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  1. Has the tire and alignment shop in David, Renfrio gone out of business? Signs are gone. Did they move to a new location?
  2. Today is the day. Bring your cutlery to the BCP Market and you will have the sharpest knife in the drawer. Jerry from The Cutting Edge.
  3. Knife sharpening is happening TODAY. I am back and will be at the Market this morning. Stop in early.
  4. I will be sharpening knives today at the Market. I will NOT be sharpening next week Feb. 14 I will return to sharpen Feb. 21 Sorry for the inconvenience. Jerry @ The Cutting Edge
  5. Jerry at The Cutting Edge has been chosen as the vendor of the week by Big Daddy's restaurant. Bring your knives into The BCP Market for sharpening and take your receipt to Big Daddy's between 12:00 and 3:00 PM Tuesday and receive a free lemonade or margarita with your lunch. Enjoy. Find me at the back bar.
  6. Give yourself a Christmas present. Have your knives sharpened. Every tuesday at the BCP Market on the backbar. See Jerry for your present to yourself.
  7. Where is the Hospital located?