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  1. ...and hope. Sad situation. When I'd screw up as a kid my mother would say: " This is the life you've chosen". I hated that but it seems to have stuck.
  2. You have done a beautiful job on this house inside and out.
  3. Bill and I are sorry as well. Habits become lax when report of home robberies become less frequent. Alarms, & gates need to be secured 100% of the time and we thank you for that heads-up. What time of day did this happen? Glad to hear the officers were fast to arrive.
  4. Brundageba

    Importance of Enrolling in STEP Program

    I have made several attempts at enrolling and always came into some roadblock with it and gave up.
  5. ...or violent children against adults and storekeepers. That too.
  6. Send a letter or petition to congressmen in the USA. I have found my personal letters to my congressman bring awareness to an issue.
  7. Yes. Knowing who to call, where to call and how to get something accomplished is a Godsend to us. We really appreciate Rodny.
  8. Over a decade ago with the influx of non-Spanish speaking residents there was a difficulty among them to call for emergency services ( for the most part). If you need help and can not speak Spanish there's a problem. Petty crime, home break-ins and theft were also occurring. That's when AAC ( Stop Crime) started. For a donation, you could avail yourself of their services to translate into Spanish your needs to the service provider you needed ( ie police/ambulance). Rodny was the person that provided that translation via phone direct to where it needed to go. In time, Rodny went independent ( Rodny Direct) providing a secured data base system with a broader stored data base. In essence it is 911 on steroids. As an example he keeps records for you of your nearest relative and local emergency contact, who cares for your pet, what medicine you take for whatever condition you may have. The list is long. When you need help, he not only translates to get you help but as well follows up to make sure your situation is handled in every regard to the point of resolution. One year costs $80.00. For my husband and I, it's an essential service even though we do speak Spanish. Rodny on several occasions has been of enormous assistance when we did not know how to get things done in this country. Of note, Rodny is wheelchair bound. He became fluent in English when as a boy he was able to go to the USA Shriner's hospital for surgery and rehab for his handicap. He was there a long time. The connection between Rodny and this emergency service originated through the Handicap Foundation of Boquete. Rodny Direct is now connected with other similar services all across Panama which he assisted in initiating. It's now a network. Hat's off to him!
  9. Brundageba

    Memories of our dear friend Dru Aguilar

    Few days go by when we do not think of our friend Dru. Value your days......and spread kindness and joy. Dru was that kinda guy. Alison
  10. Brundageba

    Brucellosis reported

    A recent news item dated July 22 on Chiriqui Noticias stated that the aduana of Chiriqui had isolated 56 cows for Brucellosis testing . 30 tested positive and were destroyed. I write this as a caution with regard to feeding your animals raw meat until more on this matter is made public. Brucellosis is serious and 30 heads of cattle testing positive is a local concern I'm sure. CHIRIQUI NOTICIAS‏ @chiriquinotici1 Jul 22 Unas 30 reses de 56 que mantenía en custodia aduana Chiriquí fueron sacrificadas tras dar positivo a las pruebas de brucelosis.
  11. Ones that try to run down someone with their car....absolutely.
  12. Listen I do hope the local authorities will take care of this. It's certainly nothing we can make happen as foreigners no matter where we come from. I'd like to know what did happen to this man that's for sure. I don't care who you are you can't go trying to run down the Mayor with your car.....for whatever reason.
  13. Keith, We all appreciate that we despise this man's behavior and wish that our local US Warden (CLV) reps could do something to help remove him....but that's not their job. That said, let us hope that the force of Panamanian law is in the boot that kicks his a** out of Boquete and back to wherever he came from .