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  1. From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Playa Santa Catalina, Veraguas. August 2017
  2. Bill directing some surf traffic

    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Playa Santa Catalina, Veraguas. August 2017
  3. A ray of sun in an unusually rainy August

    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Alison riding. Playa Santa Catalina, Veraguas
  4. Yes, my husband said it was messy. That pull out at Alto Dorado (as well at the Plaza SF) can be tricky. You can never assume the car in front will continue a turn at the same speed ( or speed up). Getting rear-ended always concerns me.
  5. Torrents of rain coming up thr hill out of David about an hour ago. Trees and power lines in the road at the uphill curve right across from the beer plant . Road obstructed to a degree in two places on that old road. Drainage ditches in David overloaded and the road flooding. Be careful
  6. This is a question that needs and answer. I assume Bonnie's explanation in the post above would answer Lynn Garett's question. That said, Lynn should have assurance that cancer medications and other meds from the VA would not get hung up for some crazy reason. One would assume that prescription medications would pass through airport customs...but that's assuming. Alison
  7. We spotted that restaurant and am happy to hear that opening is actually happening. Stoked to have this restaurant-in our location.!!
  8. UPDATE as of today 8/5/17 per Arturo at MBE Supplements YES...Cosmetics NO Ok I can deal with that. Alison
  9. Yes. One I take that was prescribed by my ophthalmologist here that was so much more expensive here in the Hospital Chiriqui it was ridiculous. ( I doubt I saved that prescription she wrote. ) What I do not understand is the rationale on the law. Attaching a duty to personal-use medicines, vitamins and beauty items seems like would curtail any commercial sale of same.. If it's to protect the health of the recipient...well hey, buyer beware.
  10. . I doubt it's of the same quality. Some of the supplements I order I've never seen here. Do you know of a place that has a wide variety? GNC does not. If there's a place I'd love to shop here rather than pay for shipment