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  1. Now that is different.....threatening a person with a gun in the tax line so that you can get farther up in the line. I wonder if tax evasion carries the same penalty as threatening a person with an unlicensed gun which he had in possession. I am sure that after his father the judge spanks him hard he will explain that to him.
  2. My husband and I have lived in Brisas now for 12 years. We love the micro climate, and the wonderful location with great neighbors and drop dead views. Its peaceful here, yet at the same time the location is close general stores like Plus and Ivan's. This home here has been well cared for by an owner we have known all the time we have lived here. We can say this is one really good deal for someone looking for a furnished home in a nice climate, close to amenities and with one heck of a beautiful view.
  3. Breathtakingly beautiful. Dangerous for the potential wide swinging traffic commin atcha. No room for mistakes. It will only be an occasional sight seeing adventure for us. It's because of the degree of difficulty and accident potential. No time is saved for a trip from Boquete to the Potreillos side. A flat tire on the new segment would be a real bad thing to have happen. .....real steep hills on curves with no shoulder for pull off for long segments. 😲
  4. Remember the cardboard cops? They were posted along the Boquete Road. Until they blew apart I do believe the faux traffic cops had a calming effect on the speeders.
  5. Lot's of money ! Question will be who will be in charge of money management and financial oversight to prevent corruption. Then, who will be in charge of watching the watchers as millions and billions of dollars was mentioned .
  6. Flossy sez: "Dogs like me thank you for your help. I was once lost , alone and hungry. Now I take care of two old humans."
  7. Awe shucks...you missed it. Ribs were fantastic as usual at the send off lunch. . BUT it's calendar time of year and you can pick them up at MBE..very soon. All the photos are fabulous this year. You will love the calendar and as well support the Amigos de Animales cause. Flossy appreciates the medical care she has received at the clinic and we do to! Alison, Bill ...and Flossy...the dog off the streets of Brisas that adopted us.
  8. Well in all the years of her tenure they could not manage textbooks, sanitary bathrooms and water supply and a conducive learning environment for so many poor up in the Comarca ( or in Boquete and the surrounds for that matter) .....the system lacks all the way around. Teachers up in the Comarca and students as well have to risk their lives to get to school on dangerous roads, footpaths and rivers that have to be crossed. It is shameful. The country's children deserve the ability to learn and achieve..........period. It's basic !
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