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  1. Richar Huisa is the artist, and the egg vendors phone number is in graphic. I am not involved with the vendor, nor am I knowledgeable enough or qualified to comment on the "goodness" of organic eggs. I assume that those who are interested in and prefer organic food will be the ones to respond to advertising for such food items.
  2. My woodturning days are done due to nerve degeneration and the mobility and numbness issues associated with it, so I closed my shop and sold my tools. I will no longer be selling my woodturning at the Tuesday if and when it resumes at a new location after losing the BCP facility as its venue. In recent years, I barely covered my costs, but did set up a table at the market every week to enjoy the international atmosphere and promote my fellow artisans and food vendors. This post is about people like me with pensions and other retirement incomes reaching out to help hardworking younger residents during this time while they are shut down and unable to sell their goods and offer their services. If this is the wrong forum - please advise on where to post. One artist whose family has become like my own is Richar Huisa, a multi-talented Peruvian expat artist with a wife and two young daughters. A couple of friends and I will help them financially through this crises, and recommend that others do the same for artists and vendors they know and like. I recently gave my old, but powerful, Lenovo PC to Richar and advised him on free, open-source software to get him started with graphic design for local businesses. Below is his first piece of commercial computer-based graphic. Please help him out by buying eggs from the vendor and suggesting other potential clients for his graphic arts services - and offering any suggestions in this thread about ideas for more business. His WhatsApp/Cell number is in the graphic (6462-9959) and his English is good. And please do the same for other local artists and artisans you might know.
  3. until

    BCP Sunday Matinee Movies cancelled until further notice - due to corona virus precautions
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    No movie on Sunday, March 29 - There will be a BCP on-stage event that weekend.
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    Send a request to boquetefilmclub@gmail.com to receive weekly movie details via email.
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    The screening of The Lost City of Z is cancelled, and will be rescheduled for December. There will be no Sunday afternoon movies at BCP on November 24 or December 1.
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