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  1. What I've noticed is that cars and trucks will park across the entrance to the handicap spot thus effectively blocking its use but not technically parking in the reserved spot. This is a quite common sight.
  2. Seven of us left Boca Chica about 10 AM with Captain Beto. Our first stop was "Piedra Ventana" (Window Rock). We dared Captain Beto to motor through the window but he wisely declined. There's a lady named Diana in Boca Chica who organizes these excursions. Our first sighting was a playful group of dolphins who entertained us with their jumps and dives. We started seeing whales almost immediately including a mama and a baby. Then a stop at an uninhabited island for a picnic and a swim. And here we are, our little group of "Survivors" Life is good in Panama
  3. You're right, Keith. I won't know exactly what he died from until I speak to his sister on Saturday. I do know that Hospice couldn't find needed donors for him because of the requirements imposed by Hospital Regional. And I also know that expats have died in the past from lack of blood (according to Hospice). I hope you're not an apologist for the way this country has laws about blood donation that are senseless and outdated. Currently the requirements are that you have to be under 65, not out of the country for six months, and not on most common medicines. These requirements eliminate about 99.9% of expat donors.
  4. The Panamanian guy in hospital regional that Hospice solicited for two weeks ago died. Probably from lack of blood. His funeral is today. Panama doesn't seem to care. It seems they cling to their stupid system at a cost of peoples' lives.
  5. We've reduced the price of this scanner to $20. It's in like new condition and the resolution is much better than the printer/scanner/copier multi purpose device most people have. If you're a photographer or an artist (or just want cleaner scans), this is for you. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to buy for $25.
  6. This very nice apartment will be available about Sept 10. A single person is best but a couple who is friendly with each other will also work. Not only the neighborhood is great; the neighbors are also great.
  7. I don't think you need a paypal account to send money to another paypal account. You can charge it on your credit card. Of course, there is a fee for doing so. BTW, I have found my paypal account to be an invaluable asset when living in Panama. I can send and receive money from anywhere in the world with no fee.
  8. Wonder if they accept Hormel in the can?
  9. Brandy is well known locally as the queen of trivia ??
  10. I also like the Palacio butcher shop. The butcher used to work in the US and he knows cuts of meat that Panamanian butchers don't know -- like a chuck roast. However, if you want a special cut (like chuck roast) you have to give him a day or so to produce. I usually buy my hamburger here. They also have great pork chops in the freezer. Coming back from Price Smart, turn right by the DK Tire store. Go about 3 blocks. You will see the Palacio (fleabag) hotel on the left. Drive across the intersection and the Palacio butcher shop is on the left.
  11. The sale starts at 8 AM, August 18, at the Handicap Foundation Building located just north of the unfinished polyclinica and across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant.
  12. This is a great little machine, light weight and portable. Easy to use, foot control, adjustable stitch length, reverse setting, drop in bobbin, free arm for cuffs and sleeves, carry handle and extra's. Sewing machine with durable lockstitch for mending seams and tears Adjustable stitch lengths and speeds; reverse stitch setting; free arm Foot control frees hands to guide the fabric; drop-in bobbin; carrying handle Extra needle, bobbins, needle threader, thread trimmer, and manual included Measures approximately 12 by 5 by 9 inches Guaranteed for 30 days. For sale by the Handicap Foundation for $50. Can be seen at the venta de patio, Saturday, August 18, from 8 - 2. The Handicap Foundation is across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant. Email pjbarrett@aol.com for information or to buy.
  13. I submit that the best made in Panama product is Maria Cookies. Delicious !!
  14. My Panamanian friends and I again visited Unplugged the other day. I just want to restate that their hand cut french fries are the best I've ever tasted and their patacones extremo as an appetizer were (again) amazing. This time I had the Philly Cheese steak instead of the hamburger. Delicious. Lots of sauteed onions and peppers and pretty good beef. Again, all for $7 including the lemonade drink.
  15. This was the biggest flea market ever. Hardly a foot of unused space. Vendors everywhere. Even a blow-up jump house for the kids. The buying crowds were there also. These flea markets are becoming a must do Sunday thing for many of our neighboring Panamanians -- and a good share of gringos also.
  16. Some friends and I went to the old standby, the Pianista, last night. The pizza we shared was so beautiful I had to break my vow and photograph my food. The pizza was a delicious as it was photogenic. Here it is:
  17. Ooooh, Bonnie. I think you just opened up that old can of worms about who is an American.
  18. We expect the Pat Chan talk to be very popular. Please come early to get a seat.
  19. Do I have to book through a travel agent to get the Copa pensionado discount or is there some way to do it on line? Thanks for any tips you can give.
  20. Inquiring minds want to know -- 1. Who is behind this mall? 2. What stores are scheduled to go into it? 3. What's the estimated time for completion? 4. What's the name of the mall?
  21. Turns out the doggie belongs to Cowboy Dave and he's now home safe and sound.
  22. Kim Miller 10/23/56 – 7/15/18 Kim LeAnn Muirhead Miller passed peacefully into God’s care early Sunday morning, July 15th, at her home in New Market, VA, with her husband Ron by her side. Born to LeRoy and Shirley Muirhead on October 23, 1956, in Oberlin, KS, she was the second of three children. Her early years were spent in Oberlin and later Leoti, KS. A daughter, Misty Melena, was born into her first marriage. After a divorce, she moved with Misty to Holdrege, NE, working at the Pizza Hut. There she met her future husband, Ron Miller. Ron and Kim were married in Kearney’s Harmon Park, on May 29, 1976. Ron, Kim, and Misty made their early home in Blair, NE, where Ron was employed at Woodhouse Ford and Kim had the multi-role of mother, homemaker, wife, gardener, and waitress. On Oct 4, 1978, their son Brent was born. In 1978 when Ron founded Auto Krafters, Inc., Classic Ford Restoration Shop and parts supplier, Kim helped him manage the new business as Vice President and Secretary. As the business grew, Ron and Kim along with Misty and Brent traveled throughout the Midwest attending numerous car shows and swap meets. Kim loved this family time together. In 1987 Ron and Kim moved their family to the Shenandoah Valley. It was at this time that Kim began her deep interest in herbalism and nutrition. She studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, in California and studied and taught at Dream Time in Sperryville, VA, in 1998-2001. She also founded and operated Rainbow Images, a health food store in Broadway, VA, in 1997-98. In 2007, Ron and Kim purchased a 42 acre farm in western Panama along the Rio Gariche, starting Finca Santa Marta S.A., an organic vegetable farm. Kim’s love for gardening was fully realized as she helped develop and transform the farm from a marginal cattle grazing operation into a productive organic farm, producing over 40 different crops along with free range chickens and grass-fed cattle. In the fall of 2015 Kim attended the Graff Academy in Roswell, GA, to study and receive her certification as a raw food chef. She loved to create and make raw food dishes for family and friends and was happiest in the kitchen preparing healthy food for her family. She was preceded in death by her father, LeRoy, her mother, Shirley, and her older brother, Kip. She is survived by her husband Ron Miller, New Market, VA, and Santa Marta, Panama; her daughter Misty Miller and grandson David of Broadway, VA; and her son Brent Miller and partner Melissa, along with granddaughters, Addison and Clair of Harrisonburg. Other survivors include her brother Al Muirhead and partner Traci, of Alma, NE, and family; her sister-in-law Jun Muirhead and daughter Angie; brother-in-law Stan Miller and family; sister-in-law Elaine Martin and family; sister-in-law Carol Blauvelt and family as well as many dear friends. There will be three Celebration of Life Services for Kim. In Virginia, the service will be held at the Grandle Funeral Home at 148 E. Lee St., Broadway, VA, at 4:00 pm Sunday July 29th. In Nebraska, the service will be held in Alma, NE, at the Johnson Center, 509 Main St. on Sunday August 5th at 4:00 pm. In Panama a service will be held later in August at a place and date to be determined. Kim had requested that any Memorial donations be made to First Step, a shelter for abused women in Harrisonburg, VA.
  23. I received this notice this morning from Ron Miller, owner of Finca Marta which sells organic vegetables and more at the Tuesday Market: I am deeply saddened to report that my wife and business partner of 42+ years, Kim LeAnn Miller passed away peacefully Sunday morning with me by her side at our residence in Virginia. Her courageous 3 month battle with lung cancer ended with a win as she is now in the care of God. I will send a copy of her obituary when I get it finished later today. There will be a Celebration of Life service in Panama at a later date to be announced. R.I.P my Dear Kim Ron and Kim have been my friends for many years, even before they moved to Panama.
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