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  1. Good friend and old neighbor. Important to understand that he in teaching yoga that day, may have had to touch to demonstrate, but that touch my not have been with sexual intent. That is this man's personal testimony. I find that very believable knowing him. The event happened at the peak of the " me too" era of female testimonies against men and inappropriate touching. No doubt this was bad judgement on the part of my friend to attempt teaching yoga to youth, and especially a mixed group of boys and girls. Also it was extremely bad judgement on the part of this school system allowing adult male substitute gym teachers to teach their female students.
  2. Ones wonders why local drivers take such chances on a turn or a lane change when they are generally so careful not to go over a bump or a pot hole at more then 2 mph. You know, like wee little teeny tiny bumps and mini holes. If you are not careful while driving you can rear end these folks....or worse run flat square into the other ones that decide to cross in front of you at 5 mph....Its a loooong list as we all know.
  3. Underestimated the jungle methinks. Not to mention the weather that creates a jungle...plus a few more underestimated factors. . ( I seem to recall a similar story regarding the construction of the Panama Canal.....) 😓 Humm . I found an article that states Astaldi Construction Co filed for ]bankruptcy last Oct 2018 . ..... Slim chance that road will ever get done..think? https://seekingalpha.com/article/4210387-astaldi-files-bankruptcy-bonds-worth-investigating-shares-worthless
  4. Cleveland Ohio cleaned up it's sanitary landfill that was on the shore of Lake Erie right a stones throw from Cleveland central. It was a smoldering hell. It became an Airport that is now a degraded strip of asphalt from disuse. They now ponder what to do with it? I'm sure nothing a tax dollar can't solve...for a time. Imagine a smoldering landfill on fire right on the Lake wafting greyblack smoke into Cleveland.... Right, Clevelanders were real happy to have it flattened and turned into an airport. Hats off to Panama City for the proposition to restore a once beautiful shoreline. Next a plastic recycling plant !
  5. Not a heartening report or account of the Pain in Tail POL procedure. One might assume if you are paying taxes to the USA and signing the form , that should be proof of life...no? Am I missing something? Alison
  6. Please do not sell all and move. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself time to visit here, talk to folks with similar issues and possibly other chronic health problems, get accustomed to life in a foreign country. Of the two most common reasons people leave HEALTH CARE and FAMILY are leading the list. Pharmacies are not as you know in the USA or Canada. Meds are generally a bit expensive and the available list of meds available is a shorter one. Recently, for example, some 50 different blood pressure meds were removed from shelves here. Customs can hold items ( meds cosmetics) sent from foreign countries for a time that are on their watch list...which seems to change at a whim. My husband and I are both in our 70s we are healthy and active. That said, we are now at the stage of our lives where we look to return to the USA for our more golden years.
  7. Yah I want to be dead of natural causes first...before Baru proves itself....one way or tuther.
  8. As a Registered Nurse nurse having lived here for 12 1/2 years I would not recommend Panama as a retirement choice for folks with serious chronic medical conditions. Bottom line is to rent for a year and find out how it goes for you. You may private message me if you wish. ALISON
  9. 11 small ones better that one huge big one. right? Plates moving I guess....or is this a Baru thing?
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