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About Me:

( me...is BRUNDAGEBA which was B&A in Brisas)

That's Alison and Bill there...on the back cover of Bill's book:


Bill and I have lived in our home here in Alto Boquete (Brisas)  for 11  years.  Both of us enjoy surfing, although it's hard to beat the cool breezes and the views of Boquete. This has been some of the best years of our life.

Bill began writing short vignettes on the computer...stories of his childhood, our life together and just growing old.  He ultimately had it bound and gives a copy to old friends...most of whom are in the book somewhere. "Pants up to the Armpits" is Bill's description of what happens as a man ages...he keeps pulling the pants higher and higher.  (He stole that from Homer Simpson).  Bill has a good memory and his tales of our lives together will serve us well when we find our memories failing.   All the surfing pictures are of Bill except the center, bottom of the front page...that's me.  Alison


View at sunset from our backyard......never ceases to amaze us with the beauty!


Where we relax together and enjoy the fantastic vista from our backyard


This is what we enjoy here...Bill at Santa Catalina Veraguas, 2015


Alison...Santa Catalina on my 70th Birthday 2015


Cangelones in Gualaca where we enjoy time swimmingxX40zJ.jpg

Bill and I couldn't be happier living here in the Rep of Panama

Bill and Alison Brundage



...and now we have this sweet dog that fits perfectly into our lives.  Quiet, loving and very much attached to both of us as we are to her.  She just wandered into our yard and never left.   FLOSSY.....our only child.  She only barks at intruders, stays inside the house and helps us to feel not only loved but as well a bit better protected.


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