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  1. Hi SP87, I was just informed by Carmen at PGLS that the 2 year visa has been cancelled as of May 31st. Do you have any knowledge of this? Carmen is a lawyer and may just be trying to encourage me to go for the Pensionado with her so I do not necessarily trust what I am being told. Since you have gone through it, could you please provide me with the website where I apply? Did you pay $517? Also, I was told this was a residency visa so you should be ok with a one way ticket. In Europe you cannot apply for permanent residency for 3 - 4 years (depending on type of visa) and the temporary 12 month visas are considered residency until permanent residency can be obtained. Thanks for your help with this.
  2. This is wonderful news. This should help those who are left with no option but to return to their country of origin for this kind of care.
  3. In the last year I personally know of 8 people moving to Spain and a multitude more moving back to wherever they came from. The posting here and in ning outlining the "rumor" that Panama is going back to the 3 day border hop gave the reason that there is some alarm at the number of expats leaving the country.
  4. Has anyone heard more on the border hop 3 day rule returning? I would like to know also if anyone has gone for the $500 two year visa and what that process was like.
  5. Wonder who pays the "finders fee" for these services?
  6. Just another reason to move elsewhere. I see postings about how upset the Panamanian government is about the fact that expats are leaving in droves but they continue to make it more and more difficult for us to stay.
  7. I am not sure Panama can afford its own military. They first need to pour more money into the education system in my opinion.
  8. I ordered them separately so I did not exceed the $100 limit for customs.
  9. Colleen has opened a new "gluten free" bakery/restaurant in Alto Boquete across from the new medical center under construction in the pea green building that Daniel Higgins built. Her food is amazing and safe for those who suffer food allergies like she does.
  10. I ordered about a year ago. I ordered 3 paring knives, 6 steak knives and a chefs knife along with the sharpener. They are Rada's light weight aluminum collection and I love them.
  11. While I am always glad to see REASONABLY priced restaurants opening in the area, it seems we have more than our fair share of Italian ones. Hope they do well.
  12. I would check with Betty Gray at Gray River Farms. I am not sure if she grafts them but I know she has quite a few that are growing fast.
  13. I bought Rada knives from Amazon and had no trouble getting them into the country through E Shop.