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  1. Whskyman

    Where to pay the water bill

    Sorry, I should have specified that this is for Volcancito ..... I have found their receipt for the previous year .... but no address. THANK YOU
  2. Hello: Our landlord asked us to prepay his (and our) water bill for the year and sadly, I do not know where to go and pay it and/or their hours of operation. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Brian
  3. Hello ...... is the Duty Free store on the Costa Rica side of the border? If so, can I park on our border and walk to it? Sorry to be so ignorant, but I have never been there. Thank you, Brian
  4. Thank you for the information Evelyn .... I appreciate it.
  5. Hello: Does anyone know if there are local building codes/laws or who I can contact regarding building codes for the installation of new septic tank service for new home builds? Thanks, Brian
  6. Was there any reason given for the closure of Scotia in David? I wonder if the branch here in Alto Boquete is safe?
  7. It's been off and on .... then off and on - up in Volcancito Village ..... for the past two days
  8. Sitting here in traffic on the Boquete highway .... doesn't appear to be a wreck, but rather school van's block the highway and entrance to Volcancito road. No sign of policia yet.
  9. Whskyman

    Floral Shop

    Thank you to all that responded ...... no sunflowers to be found today. THANK YOU> Brian
  10. Whskyman

    Floral Shop

    Hello. Is there a floral shop in Boquete or nearby? I am looking for sunflowers to take to a viewing at a Funerary today and those were her favorite. Thank you, Brian 6916-8521
  11. Whskyman


    Hello: I am looking for boxes to move our friends (our neighbors) ..... they are retired/limited income and are moving locally. Preferably looking for free boxes and will pass them on to someone (or return). Thank you, Brian WhatsApp -- 6916-8521 email: bdleonardusmc@gmail.com
  12. The tremor was actually a 4.6? Magnitude 4.6 earthquake Affected countries: Costa Rica and Panama 20 km from Puntarenas Province, Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica · Sep 13, 8:36 PM
  13. Does anyone know why the electric has been off (Volcancito Road area) for about 12 hours now?? Thanks,
  14. I'm sorry ..... some J.A. one Boquete.ning saw the video on YouTube ..... then claimed it was because the drivers were "old" ... "expats". I couldn't bite my tongue, had to respond to him. Sure there there is a problem with ALL drivers (expats and Panamanians), but don't blame this one on "Bud"