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  1. I've had a few similar experiences the last couple of weeks. The last time I called their number beforehand -- 720-2728. No answer. I have no idea why, other than maybe a vacation, but nothing is posted on their door.
  2. I'm surprised there aren't more serious crashes here in Boquete, on the main road into town. My first walk at just before 6am each morning goes from the Haven, where I currently live, down to the main road by Superiores, then left to the direction of town, then left at La Karreta to the side road and back to the Haven. It's only about 25 minutes, with 10-15 minutes on the main road. And at this early hour I see lots of vehicles leaving and entering town at speeds of at least 60 mph and up to 80+mph (personal estimates). And to make it more exciting, many of them pass other cars that are going fast as well. I've been honked at from behind from one car passing another into town when I have to step off the "sidewalk" in those places where the "sidewalk" is gone. I know I, as a pedestrian I have no rights and need to look after myself. And I've learned to live with that reality. But the other seeming anomalies are that I see police on motorcycles and in vehicles driving at safe and normal speeds, but being passed by speeders without said police responding to give citations; and that many or most of the highest speeders are the Colegials taking kids to school (hopefully). Maybe it will take a major crash with kids hurt to incite the local police to enforce safety guidelines (if they exist). And this brings up one of the only advantages to traffic jams due to whatever circumstances: driving is slow, even if the "me first, before you" attitude is still extant. In the meantime I hope we can all get used to always giving a right of way and not reacting to perceived slights to our egos.
  3. About About a year ago I contacted Dr. Eric Tortosa (I think spelling is correct) from the list. He's at Chiriqui Hospital and he answered my email on a a weekend in perfect English. It turns out that my issue (hip replacement related) resolved before my Monday appointment (he would have gotten me in that fast) so I cancelled and haven't seen him. However, the other hip (arthritic but no replacement yet) is now acting up and I plan to contact him again. No other references I can give. Dennis
  4. For me it's a very minor deal. Ask if you want it and don't if you don't. The bigger issue might be to get out and exercise a lot, watch the total diet and caloric intake; meditate and contemplate. Get back to the core issues, and whether a salt shaker is or isn't on the table is worth much less than the effort to type these words.
  5. Fenix Cafe

    From my side you did a wonderful job, Joy. And any lessons on impermanence are just fine. No need to wish you luck -- you'll do just fine with whatever. Dennis
  6. Judy, you might try asking your local doctor to write such a prescription anyway. He or she might do it.
  7. Thanks to all for the reference and tips. I'll post what I learn, if anything.
  8. In a casual street conversation with some friends earlier today, they mentioned to me that there was a new Boquete to PC and return shuttle service for $25 one way. But they couldn't tell me how to get more information. Since I make this trip twice monthly, I wonder if someone can help me with contact information about this service. Thanks in advance. Dennis
  9. ATM charges

    Not sure, but it could be two charges -- one from Banco Nacional and another from account holding bank. Just fyi, I do all my ATM withdrawals at Scotia Bank. The charge is $2.50 regardless of the amount withdrawn (from Wells Fargo in the U.S.).
  10. Thanks, Keith. I never noticed and am guilty as charged. Will now take another approach as needed. Dennis
  11. Thanks again for the help, Keith. i tried yesterday, but there was a little twist that I thought I'd share. My car was purchased (from you) before I got my cedula and was linked with my U.S. Passport number. When I tried to renew the driver's license yesterday, I was told I needed to go the the Municipio and have my records changed so that the Passport reference number would be replaced by the cedula number (I got my cedula in December and got the new license plate in January, so that's when the cedula number got into the system). So I got the records changed and will go back to Sertracen tomorrow (30 minutes before they open). I hope this info helps save others an extra trip. Dennis
  12. I just realized that I will need to renew my Panama Driver's license in a few days and it might be a little challenging to get it done on time. So I have two questions I hope will be answered. Is there some kind of penalty if I am a few days late with the renewal? What documents do I need to bring other than current license? I remember that getting the original license one year ago was smooth and fast at the David office, but all the documents I had to gather in advance was very time consuming and I hope that was a one time effort. Thanks in advance for the help. Dennis.
  13. My experience is similar to Uncle Doug's, but I'll add a few details that might help. I maintain my U.S. Medicare coverage through an HMO in California, since I maintained a residence address in the locale where that HMO provides coverage. My primary care doctor in the U.S. provides the prescription updates about once a year and this information is on file with Walgreen's. Whenever the 90 day provision period arrives, Walgreen's automatically ships the two Rxs to the California address and charges a few dollars to my Visa. The person who lives full time at that address then forwards the package (special delivery with a tracking number and signature required) to my Florida Eshop address (Mail Boxes Etc. would also work). They then forward the package to Eshop in Boquete. This works quite smoothly and maybe it takes 2-3 weeks from the time Walgreen's ships to the time I make the pickup. When I first arrived in Boquete I got a few quotes from local pharmacies on these two generic drugs and the prices were very high compared to what I pay to get them from the U.S. Hope this helps. Dennis
  14. Just to add my two cents here, I can say this was a major concern before moving to Boquete. But without an answer to the question of medical coverage I moved here anyway. So now that a year has passed I can say that I've explored all options and have concluded that for people my age (71 now 72 soon) there is no good coverage option in Panama other than self insured for emergencies (up to $20,000 in my case from US plan, though car insurance does cover some part of this) and Medicare coverage back in the states for more serious situations. I realize there is still a gap in what i might need, but have decided to accept the risk, take really good care of my health and see what the future brings. Not a great solution for everyone, but it's all I can do for me. Best wishes for great solutions. Dennis
  15. My rant against the library

    Personally I find that open space adds to the tranquility of the library inside and to those who choose to sit outside to enjoy the relative quiet. I'm happy to take a little longer ride down the side road to gain access to the main road. But I can understand one's frustration if one doesn't experience what the library space offers.