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  1. I have to wonder about the intelligence of these maleantes. Do they not realize that everything is caught on cameras these days?
  2. ARF does amazing work for the abused and homeless animals of Chiriqui. Fosters are desperately needed! Please contact ARF if you would like to foster a dog or cat, food and vet care is supplied and, even if you cannot foster, helping with a donation is greatly appreciated.
  3. Cash, cash, cash!
  4. Many thanks to all our contributors for the success of the Casa Esperanza Yard Sale. We raised $1100 and have enough left over for the Handicapped Association and the Comarca. What an awesome caring community we live in.
  5. I am hoping that, with more and more countries putting solar to use, the price will become cost efficient. I think a combination of solar and wind turbines here in Panama would be the best solution. The solar electric town in Florida (whose name escapes me) is a combo solar and gas installation.
  6. As you know, Casa Esperanza is dear to my heart. The children they serve here in Boquete are amazing and the staff is second to none. So glad they are being recognized for their dedication to our finca children.
  7. How is it that a mass murderer and drug dealer even has enough money for this surgery? Did Panama not seize his assets when he was convicted? Now I realize that there are ways to hide ownership but it just does not seem fair to me that the Panamanian's who are suffering similar illnesses and have no money to pay for treatments should be ignored over this criminal. He should just be left in jail until his final days with only minimal medical care just like all the other Panamanians serving life sentences. He is less than worthy of special consideration.
  8. Do you think if I ask, Taiwan will give me a house? LOL One has to wonder what Taiwan has planned long term for their relationship with Panama. Hmmmmmm
  9. Thank you so much, I too copied the address off the website and know that Keith did the same. Thank you for making the correction. I needed to attach a file which is why I preferred email.
  10. Thank you Keith but this address does not work. I was hoping to get hold of someone in Alto Boquete Radio Chiriqui.
  11. Does anyone have an email for Radio Chiriqui in Alto Boquete? I am hoping to get them to broadcast to the Panamanian community the Casa Esperanza yard sale on the 29th. Thanks, Marie
  12. This is very good news!!!!!! Thanks Bonnie.
  13. No law is any good unless it is enforced. What about sexual assault within the family? I have heard that there are indigenous families where young girls are fair game regardless of family afiliation. Then there are those sex offenders who come here from other countries to prey on young children because laws are not enforced. A pedophile will always stalk and test a child before making a move. Then they convince the child to not talk about it for fear of retribution. Not only is sex education important, building the self esteem of these young girls/boys is essential. They need to know it is wrong for adults to do these things and that they should say no and tell someone they can trust so laws can be enforced. All this in a 5 hour school day? So many changes have to be made to make this problem go away.
  14. I am with you Bonnie, I too was confused! I was initially hoping that the 90 day rule had been dropped for people from these 4 countries but apparently that is not to be.