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  1. ByWriter

    Taxi Luis

    Gay; Thanks for this post. We agree, Senor Arce is 'the best'. We used his services in our move to Panama, and everything worked out 'as advertised.' Muchas gracias. BE
  2. Boquete Home needed Excellent respectful tenants looking for long term lease of a 2 bedroom 2 bath residence. Contact By Edgington Ph/whatsap 6604-9860 Email byedgington48@gmail.com
  3. ByWriter

    2nd 1st Impressions: Back to Boquete

  4. ByWriter

    Happiness is...

  5. ByWriter

    Taxi Luis

    Thanks, Jim & Judi, good to know. BE
  6. ByWriter

    Taxi Luis

    Thanks, Lanecito, much appreciated. BE
  7. ByWriter

    Taxi Luis

    We're in touch with Taxi Luis in Ciudad Panama to handle our baggage etc. when we move to Boquete. Has anyone used Senor Arce, (Taxi Luis) and if so do you recommend his services? If not, can anyone suggest a 'handler' for our household goods, luggage, packed items etc. between Tocumen and Boquete? We arrive back in Panama 9/2. Thank you. By Edgington byedgington48@gmail.com
  8. ByWriter

    Expatriating & ID Theft

    Hi, Pat, I obtained permission to post them here. Thanks for reading, further comments welcome. BE
  9. ByWriter

    Expatriating & ID Theft

  10. ByWriter

    Shipping 'stuff.'

    Thanks, Hil, much appreciated.
  11. 1-- Mariah and I are well on the way to liquidating/gifting/selling/shucking 'stuff' here in Ohio to return to Boquete. What's the best/cheapest/most efficient way to ship personal items that we don't wish to bring in checked baggage? I'm referring to household stuff, like books, small appliances, knick-knacks we can't bear to part with etc. 2--Does anyone use Magic Jack for phone calls? Good thing? Bad thing? Suggestions? Thanks in advance for the input By Edgington
  12. ByWriter

    Pests etc.

    Thanks, Penny, good to know
  13. Thanks for the opportunity to post here, and for the assistance offered as we begin our big move from the Buckeye State to Boquete. Mariah and I attended our first newcomers conference at yesterday's Tuesday market, and it was very informative. A couple of things going forward: If anyone is aware of a one or two bed rental within an easy walk of downtown, price range $650 to $850/Mo., short or long term lease, we'd appreciate hearing about it. We have no pets, no smoking, no kids, and we're eager to be immersed in Espanol so we can learn a lot of the language as quickly as possible. Also, if anyone has a microwave oven they don't use, or need to sell, let me know. Mariah and I will be in Boquete exploring more until May 9th. Our plan is to be back in Panama no later than September 1st. Thanks again--By Edgington byedgington48@gmail.com