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  1. High-Pressure Hose Repair

    On my way to David, I did stop at El Dorado first - they were unable to repair my high-pressure water hose (for a power washer). However, Ramsa De Chiriqui was great!! They repaired it while I waited, maybe 10 minutes, brand new fitting - under $10.00 - highly recommended for any type of hose repair you may have!!
  2. High-Pressure Hose Repair

    Received valuable info - thanks. Nothing else needed. http://www.ramsachi.com
  3. Hello ... does anyone know where I can get a high pressure water hose repaired?? You can respond to me here or via WhatsApp @ 6916-8521. Thanks,
  4. Can a new topic be started on this ...... so that we don't have to go to the end of page "??" to find the last post?? It is very annoying!!!
  5. Are the Administrators reading these posts?? Eliminate the "enhanced reputation" rating system .... it isn't necessary for a local forum.
  6. Judy - yes, the government fee for the Cedula was $65.00 each at the Civil Registry in Panama City. We did pay our attorney a $60.00 fee to accompany us to assist in the process. Then we picked them up in 7 days at the Tribunal Electoral in Boquete.
  7. Hello Julia & Sam: Obtaining your Cedula is the next progressive step in working towards your Panamanian citizenship, if you so choose to do so. As stated by Moderator_02, having your Cedula does simplify your day-to-day transactions - businesses use your Cedula number versus using your passport number (although you possess a pensionado visa). The cost to obtain the Cedula is very minimal ($65.00 each), but you must go to Panama City to obtain it - we just got ours in June. Your attorney should have a letter for you and should offer to go with you in PC to get your Cedula (ours did). Best of luck to ya'.
  8. My wife and I will be at Panafoto in David tomorrow afternoon and will gladly pick that up for you if you want. Let me know and also how many you want. Brian
  9. A Great Weekend for Bargain (and Fun) Seekers

    Thank ya' much Keith. I appreciate it.
  10. A Great Weekend for Bargain (and Fun) Seekers

    Where is the the "Handicap Foundation" ?? THANKS
  11. Hello: I am looking to see if anyone has first-hand experience and can recommend a Tattoo Artist in the Boquete/David area. I have one in Panama City, but am just looking for one closer, if possible. You can contact me here or via Whatsapp @ 6916-8521. Thank you, Brian
  12. OMG ... I find myself having to respond to this!! WTF ... Are you people still so hung up on "LABELS"??? If so, try this one on for size .... it fits everyone .... HUMAN BEINGS
  13. People get hung up on "LABELS" .... true Americans; African Americans; Asian Americans; republicans; democrats. Labels give people something to hide behind and/or talk about. As previously cited, if someone is a "citizen" of the United States or Central American or South America ..... then technically, they are an American. Unless you renounce that citizenship, you are still an American wherever you live (whether you like it or not). Are there "better" Americans?? In my opinion, yes. Any man or woman who has signed a blank check and served their Country .... in my opinion, better. A fireman, a policeman ... better (again, my opinion). Sure, people that are born here are Panamanian (but they could call themselves an American). I am personally a permanent resident here in PTY, but still an American. However, when people ask me where I am from, I say Panama. I celebrate the holidays here because this is where I live - my choice, my opinion. Just my $.02
  14. Crossbow Information

    Thank you folks .... I found my information. Nothing else needed.
  15. Hello. I am looking for someone with first-hand information regarding crossbow ownership here in Panama. You may contact me here, via WhatsApp at 6916-8521, or email at bdleonardusmc@gmail.com. Thank you very much,