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  1. Ricardo charges $15 to inspect and diagnose before doing any repairs. He has fixed my laptop a few times now. He is in Dolega Ricardo Rovira 6712-3028
  2. Thanks for correcting me Keith. We humans like to generalize in heated discussions. They may not ALL go unpunished but from what I have read it seems a high amount gets to walk free.
  3. Thats why they use kids to commit crimes here because they all go unpunished. No punishment, then no lesson of consequences for actions committed. Do you think if she gets no punishment she will stop this "bad habit" ? All this is going to teach her is to be more discreet when she does the next scam. Makes us all fearful of using our credit cards now.
  4. 2 WD 350km 2014 4 stroke Almost new and hardly used. Comes with a plastic bin I attached at the back for carrying things. Ricco 6385-8999 p.s. If you see this ad then it is available. If you don't see the ad well then ....
  5. Seems a lot of landfills "accidentally" catch fire...like the one in Caldera. Any ideas how to file a denuncia against the managers of the landfill?
  6. Ricco

    Boquete Recycle Rally-New Location!!


    World cup final on same day
  7. I would like to learn before I go there.
  8. Dottie, I use contracts and at the end of each I pay all liquidacion. Your figure of $8000 sounds very steep. May I ask how many years the person was under your employ? And did you ever pay liquidacion before or is this figure is for all the accumulated years of service? Thanks.
  9. Ricco

    November = Snakes

    That looks like one of the Lampropeltis species or commonly named Tropical Milksnake or Tropical Kingsnake. I am no expert but it looks a false coral snake according to Julie's book if I have identified correctly. Not seriously venomous to people only to prey. The pic needs to show the head more clearly. Some false corals eat other snakes. Rhymes don't work here...this is Panama where everything is a bit different. https://www.amazon.com/Venomous-Snakes-their-Mimics-Panama/dp/1493586017/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1509547788&sr=8-1&keywords=snakes+of+panama
  10. Ricco

    36th Anniversary of the Death of Omar Torrijos

    Apparently it was the CIA when he did not want to comply with USA. Confessions of an Economic Hitman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AynGBMUgdmg
  11. Exact size to be determined. Flat land with black soil and 2 seasonal creeks running through. Located close to the Academy International of Boquete which is a bilingual school. One kilometer from the main road to Boquete. Tranquil with many birds and views of Volcán Barú and Chorcha. Join the community of upper middle class neighbors of different origins. Land is perfect for subdividing and building eco friendly homes. Access to electricity and plenty of underground water. Ricco 6385-8999