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  1. No need to go to David to see poor diet habits. These choices abound at many popular places in Boquete. And it is heartbreaking, as you say, to see the effects, though these are not limited to the indigenous or Panamanian folks.
  2. This is always a timely topic, now matter where one lives in what might be considered developing areas. For those interested in getting involved in helping the local indigenous families as well as the poorer Panamanian families, with either money or time or efforts or all, one of the local opportunities is with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete -- http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/. If, after viewing the website, you decide to take part in a food packing day (next one this Thursday, 3/29) you'll get to see some of the nutritional foods given to 100 or so families each month. And if you then decide to take part in one of the many food delivery efforts later that day, you'll get to experience a slice of the life of these families (may entail hikes or drives into areas off the beaten path), who are so grateful for these small monthly gifts and the kids who have no idea that they are "poor". Hope you can join us sometime, and if you do, at least for the first few visits, it's best to leave your "shoulds and shouldn'ts" behind.
  3. Good for Feeley for honoring his conscience. Down on the ground, here in Panama, there are some consequences for US expats to the Trump "shithole" doctrine (even though it was only verbalized publicly yesterday). For me it has meant that my Panamanian girlfriend / partner (who will join me in Boquete in a few days) has been denied a travel visa to the U.S. We had planned a 10-14 day trip to introduce her to my family and friends, but that trip now won't happen. After paying the fee and submitting the required documents she was "awarded" an interview with a U.S. representative. And in spite of the fact that she had previously had a 10 year U.S. visa when her work required U.S. travel, and that she owns her home in Panama City, and that her son and three grandchildren all reside in Panama, the visa was denied apparently because she (African descended by the way) was deemed a risk to stay in the US beyond our travel plan. Apparently the interviewer said something to the effect that once she and I boarded a flight, either or both could fall in love with some other person and that she was therefore a risk too great for US entry. In the frame of reference of so many other much more important issues going on in the world. she and I will easily survive this situation. But for those of you who find important relationships in Panama, don't count on being able to share them with your US bound loved ones.
  4. Dennis Philpot

    Panama Road Map

    Thanks to both of you very much. Maps take a little of the adventure out of a trip, but add to it by making side trip plans easier. The last time I used one was when I drove from San Jose, CA, USA to Panama City in 1972. Now I'll get to know Panama a little better. Much appreciated.
  5. Dennis Philpot

    Panama Road Map

    Does anyone know if and where I could purchase a large, fold-out, Panama road map? I know this sounds old-fashioned, and I could get pieces on-line and print a a bunch of pages, but I hope to find a new version of such a fold out map. Thanks in advance if anyone has an answer. Dennis
  6. Personally, when folks ask me, I say if you're happy where you are now then you'll likely be happy here. Moving for a loved one or to save money make sense to me. Moving to be happier doesn't. And I too read all the information cited in this thread.
  7. I either walk or drive by the center 2-3 times each day and there is activity. I've mostly seen the build up of trash, but sometimes see a big truck coming to pick up some things. Glad I don't live near the place, but I guess it's just one of the beauty and beast things that makes Boquete (and the world I guess). But they seem to be providing a service to some.
  8. Great question. My answer is I know what I like and what I like to spend. The local places or tipicos fit my palate and budget (though most meals are at home). The menu at this new place does not -- even for those times when I'm looking for something special (and healthy). But I do hope you enjoy and share the experiences.
  9. Glad to see the menu to save a trip. Too expensive and unhealthy for me. But the Sunday movies might still be a go for me when I'm in town.
  10. Personally I'm ok with enforcement of these documentation regulations, even if they are really more like a local fund raising effort. What I still don't understand is why speeding and reckless driving are OK within and around Bajo Boquete -- up to at least 80+ mph in the early morning, with cars passing police vehicles and police motorcycles with no concern from said police, with no lights on at 6am, with passengers and students in these taxis and school busses.
  11. I've had a few similar experiences the last couple of weeks. The last time I called their number beforehand -- 720-2728. No answer. I have no idea why, other than maybe a vacation, but nothing is posted on their door.
  12. I'm surprised there aren't more serious crashes here in Boquete, on the main road into town. My first walk at just before 6am each morning goes from the Haven, where I currently live, down to the main road by Superiores, then left to the direction of town, then left at La Karreta to the side road and back to the Haven. It's only about 25 minutes, with 10-15 minutes on the main road. And at this early hour I see lots of vehicles leaving and entering town at speeds of at least 60 mph and up to 80+mph (personal estimates). And to make it more exciting, many of them pass other cars that are going fast as well. I've been honked at from behind from one car passing another into town when I have to step off the "sidewalk" in those places where the "sidewalk" is gone. I know I, as a pedestrian I have no rights and need to look after myself. And I've learned to live with that reality. But the other seeming anomalies are that I see police on motorcycles and in vehicles driving at safe and normal speeds, but being passed by speeders without said police responding to give citations; and that many or most of the highest speeders are the Colegials taking kids to school (hopefully). Maybe it will take a major crash with kids hurt to incite the local police to enforce safety guidelines (if they exist). And this brings up one of the only advantages to traffic jams due to whatever circumstances: driving is slow, even if the "me first, before you" attitude is still extant. In the meantime I hope we can all get used to always giving a right of way and not reacting to perceived slights to our egos.
  13. About About a year ago I contacted Dr. Eric Tortosa (I think spelling is correct) from the list. He's at Chiriqui Hospital and he answered my email on a a weekend in perfect English. It turns out that my issue (hip replacement related) resolved before my Monday appointment (he would have gotten me in that fast) so I cancelled and haven't seen him. However, the other hip (arthritic but no replacement yet) is now acting up and I plan to contact him again. No other references I can give. Dennis
  14. For me it's a very minor deal. Ask if you want it and don't if you don't. The bigger issue might be to get out and exercise a lot, watch the total diet and caloric intake; meditate and contemplate. Get back to the core issues, and whether a salt shaker is or isn't on the table is worth much less than the effort to type these words.
  15. Dennis Philpot

    Fenix Cafe

    From my side you did a wonderful job, Joy. And any lessons on impermanence are just fine. No need to wish you luck -- you'll do just fine with whatever. Dennis