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  1. Just heard that a law was passed yesterday that will allow Americans, Australians, Canadians and Brits to obtain residency status for $500 dollars without using a lawyer. Does anyone know anything about this?
  2. Red tide occurred in FL when I lived there. The common explanation by officials was "we don't know why it happens". FL processes sewage and sends it out 3 miles into the gulf by pipes. Are we thinking this might contribute to an ammonia problem? Raw sewage is also dumped nightly by most cruise ships. We continue to pollute without an end in sight.
  3. Is this why my throat is sore off and on every March and I have a stuffy nose? Probably the dust flying around from the road work downtown doesn't help.
  4. Thanks Keith. Another American friend of mine was also detained in Miami, missed 3 connecting flights, was stripped searched all because a dog sniffed something in his bag. It was leather and he bought it used. Moral is, if you buy a used suitcase, clean it out well as you never know what's been in it.
  5. I am astounded by these stories!!!!! How horrible. Just reinforces my desire to leave.
  6. What do they do if you do have $10k?
  7. Look at these cuties! As ARF is always on top of vet visits and sterilization, I am sure these kitties are no different and have been given a clean bill of health.
  8. As a "usually very up" Canadian, I apologize for seeming to be a skeptic Keith but with everything going on with Panama immigration these days, I admit to being a bit soured by the attitudes and lack of clear direction of the Panamanian government. I am sure in the Martinelli era, these funds were also subject to the corruption of that government. I work with the indigenous children at Casa Esperanza and am very fulfilled with this work and, while my contribution is small, I am glad other organizations are stepping up to help with funding. It is really needed.
  9. This is good news but it remains to be seen how much of it actually gets to those who need it.
  10. Sorry, I thought Mr. Feeley said in the Boquete area there were 4500 expats. Thanks for the correction. My point is not that all these people will up and leave but that we make a distinct contribution to the economy in Panama. Why don't we have representation or at least a lobby group bringing up points that concern us? Money talks, BS walks. A lot of us came here (especially those without finger prints) because we had the option to border hop to reset our passports. Now we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. While I respect every countries right to make their own rules i would expect that a grace period for those select few per law 591 (Americans, Brits, Canadians and Australians) would be in order. I spend over $1,000 per month and I rent from a Panamanian who lives in David. Most who rent here are spending over $1k per month and those that can afford a home here are supporting retail, trades people and utilities to an amount more than $1k per month I would guess.
  11. My understanding is you have to stay out of the country for 6 months to get another 6 months as a tourist. Wrong?
  12. Per the U.S. ambassador, there are 4500 expats (mostly all retirees) in the Boquete area. If each spends $1,000 per month that is 4.5 million going into the local economy monthly.
  13. I have to agree with you in principal Jim however, I came here to retire and, while doing business here is a nightmare (I have a friend who started a business in David and after 1.5 years, still does not have a bank account) it is impossible to be here as a retiree these days as well. We don't work so we are not taking jobs, we contribute millions to the Chiriqui economy monthly and we are responsible for many charitable organizations that help so many groups but we are still caught up in the recent legislation. If they are doing this to retirees I can only imagine how much harder it will be in the future for people wanting to start businesses here.