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  1. I spent my career with Carl Zeiss Meditec, selling / marketing various diagnostic and surgical equipment and devices to the global ophthalmology community. But Zeiss also has the Zeiss Optical division that makes various optical lenses of different materials, including glass -- high index and otherwise. You may have been recommended plastic lenses earlier if your prescription is high -- meaning lots of base material needed to make the corrections. If that's not the case, and if you've worn glass lenses in the past (also need to consider frame size and weight along with style), then maybe you can get them again. Before going to David I'd check the optician shop next to eShop just to see if they can give you options.. Not sure if that's Lopez Optical or some other place. Wish I could be more help. Good luck.
  2. Thanks all. Big help and much appreciated. Dennis
  3. I'd like to schedule a general dermatological exam (it's just time to do so) and have read the Health Care Resources information here on CL. However, I just wanted to see if anyone has any new information that could help? It appears there are two derm specialists in David and none in Boquete, unless something has changed. Thanks in advance. Dennis
  4. I get various kinds without problem -- from either the Garden at SF Plaza (they stock up on Mondays), or Anna at the Tue market, or various stalls in the Mercado, or even Romero or Deli Baru. Just depends where I am when I need it. But I prefer the kind with the roots still wrapped compared to the hydroponic, since the hydroponic comes in a plastic container.
  5. I'll do a repeat message here that I have one weekend VIP ticket for sale. $175 OBO. or 6889-4181.
  6. I have an extra ticket, (weekend, VIP) for the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival. Bought it before I moved here when they were first available online. $175 or best offer over $175. They are now selling for somewhat more. Contact information: or cell 6889-4181.
  7. Good service, good folks, good vibes. Bad food (though maybe prepared ok), high prices, better options elsewhere. But it will usually be busy so good for them.
  8. Wow!! What great input from so many. Thanks and really appreciate it. As always it seems like different folks need different bank deals. So I didn't see any reason for me to keep my MB account open, but will do so for another few months just in case I learn something. And if not, then I can further simplify my life. Thanks again to all. Dennis
  9. Just looking for a little input here from long timers in Boquete. I've only been here since June 2016 and one of the first things I did was open a bank account -- a savings account with a $1,000 minimum balance, debit card and no service fees. In these 7 or so months, the only transactions have been to deposit checks from my US Wells Fargo account, and then sometimes use the local bank's ATM to get cash. However, I've no problem getting cash on my Wells Fargo debit card ($2.50 fee) and all other transactions (rent, lawyer, stores, etc.) are easily handled via PayPal or Wells Fargo Visa Credit Card. So far it appears to me that I don't need the Boquete bank account, so I'm wondering if and when and why I'll ever really need it, even with it's good service, friendly staff, online banking, etc.? Thanks in advance for any education you can provide me.
  10. I also bought my vehicle from Keith and did so sight unseen (just a few photos on email attachments) so I didn't have to rent upon arrival. The model I bought wasn't available in the US, so I did the best estimate I could and then assigned a 10% Panama "premium" rather arbitrarily. So Keith's reputation, and references from the few folks I knew here before moving, are what convinced me to take the chance. And it's worked out fine. And I'd do it again if I ever moved back to the US. Not many folks one can say that about.
  11. Sage advice, I think, Bonnie. Just wish I could follow it. I began looking before I moved here last June, but at age 70 (now 71) found that the comprehensive plans (Worldwide, PALIC, etc.) cost from $500 to $1,500 per month with quite large deductibles ($10,000 to $25,000 as I recall). And the Chiriqui Plan seemed only good for small emergencies (though I still may opt for this plan) for the first 12-36 months, and then maybe something more comprehensive after 24-36 months. Since I maintained my Medicare coverage in the US, and since the HMO plan that administers Medicare for me will pay up to $20,000 when traveling outside the US, I've so far decided to take the risks and self-insure to a certain extent. But I'm not comfortable with that. So do you have any further recommendations that I might investigate?
  12. I live in Jaramillo Arriba, almost seven months now. I've seen three scorpions so far, a couple of small ones and a larger one. I don't like killing things so I just put a small plastic bowl or other type of container over the scorpion (or other bug), then slide a piece of thin cardboard or laminated paper or something similar (larger that the opening of the bowl or container) underneath and take it outside and let the scorpion / but go to it's natural habitat. The scorpions don't seem to move too fast so it's pretty each to catch then like that. That works for when you see them. I've also been advised to make sure my shoes and other potential hiding places are clean before use.
  13. I too looked long and far for kalamata olives until a CL poster told me about Casa de Jamon (I think that's the name) on the main road to Boquete -- right side going toward town next to office building which I think is called Paso Alto.
  14. Thanks, Penny. This was a great suggestion. Appreciate it.
  15. Penny, can you please tell me where this new store is? Thanks in advance.