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  1. It should be noted that both in Columbia (to deport Nidal Waked) and in Panama requests have gone to the US for some sort of evidence to justify the charges. These cases are very hard to prove. Although rumors have been going around for several years, neither Panama nor the US has come up with a hard case. It might be wise to see if Justice can come up with enough to convince either Columbian or Panama authorities.
  2. Chica de Chiriqui asked how Athena Atenasiades can pretend to change the law regarding minors. Good Question. Panama has a single chamber legislative body whose 50 odd members are legislators or 'diputados'. It is their job to either originate new law or approve, or not, that proposed by the executive. Athena is the elected diputada of the area involving Boquete, Dolega and Gualaca. She is both empowered to propose new law and, in fact, it is her responsibility.