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  1. Our hearts ache for friends and family who loved this woman . Our sincere condolences are sent their way. RIP Mamie. Alison and Bill Brundage
  2. Should this happen, what would be the end benefit? Just curious
  3. Brundageba

    Come Celebrate Dr.Dru Aguilar tomorrow

    Might be nice to bring along a favorite sweet treat along with some flowers from the yard.....Dru would like that ! (smile) . We sure do miss Dru ! Alison
  4. Brundageba

    Memories of our dear friend Dru Aguilar

    Dru's Bench We have a seat and it's kinda neat, it sits in the yard with a view. We sit out there in the cool mountain air and think of our times spent with Dru. There's such a breeze, and pollen...we sneeze and a moment of sadness wafts by. We miss you Dru. We think of you, and those thoughts cause us to cry. But in our seat that's oh no neat, we can see such a beautiful view. The sky up high, and birds flyin' by, and happiness in thoughts of you. A hummingbird drinks from a flower nearby; a hawk squawks chased by a bird. The sounds we hear make us feel you're near. The sweetest sounds we've heard. So cheers to you Dru ! YOU are the view: the flowers, the wind and the sky. We sit in this seat...oh so neat; You're near...so why should we cry ? We love and miss you Dru! Alison and Bill Brundage
  5. Brundageba

    Big Changes at the BCP

    Sometimes I think we need to lighten up a bit. A suggestion might possibly have been warranted , but I don't think a crucifixion was necessary. To these folks it's big change to move from one location at the Tuesday market to another. I'm sure they had no clue how the title might have misled some folks. Share their joy ........and move on. Life's short.
  6. Brundageba

    Big Changes at the BCP

    No big deal...hey I really enjoyed their piece. Seemed informative rather than pushy in a marketing sorta way.
  7. Bonnie said " And my reason for posting was to share that I have not experienced any "changing in the attitude toward expats" by Panamanians. I think your experience was an isolated one." I agree with both Bud and as well Palo Alto Jo. I do believe there's a slow change occurring as Bud mentioned. We had an attorney that we really liked (...even gave a pretty nice wedding gift to that person). Anyway...at the last gasp when our E Cedula was getting completed, the fee was more than doubled. We of course asked why. The answer was "expenses incurred in Panama City". OK so we asked for an itemized invoice. The response we received was beyond rude but was very much directed at us as being Gringos stated very specifically and extremely negatively. We were astounded and as well hurt to say the least ( did I mention angry as well?) . This attorney must have had negative experiences with foreigners. As well this attorney felt it AOK to double a fee on the Gringo client then react when we balked. OK so that attorney lost a client. This is an experience that's hard to forget...and as well explain. I realize that we can't generalize....and won't. Panamanians are still very special in the eyes of my husband and myself.
  8. Agree. In Hawaii, it's lack of space. Homeless are forced into the public arena and common public bathrooms and showers at beaches. Those facilities are plentiful there....but so are bad attitudes from those folks and it could well be drug related. There is no comparison when it comes to just basic kindness and regard for others here among Panamanian citizens of all economic classes. It is immediately noticeable. That said, we are seeing a growth of gang-punk mentality that goes along with drugs and crime here.
  9. Others here were posting comparisons . Changes, struggles with housing and cost of living, and with that sometimes bad attitudes ...thus my 2 cents. In Hawaii the white man and the tourist receive the spit in the face from those who have-not. 1. Rare to see this kind of homelessness in Panama. Penny had mentioned that. 2. When home costs escalate, and no provisions are made for low-middle and low income families such as affordable housing , problems like this Hawaii-homelessness occur. You don't see that severe degree of homelessness here. ( I compare Panama to Hawaii because everybody perceives Hawaii as paradise) In this day and age, most communities have their problems, some worse than others. 3. As a Gringo here happily retired with my memory of the Hawaii I left not too dim, I can easily tune out any bad attitudes directed at me for "causing cost of living problems here ". I am sympathetic, and will do my share to help others, but I will not internalize blame for problems I did not cause.
  10. Homelessness in Hawaii where we came from. From downtown Honolulu ( photo #1) to the beaches from Diamondhead to the North Shore ( #2&3) there are tents and make-shift homes. These are homes with families being raised, furniture inside and all using public facilities to shower and toilet. Paradise?.....nope dangerous. Lots of drug abuse and drug sales. With that goes theft of all kinds with tourists as prey. Our condominium we purchased has tripled in value. It's a 30 yr old building with maintenance fees now at $700/month. I calculated at that rate we would have paid in the area of $100,000.00 in maintenance fees for the two condos we owned since we left 11 years ago....(that's not including utilities BTW). Soooooo, folks ask us "Why did you leave paradise?"....and "What ever do you do there in Panama?" Those are the common questions. Today, I'm doing nothing, enjoying everything turn green and bloom, listening to the birds tweeting and thanking God I'm here ! ( I do a lot of that !)
  11. Brundageba

    Coworking and Innovation HUB in Boquete!

    Where we used to live in the states, old stores like Woolworths and Penny's Dept stores that went out of business stayed fallow until some entrepreneur got hold of the building and rented out spaces. The stores then became like little mini malls.