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  1. There is a gentleman in Regional Hospital who needs blood to have surgery. They will take O positive or A positive donors, if you are under age 65, and been in Panama for at least 6 months. We will have Irma from Keep it Simple Panama help you through the process. If you can donate Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning, please call 6693-5005 Charlotte Lintz, blood donor coordinator for Hospice & Health Foundation of Boquete.
  2. Unfortunately, found out today, the doctor eliminated the age limit, but the lab will not. They say they have to go by the government law, no donors after age 65 at Regional Hospital.
  3. Diane needs to have surgery this week, and needs 2-3 units of O Negative blood to have the surgery. The doctor had removed the age limit, so if you meet the criteria to be a blood donor, please donate! If you are unsure you can find the criteria on our web page, boquetehealth.org under "what we do". If you can donate in the morning, Sunday or Monday, please call Charlotte Lintz, Hospice Blood Donor Coordinator at 6590-2000 Thank you!
  4. Diane Sesseden needs 2 units of O- blood to have surgery. If you can donate Wednesday morning, please call Charlotte Lintz, blood donor coordinator, at 6590-2000.
  5. Still critical, still needs blood. Anyone who goes, Dr. Barria will meet them & help thru the process.
  6. Roy Taylor's hemoglobin is very low, and he needs 3-4 more units of A Negative or O Negative blood today! The physician has relaxed the age requirement, so you can donate if you are over age 65. Please check out the other requirements on Boquetehealth.org under the tab "What We Do". Then call Charlotte Lintz at 6590-2000, blood donor coordinator for Boquete Health & Hospice Foundation. Thank you! Blood donors are super exceptional people!
  7. Roy needs 3 units of A negative blood ASAP. The physician will allow donors over age 65! If you can donate, please check out the requirements on boquetehealth.org. Please call Charlotte Lintz blood donor coordinator @6590-2000 for further information.
  8. BCP Council Meeting

    The BCP Council meeting is this Friday, June 9, at 2:0 pm at the BCP theater. All BCP members are invited to come.
  9. He was bleeding after surgery, and donors are needed Monday!
  10. There is a hearing aide company, third floor of Chiriqui Hospital. Had mine fixed there, Dad's hearing test done.
  11. Smith Hogsett was in a motorcycle accident today and needs 2 units of A Positive blood TODAY. If you can donate, please call Charlotte Lintz at 6590-2000 for further details.
  12. BCP Council Meeting

    There will be a BCP Council meeting Friday, April 14, at 2:00pm at the BCP. Members are invited to attend.
  13. Janice Blankert needs a unit of A positive blood available so she can schedule a needed surgery. If you can donate in David in the next few days, please call Charlotte Lintz 6590-2000
  14. Falex Cerrano is in need of a unit of A + blood at Mae Lewis Hospital. If you can donate in the morning, please call for further details. Charlotte Lintz 6590-2000
  15. 11.5 years ago Boquete Community Players popped up in the little town of Boquete Panama. (amaxing, right?) Who could imagine a Community Theater in such a small pueblo in the Mountains? Since then, Almost every year has been marked with a Free BCP Christmas Party for the Boquete Community. Please click on the link to find out more about how you can help with the fun! Kids Christmas Help.docx