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  1. until

    The screening of The Lost City of Z is cancelled, and will be rescheduled for December. There will be no Sunday afternoon movies at BCP on November 24 or December 1.
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    We don't charge admission, but we do ask for donations to support BCP and the Film Club program. $2-3 per person is suggested, but any level of donation is appreciated. The Clubhouse Cafe in the BCP Hex Room will be open. Food and drink are available for purchase, and you can eat in the Clubhouse before or after the movie - or bring food and drinks into the theater. But please clean up after yourselves so we don't have to hire a janitor. Note: If you want to on our email list (or be removed from it), please reply to BoqueteFilmClub@gmail.com (If you subscribe to our mailings, you will receive weekly announcements rather than only the once per month notices allowed by News.Boquete.) October Films: October 7 - Annilihation (USA - 2018) October 14 - No Movie because of the Health Fair at Feria with parking at BCP October 21 - The Last Movie Star (USA - 2017) October 28 -Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (USA - 2018)
  6. The screening of "Brooklyn" scheduled for today has been cancelled. We were notified at the last moment that La Villa Coffee Lounge will be closed Sunday and Monday. The BCP Board of directors assures me that we will be back on track this week with new cafe management. If all goes well, I will verify the moving out the schedule one week, and hope to show "Brooklyn" next Sunday. As they say in radio, stay tuned for details. We apologize for the short notice.
  7. f you are interested in helping out and joining the enthusiastic group of Jazz Festival volunteers, contact Lori Hart via e-mail at (LLHART160 at aol.com). You don't need to be available every day or all day. SUV's are best, If you have one and want to help out and personally meet some of the musicians, this is a fun opportunity. Lori Hart - who filled in for me last year when a mild heart attack put me in the hospital during the festival - is the transportation coordinator again this year. David van Harn
  8. $200 - includes original remote control. An excellent Sony product - and has always been used with a surge protector. I bought this high-quality Sony Bravia LCD-TV new in the box shortly after I moved to Boquete here in 2012. This TV has seen light usage, and is in like new condition. (I don't subscribe to cable TV, and used it only for movies, videos and music in the evenings.) -- Contact: David van Harn - 6706-7236 (voice or text) or email [dvanharn at gmail dot com] .
  9. And what will the increase in the Medicare deduction be? My SS pension net payment has gone down the past couple of years. However, according to this October 4,2016 Money Magazine article: "The majority of Medicare beneficiaries have nothing to worry about. Most people who have their premiums deducted from their Social Security checks are protected by what’s called the “hold harmless” rule: Their Medicare charges can’t increase by any more than their Social Security income goes up." Bottom line, I don't expect to see any increase in my SS retirement benefit payments in 2017.
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