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  1. Hello: I scoured the archives and could only find a 2015 posting of a gentleman - that I was unable to locate physically. I need a person to look at a couple of refrigerators and hopefully fix them. Thank you. Brian 6916-8521
  2. Whskyman

    Box of Women's Clothes to Donate

    Thank you for the information Bonnie .... I will contact themšŸ‘
  3. Hello: I know that I have seen posts on here before looking for any tangible item donation ... my wife has a box of clothes (in great condition) that she would like to donate. Please guide me to the correct people and I will deliver to them (I did try a search on the site and didn't find anything ... or else I search incorrectly). THANK YOU, Brian 6916-8521
  4. Just an interesting fact ..... of the twenty jockeys riding in the Kentucky Derby yesterday, three of them were from PanamašŸ™‚ Two were from Panama City and one from Chiriqui. I just thought that was pretty impressive for our Country.
  5. Hello: This information pertains to U.S. Veterans living in the area that have hearing aids and usually order their hearing batteries through the VA via eBenefits. In case you NOT have a local mail service/mailing address here in Panama and you do have your hearing aids delivered to the U.S., then shipped here to Panama ..... then this might interest you. I contacted JR at We Care Pharmacy in David regarding this and he was unsure about the topic and directed me to Hear4U in David. Since I have dealt with the doctor directly in Miami, I contacted her and her suggestion was that it was easier for Veteran's to utilize the Denver, CO website, via eBenefits. However, at the same time I texted her, I contacted FMP (via email) regarding the same topic. The following is a copy of our transmission: MY MESSAGE, dated 15 MAR 2018: to hac.fmp@va.gov Hello: I have a question regarding hearing aid batteries.... if a Veteran is service-connected for hearing loss and needs hearing aid batteries - must they order them from Denver OR can they purchase them here in the Republic of Panama, then submit a reimbursement claim to FMP?? Thank you, Brian THEIR RESPONSE, dated 19 MAR 2018: Sir Yes you can purchase them from a provider in Panama, just remember we need the invoice to show; 1. Name, type and serial number of the batteries, (to verify they are compatible for your hearing aid) 2. How many you are purchasing 3. Receipt of payment 4. Claim cover sheet. I have attached a copy of the most current FMP Claim Reimbursement form. Acquiring the batteries directly here in Panama allows for the Veteran to obtain the batteries quicker, IF they can incur the initial up-front cost. Then they just submit a FMP claim reimbursement form. If any Veteran requires assistance in completing this document, please let me know - I will gladly assist - I live near Boquete.... OR contact JR at We Care Pharmacy. Brian 6916-8521 Foreign Medical Program Claim Form_blank_NEW_2016.pdf
  6. Hello: I am looking to rent a gasoline-powered chainsaw (preferably a Stihl or Husqvarna) for one day to down some limbs on my property. Does anyone know where I could rent such a chainsaw? THANKS, Brian (6916-8521)
  7. Did anyone not feel the earthquake last night? Or is it just mundane and no one talks about it We felt it up on Volcancito Road..... Type: EarthQuake14 hours agoMagnitude: 4.9DateTime: 2018-03-02 19:02:53Region: 16km WSW of Golfito, Costa RicaDepth: 3.58Source: USGS Feed
  8. My landlord said he paid $280.00 ..... but that was for two properties; two septic tanks and three drain lines ...... he was happy.
  9. Hello TwoSailors ..... out beloved Landlord paid for the service. I have asked them and will let you all know (if they divulge that info to me)
  10. I just wanted to provide an update and a recommendation ..... we went with Servicios Sanitarios Santamaria (772-6136) or (6500-2043). The two men who showed up were very polite, professional and did a great job!!! I've used several companies back in the U.S. and these gentlemen were so much better than them. They pumped out two tanks and cleaned out two drain lines. Very nice work and clean. I recommend them if you need septic or drainage work.
  11. Another useful link: https://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-a-Septic-System I like the suggestion to pour "buttermilk" into the toilet and flush .... great bacteria source - never thought of that one. In the past, if I ran out of Rid-x, I would pour regular baking yeast into the toilet - worked fine.
  12. THANK YOU for your response
  13. Hello: Can anyone recommend a service (company) that can pump out our septic tanks and clean our drain lines? I contacted Saka Saka, but received no response from them. Thanks,
  14. Quality and timely information!!!! Thanks Keith. It's items like this that make this site most helpful and #1.
  15. Whskyman

    Hear 4U Hospital ChiriquĆ­

    I concur with Hil .... I purchased two hearings aids just last year - via the FMP (Foreign Medical Program) - the Veterans Administration. The entire staff at the Chiriqui Hospital are courtesy, knowledgeable and very professional. In addition, they are bi-lingual, which is a plus, if needed. They offer a variety of hearing aid products - I opted for the Resound brand (my wife loves them ). The communication throughout the entire process, was great!! I plan on attending one day during this Open House just to meet Dra. Michelle Couture-Souvenir, whom I communicated with, via email, during my experience purchasing my hearing aids. I have had quarterly follow-up appointments just to check on my hearing aids (and to tweak them a bit). This is a great place to go if you are a Veteran and need to establish your hearing loss. They will perform the necessary hearing exam and assist you with the preparation of the required DBQ. But, you do not need to be a Veteran to use their service --- anyone can benefit from their expertise and outstanding service - as it pertains to your hearing loss.