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  1. It's easy ! We've done it. Do get the instructions in writing from the Embassy and follow them to the letter. Photo can be done at MBE. The Embassy address on the package is a tad different from how you make out the check. It's a minor difference . We had some omissions on the form and the Embassy contacted us by email and we were able to correct that omission by email. In 2 weeks we had our new passports delivered here to MBE along with the old one with the customary holes punched in the expired passport. MBE took care of the DHL mailing. The fee was not cheap but cheaper than a trip to the big city and a whole lot less hassle. We then took our new passports along with our old ones with our E Cedula to the Migration office in David ( In the Mall next to Pricesmart.) They update your date, stamp your new Passport . In was an in and out in 10 minutes for 2 people...some kind of a record for a government office. ALISON
  2. Pantah I am finding that I have had less problems with items from known common providers like AMAZON and SWANSONS vitamins. I received a lipstick (eventually ) from a provider called PHARM PACKS and that one tube of lipstick stayed in scrutiny for over a month. Pantah's EDTA may that white powder in a bottle that keeps them puzzling for eternity in customs. Who knows. I did look up EDTA on the Swanson's Health Products site and found it there. Just an idea is to order one bottle with other innocuous products and see if it arrives.
  3. Interesting Penny......We need a Panamanian Culture topic because there are many thing we all may not be aware of........ Alison
  4. Yes. My Ngobe friends call me, hang up and anticipate I'll call them back. They are always out of minutes...or almost always
  5. I don't want to wish myself bad luck but I usually order my multivitamin supplements in 6 month batches for Bill and I. I get a better price that way. No doubt when customs sees a box full of the same multivit bottle they will think I'm a vitamin pusher. It would seem if needed the recipient here could get a written prescription from a doc here to have on file along with a affidavit statement made by the client ( with Cedula # etc etc) that these items are for personal use and have that on file electronically at MBE . A bit of an ordeal yes but it would ease the stickiness of going through the flaming hoops over and over for both MBE, the client...and as well customs that should have better things to do than to interdict vitamins and prescription medication for retirees.
  6. We had that happen last month. What's funny is...the reason is Bil had run out of minutes on his phone. We though for sure there was something wrong with the phone or network. Boy did we feel stupid.....
  7. Yesterday we looked out the window here at Brisas and saw what looked like a moving cloud. On closer observation it was a swarm on all sides of the house front and back all moving in one direction ( East to West) . Today I spoke to a neighbor located 1 1/2 blocks away and he observed the same at his house. Bill blasted a bunch of them with hornet spray that were wanting to get cozy along with a gzillion buddies on one of our gutter down pipes. This morning our exterminator came for his usual visit. He took a close look and said this was a type of hornet. Each one was the size of your little finger nail...teeny critters. They did not bite nor tend to land on you either. Anybody else observe them yesterday? ( Friday June 23 around noonish) Here's a picture of one:
  8. Ad does not mention for RENT or FOR SALE..unless I missed it. Without prices a lot of folks might pass it by.
  9. It has to do with PATIENCE. As was mentioned in a previous post: all things take time to iron out...pot holes were mentioned. My response had to do with the amount of PATIENCE necessary.....pot hole given as an example of stretching patience to the max. Yah.. a tad convoluted I admit....
  10. This is a deal..the real deal. You don't speak?...sign up! ALISON
  11. Yes Judy, if you notice they seem to grow fairly quickly. There are about 5 in a row on the hwy coming up to Boquete from Brisas. A few look like they could cause some serious tire damage.
  12. Moderator comment: this posting and the associated replies were split out from a different topic because the content went off-topic. The subject of the source topic was delays in bringing items in through customs. I agree on the patience factor.....especially with the potholes. It helps to have eyes like an eagle and a good memory.