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  1. Once again we have sweet corn available. The ears are small (4 to 6 inches long), but sweet and tasty. This is our second attempt to grow sweet corn in our greenhouse. The ears are smaller because their development was in the middle of the several weeks of rain and little sun. I will be on the road of the side, somewhere outside the entrance of the BCP starting at 9 a.m. or a little earlier on Tuesday December 27. I should have over a couple of hundred ears. My price is $0.50 per ear. I will also have a limited amount of heirloom tomatoes as they are just now beginning to mature.
  2. We’re back, but not with tomatoes. Yes, we have the real stuff –locally raised organic sweet corn on the cob. Look for us across the road from the BCP market this Tuesday, September 20th from 9 a.m.
  3. It is a very simple format. Pick the winner straight up (no spreads) for all the weeks games. Person with the most correct wins the total pool. Five dollars per week. We’re a small group starting our third year. Send an email to join the fun and get the details. d10eb6d1@opayq.com
  4. A good substitute is Maria cookies. You can add a little honey and/or cinnamon or just as they are depending on what you are using them for. They make good crust for cheesecake.
  5. Once again we will have our fresh picked, organic farmed tomatoes at the BCP on Tuesday February 23rd. Our response was overwhelmed last week and we did not have enough available. We appreciate your support and are proud that we are producing quality tasty products without using chemicals. We should have plenty tomatoes available this week. We have organic bell peppers, too. We are scheduled to be located just inside the entrance gate to the BCP parking lot. Come by and say hello and take away some delicious healthy produce. Thomas Norman SoilTap Panama
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