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  1. This all needs to be communicated strongly to whoever is in charge. In trying to find out what happened through the numbers on this post I was redirected to a woman named Odalys at 6112-7800 who says she administrates all the homes in Panama. She was very responsive and put me in contact with someone at their David facility. Maybe a strong effort from the Boquete community could persuade her to reopen the facility there and advertise it more aggressively.
  2. It is very sad. I looked at the David facility and it is not anywhere near as nice as the Boquete home looked. There is another facility in David that has had positive reviews but they have no room available at this time. My guess is that the existence of the Boquete home was not well known. I had been searching for such a facility for a friend but had seen nothing about this one in Boquete anywhere else until I searched more diligently on this forum. Perhaps if information about it could be more widely available they could reopen to meet a potentially greater demand.
  3. Wanted: 4x4 SUV, high clearance, prefer manual transmission, prefer diesel, budget 5k. Call or whatsapp 6818-2342
  4. Wanted: 4x4 SUV, high clearance, prefer manual transmission, prefer diesel, budget 5k. Call or whatsapp 6818-2342
  5. Looking for a digital piano keyboard technician to restore sound to internal speakers
  6. Does the customs policy on medicines and supplements apply to personal luggage brought when returning to Panama from the US or only to items received by the mailing services?
  7. Good point, except ... Where do you see any work being done in the 17 km area that is closed off? The reason for the question on this topic in the first place is that I don't see any. Ever. (Well, not for a very long time.) And I travel this section of highway a lot. Oh well, TIP
  8. Does anyone know why two of the four lanes of the PanAmerican highway are closed off for 17 km between David and the Horconcitos turnoff, requiring two-way traffic on the two lanes on one side of the highway only? There is no obvious reason for the other two lanes to be barricaded. Not only is it inexplicable and annoying, but more important it is dangerous, as drivers are tempted to pass when it is unsafe due to oncoming traffic where it is unexpected.
  9. Sorry to hear that, Jay Kay. Don't worry, we will (continue to) deal with this. Good luck with your family.
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