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  1. Assuming that you OWN the vehicle and currently have automobile insurance .... all you need to do is notify your insurance company - your vehicle will be insured in Costa Rica - no need to purchase any additional insurance. Now, regarding all the other required paperwork to take YOUR vehicle across the border, I recommend that you contact Irma Castillo at "Keep It Simple Panama" (KISP) at 730-5263 or 730-5960 .... keepitsimplepanama@gmail.com ---- she speaks both Spanish and English and can assist you with all of the required paperwork to cross the border with your vehicle. As a note .... you cannot take a rental vehicle across the border.
  2. Oktoberfest


    Geez .... that wasn't told to us .... I would have had 4 steins within the short period we were there
  3. Oktoberfest


    We were there with friends ... left much earlier than we planned because the music was entirely too loud. Also, didn't like paying $2.00 for a $.69 can of beer .... but we did
  4. Indeed PANAMA PRESIDENT DECLARES NATIONAL HOLIDAY AFTER HISTORIC WORLD CUP QUALIFICATION http://www.goal.com/en-au/news/panama-president-declares-national-holiday-after-historic/c26jduoirx8s1el9h5iwyhyb3
  5. Panama qualified for the World Cup finals for the first time on Tuesday after a 2-1 victory over Costa Rica https://sports.yahoo.com/soccer-panama-reach-world-cup-honduras-playoff-us-020822389--sow.html
  6. Ok - Thanks Keith. That's what I believed. I thought from the original post, that they were just towing vehicles based upon the expired tag (not basing it upon actual paperwork). Whew
  7. Scenario .... your car tags are expired, but you have a letter from Dolega (where registered), citing that they do not have your new plates and that your old tags are valid until a specific date? Said letter is visible in the front windshield. Any thoughts??
  8. Locksmith / Keys Copied

    Beat me to it .... it is close, if not next door to, the Night Club Tropical.
  9. I wanted to provide another source for a Locksmith, located in David, that I happened to stumble upon. They are located on "Avenida 5a Este" (between "Calle B Nte" and "Calle Aristides Romero") and their phone number is 6676-3638. They have a very large selection of key blanks. I couldn't pull them up on Google Maps, but I did snap a picture....
  10. Uh, the news on this one was 28 days late. However, there was a 5:3 magnitude in Costa Rica earlier this morning ...... WWW.GLOBALINCIDENTMAP.COM Type: EarthQuake12 hours ago Magnitude: 5.3DateTime: 2017-09-01 02:42:44 Region: 10km SW of Nicoya, Costa Rica Depth: 19.13 Source: USGS Feed
  11. WWW.GLOBALINCIDENTMAP.COM Type: EarthQuake 13 hours ago Magnitude: 4.1 DateTime: 2017-08-24 19:43:45 Region: 29km E of Portobelo, Panama Depth: 43.58 Source: USGS Feed
  12. High-Pressure Hose Repair

    On my way to David, I did stop at El Dorado first - they were unable to repair my high-pressure water hose (for a power washer). However, Ramsa De Chiriqui was great!! They repaired it while I waited, maybe 10 minutes, brand new fitting - under $10.00 - highly recommended for any type of hose repair you may have!!
  13. High-Pressure Hose Repair

    Received valuable info - thanks. Nothing else needed. http://www.ramsachi.com
  14. Hello ... does anyone know where I can get a high pressure water hose repaired?? You can respond to me here or via WhatsApp @ 6916-8521. Thanks,
  15. Can a new topic be started on this ...... so that we don't have to go to the end of page "??" to find the last post?? It is very annoying!!!