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  1. While I am a big advocate of education, I think "teaching abstinence" will do very little. The hormones of teens are popping all over the place at this age and experimentation will happen. Think back to your high school years. Teaching about birth control I think would be slightly more beneficial. 27 pregnancies a day, wow!!!!!
  2. In Boquete Mountains Discovered "Giant 4 Leaf Clover!"

    I have a brother-in-law in Vancouver who has a whole patch of them on his property. He actually won the lottery in Canada in the 80's and he did not wear a foil conical hat. Coincidence? LOL
  3. I contacted Gert Lammers, president of the European Narcolepsy Network, who originally told me that “the results are very important, but they need to do a replication study in a large group of patients and controls.” Quoted from the article you sent. There needs to be replication of the original study. The program I saw stated that the only thing in common with these children stricken with narcolepsy is the vaccine. There are hundreds of children in Europe and Britain who have this problem and there are class action suits against the drug company. While no science is perfect, I am glad this particular pediatric vaccine has been pulled from production. Too much controversy over these issues and everyone has an opinion and belief. None are 100% right and no opinion is 100% wrong. I believe in doing my research before having my body injected with something that may be a hit or miss.
  4. Stinging SilkMouth Caterpillar

    Would be easy to step on though since it looks like foliage. No more bare feet for me!
  5. I have a friend in Canada whose daughter died from immunization. The virus' moved into her organs and slowly broke them down. She was 15 years old when she died. I was informed at that time that 1 in 10,000 children dies from immunization but very few die of measles. A well respected person from this community worked as a drug rep for "Big Pharma" and she will tell you what they push on people that have deadly effects. Look at the thalidimine (sp?) problem of the 60's or the dalkan shield issue of the 70's to name a few. All were approved even though they knew there were problems. Someone has to pay for the development and a few deaths and deformities are worth the risk. I viewed a program on Nat Geo that outlined the most recent problem with a vaccine given to children in Britain and the EU that caused them all to develop narcolepsy. Talk about ruining lives, they cannot drive, work or socialize. There will always be controversy on both sides of the argument but I believe we have to educate ourselves and determine what is best for us as individuals.
  6. BCP Elections

    Congratulations to all!!!!!
  7. Only my opinion of the situation which I believe works for me. Everyone needs to evaluate their own situation. Where does one go in Boquete to get the vaccine, do you know Bonnie?
  8. Obviously I am not a medical professional but the Canadian studies are downgrading success rates of flu vaccines in general and this is upsetting to me. I assumed this meant the H1N1 as well. If this new vaccine is for type A & B is an improvement, I suppose time will tell. Doe's anyone know if these flu virus' mutate and adapt like other virus'?
  9. Seems like there is no reason for seniors in our expat community to get the shot if it is not working half the time. I have never had a flu shot simply because the shots contain last years flu virus' and it is my understanding that many of these virus' mutate and adapt making the shot obsolete.
  10. Hermanos Gago SA

    Thanks all.
  11. Hermanos Gago SA

    Is this the place across from Alto Dorado plaza? If so, I went there for vegetables and they had none yet their sign says they have veggies.
  12. Too funny Bonnie! Panama just recognized Taiwan as being part of China. I am thinking that would not be politically correct for the Taiwanese.
  13. There are small farms that are growing "organic" trout, salmon and tilapia. These fish take longer to grow and, because they spawn naturally, are seasonal. In my opinion, GMO is not necessary if we all learn to eat what is available seasonally.
  14. I have a friend in the US who is interested in teaching English to the Chinese as was advertised about 9 - 12 months ago on several blogs in Boquete. Does anyone still have this information? I did a search and was not able to find the original post. Thanks all!
  15. Makes one wonder if the Miami mayor is being paid off as well! Maybe he has been taking lessons from Martinelli ("Teacher") on how to cheat Miami tax payers.