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  1. What if a person has been here 2 years and was border hopping during the time the migracion service allowed this type of renewal? Will these folks be penalized for abiding by the "discretionary" rules?
  2. I think it is fair to note that there are also some very bad sorts here that prey on, degrade and humiliate people just for fun. Ning is full of them! Probably there are more NPI's (nuts per square inch) here because we are such a small community that they "stick out". While I too lament the fact that we may not have Don's wit with us on a daily basis anymore, I am confident their reasons for leaving are good ones and wish him and Lilliam all the best in the U.S. As I too make arrangements to journey to Europe, I am looking forward to getting together with former Boquete residents in Spain.
  3. Contact Benjamin - I live in a brand new 2/2 downtown unfurnished (has all appliances incl. washer/dryer) for $600 and the furnished units are $750. It is a split bedroom plan with each having it's own bathroom. It is completely enclosed and we have 2 dogs and 4 cats here already. One of the four units is vacant now and 2 others are coming available in a couple months.
  4. Due to the recent changes in immigration here in Panama, I find I must leave permanently and have chosen Portugal as my next inexpensive destination. I brought my cat with me from FL when I moved here 2.5 years ago and it was very traumatizing for him. When he passed away after almost 2 years here, I adopted 2 Panamanian calicos who are my babies. I do not want to put them through a 2+ day flight to Portugal even under sedation. I believe this is a cruelty that I wish to avoid. They need homes here. They are both female and spayed. Annie is a princess and Zelda is a tom boy and they are both very loyal and loving. I love them both dearly. Please contact me at if you are able to help me in this matter.
  5. I know local vets in Boquete who use the labs in town that diagnose for both people and animals. Are these results to be trusted?
  6. How horribly sad! My condolences to those who knew him and also to his family.
  7. Unfortunately, these old frame houses are probably riddled with termites. Bringing them back to life is usually a costly build and it is definitely cheaper to tear them down and put up a termite proof structure instead. A shame.
  8. I have never had vegetables and fruits as fresh as I have had in Boquete. They actually let the tomatoes ripen on the vine instead of gassing them like they do in the US and Canada. The pineapples I have eaten here are the juiciest and sweetest in the world! Why we are not exporting more of these crops is a crime. This wonderful and natural industry is just waiting to be exploited.
  9. I agree with Judy whole heartedly! I did do some research on this and found that E Passports are now being issued in the US. The passport contains a chip with information on it like fingerprints and retinal scans. Most industrialized nations now issue these new passports and I believe one can have the chip installed on an old passport. Hopefully this will eliminate theft and falsification and make the entry into a new country a little easier. Other means of identification for those without fingerprints will hopefully be added to this chip.
  10. "Other processes will also be available as of April 15". Per what I read in ning. Waiting on details.
  11. Beware of the yellow hail. LOL There were some pretty heavy hail storms in Florida when I lived there. So large they damaged cars.
  12. Apparently (per Olga S. on that "other" blog) the Panamanian government is trying to simplify the immigration process and are encouraging people to apply online without a lawyer. This is probably upsetting a lot of lawyers who make their living serving the expat community. There are more changes on the way.
  13. I hope they will also provide computers for those in remote regions to access internet education. A great first step in providing quality education to all children.
  14. I still do not understand. When I leave the country utilizing any method, I will have to pay $1500 because I border hopped for 2 years? If I choose to apply for any residency, is this penalty payable at that time? If this is so, this seems like a trap to me.
  15. While I agree that these discounts were probably intended to help those citizens whose income is less than adequate, I also believe that the discounts are one of the reasons retirees come here. Offering benefits to the elderly regardless of nationality is one of the lures I am sure the Panamanian government uses to get us to move here in the first place.