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  1. GE SCS2000. 5 cartridges. White. Great stuff for windows. Bonds most materials amazingly strongly.
  2. GE SilPruf SCS2000. 5 cartridges. White. Great stuff. Bonds most materials really well. Paid $70 including shipping. Will take $35.
  3. Well, Bud, I'm happy for you that you had such a nice experience. Our experience applying for the original handicap parking permit also was simple and efficient. However, this time my now 79-year-old husband had to make four trips (from beyond Boca Chica to David) before the unpleasant woman in the SENADIS office would give him a renewal. Maybe a staff change since you were there? Jim is always polite and respectful and normally has excellent interactions with officials, but she was an exception. The first visit for the renewal application he went in, walking with a baston, and presented a signed and stamped statement from his neurologist affirming his incapacity, copies of his cedula and drivers license, and a copy of his original permit. She brushed it all aside and handed him a copy of the requirements, highlighting the line that said the doctor statement had to specify the need for using a baston. After three trips back to the doctor's office (twice he wasn't there) to get the requested specific statement, a second trip to SENADIS with all the written requirements in hand also met her refusal. A nice young man in the office helpfully wrote out exactly what the statement needed to say, so back again to get a third signed statement from the doctor, and back again to SENADIS. This time, dealing only with the nice young man as the woman refused to even look at or speak with Jim, the permit renewal was finally granted.
  4. Does anyone have experience in renewing an expired handicap permit, i.e. Do all the requirements for the original permission have to be met again? The SENADIS office has moved. It is now in a street-level office a few blocks from the downtown Romero but one block over (two blocks from the street along the central park) across from a large blue and white building and furniture store.
  5. Volkswagen AMAROK Pickup Double cabin Year: 2014 Color: Blue Manual transmission Diesel motor, 4 cylinders, 2000 cc Capacity 5 persons Mileage 65,000 km One owner $13,000 negotiable directly with owner Contact Eliecer Michangelli Email: grapaem@gmail.com phone: 6221 2400 (also whatsapp) / 6251 3120
  6. Is Anavilma still in the business of booking travel tickets, and if so is her contact information the same? Thanks.
  7. This all needs to be communicated strongly to whoever is in charge. In trying to find out what happened through the numbers on this post I was redirected to a woman named Odalys at 6112-7800 who says she administrates all the homes in Panama. She was very responsive and put me in contact with someone at their David facility. Maybe a strong effort from the Boquete community could persuade her to reopen the facility there and advertise it more aggressively.
  8. It is very sad. I looked at the David facility and it is not anywhere near as nice as the Boquete home looked. There is another facility in David that has had positive reviews but they have no room available at this time. My guess is that the existence of the Boquete home was not well known. I had been searching for such a facility for a friend but had seen nothing about this one in Boquete anywhere else until I searched more diligently on this forum. Perhaps if information about it could be more widely available they could reopen to meet a potentially greater demand.
  9. Wanted: 4x4 SUV, high clearance, prefer manual transmission, prefer diesel, budget 5k. Call or whatsapp 6818-2342
  10. Wanted: 4x4 SUV, high clearance, prefer manual transmission, prefer diesel, budget 5k. Call or whatsapp 6818-2342
  11. Looking for a digital piano keyboard technician to restore sound to internal speakers
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