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  1. Well lets hope the enforcement in the crime centers ( PC and Colon) does not cause the cockroaches to scamper our way....
  2. To clarify: they were not illegal in that they were getting the visa renewals of their tourist visas...yet actually resident and working. NOW they are illegal I guess.
  3. There are large numbers of illegals working in coastal tourist areas that are in remote locations. These are young folk who have no more than a backpack and some beach gear. They are low salaried and given room and board. Some have been resident a long time and now have a car a dog and a beach business. One hop and they are not going to re-enter leaving the car,dog and gear . Locals are not crying about it. They are.
  4. We had an appointment with an attorney on our first scout visit. When we went back home the attorney sent us the forms and necessary docs needed which we completed and FedEx'd back to the attorney. The process was then begun while we were still in the USA. That helped as the wheels seemed to turn slower 10 years ago. It was fast for us as we lived close to the state capital where we lived in the USA. Apostile docs got done faster because we could hand deliver and pick up. . FBI fingerprints were not done then. I think if a person visits and has strong inclination that they would enjoy living here, to begin residency process early is not a bad idea. The money it costs is worth the peace of mind . We did not have to pay the full amount to the lawyer until the process was complete. Meanwhile the individual will have a doc to present to authorities here that process for residency has begun. I was told today that the government is enlarging it's interdiction force. I would assume that would mean more checking here and there.
  5. Since moving here almost 10 years ago I get allergies in January practically every year. I never had an allergy problem before. February?...allergies gone.
  6. Boquete: Valley of the Eternal Rainbow was an excellent book for new-comers a/o folks interested in the area who do not speak Spanish. Her greatest and carefully detailed historical work on the history of Boquete is her book: Boquete, Rasgos de su Historia. I looked all over and could not find my copy. I may have loaned it and it never returned. I could not find a place to buy another. Anybody know where i could buy another copy? I really want to replace that book.
  7. A 3 minute delay switch on the breaker box with a voltage regulator is what we have. When the power goes out it's 3 minutes after everybody else's power is back that we get ours. It was not cheap...but well worth it.
  8. We were approached in an airport ( actually on a plane ) to bring into Colombia counterfit money...for some quick money. Amazingly bold these guys.
  9. USA does the same thing
  10. STEP...not as easy as one might think ! OK I dove in for my 4th attempt and I'll have to say I got farther along this time. BUT...the site jammed again and then shut down. Both jams and shut downs happened when I hit the button: "Do you wish to add an additional phone number?" If you say "yes" The site tells you " wait just one minute" with the circle circling. After several minutes the site turns itself off. Tomorrow is another day when I may have more steam for attempt #5.
  11. I didn't want to be a quitter. I again tried to open a new account with yet another user/pass ( now the 3rd attempt at starting fresh) . It would not take the newest user/pass. When I entered my email it refused that as well. It told me it did not match...what I have no idea as I was just entering it as a result of "forgotten" user/pass. I could go for #4 try but I'm running out of creative user/pass ideas.....ha ha
  12. Interesting. I'm trying to do the right thing and sign up for STEP. No matter what i attempt to do I get bounced. Username choice?: taken. Ok new user/pass. Half way through the site jams and shuts down. I then went to page #1 and attempted to put my newer choices of user/pass. I was told they were taken. I put my email in there and was also told it was incorrect. ( I do better buying stuff on !) I'm taking a breather. Will try again later. This may be why so few have signed up...just a guess.
  13. I think all of us knew it was a joke. Bud just wanted to make sure everybody realized it was.
  14. Well said Bud. Both Roger and as well Two Sailors are wonderful friends of mine (as is Bonnie). These are some super great people ! I'd hate for there to be any kind of misunderstanding as you explained. You are an excellent moderator and we all appreciate you jumping in.