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  1. I want to say that the Jaramillo Arriba water system is one of the smallest in the greater Boquete area. It's also one of the best and least expensive water systems. My neighbors say that it was contamination from the coffee farmers and the water system board had to declare an emergency in order to get a judicial order of no trespassing against the farmers. To my knowledge, nobody has gotten sick. The contamination apparently happened about 8 AM Friday morning and many, many people drank the water before they heard about the problem.

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  2. What a plus for me. I've not been happy with the three different pulmonologists I've consulted in David. Dra Anguizola was next on my list to check out. The fact that she and her husband are moving to Boquete is wonderful. I also agree with Bonnie that Dr. Anguizola is the best cardiologist in Chiriqui. I need to get registered as his patient even before I need him because he's awfully booked up.

  3. For the last couple of days, ATM machines all over Panama have been rejecting Wells Fargos debit/ATM cards. People can still use their cards at restaurants and gas stations but not to get cash from an ATM. Since WF is the largest bank system in the U.S. I imagine this is causing quite a big of consternation among the tourists who are here and who suddenly find themselves cashless.

  4. 1998663597_Maritza2.jpg.5ac91f2b52a833cb8cc22df69f373951.jpgLarge titled building lot on the Palmira Road. This lot is only 1.1 km from the Boquete David road, just a little past The Boquete Country Club development. It is approximately 2000 square meters -- large enough for a couple of nice houses or a small condo development.  There is approximately 40 meters frontage on the south side of the Palmira Road.

    The owner is currently living in the states and her medical situation is such that she can no longer build on the land and wants to sell.

    It is priced at $60,000 which is $30/sq meter.

    There is a sign in front of the lot which identifies it. For more information email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934



  5. Does anybody know when the next recycling date is for the volunteers at the fairgrounds. I don't mind taking some of my stuff to the business next to the Boquete Bible Fellowship but they don't take plastic.

    Since Howard Green moved to Spain, we don't seem to be getting as much information on the recycling effort anymore.

  6. Do yourself a favor and get  a PC (non-Apple). You pay twice as much to purchase the Apple initially and twice as much to fix it when it's broken.

    I've sold more than 100 computers for the Handicap Foundation. These computers were donated in all states of disrepair and almost all of them were resurrected by purchasing parts on Ebay. We've never been able to resurrect an Apple donation. To purchase the parts is almost always more costly than the computer is worth.

    The ones we've found most easy to repair are Dells. Many of the parts are interchangeable and readily available at reasonable prices. I just sold an almost new Dell computer for $340 which would have cost about $1200 new.

  7. Having lived here for 16 years it's my opinion that life is much easier if the US government doesn't know you live in a foreign country. I would never have my social security deposited in a Panama bank. I've seen several of them fail and the rigamarole you have to go through with your account here is daunting. I don't file the proof of life form.

    Interesting enough, the new medicare card never came to my stateside address. It was fairly easy to go to mymedicare.gov and print out front and back of the new medicare card. My next step is to go to MBE and have the card laminated.

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