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  1. Yup.....does the job. ....and no, I drank boiling water. I was really paranoid ! ( wink wink)
  2. Good for dirt but I doubt it makes it 100%...wow. Many many years ago Bill and I lived up in the mountains of southern Colombia . We had a hand pump that connected to a pipe from a spring by the house. We were living way above civilization and at 8000 ft. Water from that spring was clear as a bell.....and...just LOADED with Giardia and E Histolytica. My husband who weighs 165 was weighing below 130. Diarrhea and vomiting . Me? I was more paranoid and drank boiled water. Treatment was Flagyl...Metronidazole. You could buy it at any local grocery store. They sold it in strips off a big wheel like those candy dots you got on a strip of paper when we were kids. All the indians who lived around us were perpetually sick and took that med like candy. Spring water from the top of a mountain at 8000 ft.....totally contaminated.
  3. Looking at various twitter images of tap water from various parts of Chiriqui, water has been coming out of the pipes dirty from numerous locations. (I assume from various municipal water sources. ) BUT consider the amount of rain and swollen rivers which fills underground water sources. I am wondering if that as well would impact well water sources and be overwhelming for any purification system. Merely thinking out load.
  4. Serious. The amount of contamination may be beyond what a home water purification system can stop. I think I will now be on bottled water for awhile even though we have a reverse osmosis unit.
  5. What was the medicine they were giving? What did they say was the origin of this seeming pandemic Boquete gastroenteritis that drew them here?
  6. Every time we pass this hole I am amazed it's still open. I believe this one is on the corner in front of Novey. It sits there just waiting to swallow a tire if you make a tight turn onto the PanAm.
  7. I don't think the highway is engineered for heavy loaded haulers to go faster than 80 km.....and they do. Once they start to whip the story's over.
  8. When we go surfing, we often see these heavy loaded haulers going way too fast on the turns. Buses as well.
  9. ...well always Keith.. From the local perspective the "have's" that have settled here are the cause of all the problems with cost of living issues that they suffer. If a Gringo shows an " attitude " and couples that with rude behavior then that does not sit well . Panamanians are very tolerant and patient for the most part... If they witness intolerance and impatience from a Gringo what kind of a response can you expect? Adaptation I feel is in the court of the visitor and guest......us. It seems Lilly expects the royal treatment at all times. If the restaurant server does not provide the condiments desired,...then get up and get them yourself. No big deal...blow it off. ( BUT what happens is this person sits and stews and gets irritated over what I consider nothing) The ability to "blow off" what strikes you as not the treatment you are used to can be what makes or breaks your happiness as a foreigner residing here. The door opens both ways and she has left and is happy doing so...but for some reason needs to harp here. So what's up with that?
  10. It does not work for everybody to live in another country. If you can not adapt to differences then it's real easy to find fault with almost everything and develop a chip on your shoulder.
  11. Brundageba

    Crime Prevention Meeting (in Englislh)

    I will not be in town on that date but I would like to have more than one person who attends ask them exactly that.
  12. What s the best VPN to use in order to get Amazon videos? After reading a post here I bought a Chromecast and LOVE it. I really appreciate all the advice I get from posters !
  13. Puzzling as to why the women were apprehended. What was the violation?