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  1. Hello. I have been using Box Shop since learning of it on CL. Their service seems just as reliable as any I have used in Boquete. They send me an email with the tracking number and the weight as well as the charge when a new package arrives. Since we live outside of Potrerillos, it is closer for us to do our shopping in David than in Boquete. So, it is very convenient to stop by Box Shop for our packages. I have had several packages forwarded to me there. The rate I am charged is $3.00 per pound, not the $2.75 quoted by Bud. Still, that is considerably less than what I have been able to find in Boquete. One thing to note, however, is that, a single letter mailed to Box Shop is also charged at the $3.00 rate. I know there are some places in Boquete that charge only $1 for simple envelopes. One question I still do not understand completely: Who decides to charge the volume rate instead of the actual weight? Is that determined by customs, or the forwarding service? Also, is there a finite size over which the volume rate is charged (Length plus width plus height)? Or, is the rate determined by the "loosey, goosey" method (whenever the freight company feels like applying it) and not a finite measurement?
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