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  1. Thanks to everyone who listened to my fun @ChiriquiLife Podcast with Mike, and for all my friends and fans who've attended our shows this week! ... ...And just FYI: We'll be returning to The Rock on Friday Dec. 1st, & Wednesday Dec. 27th, from 6-9:30pm to do TWO great Holiday Music Shows with some Rock, Pop, Country & Jazz! See you around town! DeDe & Larry www.DeDeWedekind.com
  2. And here's the link to our new Charity for victims of Opioid and alcohol/substance abuse & overdoses, and their families who are so adversely affected. For more information or even to a or donate, please visit: www.matthewshope.org
  3. Thank you so much for featuring me and my music on your amazing @ChiriquiLife Podcast! Just a note that this is not only about me and my music, but also about my husband Larry and some other fun & interesting observations about living in Panama. My website: www.DeDeWedekind.com. I wanted to give you all the information about a few local upcoming events, mentioned in the Podcast- that we have this week: July 4th @ The ROCK 4:00-9:30-ish w/ FIREWORKS around 8:15 to 8:30pm weather permitting. DeDe's Disco Dancing during and after the fireworks-featuring All AMERICAN MUSIC by DeDe y Larry from around 6pm-until fireworks! Call 720-2516 for more info. Reservations not required by recommended. Visit: The Rock Website for more info. July 8th @JardinEncantado Great Gatsby Costume Party & Dinner-A Roaring 20's Celebration! 5:30 Cocktails, 6pm Dinner. Music, LIghts & Dancing from 6 to 9:30-ish pm with prizes for BEST COSTUME and BEST COUPLE! Reservations Strongly Recommended Call 6657-5555, for more info. http://jardinencantado.com We sincerely hope to meet you all in the upcoming months! We appreciate Chiriqui Life & Mike, for all these amazing shows! Thank you for supporting Independent Artists and Music! DeDe & Larry Wedekind
  4. If anyone is interested, I'm posting all of our upcoming events here on Chiriqui Life and on my website: www.DeDeWedekind.com. Thanks so much for being such a supportive community to the Arts & Music! DeDe
  5. So we are busy preparing for our show next Saturday May 6, and I was thinking about the types of music one can find at an assortment of great venues here. So, I just wanted to get some feedback from you all about the types of music you prefer: when dining at a restaurant? When attending a concert? When driving down the road or At home relaxing? When having a drink? When at a party with friends? So far I've noticed the music scene here near Boquete seems to be composed of mainly 3 areas: 1. Jazz & Blues 2. Rock: 60's, 70's & 80's and Oldies/Pop-rock 3. Latin or Hispanic Music: Salsa/Meringue/Cumbia/Samba, Cubano, Panamanian,Tejano, Mariachi, etc. Have I forgotten any? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? What genre of concerts or shows would you like to hear more often, or attend more of in Boquete? Who is your favorite Band or Artist? What Band or Artist would make you drive to David for a concert? What type(s) of music do you prefer to listen to at Christmas time? Traditional, jazzy, new music, latin music or Spanish, hymns/carols? Easy Listening, country, singer songwriter or folk type music? World music? Thanks for your time in answering. I think this could be very eye opening for the residents and the musicians in our area! Until next time, All the best MUSIC to you! DeDe & Larry (The photo is of Larry and I doing a 60's and 70's show at the ROCK in the fall of 2016, it was so fun and there were a lot of us locals singing along and dancing in the crowd...!)
  6. DeDeW


    I see that Chef Craig has left, and has been replaced with Chef Nadine & Ms. Claudia Schumann and their excellent culinary team. I visited your restaurant last night for the first time in 2 months, and the new menu offered some amazing fresh items, the food was exquisite, the staff welcoming, and everyone very friendly and attentive. We will be returning often! Thank you for a wonderful restaurant closeby near Jaramillo and Alto Boquete.
  7. Hi we live in the Boquete area part-time and would love to purchase a midsize used recent model SUV. Which one(s) the best for driving around in the David/Boquete area? Also needed for hauling stuff and for hauling 4-5 people comfortably... Should we purchase in Panama or in the US and ship it over? Any warnings/ideas/kudos/issues, etc. we should know about? Any suggestions or tips are greatly appreciated! Thank you! D & L
  8. I got the new reservations number for SEASONS from a kind friend, thank you! We enjoyed the menu items immensely tonight Chef Craig, Issa, Enrique and all the staff, Muchas Gracias! Reservations: 730 8311
  9. Dear Seasons Management, Hanna & Chef Craig, Your restaurant's very fine, a great place to view & dine, but now we're so very vexed, unable to phone-muchas perplexed? Friday we called 8101 for dinner & pina coladas, but were told (in Spanish): "no se", "no transfer", "no reservation", "no nada"..... Please get a direct working number to your restaurant and someone who speaks English and Spanish to answer calls, this would increase reservations, and decrease frustrations. Gracias! DeDe Wede:)
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