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  1. until
    There will be a BCP Council meeting Friday, April 14, at 2:00pm at the BCP. Members are invited to attend.
  2. Janice Blankert needs a unit of A positive blood available so she can schedule a needed surgery. If you can donate in David in the next few days, please call Charlotte Lintz 6590-2000
  3. Falex Cerrano is in need of a unit of A + blood at Mae Lewis Hospital. If you can donate in the morning, please call for further details. Charlotte Lintz 6590-2000
  4. 11.5 years ago Boquete Community Players popped up in the little town of Boquete Panama. (amaxing, right?) Who could imagine a Community Theater in such a small pueblo in the Mountains? Since then, Almost every year has been marked with a Free BCP Christmas Party for the Boquete Community. Please click on the link to find out more about how you can help with the fun! Kids Christmas Help.docx
  5. Alford L. Is in the Emergency Room at Mae Lewis Hospita, and needs three units of A positive blood. If you can donate, please call Tamera Belkenhol. 6594-4236 or Charlotte Lintz 6693-5005
  6. He had major surgery, and needs three units of O positive blood at Mae Lewis. The family is willing to help you any way they can! Call Tamera Balkenhol 6569-4236 for details to donate. Your help appreciated!
  7. Jay W. from Los Algarrobos is bleeding at Hospital Chiriqui and needs 3 units of A positive or O negative blood. The doctor has waived the age limit, so if you are over age 65 and in good health, you can donate! He has also waived the 6 months out of the country, so is you have been in Panama for over 30 days, you can donate. Jay needs blood as soon as possible. Go to to see if you meet the requirements for blood donation. If you can donate, please call Charlotte Lintz. 6693-5005. We need and appreciate your help!
  8. Being retired, sometimes you forget what day it is! William is supposed to have surgery this Friday, so he needs donors ASAP. Thanks again! Check out, for the donor criteria, then call 6693-5005.
  9. William B. from David, needs a unit of B positive blood before he can have surgery at Chiriqui Hospital. If you can donate, especially Tuesday or Wednesday morning, and meet the criteria for blood donation on, please call Charlotte Lintz 6693-5005 for further details. Thank you!
  10. Update: donors have gone, (4total) but have been unable to donate for various reasons. SO, we are still looking for donors! Please check out the requirements for donating at and on the left, click blood donation tab. If you can donate, please call Charlotte 6693-5005
  11. I wonder where those 26 regional sites are. Will have to investigate further! Thanks for the info! Re: blood donation in David....if they have exhausted all their resources, we would likely put out a call to help, also. If someone needs blood, they need blood. That is why I posted in, hoping someone in David could donate. It is very hard to find a match on the type & cross. Sometimes it takes 4 people just to get one match! We all have antibodies in our blood, and those have to be compatible....the blood type alone is not enough.
  12. Boquete Hospice & Health Foundation only serves the Boquete area. We do not put out calls for blood for David or other areas. Our resources are limited, as you say, so our service is only for our community. Volcan is starting their own Hospice, and if someone there needs blood, that would be communicated in the notice, as there are donors who live there that have donated blood. In the two years I have been doing this, I don't remember any blood calls for David. Maybe this was true in the past..... (?). Our donor lists keep getting shorter, as time goes on, as those over age 65 cannot donate unless the hospital is desperate. So, until Panama starts a blood bank, yes, we must preserve our wonderful volunteers.
  13. I usually do not post private info unless asked by the family. Of course the donors will get that info. A need is a need, no matter who....
  14. until
    BCP Council Meeting is open to all members. Come see what we are planning! Aug 12, 2pm at the BCP in La Villa Cafe.
  15. A woman needs a unit of O Positive blood before she can have surgery in David this week. If you can donate Monday or Tuesday morning, and you meet the criteria under blood donation at, please call Charlotte Lintz 6693-5005. Thank you!