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  1. until

    OH my......
  2. I am encouraged to know there is pro-active awareness developing here. ! Face mask keeps hands off the nose and mouth. ( a scarf or bandanna would do about the same thing ). Awareness of the need to wash the hands and keep them off your nose and face probably does more in the line of prevention. (Viruses are smaller than mask material.) If you get sick....please stay home ...if at all possible !
  3. Mindfulness of mode of transmission (fomites...everything infected you touch .. ) Hand washing ! I have said this before but handwashing and sanitation have to become so much of a habit you should feel like a surgeon ready for surgery. Start that practice now to develop automatic habits. Awareness that grocery cart handles ( the money you handle ! ) and door handles carry germs keep you mindful that if you touch them you should not touch nose nor your face until hands are washed. When I was in nursing school they taught us to sing to ourselves Yankey Doodle Dandy once ...that was how we knew how long to scrub our hands for each wash. We will be hit here with this deadly flu no doubt. Its just a matter of time. Shopping: try to organize your shopping routine so as to reduce trips to the store. Reduce people contact. This may seem extreme...but it's what might save you from this nasty flu . Start now.
  4. This plan to promote flow of tourists with money on stop-over-tourism might not work so well if this deadly flu keeps traveling. More flow of flu ??? just askin. It's unsettling to me to think we are in fact living in vicinity of one of the worlds most trafficked crossroads. I can't help it...I'm a nurse and this entire situation is worrisome .
  5. Sad......very sad. Our hearts break for Oso. All I can say is Javier and Magaly are very special people. They have very little (...money a/o time for themselves...) personally. They dedicate their lives to dogs who need help. They are amazingly empathetic people. We all need to support them one way or another. God bless you J & M!
  6. Mortality Rate: You have to factor in the age and the physical condition of those who did pass away (5386 people) . The vulnerable will be the elderly, infants and the chronically ill. No doubt nutrition and general health factors in big time (low individual resistance) I would also assume that the closer you get to ground zero (Hunan) the more dense would be the amount of virus in the air on on surfaces, and naturally a high infection and death rate. It will no doubt come here ...but how bad will it be? Start now to practice more handwashing and as well develop an awareness of that hand to nose and mouth thing. (I've come to realize that I tweak my nose a lot...bad habit !) It's the things and places you touch ; especially if you are in a place that gets a lot of traffic...ie: the handle on a grocery cart or the door to the hospital. I realize that we all know this and it's common sense but it's also good to start really getting a tad anal about hand washing and general awareness ....and nose tweaking! :-)
  7. Latest report is they tried desperately to save him but he did in fact pass away and was pronounced dead at 3 am Feb 7th. 34 yr old , so young. What a shame. Apparently ( like the virus itself ) , China's government tried to suppress the news of the death when it had occurred earlier that night.
  8. Has anyone heard what the mortality rate is after confirmation that a patient has the virus? Here is an excellent NY Times reference article. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/asia/china-coronavirus-contain.html?action=click&auth=login-google&context=storyline_guide&module=styln-coronavirus&pgtype=Article&region=MID_MAIN_CONTENT&state=default&variant=show OK I looked up the mortality rate and apparently it is moderately contagious and is liken to SARS. Droplet transmission ( sneezes ...and as well hand contact with sneezed droplets you may contact with your hand and bring to the face) Best advice right now is take your vitamins, stay healthy and wash your hands.
  9. I guess the same way the fire arms got in and all hell broke loose inside there with gang warfare. Glad to see the President promptly fired some officials ( right after the official had fired some men under him. ) Somehow some money got into the pocket that opened the jail door. $50 grand is a lot of money for a reward. They want that escapee pretty bad I'd say.
  10. A school gym is not a suitable confinement facility. A school gymnasium is not equipped with basics necessary to contain a virus if one were carried by a confined person. I would think that the community has reason for concern . Panama has to come up with acceptable basic public health protections. ( Basic disease confinement as would be recommended by the WHO) I would think the guidelines would be better than camping potential cases like flood victims on cots in a school gym ( just guessing). As a nurse my mind is boggled.
  11. I wonder what the " animal welfare department" in each municipality financed by this new bill will actually do and how? I must say It certainly is encouraging......a start
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