is accepted there at this time. Its open 8-5 M-F. Finally, here is a map to a similar recycle center, that accepts exactly same things, located down the street from the Steak House in David. Note its marked with red X . Its harder to find as there is a wall blocking view of the collection yard but there is an office with door facing the street, 6395 Calle Alberto Osorio. o. The good news is that our group, is actively working with the mayor to help find a spot for a temporary collection of all items recyclable, INCLUDING plastics, water bottles, bags, etc. And all batteries, and equally important: Colored glass jars and bottles. We have already had one day in January where we collected HUGE amounts of these things and they were trucked to the frontier near Paso Canoas. i think that is becuase there are buyers in Costa Rica who handle those items whereas in Panama, no one will take them from the collection centers. Please keep checking our blog to see when the next collection will be. We have also had days where we all encouraged to gather and collect the bottles and cans which litter our highways and streets around Boquete. If you do not have room to store plastics, etc, until the next collection day, why not ask a neighbor if perhaps you can jointly store in a place they have until they all can be brought in. One last bit of advice: Please, please, wash your cans and bottles, first before you put them in separate bags and boxes so we do not have to sort them the day you bring them in. That was a huge task and we definitely could have used more volunteers to do this sorting at the temporary collection point. And if you arrive late, please do not leave your items unattended. That caused bad relations with the city and we need their cooperation to keep this project going. Thank you I welcome your additional comments. You can also email our group at boqueterrr@gmail.com.
  11. this is a post about recycling. We want everyone here in Chiriqui to recycle. However, people keep sending me questions like this one: "when will we be able to accept this or that to be recycled" Please be aware that at this time, in David and Boquete, only clear glass is being accepted at the various recycle collection centers. They take things as well as shown in the photo here. Our new group here in Boquete, is busy researching where to take colored glass and much more, and will let you know here, when he have that covered as well. Eventually, we will want alll of your paper and metals, and much much more.Our intention is for everything that CAN be recycled to eventually wherever you live. Please be patient; or better yet, please consider donating some of your new found free-time,as a retiree, to help in this process. Maybe you’ll be the one who finds a way/or a place that takes what you want to turn in! Thanks ! Kindly refrain from asking when will colored glass be accepted, I do not have an answer, other than ASAP! if you have space, store what you can until we do find a place to take it. We have found a place to take ALL plastic. As soon as we can, we will post where you can take it. It will be posted right here, as well as on the boquete ning and boquete news (Facebook). If you interested in being on our mail list where will blast out all updates to you, please email boqueterrr@gmail.com. In Boquete, our current drop off center is next to the Bible Fellowship. See map below
  12. Boquete Recycle meeting MONDAY

    NEW NEWS REGARDING THIS TOPIC! If you are interested in a cleaner Boquete, and want to help to raise the consciousness of your fellow expats & Boqueteños please consider joining our group which will meet this coming Monday September 4th on 3rd floor of the library at 5pm. We hope you will attend! Bring a friend!! Join us to discuss ways we can achieve a cleaner town and encourging everyone to recycle! Si usted está interesado en un Boquete más limpio, y quiere ayudar a elevar la conciencia de sus expatriados compañeros y Boqueteños por favor considere unirse a nuestro grupo que se reunirá este lunes próximo 4 de septiembre en el piso 3 de la biblioteca a las 5 pm. ¡Esperamos que usted asista! ¡¡Traer un amigo!! Únase a nosotros para discutir las maneras en que podemos lograr una ciudad más limpia y animar a todos a reciclar.
  13. UNTIL the center in Boquete reopens, here is where i go to in David............. oh no! one friend said she could not find it so here I am posting my map. Its so easy, go as if you are heading from Boquete to downtown David, taking the overpass over the Pan American Hwy, when you go over, go slow, and look for the first right turn at Calle N norte, take that right and go to Ave 7 oeste, turning right again, you will immediately come to the corner where the Steak Restaurant will be on your right. Take a left here and the recycling center is on the right. Here is the problem, It doesn't look like anything except junk everywhere. But my map told me i was there. BEWARE THERE IS NO SIGNAGE. But i took the intitative to knock on the door at 6395 and the man said yes, i was there! he was happy to take all i had. He opened a gate you could not see thru, and a worker came out to help me unload. All i saw was piles of scrap metal from the road. But i assure you, this is it. If you don't like my map, go to Google Maps on your phone and enter Steak Restaurant. It will show up because i added it!
  14. as of Friday August 11 i can finally report that there is an alternative if you are going to David. As reported by someone else, It is a half-block from Steak House. the yard is at 6395 Calle Alberto Osorio. The men i met there were very nice and took everything I had that i usually took to the center here in Boquete, before it closed. This one is open M-F 8-4pm and Saturdays half day. It is merely a block from Av. Belasario Porras the road we take to Boquete at the overpass.
  15. Since a new location is no where near reopening here, is there any where we can take recycling in David?