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  1. Awe shucks...you missed it. Ribs were fantastic as usual at the send off lunch. . BUT it's calendar time of year and you can pick them up at MBE..very soon. All the photos are fabulous this year. You will love the calendar and as well support the Amigos de Animales cause. Flossy appreciates the medical care she has received at the clinic and we do to! Alison, Bill ...and Flossy...the dog off the streets of Brisas that adopted us.
  2. Well in all the years of her tenure they could not manage textbooks, sanitary bathrooms and water supply and a conducive learning environment for so many poor up in the Comarca ( or in Boquete and the surrounds for that matter) .....the system lacks all the way around. Teachers up in the Comarca and students as well have to risk their lives to get to school on dangerous roads, footpaths and rivers that have to be crossed. It is shameful. The country's children deserve the ability to learn and achieve..........period. It's basic !
  3. until

    Thank you so much for this submission. We are blessed with the facility and as well those that arrange these fantastic events. When we can't attend we feel bad, so we really do thank you for posting the concert so we too can enjoy the music.
  4. Wow. I signed up and just scanned through this gem. Happy customer. If you sign up.....do check your spam for their response on the new subscription. My subscription sat in spam limbo for a few days until ChiriquiLife assisted me in it's discovery. PanamaCyberNews is a neat new source of information for those who enjoy knowing what's up here in Panama.
  5. WOW ! Please let us all know how you did reduce the amount down. I am blown away at that 1200/day email-spam amount and do appreciate the time you had to spend to separate the wheat from the shaft, just because you are a moderator of such a helpful site as this one. .........Alison
  6. OK here is the solution for those who did not get their new Medicare Card and may have a MBE address. Go to : My Medicare.gov and log in. Once logged in then go to live chat The agent will ask you to confirm your address. You confirm your MBE addy they have if that's where you want it sent. Once you confirm, they then send you the card. You will get it in 4 weeks...well here, maybe more. There was no issue with regard to having a MBE mailforwarder addy as the address on record. Do not wait. You have to have the new card. If God forbid you need to head to the USA on a medical emergency, you need that card.
  7. Did it arrive in General Delivery or MBE ?
  8. Medicare Card Update: No card arrived as of yet ( Sept 2019) . The 2019 Medicare Book did so they have the addy and do use it...but not for the card mailing apparently.
  9. Anybody who is a permanent resident here in Boquete receive their new Medicare Card in the mail? Apparent;y they have all been sent out. We'd like to know as ours have not arrived.
  10. Cost of living near a coast. Yes. We lived our adult life on Oahu Hawaii. Maintenance fees for our 850 sq ft condo were $700/month. Old building, flood zone. These fees are so high because of insurance and reserve funds necessary to sustain through all eventualities. This was a huge reason for us looking for another location to live in retirement. Thank goodness we gave up on our dream for a surf hut on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas !.
  11. One reason we chose Boquete over Eleuthera Bahamas...was hurricanes. Through an advertisement in Surfer magazine we paid $1,500.00 for a lot on the island of Eleuthera in 1980. We sold it for $20,000.00 in 2007 just before we settled here in Boquete. If you look due west of that huge red dot of a hurricane.....that is Eleuthera . Seriously bad there now.
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