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  1. MEMORIAL GATHERING FOR MICHAEL COOPER WHERE: The Riverside Inn (next to The Rock) WHEN: Thursday; December 19th; 6:00 PM
  2. If you are a vocalist or musician desiring a venue and opportunity to per form with other musicians, please contact Rhody at 6678-9759.
  3. See attached photos of furniture for sale: Dining Room set $600 Sofa & Love Seat (some sun fading) $500 Entertainment Center $900 Sofa $600
  4. This cart tips to make unloading of material much easier. Price is $125 firm. Contact Rhody at 6678-9759
  5. DO YOU NEED A DEPENDABLE, HONEST, COMPETENT CARETAKER/GARDNER/GROUNDSKEEPER? Due to personal circumstances, I am having to let go of a gentleman who has been in my employment for 12 years. Because of his exemplary service I feel obligated to help him find new employment. This man has demonstrated over the years his loyalty and commitment to his job which is rarely available in the Panamanian labor force. He is not married and his one son is an adult and not dependent upon him. He has maintained my equipment, has required no “over his shoulder” monitoring, and I have never had anything go “missing”. Should you be in need of such a person and would like to discuss his qualifications, you can reach me at the below cell phone number or email. Rhody Edwards 6678-9759 rhody@malamafoundation.com
  6. It is one thing to hire cheap services when getting a wall painted. It is quite another to take the same approach in getting your computer repaired. When you get home and discover that the operating system is now in Spanish and all your files and data have disappeared, a new coat of paint and a little clean up will not fix the problem. This is an unsolicited third party endorsement from Rhody Edwards for the computer services of Marilyn Jenkins. Yes, you will pay her a little more but your computer will go home with you functioning as it should, and if not, any issues will be taken care of to your satisfaction. Do not gamble with your computer data. Think about it. Call Marilyn at 6839-8086
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