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  1. That particular model of aircraft has a maximum range of 7,370 nautical miles, and it is 7,217 miles from Houston to Beijing. I'm amazing a head wind.....yeiks. ( of course wind can't help but be on my mind lately) Anyway, that seems like it's cutting it close.
  2. Launch of Chiriqui Jazz Festival in David

    Thanks Doug, Anybody know where I might find the anual Jazz Festival Tiles for sale in town somewhere?? Appreciate........
  3. Launch of Chiriqui Jazz Festival in David

    I've been looking for a Jazz Festival ceramic tile. Are they available this year? If so whee are they sold?
  4. Gordon Bakke asked: Nowhere on Rodny's site do I see any information about the Hospital Cooperativo Medical Discount Plan . Is this plan still being offered Well...Rodny beat me to it. Talk to Bob Gregory about that plan.
  5. It's my hunch that many will see that the service Rodny offers is a Godsend. You never know when you might need a translator . I was just talking to a nice gentleman yesterday who had lost his sweet dog. A kind Panamanian family found the dog and called the phone number on the dog's tag. The problem was...neither spoke the other's language. The man was unable to find where this family lived until he found a translator. It was just good fortune that he found one...eventually...and got his dog back. A translator can provide a happier ending to a problem situation.
  6. This seems to me to be a commendable offering from Rodny Direct. It would be my take on it that a voluntary donation to Rodny for his service would be in order.
  7. Yah. Bill's getting a rainbow gut. I keep telling him he has to cut down. No restraint.
  8. Huge crowds attend Boquete's Flower Fair

    Better than the common vulture which I suppose is an option.
  9. We have the imprint of two of them and their motorcycle on the rear quarter panel of our pickup. They were following too close when Bill made a left turn and they plowed into the truck. Amazing control. They never hit the ground...nor did they get hurt. Truck?...eh, memories. We painted the nicks and left the dent. Both Bill and the officers decided they were equally at fault,shook hands and parted ways. ( Bill should have signaled sooner...it was a California turn, Panama style. Signal as you make the turn)
  10. "Today I found him with a lot of enthusiasm, evaluating scenarios and making decisions.” Camacho said. Upbeat eh? I can only read in between the lines on that one.
  11. When you have everything in life going for you , how do you end up like this? Very sad. We are ever so thankful for our simple life...married now almost 50 years. We have a simple home and a sweet dog. By some good fortune (we have no clue why we deserve it) we are retired in one of the sweetest places on earth...now for almost 11 years. We see the sun rise and set each day with the rainbows in between and have peace. Martinelli?...not so much. What a shame.
  12. ".........multi million dollar incomes and do not pay their tax obligations," Well...that rules us out ! Seriously, seems to me Panama would certainly benefit in tightening the noose on evasion of taxes owed to their own country.
  13. Thank you so much for sharing this Bud. we send our love and condolences to her family Alison and Bil Brundage