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  1. How horrible! What would motivate someone to do this? Surely not money.
  2. Clothes washer for sale. Scaled down model that washes a regular size load that a full size washer would wash. Bought in July of this year and still has plastic on the lid. Lots of load settings and options. Purchased from La Reina for $277 and will sell for $200. Contact me through CL please.
  3. This is horrible. Does Panama have the automatic death sentence for those who murder police?
  4. Canadian Thanksgiving Gathering and Dinner

    There were a number of picture takers and I hope they post them. The event was well received by everyone, Canadians and Honorary Canadians, that I talked to. The food was amazing, salads, roast turkey and all the trimmings and wonderful desserts. We made just under $1,000 for less fortunate kids to attend camp this year. Thank you all for your contributions to the 50/50 draw (the winner donated her half to the Kids Camp, thanks Colleen) and the bar. LOL Many of our wonderful volunteers donated their food which helped out immensely and I would like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart for the hard work they put into this event. Who knows, maybe there will be an American Thanksgiving feast! :-)
  5. This dog needs your help

    Perhaps ARF can help. They often remove animals from homes like this one and the police accompany them.
  6. This dog needs your help

    A horrible situation of abuse! It amazes me that animals who are subjected to the worst possible situations can bounce back with loving care and become the best pets ever.
  7. 2018 Calendars Available Soon!

    Well said Bonnie! Thank you for your rescue. ARF has many cats and dogs needing homes. See them at the Library today.
  8. Just heard from a Boquete friend who recently moved there and the roof on her rental failed and her home flooded. She says there is debris everywhere and a lot of damage. There is no electricity except for those who have generators.
  9. Urgently seeking a foster home

    How cute! ARF does not adopt out animals that are not spayed or neutered so foster homes are needed between the time the animals are taken in by ARF and the time they are adoptable (and find forever homes) which is usually after shots and neutering. With special circumstance animals, sometimes they are fostered a little longer but the object is to get every animal a forever home as quickly as possible. Please help where you can.
  10. Good work ARF! Going to buy a t-shirt for sure!
  11. Isn't David allergic to traffic lights. I have never been a city of this size with so few.
  12. This is good news providing the court system in Panama gets its act together before he arrives otherwise he might be able to bribe someone to get a lower sentence.
  13. It seems to me that, when expats take over an area, there is some destruction to the social and financial aspects of the community over the long haul. Boquete is a good example in my opinion. Housing is out of reach for most Panamanians (and a lot of expats) and, in just the 3 years I have been here, I have found rising prices affecting food, restaurants, clothing etc. The government has implemented price controls on some food items just so the locals can afford to eat. I think Medellin is worth taking a look at.
  14. All banks and financial institutions charge a "premium" on currency exchange. It is essentially a bank charge. By offering you a better exchange rate, the companies you are looking at invest your money for the time they are holding it and possibly make a killing in short term interest income. If it were me considering this option, I would be very careful to do my research into the stability of the company involved. Remember, you are depending on strangers to invest your money in order to offer you a better exchange rate and even the most reliable companies have gone under because of stupid decisions.