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  1. You inspire us. Good work ! Congratulations Brandy. You have my vote
  2. Just a note here. This is a great deal on a truck for somebody as it's got low mileage and is well maintained. Bill and I bought a new truck in order to have it for the next 10 years driving to the coast. If you know of someone looking for a good deal...contact Keith who is selling the truck for us. Bill and Alison Contact: keithwoolford @ gmail.com
  3. Brundageba

    Yes or No

    Senior living ( independent living, assisted care) does not exist here. Who takes care of you here when you can no longer care for yourself? Now Bill and I have cared for a Ngobe family here and they swear they will attend to us in our old age.....they are hand to mouth, dirt poor. Should we need a trip to the doctor they might be able to flag down a cab. It's not something we would elect but still out there I guess. For us (like so many getting older here,) it's knowing when to pull the plug. An Independent Living facility would be our choice back in the USA. We're looking for one in Florida close to the surf (laughing) that has a good selection of boards for us to use.
  4. Brundageba

    Thank you Boquete

    God bless you. Sweet, kind words. Hugs
  5. Brundageba

    Yes or No

    Yes Bonnie. Your story is common. Retirement here is bliss until you need medical care and to be close to family. Even though Bill and I are not ready to return to the USA quite yet we are in our 70's and recognize that the next 10 years may be our swan song here. At that point we'd sell and return back (.....or sooner if God-forbid a serious health issue came into play.) It's now time for us to think about security in every regard . ( that's why we bought a new truck for our surf trips to the coast...we want a truck that will be great for us for the next 10 years) As well, we think about avoiding probate and sale of our home etc etc....not to mention how we want our retirement money to be invested. All these things we are doing now. ....and down the line we as well will be headed back to spend the last years in the USA. It's a cycle here with retired folks .
  6. Brundageba

    Yes or No

    Eleven years and counting...and couldn't be happier. Lots of homes for sale and so many being built...so I agree with Keith. Great time to buy and a wide selection.
  7. Mayo Clinic can be trusted methinks. They do not say don't take it, they do however say that only the high risk and previous heart attack patients should. . The risk of course would be stroke. Taking aspirin with Omega 3 .and say a Motrin all three have anticoagulant effects...thus an increase in your bleeding tendency.. Cerebral hemorrhage ( stroke ) can leave you possibly not dead but certainly not functioning well ...forevermore. Knowing the risk is extremely important. Then certainly it's your choice to take or not. Not being "afraid" of a headline article may in fact be being unaware of consequences.
  8. Correct. With a few exceptions. Here's what Mayo clinic says: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-disease/in-depth/daily-aspirin-therapy/art-20046797
  9. If you are interested contact Keith...it's a good deal and we think we have a buyer for the asking price.
  10. Very dangerous even for a strong swimmer ! Deep holes and rip currents right next to the shore. Warning signs (in Spanish and English) at all beach accesses should be there. If a person then decides to take the risk, the risk is his. This is a beach break that is very deceptive, and again....dangerous. A very very sad story. The man was young an on holiday. My heart goes out tot he family.
  11. New battery purchased Nov 2018 Last tuneup to include air conditioner cleaning Dec 2018 Upholstered waterproof seat covers No mechanical issues in the time truck has been in our possession. Good runner at a great price for the mileage on it ! Need a truck?....this one's a deal. Alison and Bill
  12. Brundageba

    Floral foam

    Amazon.com. for the foam I've used newspaper I've rolled up in cylinders and stuffed down vertically into the container. Once you get it all loaded and the flowers stuck in, you add the water after you place the container in the spot you want it. This works great when using buckets for containers. I made church floral displays like that for years.
  13. On the car registration .....we changed that number once we obtained the E-Cedula. That we did in Dolega. Now the # on the vehicle registration is the E-Cedula # I assume you have an E-Cedula. You do need to go to Migration with your old and new passports and get all that linked in the system as Keith said.