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  1. Quality and timely information!!!! Thanks Keith. It's items like this that make this site most helpful and #1.
  2. Hear 4U Hospital Chiriquí

    I concur with Hil .... I purchased two hearings aids just last year - via the FMP (Foreign Medical Program) - the Veterans Administration. The entire staff at the Chiriqui Hospital are courtesy, knowledgeable and very professional. In addition, they are bi-lingual, which is a plus, if needed. They offer a variety of hearing aid products - I opted for the Resound brand (my wife loves them ). The communication throughout the entire process, was great!! I plan on attending one day during this Open House just to meet Dra. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, whom I communicated with, via email, during my experience purchasing my hearing aids. I have had quarterly follow-up appointments just to check on my hearing aids (and to tweak them a bit). This is a great place to go if you are a Veteran and need to establish your hearing loss. They will perform the necessary hearing exam and assist you with the preparation of the required DBQ. But, you do not need to be a Veteran to use their service --- anyone can benefit from their expertise and outstanding service - as it pertains to your hearing loss.
  3. I just wanted to provide an update on Dr. Almendral (as forwarded first-hand from a physician in Panama City). He is off all life support machines and is breathing on his own. He just needs to recover now. GREAT news to a fine surgeon!!
  4. Yes, that one I am familiar with - that's the one I was gonna try first. Thanks Keith.
  5. Ok - thank you for your input. I will try there.
  6. Hello. Does anyone know if a replacement battery cartridge for a Tripplite Backup Battery can be purchased locally (David, Boquete). I found one on Amazon, but thought I would look locally first. THANKS,
  7. Hello. I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I really appreciate the efforts put forth towards this forum .... the information provided is great!! Whether it's current events, news, or general questions, all of the content is interesting and helpful. THANK YOU to all that contribute ...... it is appreciated.
  8. Another suggestion .... SET TV @ https://www.setvnow.com/ It is only $20.00 per month, with no contract and you get service on three devices (i.e. phone, laptops, tablet). They offer all of the major network channels; premium channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.); free pay-per-view; Video on Demand, adult channels --- it's all included - they say 500 channels. They also offer a "cable box" for purchase if you want to hook up your TV, but you can also just run a HDMI cable from your laptop or tablet directly to your TV and view your TV that way. I like the service.
  9. Ivan's also has a good selection AND their prices are easy on the wallet
  10. IMO, CL is the better site in the region/Province. It is very informative and offers insight not found on other sites. GREAT JOB!!
  11. Hello. Has anyone used this new service from David to San Jose using Nature Air yet? Per their flight schedule, there is one daily flight from San Jose to David (at 09:40 a.m.) and one flight from David to San Jose (at 11:00 a.m.). However, it doesn't allow you to book the flight on-line (David is not an option). Thanks,
  12. The process does not take long. The folks at the hospital assist you with the paperwork and walk you thru the entire process. Please donate if you can and help this fellow human being.
  13. Hello. I am researching for friends ..... they need to have their windshield replaced on their car. I couldn't find anything on the topic when I searched this forum. Suggestions or recommendations?? Thanks,