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  1. I live in Potrerillos Arriba and have talked at length with my Panamanian neighbors about Noriega. There are two houses in the area that belonged to Noriega. One property which is just above El Banco is called Pagoda. It was basically Noriega's party house. He entertained guests from various countries and it is rumored that Fidel Castro was there at one time. This house is owned by Americans.The other property is the white house above Pagoda that you can see from the road on the highway to Boquete. The house was built by Noriega but it is questioned whether he spent any time there. I have been on that property several times. The latest I have heard is that the house is owned by the owners of Tia Maria rice company. It has been awhile since I've been there but at the time I was there a caretaker was living in the house. Noriega had another property in Potrerillos Arriba proper called Escondido. It was a farm that had a type of zoo in it. According to my neighbor he had a lot of exotic birds and animals in cages on the property. That property is now the location of the Teen Challenge facility.
  2. Thank you so much. We have a family that we buy school supplies for and I was wondering when I should start gathering the supplies.
  3. Does anyone know when the public school classes here begin for the next term?
  4. YiA YOGA is located in the Los Establos Plaza in Boquete. The recipients of the donations from the classes are two local food charities, San Juan Bautista Catholic Church Food Bank and Buenos Vecinos de Bouquets.
  5. I am posting this for my neighbor. The wheelchair is new and has never been used. She is asking $300 for it. She doesn't speak English so I am helping her with the sale. For more information you can contact me by email:
  6. Way back in 1989, Brian Christofferson helped his wife, Trish, raise three kids. At night, he flew airmail from Kalispell, Montana, most of the way across the state to Billings. After unloading and reloading, he made it back home before dawn on most days. Nowadays, Brian and Trish live in Panama during those harsh Montana winters and Brian writes of his adventures of long ago. His latest eBook, Through the Lookie Hole, is available for free on Amazon until midnight tonight.
  7. This attractive wrought iron set with a wood table top would be perfect for the patio or kitchen. Asking price is $250. For inquiries email: