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  1. MacAssist

    results of the Recycle day Poll

    don't forget THIS weekend, we are doing our monthly Sunday Rally at the Fairgrounds from 7am to noon. Bring all you have, we will be waiting for you. And please volunteer an hour if you at all can.
  2. MacAssist

    Reforestation Amistad Park

  3. MacAssist

    Boquete RRR Recycle Rally for August


    Please volunteer to help us with this important activity. You do not have to bend over and lift if you cannot do that. We have many different kinds of tasks. Bring your own cotton gloves if you have them. Let us know which hours you can help by responding here, or email me. For more information, you can reply here or email me. howardgreen1@me.com
  4. until
    See you there!, at Gate 4 at our local FairGrounds (Feria de Los Flores) Sunday August 19th
  5. until
    please freel free to join us for this event open to the public and to give you a chance to learn more about the photo club that meets in this place twice a month.
  6. MacAssist

    Boquete Recycle Rally-New Location!!


    here is another wy for you to let me know when you plan to volunteer on July 15th. Thanks!
  7. MacAssist

    Boquete Recycle Rally-New Location!!


    please let us know if you have any questions. howardgreen1@me.com
  8. MacAssist

    Boquete Recycle Rally-New Location!!


  9. until
    We ready for you to bring down all your recycled glass (any color bottle or jar), your cardboard and office paper, your cans, aluminum, steel, tin. any type of plastic (please remove and separate your caps and put them in another bag), your milk and juice (wax-type) containers, even scrap metal is accepted. Batteries, too. It would be great if you could stay for an hour or two to volunteer help separated and unload cars as they arrive. At 12 noon we need to begin clean up so you can offer to stay beyond 12. Please leave me a message on our Recycle Blog page or whatsapp 6808-2061 to let me know when you can volunteer. You must be 16 to help, for safety reasons. Thanks everyone, for Recycling.
  10. driven over it four times already this past week. Each time eyeing the enormous pile of fill they have to smooth both ends of the bridge where it meets the road, i hope. There will soon be a smoother way to get to town whenever they get around to finishing this last step.
  11. MacAssist

    amazing ideas from Mexico City

    https://youtu.be/saMnGcMRVec Look how creatively using what is already there to combat dirty air and produce more clean air in Mexico City.
  12. MacAssist

    Boquete Recycling Day

    Calling all Recyclers Our next Rally will be this Sunday June 10thThis month we will have new hours due to rainy weather: 7 am to 12 noon. No donations will be accepted after 12 noon.Please separate all of your bottles clear from colored this time. Be sure to wash any thing you contribute that held food item, sodas, etc. No styrofoam, please. As before we could really use your help if you can pitch in a couple of hours. Please email me with time you can come and if there is anyone else coming with you, please give all names. This event is held in the same place every month this year. On your left as you leave downtown Boquete, just after you pass the Visitors Center in Alto Boquete. This turn is before the Terpel station on your right. Thank You, Howard Green howardgreen1@me.com
  13. MacAssist

    Return of The Love Train

    thanks for posting this. It was a breath of fresh air so needed in these times.
  14. please join us this Sunday May 13 from 8 to 2pm. Bring your washed recycled bottles, cans, and almost everything else recyclable! including your wore out batteries. No restrictions of colors of bottles, we accept Plastic, which no one else seems to care to. Here is a map to find us. Where you see Via Boquete on the map, that is the turn for those coming from Boquete. We are right at that corner 23a Noroeste. We can always use your help, too. Feel free to stick around for an hour or more to help unload and sort what is donated. Thank You and we look forward to a greener Boquete.