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  1. UPDATE: Our plate expired in May. Today we went to Dolega Muni with our revisado in hand along with copies ( now available right across the street there). The waiting line was no more than 10-15 people at any one time. Work is done directly through the jalousy windows from the street to the office inside ( perfect set up) More than one window is working. It was a bit of a wait to find out the plates are not here. I paid, and did receive an official document saying we are PAID and PLATED ( paper plated) for one year. I was handed my change and papers then told I need to go to another office ( by the stadium) in 3 months with again copies of documents to get my plates ( but you know how that goes ) . ...and what office is that? More discovery. Next we tackle paying of our auto insurance that expires in August. That's a whole nuther adventure.
  2. Those two dogs are the sweetest ever ( Wendy and pal) ! We adopted Wendy during the COVID but Wendy and her pal are in love as they are a pair. Separated, they were sad. We brought Wendy back and both were again happy and content. We can say, Wendy is as sweet as a dog can be. ( we shed a tear to take her back) To adopt them both would be a blessing for them. Alison and Bill So...when we took Wendy the dog back, we took Weasel home from the Dog Camp. It's been 3 months and we are very happy together. Thank you Dog Camp ! (BTW the Dog Camp is very flexible to make sure the dog works out for you. As with Wendy, we took her back and got another...everybody's happy !) Picture of our new Dog Camp COVID rescue dog : Weasel
  3. Licences Plate renewal. ( ours expired in May) I see cars with 2020 plates that were purchased during the quarantine period. One man I questioned this morning said he got his in Panama City ( no doubt that is where his car registry is) For those of us here, we have one month to get a new plate on our car if it is currently expired. Can anybody tell me how this is done now? Is the Dolega Municipal Office open for that currently? Thanks
  4. Good idea to wear your best mask when outside even around your house. Moist air with dust. More possibility of infectious material in the air according to the attached report. . Folks with COPD ( emphysema) should remain indoors until this passes over. Acute respiratory distress can occur and this is not the best time to need hospital support if you were to need inhalation treatment to relieve an acute bout of emphysema. Alison. nurse https://www.accuweather.com/en/health-wellness/everything-you-need-to-know-about-saharan-dust/764481
  5. Yes. Many folks do no believe wearing a well applied efficient mask and strict distancing are necessary. There's lots of misinformation out there coupled with wishful thinking that any opening signifies "normal" is approaching. (It won't any time soon...my thought.) It seems the more that is learned about how very insidious this disease is...the more debunking sails out via internet. People are real tired of it all at this point. An example: Taxi driver who violated quarantine despite being infected with COVID-19 may face charges. Alison, the nurse
  6. DENGUE: Lots of broken water pipes around where I live. Around them are ponds of water where mosquitoes can breed. We know that repair can sometimes be a ways off so a squirt of dish soap in a pond of water by your home will suppress mosquito larvae from propagation.
  7. Road protests...when did THAT happen?.....listen it is what it is. We will be dealing with this for a year. Time to get used to mask and social distancing...for yourself. What others do, the stats etc. is of little personal concern. I wish to stay well and will adhere to what they recommend. Alison , Nurse.
  8. I am convinced that the increase we now see is due to relaxed distancing. Alcohol consumption in areas where police do not see may play a big part in that as well. Divala' is out in the country very far from cities....yet it had a huge increase in cases. I am picturing fellows enjoying cold ones after work, and I doubt they are wearing masks. ...just sayin.
  9. Asymptomatic Carriers: One valid point is transmission is at it's very highest BEFORE the virus evokes symptoms and as well in the first week when most folks rarely seek help. I read the medical article recently written about asymptomatic transmission numbers being thought to be lower than originally thought. My take is : Hummm OK...but stay distanced and masked. At age 75, and as a nurse of over 50 years of practice, I know beyond a shadow of doubt I do not want this illness. I do note of late a lot of information coming at me from friends that seems to be an effort to support their position of downplaying virus severity. I don't buy into it. Medicine still has much to learn about this virus . Some of what is now being written in medical literature gets my attention. I share it here. Seems to accurately determine asymptomatic transmission numbers , the researchers would have to test large numbers of people that are not sick. Right now countries are just trying to get ahead of active cases increasing. Death rate 0.2%. Yes BUT if it's YOU .....it's 100%. Alison
  10. Thoughts. Drinking alcohol in groups (not seen) might cause some clusters.. Less distancing , less mask wearing. How else do you explain the clusters we see in Divala' and New Mexico here in Chiriqui.? Merely a hunch. If you enjoy a drink now and then you might want to ensure purchase of your supply before there is another slam on liquor sales.
  11. https://www.mbe-ca.com/en/home/ Boquete Ave. Central, Edif. Don Andrés. Local # 2 Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá Tel: (507) 720-2684 Fax: (507) 720-1019 Email: boquete@mbe-ca.com Horario: Lunes a Viernes: 8:30 am A 5:30 pm Sábado: 8:30 am A 12:30 md. Found it by using Google search
  12. Plan at least a couple of weeks here before you pull the plug there. You won't regret that. COVID is causing change . Change happens here normally. Some questions answered here now might be different when you decide to move here. Residents VISA. No mention of VISA?. You will need one. Opening a bank account right here and now is not as easy as you are used to there in L.A. There are folks that function here without a bank account. You must rely on ATM transactions. Mail here is received by private mail forwarder...MailBoxes Etc is one. There are ample home rentals available here.....look them over on your scout visit. Buying a car?...That's the easiest, money talks.
  13. People want to get back to normal. Opening mobility to many, connotes "normal". With that attitude comes a degree of relaxation of personal protection and distancing. The Rep of Panama is again re-doubling efforts in mobility restriction as increases in cases are notable in hot spots. For me personally, I am really trying to be all the more aware of where increased risks are, and stay very masked and distanced. I feel a bit more vulnerable right now ( Just saying. Others I know do not agree) The high communicability of the virus with asymptomatic carriers, make the efforts of control ongoing. The learning curve and body of medical knowledge on this virus and what it's doing to the bodies of those infected is ever increasing . Inflammation within the blood vessels and blood clotting seem to be common findings of late as data is being compiled following the recovered victims medically. I believe there are currently more leanings toward the use of hydroxichloroquine as it does have an anti inflammatory action. For the moderately infected it is showing promise. Drug studies on it's use in COVID treatment are pretty much back closer to square one . (The early research data was deemed not to be reliable for the way in which the study was structured. Both Lancet Journal of Medicine and as well the physicians writing the article on heart arrythmias associated with hydroxichloroquine recanted and withdrew their article.) ....the beat goes on. Alison, Nurse Understanding the Puzzling Pathology of COVID-19
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