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  1. this is a post about recycling. We want everyone here in Chiriqui to recycle. However, people keep sending me questions like this one: "when will we be able to accept this or that to be recycled" Please be aware that at this time, in David and Boquete, only clear glass is being accepted at the various recycle collection centers. They take things as well as shown in the photo here. Our new group here in Boquete, is busy researching where to take colored glass and much more, and will let you know here, when he have that covered as well. Eventually, we will want alll of your paper and metals, and much much more.Our intention is for everything that CAN be recycled to eventually wherever you live. Please be patient; or better yet, please consider donating some of your new found free-time,as a retiree, to help in this process. Maybe you’ll be the one who finds a way/or a place that takes what you want to turn in! Thanks ! Kindly refrain from asking when will colored glass be accepted, I do not have an answer, other than ASAP! if you have space, store what you can until we do find a place to take it. We have found a place to take ALL plastic. As soon as we can, we will post where you can take it. It will be posted right here, as well as on the boquete ning and boquete news (Facebook). If you interested in being on our mail list where will blast out all updates to you, please email boqueterrr@gmail.com. In Boquete, our current drop off center is next to the Bible Fellowship. See map below
  2. Boquete Recycle meeting MONDAY

    NEW NEWS REGARDING THIS TOPIC! If you are interested in a cleaner Boquete, and want to help to raise the consciousness of your fellow expats & Boqueteños please consider joining our group which will meet this coming Monday September 4th on 3rd floor of the library at 5pm. We hope you will attend! Bring a friend!! Join us to discuss ways we can achieve a cleaner town and encourging everyone to recycle! Si usted está interesado en un Boquete más limpio, y quiere ayudar a elevar la conciencia de sus expatriados compañeros y Boqueteños por favor considere unirse a nuestro grupo que se reunirá este lunes próximo 4 de septiembre en el piso 3 de la biblioteca a las 5 pm. ¡Esperamos que usted asista! ¡¡Traer un amigo!! Únase a nosotros para discutir las maneras en que podemos lograr una ciudad más limpia y animar a todos a reciclar.
  3. UNTIL the center in Boquete reopens, here is where i go to in David............. oh no! one friend said she could not find it so here I am posting my map. Its so easy, go as if you are heading from Boquete to downtown David, taking the overpass over the Pan American Hwy, when you go over, go slow, and look for the first right turn at Calle N norte, take that right and go to Ave 7 oeste, turning right again, you will immediately come to the corner where the Steak Restaurant will be on your right. Take a left here and the recycling center is on the right. Here is the problem, It doesn't look like anything except junk everywhere. But my map told me i was there. BEWARE THERE IS NO SIGNAGE. But i took the intitative to knock on the door at 6395 and the man said yes, i was there! he was happy to take all i had. He opened a gate you could not see thru, and a worker came out to help me unload. All i saw was piles of scrap metal from the road. But i assure you, this is it. If you don't like my map, go to Google Maps on your phone and enter Steak Restaurant. It will show up because i added it!
  4. as of Friday August 11 i can finally report that there is an alternative if you are going to David. As reported by someone else, It is a half-block from Steak House. the yard is at 6395 Calle Alberto Osorio. The men i met there were very nice and took everything I had that i usually took to the center here in Boquete, before it closed. This one is open M-F 8-4pm and Saturdays half day. It is merely a block from Av. Belasario Porras the road we take to Boquete at the overpass.
  5. Since a new location is no where near reopening here, is there any where we can take recycling in David?
  6. I recently had bodywork done by Phil Hagen and I cannot say how pleased I was for the result. He exceded my expectations and came in under a price quoted in David body shop I had used before.
  7. if you are moving or know someone who is letting go of one of these in the 6 or 8 quart size, we have been looking for one. Howard 6808-206one whatsapp or call that number.
  8. Boquete PhotoGrafia & BJBF 2016 Photo Contest

    a year has flashed by and last night we hosted another PhotoGrafia exhibition (that will remain up for the next 30 days in the main room on the third floor of the library) congratulations to Bernie Verhoeven for winning the competion of best of show! and a special shout-out to all who made this show the success it was including the great hanging of all the works on the newly painted walls of the library. Howard Green
  9. i am seeking help with the issue of text messages being sent to my Skype U.S. phone number so I can see those texts here in Panama. Does anyone else pay for Skype credits to use the feature where you get a U.S. phone number? This works perfectly for people calling me but I am unable to receive text messages from them. They don't have a Skype account. not even a smart phone. They can send a simple text, but somehow Skype is not sending them to my iPhone here in Boquete. Thanks. prefer to call me or email, no problem...6808-2061. i also use whatsapp. how611@gmail to reach me that way
  10. My 3 day pass also includes the Dinner Show on Wednesday night at the Rock (you pay for your own dinner)
  11. I WAS selling my extra ticket. This ticket would cost $185 at the show.BUT their website says it is SOLD out for these passes. It is for Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows. Save $65. whatsapp or call +507 68082061 Howard
  12. New - Custom-engraved ID tags for dogs and keys

    how does one order this? thanks for this service, Rodney
  13. New Item at PriceSmart

    i saw an extra-large tub of pitted kalamata olives in the case against the back wall. It was way more olives than I would want to buy, but if 3-4 folks want to split it, then we would all be happy.
  14. I am an experienced teacher with seniors, for all things Apple, including iPads, iPhones, Macs, etc. I offer classes in April on Wednesdays at BCP, Villa Cafe, from 2-4pm. Or I can come help you at your home. I use WhatsApp and FaceTime. 68082061 howardgreen1@me.com