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  1. It's sold out but I have a ticket for sale. Email me at pjbarrett@aol.com if you want it for $7 You can pick it up at the performance this Saturday.
  2. The panoramic 22" V Series display comes encased in an elegant black bezel matched with a sturdy black stand to form a functional yet stylish design. In addition, smartly positioned controls allow easy maintenance and intuitive use. The V Series 22" LCD is designed for High-Definition with a stunning 1680 x 1050 resolution. Budget-friendly as well, this affordable 22" LCD offers advanced display technologies at a tremendous value. Sells new on Amazon.com between $131.68 and $146.68 plus shipping. The Handicap Foundation has tested this monitor and will guarantee it for 30 days. It's in like-new condition and we're selling it for $60 with no shipping costs. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  3. ■ Panel 17-Inch TFT color LCD  ■ Pixel pitch 0.264 mm x 0.264  ■ speed 16 ms  ■ Contrast ratio 450: 1 ■ maximum brightness 250 cd / m 2  ■視野角 Vertical 120 °, 140 ° horizontal  ■映像入力 15-Pin mini D-sub×1  ■ maximum resolution SXGA (1,280 x 1,024)  ■ Size 378 x 141 x 403 mm (fixed gear, including high peak) (width x deep x high)  ■ weight Approx. 9.2 kg (body) This monitor is in like-new condition. The Handicap Foundation has tested it and will guarantee it for 30 days. Now reduced to $45 and no shipping costs. Email pjbarrett@aol.com
  4. I'm trying to figure out if I have a unique problem or if it's system wide. For 3 days now half of the Cableonda TV stations have been "temporarily off the air" and the other half have been so pixilated as to be unwatchable. Anybody else having this problem or should I call and complain to Cableonda?
  5. This is a custom built desktop computer. It has an Elite Group (ECS) G32T-M7 motherboard and Intel Pentium E5200 2.50 GHz Dual Core processor. Loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate (English or Español) It has a large, 500 GB Hard Drive, 4 GB RAM, 4 USB ports . Refurbished, tested and guaranteed by the Handicap Foundation. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  6. This very nice efficiency apartment is available May 15. Only $480/month (includes everything)
  7. Model 1708FP Brand Dell Diagonal Screen Size 17" Fullscreen Max Resolution 1280 x 1024 (5:4/Square Aspect Ratio) Color Support 16.7 Million Colors Image Brightness 300 cd/m2 Image Contrast Ratio 800:1 Response Time 5 ms Viewing Angle Horizontal Viewing Angle: 160 Vertical Viewing Angle: 160 Inputs VGA, DVI VESA Compatible (wall mount) Yes, 100 x 100 mm Stand Adjustments Tilt, Height, Swivel, Portrait/Landscape Rotation Offered refurbished on Amazon for $69.99 plus shipping The Handicap Foundation will sell this one for $50. Guaranteed for 30 days. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to buy
  8. Princess Angela of Liechtenstein From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Princess Angela Born Angela Gisela Brown 3 February 1958 (age 60) Bocas del Toro, Panama Spouse Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein (m. 2000) Issue Prince Alfons Father Javier Francisco Brown Mother Silvia Maritza Burke Religion Roman Catholic Princely family of Liechtenstein HSH The Prince HSH The Princess HSH The Hereditary Prince HRH The Hereditary Princess HSH Prince Joseph Wenzel HSH Princess Marie-Caroline HSH Prince Georg HSH Prince Nikolaus HSH Prince Maximilian HSH Princess Angela HSH Prince Alfons HSH Prince Constantin HSH Princess Marie HSH Prince Moritz HSH Princess Georgina HSH Prince Benedikt HSH Princess Tatjana Extended princely family[show] v t e Styles of Princess Angela of Liechtenstein Reference style Her Serene Highness Spoken style Your Serene Highness Alternative style Ma'am Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (née Angela Gisela Brown; 3 February 1958) is the wife of Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein.[1] She is the first person of known African descent to marry into a reigning European dynasty,[2] the marriage having been authorized by the monarch. Together, they have a biracial son, Prince Alfons (b. London, 18 May 2001), who is in the line of succession to the Liechtensteiner throne.[2] Contents 1 Early life and education 2 Personal life 2.1 Marriage 3 See also 4 References and notes 5 External links Early life and education Princess Angela was born in Bocas del Toro, Panama, as Angela Gisela Brown, the daughter of Javier Francisco Brown and Silvia Maritza Burke.[1] After finishing high school in New York, Angela studied fashion at Parsons School of Design, where she graduated and received the Oscar de la Renta award . She was a stylist for three years and had her own brand, named "A. Brown", having set up a company with partners in Hong Kong. The princess worked for Adrienne Vittadini until September 1999. Personal life Marriage In 1999 the Principality of Liechtenstein's Information Bureau announced the forthcoming nuptials of the second son of the reigning prince, Hans Adam II, Prince Maximilian, to Angela Gisela Brown.[3] On 29 January 2000, at 11:00 am, she married Prince Maximilian at the Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in New York City.[1] The marriage was groundbreaking, bringing a person of Afro-Panamanian ancestry into one of the few still reigning families in Europe by a marriage which obtained the prior consent and full support of the groom's sovereign and father, who also attended the wedding.[2][3] While some members of the dynasty were said to be shocked and to consider the interracial marriage "the end of an era", others were said to have expressed support.[3] Since her marriage, Princess Angela participates, sometimes with her son, in ceremonial events in the Principality.[3] Prince Maximilian and Princess Angela have one child:
  9. This is a huge book (695 large pages) with every Doonesbury cartoon ever printed -- many in color. . Created by the team that brought you The Complete Far Side and The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, this massive-yet-elegant celebratory anthology marks Doonesbury's 40th anniversary by examining in depth the characters that have given the strip such vitality. On October 26, 1970, college jock B.D. met his inept and geeky roommate, Mike. Fourteen thousand strips later, the world of Doonesbury has grown uniquely vast, sustained by an intricately woven web of relationships--over 40 major characters spanning three generations. This book opens with an in-depth essay in which G. B. Trudeau surveys his sprawling creation as only he could. The volume's 1,800 beautifully displayed strips chronicle the key adventures and path crossings of the ever-evolving cast, from ur-characters such as Zonker, Joanie, Duke, and Honey, to relative newcomers such as Zipper, Alex, and Toggle. Dropped in throughout are 18 detailed essays in which Trudeau contemplates individual characters and groups of characters. The book's literal centerpiece is a four-page foldout that maps in annotated detail the mind-boggling matrix of relationships. A feast of storytelling and a clarifying overview, 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective offers a unique way to experience one of the greatest comic strips ever. The book is in new condition. What a great gift this would make for someone. This book sells used on Amazon for $45.99 and for $76.97 at Barnes & Noble. The Handicap Foundation will sell this perfect coffee table book for $35. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase..
  10. Also included are the bi-monthly flea markets and a rental 5th Wheel RV Two long-time dedicated employees, two permanent sub-tenants. Located in the fastest growing area between David and Boquete -- right on the 4 lane highway.
  11. Amazon Kindle 7th Generation Model WP63GW 4 GB Wi-fi Black Touch Display The donor replaced this Kindle with a newer model before it was every registered with Amazon. Here we have a Amazon kindle 7th generation (wp63gw). This tablet is in mint condition it comes with a box and a charger. It is not the model that is back-lit (hence the cheap price) Easy on your eyes--touchscreen display that reads like real paper No screen glare, even in bright sunlight Single battery charge lasts weeks Lighter than a paperback, holds thousands of books. Tested and guaranteed by the Handicap Foundation. Sells on Amazon for $99.99 plus shipping. Our price is $50 and no shipping costs. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  12. Some old-timers will remember Giovy from her book store in Plaza Los Establos. She is a true entrepreneur. And so is her husband.
  13. Anybody who puts personal information anywhere on the internet and believes it will remain private is an idiot.
  14. Boquete is a desirable area in which to live and prices increase as a direct result. However, my observation (15 years worth) are that most middle class Panamanians can own their own home. I worked six days at the David Fair in the business expo area and at least 2/3 of the booths were for residential developments. These houses are priced in the 40k - 120k range and financing is easily available. Payments are made bi-monthly and are affordable. Also, it is my understanding that the Panamanian government subsidizes the first 10 years of a mortgage for citizens. I would be willing to wager that Panama has the highest per capita of home ownership of any Central American country.
  15. Three Radio Shack advanced 3-station/3 Channel FM wireless Intercoms. When this model (43-3105) was new, the price for 1 unit was around $60. -- 3 channels -- Up to 300' range Set of 3 for sale used on Ebay for $59.99 plus shipping. Our set of 3 has been thoroughly tested by the Handicap Foundation and is for sale for $50 with no shipping charges. Guaranteed for 30 days. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  16. Even though we kind of compete against the Panama Post office by using volunteer "mules" to take the mail to the U.S. every week, I love the Post Office here. The ladies who work there have been there forever and have dealt with enough foreigners that they've picked up a smattering of English. They will patiently look through a stack of mail trying to find a letter you think should have arrived. And, I often use them to mail in my 5 times a year correspondence with the U.S. Treasury (i.e., IRS). Since all 5 of these occasions involve a check that I'm not in a hurry to clear, the service suits me just fine as they stamp the postal date on the envelope while you're standing there and that means you mailed your check on time. Most foreign locals don't know that you can send a "con certificado" letter to the U.S. for $1 at the local post office. That, theoretically, means you can track the letter. Having said all that, there is one postal regulation that I find infuriating and nonsensical and that is no tape on your packages. I can't fathom a rationale for this one. They want you to use glue to keep your package wrapped. Why on earth would this be?
  17. No, I mean the tax for doing business. The sales tax is merely a pass-through. I'm involved with two organizations and the business tax has gone up at least 500% for both of them this year.
  18. I've never experienced any of this personally. I do, however, believe there is a move to restrict gringo-owned businesses. They seem to want to assess giant tax increases on business (or what they perceive to be a business).
  19. Several people have asked me to post the Law (Ley 6) concerning jubilado discounts in Panama. This will be a summary of the law in English rather than an exact word for word translation. First of all the discount law applies to anyone: a) With a pensionado visa as long as the person is over 18 years old unless the age requirements are spelled out in the specific provision. b) Any legal resident of Panama who has attained the age of 55 (if female) or 60 (if male) c) The law does not apply to tourists or anybody who does not have some kind of residency visa. Discount of 50% of the admission price for recreational and entertainment activities such as movies, sporting events, and other public shows. The discount is not applicable to charitable activities and fundraising events. Discount on public transportation (other than inter-urban) a) 30% for buses b) 30% for trains c) 30% for boats d) 25% for airplanes These transportations must originate in the country of Panama in order to receive the discount. The discount does not apply to the portion of the ticket for fuel surcharge or taxes. Discount on hotels, motels, and hostels: a) 50% from Monday through Thursday b) 30% from Friday through Sunday c) In hotels that sell "all inclusive" packages there is a 20% discount applied Monday to Thursday, and a 12% discount applied from Friday to Sunday. Discount of 25% on food consumed in non-fast food restaurants a) Doesn’t apply to fondas that don’t need a commercial operating license. b) The discount applies only to the qualifying persons, not everyone at the table. c) The discount applies only for a meal consumed on the premises; it doesn’t apply if the diner only orders a beverage or a dessert. d) If a restaurant is offering a special price for a meal, the diner has the option of paying the special price or obtaining the discount off of the regular price. e) The discount applies to all food except alcohol and sodas Discount of 15% in fast food restaurants a) This is for places like McDonalds, Burger King, Food Courts and franchises. b) The diner has the option of paying a special promotion price or the regular price with the discount. · Editor’s note – both McDonalds and the cafeteria at Price Smart give 25% discount although they are not required by the law to do so. Discount of 15% off the total bill for services at hospitals and private clinics. Discount of 20% off of all medicines purchased in a pharmacy. a) If the medicine is offered at a special sales price, the buyer has the option of accepting the price or paying the regular price minus the discount.\ Discount off the following medical services: a) 20% off the consultation fee for general practitioners, medical specialists, and surgeons. b) 15% off the fee for dental services c) 15% off the fee for optometrists Discount for health insurance policies must adjust their premiums to reflect the discount for jubilados. · Editor’s note – the law doesn’t say what the percentage discount should be. Discount of 20% of the charge for technical and/or professional services. a) Technical services include electricians, plumbers, building contractors, wood-workers, etc. b) Professional services include accountants, economists, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc. Discount of 20% on the price of prosthetics and other handicap aids (crutches, wheel chairs, etc) Discount of 50% on the fees and commissions for obtaining either a personal or a commercial loan. Discount on the surcharge or encumbrances from a personal or commercial loan. Discount of 15% off the interest charged by banks, financial institutions, credit institutions, etc on a personal or commercial loan. Discount of 1% off the interest charged on a mortgage. The freezing of the property tax on your primary residence that is in your name (not in a corporation or foundation). Discount of 50% off the charge for a passport (Panamanian passport) Discount of 25% on your monthly electrical bill (up to 600kwh). Discount of 50% off the Airport taxes (usually included in your ticket) Discount of 25% off the flat-rate monthly telephone contract bill when: a) The telephone bill is in your name b) The telephone bill is for residential usage c) The telephone bill is for a single phone Discount of 25% of your water bill (whether from a public or private water company) a) The bill must not be more than $30 b) The bill must be in your name c) The bill must be for a residence and be your primary residence Exoneration of 100% in the Public Registry for paying registration and judicial fees for new organizations for retirees. Discount of 20% for purchase of coffins and urns and for funeral services when the deceased qualified for the discount.
  20. We've reduced the price of this GPS to $60. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  21. HP Compax dx2200 Desktop Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit (English or Spanish) Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 3.06GHz Processor 80 GB hard drive 2 GB RAM memory CD-ROM 6 USB Ports (4 rear, 2 front) The Handicap Foundation has cleaned and reconditioned this computer and will guarantee it for 30 days. For sale for only $95. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase. We also have a monitor for sale for $35
  22. Now that the craziness of the huge venta de patio is behind us, the Handicap Foundation is able to concentrate on selling the two larger furniture items we have stored at the Mission. We started out asking $300 for this dining room table. We've now reduced it to $250. The photos don't show the extended length. Here's the ad: New cost $740 (in the US) plus shipping. The Handicap Foundation is willing to take $250. Modern dining table - brushed stainless steel frame with tempered glass top Added extension panels feature adds versatility to this elegant piece Approximate Dimensions: Width 63"(extending to 78"), Depth 3 feet, H: 30 inches Excellent condition. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to buy or make an appointment to see.
  23. Despite their efforts to keep the schedule a big secret, I'm managed to find this copy of it. I'm going to work with Judy Tovar and Linda Hart to get a bus to go to David for dinner and a game.
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