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  1. Every time we drive through there now and the police aren't there I'm bummed. I really miss those guys. BUT we do have Flossy !
  2. Bingo to Support Boquete Dog Camp


    Thanks for the update Bonnie. Modestly attended is better than poor. That makes us happy. Alison and Bill Brundage and FLOSSY our rescue doggie
  3. Bingo to Support Boquete Dog Camp


    Bonnie reported that in spite of a lot of work and contributions of food they prepared, along with gifts and prizes the event was poorly attended. Javier and Magaly need our help in order to provide a decent enclosure for sometimes 33 or more dogs they care for that are rescued. They nurse the dogs back to health and do some training to help insure the dogs will be good pets. They do all this certainly not to get rich nor to save up $ for a vacation on the Riviera. Please please give just a little bit to help them. It's not just the money, but to know you are appreciated goes a long way to keep them encouraged. Alison Here's the link : https://www.gofundme.com/helpanimalsboquete
  4. Now the bad guys can rape and plunder us freely. I am sure that's exactly what the criminals moving about wanted.
  5. Yes. A bit off topic but on helping those that need it : I was hopeful that Javier and Magaly would have gotten more support on their Go-Fund-Me campaign. To be the go-to local dog pound for 33 rescue dogs and care for them is noble To have them inside their house at night when it's stormy is beyond belief. That's some serious dedication. They need help to create a nice little kennel for these stray dogs until the dogs are adopted. They are special people. Here's the link on that. You can read their story there. https://www.gofundme.com/helpanimalsboquete
  6. Yes. Well sometimes it's hard to break out from the clutch. Folks tend to group together and stay in that groove. Language is another issue esp when it comes to a relationship with Spanish speakers. To care for the poor, the sick and the critters that can not fend for themselves allows us to receive their love in return.....and that's the real gift. We are the very lucky ones Dottie. If we had stayed in the USA I doubt we would have had the opportunity. ....we'd be staying in our rut. Surf...eat...sleep...repeat...etc. We were pretty isolated and selfish and I admit it.
  7. Well consider the folks at the very bottom of the pecking order....the Ngobe who do not have any insurance and are barely feeding the family. What kind of care do they get? They suffer. Many of us who have lived here for nearly a decade care for one or more of these families when they need help, a birthday or Christmas party. The burden is substantial and constant but we realize they have zero options but to ask for help. The family we are most attached to had their father in critical health in the ICU of the Regional hospital. Finally the hospital told them to take him home. They hauled him home and nursed him until he died . Meanwhile they started to dig his grave in his backyard..imagine that. We helped pay for the hospital and the wood box. Same thing happened with their daughter hit by a car. They carried her home with forced discharge and nursed her themselves. She recovered ( brain damage). Another 2 yr old child in that family we helped bury last year. In January another needs reconstructive surgery to his knee ( failed previous surgery and he's now a cripple) ; the child is retarded as well. Long list. Keeps us humble and thankful for what we have. I
  8. Shot in the face...and 10 times. wow. Now of all places to dump the guy I find it strange he was found in a ditch next to the entry road to Los Molinos. Not exactly in the middle of nowhere where chance of being observed might be less. Humm maybe they wanted to off him before they reached the checkpoint.
  9. I think Panama holds the world record for cars, trucks and buses flipped upside-down....
  10. I think they were with. just ask them to omit it
  11. Terraza Sushi This is a new restaurant located just off the Boquete Highway on the east side of the road about 2 blocks before the Cefati. In the same building complex is a fruit/vegetable stand as well as a computer repair shop. Right now they open at 5 pm but soon they will be open for lunch at 11. Price is reasonable and the portions are large. There is a good variety of choices. We tried 5 different rolls and every one was very good. We will definatly go back there again. They deliver ! We stopped by early, placed our order and had them deliver it. Can't beat it.
  12. It's time to help animals in your Community!

    If you have a dog you love...donate. 1 or 2 dollars....please give something Alison
  13. This dog needs your help

    Wow. whoever took the dog needs help. Specify "Joanne" the dog when you donate.
  14. Yah I find it useful as well. I always use one when I put streaks in my hair....and you can see the difference one plastic bag makes!
  15. OK so ban chucking the bags and bottles in bushes, streams and rivers. ( I know I know it already is banned ). But at LEAST do something worthwhile with the damn stuff