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  1. I've been hearing about this place for a long time. Fanny sold her gourmet goodies at the BCP market for many months until the drive became just too much. On Saturday my visitors and I made the trip to Volcan. First we stopped at Raquel's Ark to hug a sloth or two: Then we motored a little ways up the road towards Cerro Punta to visit Fanny's Terrace Bistro on the right side of the road: The food here is great. Wish I had taken photos of the interior and of the menu. Next time.
  2. Well, inquiring minds, here's the answer. Following a recommendation by my friend Joyce who used to live in David we went to Mezcla Gourmet for a wonderful breakfast. I knew this place was great for lunch (super hamburgers) but didn't realize they were also open for breakfast. Had an omelet and the biggest hoholdre (spelling?) I've ever seen. It was great. Mezcla Gourmet is on the old David-Boquete road, on the left side when going to Boquete. Past the mosque and diagonal to the used car lot.
  3. Karl Parker died in San Diego yesterday, Friday, December 1. Karl and his wife Liz were half time residents in Boquete and own a home in Alto Boquete.
  4. Does anybody truly believe that the Panamanian government would know if you had a previous shipment of cosmetics that month???? This sounds like another unenforceable edict.
  5. Tuesday Talks at BCP -- Boquete Medical


    There is free admission to this event.
  6. Exactly -- Olga's in el Alto is in the El Dorado strip mall at the end. Olga's in Bajo Boquete is actually named Punto del Encuentro but everybody calls it Olga's. Olga gives free hugs to all her customers.
  7. I was leaning towards Hotel Nacional to treat my two kids after I pick them up from the early flight into David. Now, I'm not so sure. May just swing into La Tipica on Calle F Sur but that seems to be better for lunch and dinner than for breakfast. I guess we may go to Hotel David and try out their breakfast menu. Personally, I'm a Mickey D's kind of person, but ex-vegetarian kids from San Francisco probably wouldn't like that. There's a good little open air restaurant just south of Dolega where the old road merges with the new road. Wonderful hohadres (spelling???) Maybe we'll eat there. Also, the place in the Dolegita Super Baru building is pretty good for breakfast. If they can hold off we'll go to Olga's in Boquete (the one behind Todo a dollar, not the one in Alto)
  8. Help Hogar Trisker

    It's a common mistake to call Hogar Trisker an "orphanage". It isn't an orphanage and the children housed there are not up for adoption. It's a home for neglected and abused children and for some runaways. The really sad thing is the number of very young girls there who are pregnant or have just given birth. There are facilities there for babies. Their goal is to return the children to their families when conditions improve. Having said that, they are always in need of help to make the conditions sanitary and to provide healthy food to the children housed there.
  9. I always recommend Optica Lopez behind the F Sur Super 99 store in David. The optometrist speaks English and is very honest about telling you if you need a prescription change. They also have frames other than the designer expensive ones.
  10. My advice to everybody who has ever asked me is to leave your SS deposit going into your US account. It's a whole lot easier than dealing with a Panamanian bank. Also, in my 14 years here I have witnessed at least 3 Panamanian banks closing either permanently or temporarily because of various problems. The best advice ever is to get yourself a Schwab or Fidelity account with an ATM/debit card and have your SS deposit go there. You then pull out your money with the ATM card and these investment companies immediately credit your account for the ATM fees (which are now around $5.25).
  11. The Clubhouse at the BCP is now open!!

    I had lunch at the Clubhouse at BCP yesterday and it was delicious. I had the Caesar Chicken Wrap and it was full of a good amount of chicken and lettuce and topped with a caesar salad dressing. They gave me the jubilado discount without my asking. A friend was having a hamburger and it smelled wonderful and was huge. This place is worth patronizing. They're open every day except Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday. They'll be selling their food from behind the counter at the Tuesday market.
  12. VIDEO: Boquete's "4th of July" Parade

    Thank you John for posting this excellent video. I understood that you were drawing a parallel that U.S. citizens could relate to.
  13. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION The Mermaid Casita has just became available for weekly rental for one or two guests. This beautiful casita is just steps away from the main shopping plaza in downtown Boquete, yet all you will hear at night is the gurgling brook that runs outside your front door. The bedroom has a queen sized, hand-crafted bed frame with an orthopedic mattress. Amenities include wi-fi, cable tv, and a microwave oven. Your hostess will serve a continental breakfast each morning. The bathroom is modern with a nice shower. The property is fenced with a security gate. Inside the gate parking for your car. $400/week with a $100 security deposit due upon booking. Your hostess is a 10 year resident of Boquete and can give you advice on activities and tours. Email beverleym@aol.com for more information.
  14. I heard she got about 49% of all votes cast. This is a great victory for the local Amigos de Animales who promoted voting for Pat Chan.
  15. Of all the public infrastructure projects announced by the president and our own mayor, the one I'm most hopeful for is the rebuilding of the bridge over the Caldera River next to the Panamonte hotel. The history of this project is that the bridge originally washed out about 9-10 (I'm horrible on dates) years ago. The next year they rebuilt it as the one-lane bridge it had previously been. Now, I love the one way bridge. It gives you an opportunity to slow down, defer to the opposing car, and share a friendly wave with each other. This whole process didn't take more than 15-20 seconds out of your day. I guess I was in the minority because there was a growing outcry -- mostly from ex-pats I think -- to make the bridge a two laner. So the mayor had his crew go out and start excavating around the base of the bridge in order to put in a second lane. And then along came the next big flood. Now, my theory is that the bridge had been so weakened from the excavating that it was no match for the flood. Of course two floods in 2 years was demoralizing and it looked like the bridge would never be rebuilt. I'm so happy that they're reconsidering. I always think of the workers who live on my side of town (Jaramillo and Palo Alto) who have to walk twice as far to get to work in downtown Boquete. I also think it would be good for business for the Panamonte. There were many times I would stop by for a take out hamburger and fries on my way home and I expect other folks who live in my neck of the woods did also.
  16. I've been voting for Pat Chan for weeks. I think the contest ends today.
  17. Attorneys in Panama

    Dr. Angulo in David. That is why he is entitled to be called "Doctor". He received his doctorate of jurisprudence in the United States -- In Louisiana, I think. I doubt he pays annual dues to be a member of the U.S. bar association.
  18. There are 3 charges: 1) fine for not complying with the law, 2) towing to David, and 3) storage charges for the impound lot.
  19. I believe it's no longer at Valle Escondito because the venue was too small and the rental price too big. I also believe the Panamanian government puts no value on what they see as a "gringo event" such as the jazz festival. Note that the mayor let the contracting company completely tear up the road to Valle Escondito on the first day of the festival last year.
  20. Jason Boss is going to explain all about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the BCP Tuesday Talk on January 2. Put it on your calendar.
  21. I'm playing "watchie-man" at Chiriqui Storage in Dolega and sleeping in our 5th wheel RV on the property. Reminded me of the hillbilly saying "Don't come a-knockin' when the trailer be a-rockin'".
  22. Also, as the handicap foundation expands its outreach, it is offering services to more and more handicapped people (or families with a handicapped child). Many of the handicap families receive the Buenos Vecinos food packages. A normal monthly allotment is packed into 4 plastic bags which contain rice, enriched rice, oil, beans, sardines, sugar, powdered milk, and other dry food supplies.
  23. Lots of folks would like somebody from ACODECO in David to come and speak at the Tuesday meeting about their services. I've been told there's an English speaking employee. Anybody have his name and contact info? Otherwise, the name/contact info for the boss and I will arrange for a translator. Thanks mucho. Email me at pjbarrett@aol.com