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  1. Just curious ... As Wednesday, April 1st was a "female only" day, how and or why were these men allowed to be out running about??
  2. We informed our gardener about the possibility of a quarantine last week. We said that we would continue to pay him because it wasn't his fault and he still needed to provide for his family. He was most grateful ... especially when we gave him a little "extra".
  3. Oh, this will probably get me a "thumbs down" or whatever ..... BUT I agree. Big business is at play here. Vaping "MIGHT" only hurt the user (unlike cigarettes).
  4. 1st Case of COVID-19 in Chiriqui Province Chiriqui Province received it's very first confirmed case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tijeras (near Bugaba) on Friday, March 20, 2020. http://minsa.gob.pa/coronavirus-covid19
  5. Pangu & Kone Kanger Coils - Kangertech - PGOCC Mouth to lung inhale Huge vapor Pure flavor 44 coils - 0.50 Ω SUS316L 4 coils - 1 Ω - NiChrome 4 coils - 1.5 Ω – NiChrome ALL COILS ARE $3.00 EACH Contact: Brian 6916-8521
  6. "From the Center for Disease Control in the US, the 2017-2018 flu season saw 959,000 hospitalizations for the flu in the US, with 61,099 deaths. Last year, 2018-2019 season, the numbers were 490,000 and 34,200." I wonder how many of the deaths reported by the CDC were dismissed as "flu" related ..... when then may have been something else (i.e. coronavirus ... COVID-19)?? Numbers can be skewed and reported in many ways ... to strengthen an argument one way .... or another.
  7. My package was received by CVT in Miami on 23 JAN 2020 and should have been in Boquete by the 30th of January at the latest ..... but it was not. I kept inquiring with CVT about my package and they gave lame excuses - afraid to provide the truth. I finally received the WhatsApp message from "Empresa Deluxe International" on 11 FEB 2020, citing that they had my package in David. I picked up my package in David. If your package is "hostage" within the building in Boquete ..... I cannot offer any assistance with that other than to say, contact Empresa Deluxe International at 6317-0346 .... since they took over CVT. Their hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.Monday thru Friday ...... 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday
  8. Here is a WhatsApp message I received from them (which I've also translated) ..... you can pick up your CVT packages there.... Their number is 507-6317-0346 Brian saludos cordiales de Empresa Deluxe International hemos adquirido la cartera de cliente de cvt boquete pero hacemos la aclaracion que somos una empresa totalmente distinta e independiente, si usted desea adquirir nuestros servicios de casillero POBOX si debera realizar unos cambios en su direccion de envio, estamos ubicados en David Centro area bancaria, frente a los estacionamientos del edificio Canalbank al lado de elany salon, plaza Interprovincial. Se le informa de igual manera que le llego un paquete el cual puede retirar en nuestra sucursal en David en la direccion brindada. Best regards from Empresa Deluxe International, we have acquired the cvt boquete client portfolio but we make the clarification that we are a totally different and independent company, if you wish to purchase our POBOX locker services if you must make some changes in your shipping address, we are located in David Centro banking area, in front of the parking lots of the Canalbank building next to the elany salon, Interprovincial plaza. You are informed in the same way that you received a package which you can pick up at our branch in David at the address provided.
  9. Or ...... someone can get all the information they need to load and maintain their own firestick at: https://www.firesticktricks.com/
  10. Hello. Has anyone been able to log onto the Naturgy website and view/extract their bill for October?
  11. UPDATED: PRICE NOW REDUCED TO $11,750.00 ..... A GREAT ONE-OWNER CAR VERY LOW MILES PROFESSIONALLY SERVICED Very few cars for sale with low mileage like this vehicle Contact Brian via here or WhatsApp @ 6916-8521
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