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  1. Radar spotted on the Boquete highway just now. Take it easy ! (12 noon Thurs)
  2. I doubt improvement of electrical service will be forthcoming soon, and might get a bit worse. Friends on the coast go hours and sometimes days without power now. That is happening more often...and longer. It is very hot there without a fan nor AC. At least we have a cool climate going for us here.
  3. We are so happy for this dog. How cute and sweet !
  4. This is now ( Aug 12 2019) day 4 without a drop of water entering our Brisas Boquetenas community. Anybody know why?
  5. I had to read the entire thing again and ponder it. So because too many college grads can not pass the entry exam into medical school , the move is to...eliminate the entry exam. It's like the vehicle safety inspection here. Too many cars could not pass one here. Solution? Eliminate the actual "exam"......all cars pass bald tires n all. Brakes? only an option.
  6. This is where the study dollars will come from?.....hmmmm I'm pondering that a bit. This is one of those studies that could fer sure put some Martinellis in the studiers' pockets. You could make a career out of it.
  7. until

    Flossy , Bill and Alison are REALLY excited....can't wait !.......( Flossy sez" Wait til you see me this year!" )
  8. Our neighbor's issues inside the house came from an area around the outside of the house. .This area was constantly moist. He installed gutters. He also dug a trench around the side of the house that was the wettest. It was about 2 feet deep or so. Then he laid down a barrier plactic sheet all along the side of the house . He then filled that with gravel . He did this in the dry season. Now time will tell.
  9. If $400.00 is the annual coconut foundation contribution, maybe $200.00 twice a year might be easier. We could do that. Alison and Bill Two coconuts
  10. Source of moisture needs to be eliminated first or it's a forever deal.
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