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  1. Novey will exchange your bbq tank for a new one. There is also a place on the Pan American outside and to the East of David that will refill your tank. In the long run, it's much cheaper to buy a Tropi-gas or Pana-gas tank and regulator and make the conversion.
  2. I have this very nice couple from South Korea staying with me. The husband is retired military and they are both artists. They need a rental in Boquete for 3 months from December 12 - March 12. They would like to pay around $500/month and be close to town. They speak very little English (or Spanish) so I am helping them with this. If you have anything, or know of anything, please write me at pjbarrett@aol.com or call me at 6510-8934. Thank you. Penny Barrett
  3. I'm so darn happy about this new bridge that I had to drive across it again. Drove all the way to Alto Boquete during the height of the parade. This would have been impossible in the past.
  4. Lots of fireworks last night to inaugurate the new Panamonte Bridge. I drove across it this morning. Hoo Boy -- is it great !!! I didn't even get tangled up in the parade traffic.
  5. We have a family in the Handicap Foundation that has no indoor plumbing. The wife is in a wheel chair and the husband struggles to take care of her needs. Putting in a septic tank and field would be very difficult because of the rocks and tree roots surrounding their hovel. We want to explore a composting toilet. Does anybody know where in Panama to get such a thing -- or who I can ask. Thanks for any help you can provide. Penny Barrett pjbarrett@aol.com FPI Board Member
  6. The Panamonte bridge actually went out two times in the past 12 years. They immediately rebuilt it the first time it went out. However, the locals complained that it was only one lane so they started digging around the footings in preparation for building a second lane. Then the flood hit. I'm suspicious that the digging around the footings weakened the bridge to the extent that it immediately washed away again.
  7. A clarification--they take your plastic and glass but then they take it to the landfill. Hold those items until RRR has found a new buyer.
  8. I believe they've traced the e-coli to California lettuce. I kind of doubt we have any California lettuce in Panama.
  9. What she said. What a great facility Animales has built. The meal was fantastic and so was the company. About 80 people attended and a good time was had by all.
  10. A reliable source has told me that the "for-profit" recycling facility next to the Bible Church is willing to take everything including your plastic and glass (i.e. wine bottles). In the past they wouldn't take those two items. I like to support this facility as a family depends on it for income.
  11. Panamonte Bridge y mas The guys have been working nights and Sundays on the bridge and it's almost done. I think the November 28 parade route should be across the bridge. I'm so very happy. I've always said that driving in Panama in general and Boquete in particular is like one of those video games with perils coming at you from all sides. This morning, after hitting about 3 or 4 new dead-ends and detours I finally got to Alto Boquete. And then I had to brake hard for a small herd of goats who were off on a walk-about by themselves around Plaza San Francisco. While I was in multi-pagos (near the E-shop) this morning, at least 5 Panamanians came in and greeted everybody in the building. One of the things I love about living here. Everybody says "Buenos Dias" and nobody minds waiting in line. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and living here is near the top of the list. Even with the bad roads. 🤡
  12. Our tenant had an emergency and had to leave so this apartment is available immediately. Best neighborhood close to downtown Boquete. No water problems, no wind problems, no noise problems, no crime problems. Furnished 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. Lower level of house in Jaramillo Arriba. Only 12 minute walk to town over the new Panamonte bridge. Private patio and shared garden area. Washer and dryer shared with upper tenant. Totally fenced with secure under-cover parking. Gardener, electricity, wifi, and cable tv included. Owner is a long term Boquete resident and can help a new resident with information, recommendations, etc. Must love dogs Available Immediately. $480/month plus 1 month deposit for 3 months or more. $550/month for less than 3 months. Contact Leslie: peeverleslie@yahoo.com or 6362-6038
  13. Somebody on a different forum told me about www.ustv247.com and it's a great site. More than just the major networks. All for free. And no VPN needed to watch. I'm watching Sunday Morning on CBS right now. Rarely freezes or pauses. Now I might end up selling my Amazon Firestick I just ordered. The downside is that you cannot operate the program remotely with either a wireless mouse or a remote.
  14. Nice, flat, titled building lot with both wonderful ocean and river views in Las Lajas, Panama. Las Lajas is the best beach in Panama and is just now beginning to be developed. This large lot is the last lot at the end of a dead-end road. It is high and dry and fenced with electrical poles close by. The lot is 1753 sq. meters with fruit and cashew trees. It has been meticulously cleaned. Dead trees have been removed, the fence has been repaired, and the undergrowth has been controlled. The owner has decided not to build on the lot and is offering it for $48,500 with financing options. The coordinates are 8°09'51.7"N 81°50'43.9"W. To drive to see this lot, enter the Las Lajas beach area. Turn left on the gravel road between Brisas del Pacifico and the Refugio Tropicale. Stay to the left and follow the signs to Casa Marpella. The lot is at the end of the road on the right side. For more information, contact Penny Barrett at pjbarrett@aol.com
  15. It seems that USTV Now has permanently banned me and now I'm suffering 60 Minutes withdrawal. Am thinking of actually popping for a Firestick or other device that will give me live US news. Am looking for suggestions on which device works best. Thanks in advance for any wisdom on the subject.
  16. I see on Newsroom Panama that a large Peruvian corporation has purchased controlling interest in El Rey Supermarkets and that big changes are expected. Since El Rey owns controlling interest in our local supermarket Romero's, does that mean we should expect big changes in the local super?
  17. Thanks to Bud and Marcelyn who loaned us their German outfits.
  18. I usually don't feel earthquakes but I sure felt the one at 8:30 last night. We were rockin' and rollin' in Jaramillo Arriba. Even the doggies who usually sleep through everything picked up their little ears.
  19. My whole neighborhood is going. Then we will have another Thanksgiving the following Thursday for our friends and neighbors. I'm only hoping for non-powdered mashed potatoes. I guess I'll bring them to make sure they didn't come out of a box.
  20. I found his new location which is basically across the street and next to El Constructor (AKA Boques Palmira). When I first couldn't find him I took the watch to Ven Jewelers for a minor fix on the band. The lady there worked for 20 minutes and charged me $3.21. It held for about a week and broke again. My guy who I just found, worked for 3 minutes and charged me $1. It's held so far. I think he's a genius on fixing watches and phones. Let's support him. I think his shop is called Shalom (or something similar).
  21. Making Calle F Sur one way will be a disaster. Many people use this street in order to make a left turn onto the Pan American Highway. There's a stop light at the intersection that facilitates making this left turn. No such stop light on the intersection of the Via Rapida and the Pan American and making a left from the Via Rapid is very difficult and dangerous. Speaking of stoplights, the one at Calle F Sur and the Nissan Dealership has been non-functioning for at least a month.
  22. The guy who had a shop next to Super Baru and behind the Sabroson #3 restaurant has moved. I need a minor repair on my watch band. Ven Jewelry fixed it a couple of weeks ago and it didn't hold and they charged me almost as much as the watch cost originally. ? Does anybody know where the guy moved to? He was a whiz on fixing things like phones.
  23. I bought 5 small items at Super Baru this morning. Sure enough, the bag boy substituted paper bags for the ubiquitous plastic ones. However when I got home I discovered my 5 small items were bagged with 3 paper bags of various sizes. I guess you can train them to use paper instead of plastic but what is needed is to train them that not every item needs its separate bag.
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