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  1. Smallish yellow jersey antibiotic and ivermectin free. Produces 1 liter of milk a day from one working teat. $650.00 with use of 12volt milker. 6637 9802
  2. Answered my own question. Called Costa Rica and it rang for 30 minutes. They picked up and they are emailing me a form that I can fill and email back then I will be enrolled. The person I talked to was great.
  3. I took S.S. at 62. According to what I have read you automatically get enrolled in Medicare part B when you hit 65. This may not be so because I use a Panama address. I have not seen the $134.00 deduction and so I am going to enroll or check that I have been. You cannot get a S.S. online account with a foreign address. So the question is... Is there a better way to enroll or check than phoning the U.S. S.S. office #800 772 1213 or the Federal Benefits Unit, Costa Rica #506 2519 2228
  4. Thank you. That is very good info and not readily known.
  5. I received my 7162 proof of life form yesterday at the Dolega post office. It was post marked July 4. The form was generated on June 1. I am posting this so people will start checking to avoid a hurry. The instructions are in Spanish and say I have 60 days from when I receive it to get it back to them in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. I intend to send it through the service offered at the Tues meeting.
  6. This topic has some good replies. Thank you for starting it. Here are a couple ideas to buy a car. To bring in more than $10,000 you simply declare it and it could be other than cash. Withdraw $500.00 a day from multiple credit or debit cards. Give the dealer a personal check from a US bank and see if he takes it. Attempt to get a loan to expedite bank cooperation. Be aware you may want to buy locally so your car is registered in Dolega.
  7. Camote is the spanish term. IDIAP has a new variety that has improved resistance and nutrient level #C.90-17. I am hoping these are available at the local IDIAP. Got this info from Sept 15 issue of La Prensa. There are good and bad nematodes. They are microscopic. My personal experience is... I have grubs and my sweet potatoes are almost all affected but not penetrated so I harvest,remove bad sections, cook, bag, freeze. My organic efforts usually produce visually imperfect products. Hope this helps.
  8. I have had very good luck with the Box Shop. I ordered last night from Amazon and requested the smallest possible package to avoid volumetric charges and they said they would. This was done without a phone call. Go to your account, then help, then more help, then brief description. Your Account Amazon.com Message From Customer Service Hello, I understand your concern regarding the packing. To make this right for you,I've forwarded the request to our packaging department and I know they will take the necessary action to pack your items in smallest possible package. If you've charged for volumetric forwarding charges, Please let us know and we will help you with a full refund. Please visit the following link to provide the information we requested: http://www.amazon.com/contact-us Thanks a lot for your kind patience! We value your business a lot, and look forward to seeing you again soon! We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today. Best regards, Athira Biju. Amazon.com
  9. Try discoverlife.org then clusiaceae garcinia intermedia. Mine are more oval than round and bright orange0
  10. I have a lot of the fruit. It is on the trees. $1.50 LB You will never see fruit in the market. Trees are intermittently bearing. 6637 9802 Don
  11. Throw some money at it. Hire a cab and follow him to the destination.
  12. We used the Zipsims and they worked as stated. We bought services for 7 days and this is extendable. Set up is easy and we were assigned random numbers. Be aware they are disposable meaning you cannot reactivate later. The shipping and handling was a bit excessive $8 given the size.
  13. I have an idea for a Tuesday talk and would like to contact the coordinator. Would appreciate a name and number. Thank you in advance.
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