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  1. I made a 25' long wall out of my empty wine bottles. It even lights up at night. Took me many months to empty all those bottles and had to import blue ones from Michigan.
  2. Keith, if you read or hear of a motive, please post it. About the couple who works for Amigos de Animales and who were gleeful about another lawyer dying . . . . don't these nut jobs know that Leyda was the attorney for Amigos de Animales?
  3. Now, if they could only find a use for all the glass wine bottles we empty.
  4. Does anybody know how to get ahold of the powers at Valle Escondido?
  5. I needed gas (actually diesel) so I decided to pay attention to all the gas station prices between Boquete and Price Smart. There's a couple of stations I usually buy gas at because in my experience they are cheaper. I was surprised on this trip to discover that the cheapest station for diesel is the new Terpel station in Los Algorrobos. And, the bonus is that they will pump the gas for you even though you've pulled into the Autoservicio pump. 😄
  6. Posting for a friend. Danby Model DDR308EE dehumidifier. Used but works well. Will remove 30 pints a day from any room. Has a 10 quart capacity. Electronic controls. Runs quietly. Priced to sell for $100. Contact Jan Thompson at jan.thompson@sbcglobal.net or phone 6994-0381
  7. Living in Boquete one would think that Panamanians are almost totally bi-lingual. I interact with many Panamanians (yes, even outside of restaurants) and our conversations are often conducted in Spanglish or full English. But, Boquete is unique in this regard.
  8. Jim and Shirley Maffitt were founders and strong supporters of the BCP. He passed yesterday. In the hospital a short time. Heart failure. Shirley is doing alright according to Linda Lee who lives close to them. Her brother and his wife are here on a vacation (they used to live here) unrelated to Jim ‘s health. They are supporting Shirley.
  9. Babe Ruth didn't do it; Ty Cobb didn't do it; Panama's Mariano Rivera did it yesterday. A unanimous election on his first year of eligibility.
  10. I treated a friend to lunch at Isabella's yesterday. The place is spotlessly clean and Isabella speaks much better English than I was led to believe from Marcelyn's post. I think my friend had the salami sandwich and I had the Isabella special. The sandwiches are panini style and very tasty French fries not an option.🤐 Total bill was $11 and included two soft drinks. I'll return. By the way, there's another new restaurant in the former Machu Piccu site. It's run by Reynaldo, the owner of Electronical Nacional next door. Basic Panama food.
  11. And yours truly is going to be dealing blackjack again.
  12. What he's saying is that you need to drink more vodka and beer so that you can cope with the inefficiencies of Panama Banks. Here's my story. Last week I went to Caja de Ahorros to pay two separate annual tasa unica fees (annual corporate or foundation fees). I've done this 15 or 16 times before. You use a pre-printed and numbered form. One of the forms had the corporation number (RUC) with a few of the numbers written darker than the rest of the numbers and it was rejected -- and, of course, they had no blank forms. The other form was accepted and I got a receipt. However, an hour later they called me and told me I had to return as the number was wrong on the form. Thinking it was the corporation number I returned with a new blank form. What was wrong was the pre-printed number on the form. The number supplied by the taxing office and printed on the form. How can that be? Well, the answer is "this is Panama" so let's just shrug and continue. Then I presented the second corrected form and they rejected that for the same reason -- the preprinted number was wrong. I took that form across the street to Banco Nacional and they accepted it without question. I waited for them to call me to come back and bring a new form. No phone call so far.
  13. Our tenant had an emergency and had to leave so this apartment is available immediately.
  14. For the first time last year I had to get the "old age" letter from Dra. Diaz for my license renewal. No blood tests were required and nothing was mentioned about my blood pressure. She does ask you "who is the president of Panama" so come prepared with the answer.
  15. Novey will exchange your bbq tank for a new one. There is also a place on the Pan American outside and to the East of David that will refill your tank. In the long run, it's much cheaper to buy a Tropi-gas or Pana-gas tank and regulator and make the conversion.
  16. I have this very nice couple from South Korea staying with me. The husband is retired military and they are both artists. They need a rental in Boquete for 3 months from December 12 - March 12. They would like to pay around $500/month and be close to town. They speak very little English (or Spanish) so I am helping them with this. If you have anything, or know of anything, please write me at pjbarrett@aol.com or call me at 6510-8934. Thank you. Penny Barrett
  17. I'm so darn happy about this new bridge that I had to drive across it again. Drove all the way to Alto Boquete during the height of the parade. This would have been impossible in the past.
  18. Lots of fireworks last night to inaugurate the new Panamonte Bridge. I drove across it this morning. Hoo Boy -- is it great !!! I didn't even get tangled up in the parade traffic.
  19. We have a family in the Handicap Foundation that has no indoor plumbing. The wife is in a wheel chair and the husband struggles to take care of her needs. Putting in a septic tank and field would be very difficult because of the rocks and tree roots surrounding their hovel. We want to explore a composting toilet. Does anybody know where in Panama to get such a thing -- or who I can ask. Thanks for any help you can provide. Penny Barrett pjbarrett@aol.com FPI Board Member
  20. The Panamonte bridge actually went out two times in the past 12 years. They immediately rebuilt it the first time it went out. However, the locals complained that it was only one lane so they started digging around the footings in preparation for building a second lane. Then the flood hit. I'm suspicious that the digging around the footings weakened the bridge to the extent that it immediately washed away again.
  21. A clarification--they take your plastic and glass but then they take it to the landfill. Hold those items until RRR has found a new buyer.
  22. I believe they've traced the e-coli to California lettuce. I kind of doubt we have any California lettuce in Panama.
  23. What she said. What a great facility Animales has built. The meal was fantastic and so was the company. About 80 people attended and a good time was had by all.
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