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  1. For the first time last year I had to get the "old age" letter from Dra. Diaz for my license renewal. No blood tests were required and nothing was mentioned about my blood pressure. She does ask you "who is the president of Panama" so come prepared with the answer.

  2. I had to take one of my semi-retarded rescue dogs in to Dra. Chely's clinic a couple of weeks ago for a badly cut foot. The people who were in the clinic when we arrived we're having an emotionally bad time because they were there for Dra. Chely to put down their elderly dog who had bone cancer.

    When the procedure was over, it was my turn to go in and Dra Chely cried during the entire 20 minute visit time we were there. She is definitely a sweetheart.

  3. When my Tuesday lunch group decides to dine at The Fish House, one of us stops overs or calls and makes them promise to be open at 12 noon sharp. It always works and the food is so good and so reasonably priced, it's worth it. Have also done that with the Fusion restaurant when it was downstairs on the corner.

  4. I took about my 6th or 7th dog to the clinic last Sunday. This one is a foster looking for a forever home. I'll post a photo at the end. The others have been mine or my neighbors. I'm always amazed at the caring and the efficiency displayed at the clinics. When the clinics started there were about 95% gringos as clients. Now the ratio seems to have reversed itself. I see local Panamanians who love their pets, walk them on a leash, feed them well, etc. Sorry to say that's not 100% but much better than it was 13 years ago when there wasn't a neuter clinic and no dog & cat rescue organizations. Thank you Amigos de Animales and thank you ARF.

    Here's a photo and bio of Wiley (Coyote) who's looking for a home. I've fattened him up and socialized him and he's very lovable and pretty well behaved for a 5 month old puppy. He gets along well with my other dogs. I suspect he would with a cat also.

    Wiley #1.jpegWiley #2.jpegWiley #3.jpeg

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  5. Colibri Restaurant

    The law is very clear and you are very wrong. The discount applies on all food and drink items except alcohol and sodas. It applies on the soup, the salad, the dessert, the coffee, the tea, etc, etc.

    This is not difficult to figure out. Bud and Marcelyn both qualify for the discount. That they chose to share a meal is not relevant.

    The tax thing isn't complicated. If you charge $10 for a meal you report $10 gross income on your income tax. If you discount the meal by 20% to $8 you report $8 gross income on your income taxes.

    Now, was that so complicated????

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  6. I also want to shout out to George and his wonderful staff at Zum Emslander (aka "The German Restaurant"). They have the best omelet in Boquete. It's a little difficult to decipher the menu description but it's basically a huge farmers omelet stuffed with potatoes, ham, onions, etc.

    All of their lunch and dinner menu items are also excellent. Their home fries are to die for. Prices are great and service is top notch. There's a small gang of us who breakfast there every Saturday morning.

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  7. I rarely ask for the jubilado discount at the restaurants I patronize. However, when a restaurant (RetroGusto and Colibri) are arrogant and brazen about flaunting the law, I will not patronize them at all.

    Speaking of fine dining, it's interesting that McDonald's in David gives a 25% discount just for having gray hair. As a fast food joint, the law only requires them to give 10% discount.

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  8. What a great post from Phyllis !!! I have absolutely no talent and have a standing Saturday night card date with the girls but I'm quite envious of the good time you guys enjoyed. Those of us who are passionate about the success of BCP truly hope it becomes the kind of Event Center it has always been supposed to be. Keep it going, guys.

  9. Her name is Raquel Frame Allen and she is licensed by ANAM as a rescue center. The place is called Raquel's Ark and it's basically in and around her house. She has two adorable sloths which will hug your neck and cling to you. Her email is raquelframe@gmail.com

    Raquel is one of the characters of Chiriqui Province that we are famous for. METO !!!!


  10. The Chinese steak house has become harder to find since they built the overpass. It's basically on the road that dead-ends under the overpass. Coming towards Boquete from Price Smart, take the right that's just before the overpass and you will see it. Like someone said, large yellow building that says "Mariscos" on it.

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