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  1. LetterSizeFinalFR (3).pdf
  3. I noticed the other day at the new market there is a stand selling all sorts of different health products, One was liquid Chlorophyli,among other items .any one know any thing about this manufacture Natures Sunshine out of the USA
  4. Well my partner doe not gamble , I do not want to pay $20.00 entry fee for them. No Problem.They can come as you guest you get the "Panama Red Rum/Amigos" play money, & they can buy a drink and watch just like at a regular casino.
  5. This is going to be the " Bees Knees" A prohibition -Era slang for the " Best".We will also be serving Bees Knees.Do not know what this is come join us for 1 or 2
  6. There will be a amazing assortment of Appetizers enough to fill your belly.
  7. Saturday Nov 19 Buy your ticket now At Mikes or Mail boxes and get a free drink at Casino night
  8. We have some wonderful people signed up for this event, and we would love some moere people to take the challenge see the details The Rules (7).doc
  9. Will be driving in Panama city on the toll roads, Can I buy a panapass at the toll ? does this work for all toll roads, what paper work if any do I need to purchase this?,Can I purchase this in David before I go? Please contact me at cardinalesantana@gmail.com
  10. We will have the new Date for you this week Stay Tuned!!!
  11. Casino night June 18 5-7 Pm Amigos De animales Event center, Gourmet Appetizers included in Prize, Cab service available from Los Establos Mall starting 14 @4:45 over 24 prizes to be won. Tickets for Sale TMM ,Mikes Global Grill, Mail BOXES
  12. Gesha plants for sale, $1.00 each, ready for planting, free delivery in Boquete area, arrangements for planting can be made Carol Cardinale Santana cardinalesantana@gmail.com 6646-7289
  13. For information on this lot please see http://www.viviun.com/AD-228559/ contact E mail adress cardinalesantana@gmail.com
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