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  1. Steve This is my home and they will carry me out in a box (or an urn). I grew up in a small town in northern Michigan and living in Boquete is like a return to those small town days with no movie theater, no other entertainment except shooting rats at the dump. What we have in Boquete is a great sense of community should you decide to share it with us. I'm convinced that it's unique in all of the expat havens I have visited or heard about.
  2. We rarely hear about the crime in the indigenous and Latino communities and, in fact, had I not been friends with Alberto through the Handicap Foundation, I wouldn't have known about this. Alberto lives across the street from me, has 9 children, and is in a wheel chair as a result of a fall from a tree about 2 years ago. Alberto's sister-in-law was walking from her job in downtown Boquete near Romero's about a week ago when she was attacked and beaten up. She was taken to the hospital and died a few days ago. This stuff happens all around us and we know next to nothing about it.
  3. The answer is simple and very inexpensive. Boil your drinking water for 3 minutes and pour it into a Brita-type picture. I hate the idea of people buying bottled water. The throw-away plastic bottles are a huge threat to the environment and the oceans.
  4. Lhotse, situated at the border of Tibet and Nepal, stands at 8516m, making it the fourth highest mountain in the world. The Lhotse Jacket provides unstinting weather protection for those that head into the mountains whatever the weather. Whether trekking through driving summer rain in New Zealand or hiking in the Chiriqui mountains, this is a serious shell for almost any occasion. Boquete resident Dale Jackson paid $135 for this jacket and barely wore it. She is now donating the sales proceeds to Buenos Vecinos de Boquete. 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro 40D fabric3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro 80D fabric reinforcementsMountain HC Hood is fully adjustableAlpine fit with articulated and pre-shaped sleevesStorm Construction techniques used throughoutStratum Storage; 2 large pockets and 1 Napoleon pocket with moulded AquaGuard® zipspersThe jacket is in like new condition and is sized Medium. It's a steal at $50 or best offer. Email pjbarrett@aol.com. All proceeds will go to Buenos Vecinos charity.
  5. I'm willing to buy your used 6' vinyl tables for a reasonable price. Contact me at pjbarrett@aol.com
  6. You can still be a vendor at Saturday's flea market at Chiriqui Storage. Email chiriquistorage@gmail.com today and sell your stuff tomorrow. We're growing every month with the new Saturday market. We've got about 16 current vendors this month including Betty with her plants and sweet potatos, Lucy with smoothies and coffee drinks, Penny with her Berard's all-beef hot dogs still only a dollar. Also selling books from Irene's estate. Buyers -- come by for incredible deals and fun. Gates open at 10 AM and close at 1 PM. Free admission, free parking. Chiriqui Storage is located 1.5 km north of the Dolega Terpel gas station.
  7. Thank you plumber Dav. This is for a kitchen sink that is plumbed for water but not plumbed into the large gas on demand water heater. It will be used for doing dishes. They all run on 110 so I think I'm good there. The water is filtered for sand before it enters the house.
  8. Hacienda Los Molinos are inviting you at the First Food Pairing Ron Experiences, to be celebrate on our Raíces Restaurante, on october 16 2015, starting at 7:00pm. Will be a great oportunity for taste the Best Rum from Carta Vieja Made it in our goergus Province Chiriqui
  9. AMIGOS DE ANIMALES SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC WHEN: Sunday, October 25, 2015 WHERE: our clinic in Alto Boquete – look for our sign! FOR APPOINTMENT: contact Magaly at 6563 - 8686 or boqueteanimales@gmail.com TO VOLUNTEER: contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com please let me know if you will be able to volunteer and at what time…all day; morning (8 til 1); or afternoon (12 til 5 or closing). This is our last clinic of the year and will likely be our biggest. Many people are away, we hope you can help us out by volunteering at this clinic. Carol Cardinale-Santana will be giving a training class on Saturday October 24 at 10:30am for new and returning volunteers. Once again, we are asking that anyone who can, to please bring a dish to share for our lunch.
  10. Panama Red Rum is FINALLY now licensed for sale in Panama and available at the Boquete Sandwich Shop. MORE OUTLETS TO COME SOON!! Stop by and enjoy a Red on the Rocks, or by the bottle. For more information contact: Penny Ripple - panamaredpenny@gmail.com Jim Wasson - panamaredjim@gmail.com
  11. For new and old residents of Panama, moving to an unfamiliar country and culture can trigger fear, stress and anxiety. Sometimes the stress and anxiety we experience become overwhelming, threatening to turn a move to Paradise into a move to Chaos. These new life experiences can also create conflict between loved ones. Our natural urge is to fear and resist some of the changes going on in our lives. There is a process to change that, when understood and handled consciously, can turn the fear, stress and resistance into positive and constructive channels. The result is to move more easily through change with positive outcomes. Relationships become aligned, mental clarity is achieved, better choices are made, and good mental, emotional and physical health are achieved. Change is a fact of life. What we can control is how we manage change. I am pleased to announce the opening of my practice in Boquete, focusing on change management. With over 20 years of coaching in change management, I bring the skills and expertise needed to assist you. I also have a new book out, Awakening in Change, available on Amazon. I have office hours available through The Haven on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday and Saturday mornings. For more information on how Change Management Coaching can help improve your life and relationships please contact me, Merl Will-Wallace, MA in counseling, at 6534-5008 or go to www.counselingfortransition.com. You can also schedule an appointment through The Haven at 730-9345. During the months of October and November, I am offering 50% off the initial office visit. Professional services are conducted in the strictest of confidences. Supporting Life's Changes,Merl Will-Wallace, MA Change & Transition Coach Work - Relationships - Health - Spiritual Growth (719) 445-8653 USA(507) 6534-5008 PanamaE: merl@counselingfortransition.comW: www.counselingfortransition.com
  12. Does anybody have any experience with these small heaters for heating water in your kitchen sink. Did you buy it locally? Where did you buy it? How much was it? Does it increase your electricity bill a lot? Curious minds want to know. Thanks much.
  13. Tuesday, October 13 – Martine Heyer presents “Avoiding the Dreaded Panamanian Probate”. Tips and techniques to make your passing easier for those left behind. One of the tips is to register your marriage in Panama. What are the benefits and how difficult is it to do this? Martine will offer a surprising and fun alternative. Unless you’re immortal, you need to attend this talk.
  14. Apparently the anti-juvenile crime measures have been implemented in David. I can understand the 9 PM curfew for minors but for the life of me can't see how moving the time for buying wine at Price Smart to 11 AM will make any difference. I was in Price Smart today and there were at least a dozen folks with either wine, beer or liquor in their baskets clogging up the cashier area waiting for the magic 11 AM time. So, if you thought you could zip into Price Smart when it opens at 10 and be on your way back to Boquete with your Clos wine before it gets hot in David, think again.
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