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  1. I had the pleasure of being in attendance when Mr. Feeley was at the Boquete library. I found him to be intelligent and personable. I am sure he will be missed.
  2. Colleen added a turkey burger, hard to find in Panama. I have had her lemon squares and they are to "die" for!
  3. Per the restaurant, nothing compares to Shwartz' smoke meat in Montreal. Mmmmmmmm
  4. Maybe you should also consider a veggie burger for those who do not eat meat Leslie. While I do not eat red meat, I have to admit your pics look extra yummy!
  5. Panama Represented in the Rose Bowl Parade

    Loved the salsa dancing band members! How original.
  6. A country can never have too many Canadians! LOL
  7. I too do Duolingo daily. I also use Translate Google for words I run across on TV or while travelling about. I live in Medellin now and even when I was living in Boquete I found that most Spanish speaking persons will correct you or help you out when you stumble. Even though I have garnered enough Espanol to make small sentences, I am shy about doing so in public. Need to get over this! Are Rocket Spanish and Language Transfer free?
  8. Oh Daniel, you have given Boquete Gringo pricing I think. Gosh, even in touristy Florida most of these dishes were $5.95. Do the dishes compare to the "Chinese Steak House" in David?
  9. Some months ago Daniel mentioned to me he might open an Asian restaurant because Boquete did not have one and he used to work in one in the U.S. I wonder if this is his place (?). Fortunately for me, Medellin is full of Chinese restaurants! They even deliver. LOL
  10. I was lucky that, before I left for Medellin, I was able to get 2 months supply of my meds from Revilla. They had so little in stock. I have not refilled here in Medellin but I am hoping I do not have the same problems as Panama.
  11. If I recall correctly didn't they return the coke bottle to the Gods as a useless device in the end?
  12. I too was in a bus going to David when an officer got on and looked at everyone. I thought maybe they were looking for someone specific as I did not know Varela was coming to town.
  13. Microclimates and pests

    I tried everything for sugar ants and found that food grade (not harmful to animals) diatamaceous (sp?) earth gets rid of them in about an hour after application. Putting it in a shaker and making a line where they have to cross is a good methodology. It can be bought for $5 per bag at the organic vegetable stand right in the front when you come down the stairs.
  14. Obviously, someone is taking advantage of the government budget!