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  1. The basic rules for parking at the BCP is you cannot park with your wheel(s) on the sidewalk and you cannot park with your wheel(s) in the driving lane. As Bonnie says, there have been lots of warnings about this.
  2. It's as complete as Hospice can do in 75 minutes (mas o menos). You can write to Betty Landis, one of the presenters at
  3. I ate there on Sunday with Bud and Marcelyn and wanted to share some of my observations. It's obvious the owners have put a lot of money into this place and the rent is most certainly high in this new building (Dona Mirta). I thought the menu for dinner was very limited -- some lasagna dishes and one eggplant parmesano. I ordered the vegatarian lasagna and am almost positive I ended up with the 4cheese lasagna as it was very cheesy and sin vegetales. It was good though, but too rich for my digestive system (read "heartburn"). I also thought the dishes looked very lonely on the large plate. No salad, no pickle, no carrot stick, nothing but the main course in the middle of the plate. The service was good but we were the only 3 diners in the place so good service should have been fairly easy for them. The place is almost a duplicate of Otto's on main street but no wine or beer. I don't think it will be able to compete with Otto's in the long run unless they learn to do some advertising to gringos and expand the menu.
  4. We have scheduled the Hospice presentation "Being Prepared" (for dying) in late August or early September. This program always fills up and, since Panama law is always changing and morphing, everyone should attend even if they've attended in the past.
  5. Tom McCormick is not a doctor but I would bet he's fitted more prosthetic breasts, hands, legs, and feet than any doc in Chiriqui.
  6. There's a guy named Phillip Hagen who has recently opened a body shop. However, I think he specializes in older cars with a need for flashy paint.
  7. I believe Leslie has mixed up her two right hands. If you're going to David from Boquete, San Miguel and Ivan are both on the LEFT. San Miguel is directly across the road from Merca Max which is on the RIGHT.
  8. Proving kinship is done all the time. For example, our friend Irene Haines who died in Panama without a will but clearly wanted her sister to inherit everything. The sister had to submit birth certificates for both her and Irene showing the same parents. She also had to submit a divorce certificate for Irene to show there was no spouse. Then there is the advertisement asking for other related parties to come forward. It's not foolproof but it's the best system we have. Remember when Howard Hughes died and all of a sudden, lots of relatives came out of the bushes.
  9. A friend who has consignment items at Casa Decor went by to check on them yesterday. She found the place locked up tight and she is believing they have closed their doors for good. Anybody have any information on this? If it's the case, everybody who has an item in the store will have a difficult time getting it back (or getting paid).
  10. I have a sneaking suspicion that people ignore the arrows in the street because it makes no sense to not allow left turns at that intersection. I have to confess that I have ignored the airrows quite frequently. Also, having a "no left turn" sign or painting on the street is a lot more effective than just the lack of an arrow. Reminds me of when I got a ticket in David for making an illegal left turn. I said to the policeman, "but officer, there's no sign prohibiting a left turn." He knowingly turned to me and said, "Ah, but there's no sign permitting it." Got me there and I paid the $75 ticket.
  11. I don't know why these people make it so complicated. Simply go to, scroll down and click on the arrow for FM 103.3 live.
  12. Don't forget that Chiriqui Storage hosts a mid-month flea market every 3rd Sunday of the month. The next one will be this Sunday, June 18. Still room for more vendors. You can rent one of our tables for $10 or $12 Or you can bring your own table and rent a space for $10. Email us at to make a reservation. Gates open at 10 AM for shoppers. Come and meet your friends and neighbors and find some bargains (maybe even some treasures). Always free admission and free parking. Chiriqui Storage is located 1.5 km north of the Terpel gas station in Dolega. See you there !!
  13. I agree with Keith. If the insurance company can no longer deny coverage to holders who violate the terms of the contract, the premiums for all of us will rise.
  14. Today's presentation on Veteran's medical resources will be posted as a pod-cast on You have to be a registered user of this website in order to access pod-casts so sign up today.
  15. To find Radio Chiriqui and listen to the new English language show on the internet is much easier than the above writer made it out to be. Simply go to, scroll down and on the right side you will see "103.3 en vivo" . Just click on that and you're listening to live radio.
  16. The radio show was great -- especially Rudy the naughty wonder dog.
  17. I thought Cubans were also one of the restricted nationalities but I might be wrong. Sounds similar to what is being argued in the US Supreme Court starting today.
  18. This is a roomy family type car that seats 6 people. In excellent condition -- clean inside and out. Standard transmission. It has air conditioning, power locks, power windows, and power mirrors. Gasoline 2.6 liter engine for good gas milage. 174,800 km. Has new brakes, new clutch, new front struts. Asking $5500. Joe Culleton. Email or phone 6728-6712.
  19. Of all the public infrastructure projects announced by the president and our own mayor, the one I'm most hopeful for is the rebuilding of the bridge over the Caldera River next to the Panamonte hotel. The history of this project is that the bridge originally washed out about 9-10 (I'm horrible on dates) years ago. The next year they rebuilt it as the one-lane bridge it had previously been. Now, I love the one way bridge. It gives you an opportunity to slow down, defer to the opposing car, and share a friendly wave with each other. This whole process didn't take more than 15-20 seconds out of your day. I guess I was in the minority because there was a growing outcry -- mostly from ex-pats I think -- to make the bridge a two laner. So the mayor had his crew go out and start excavating around the base of the bridge in order to put in a second lane. And then along came the next big flood. Now, my theory is that the bridge had been so weakened from the excavating that it was no match for the flood. Of course two floods in 2 years was demoralizing and it looked like the bridge would never be rebuilt. I'm so happy that they're reconsidering. I always think of the workers who live on my side of town (Jaramillo and Palo Alto) who have to walk twice as far to get to work in downtown Boquete. I also think it would be good for business for the Panamonte. There were many times I would stop by for a take out hamburger and fries on my way home and I expect other folks who live in my neck of the woods did also.
  20. Just on the news this morning (May 30), Panama strongman Manuel Noriega is dead. From AOL News: Panama dictator Manuel Noriega, ousted in US invasion, dies at 83 Elida Moreno May 30th 2017 5:48AM X PANAMA CITY, May 30 (Reuters) - Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, who spied for the United States before his drug trafficking and brutality triggered a U.S. invasion to oust him in 1989, has died aged 83. President Juan Carlos Varela announced Noriega's death on Twitter late on Monday, and said his passing marked the closing of a chapter in the Central American country's history. Ruling Panama from 1983 to 1989, Noriega was a longtime collaborator of the Central Intelligence Agency and a useful U.S. ally in a region that was prone to leftist insurgencies.
  21. Remember that one of the people who lost thousands in the safety box caper has been threatened with a slander suit on the basis she spoke about her situation to friends before she filed a denuncia. Also, news.boquete has been threatened by the same people with a legal suit because it disseminated an email defaming this business. It remains to be seen if any of these law suits were actually filed. As of today, they haven't been served. Scary, scary stuff.
  22. First of all, Dr. Angulo's office is adjacent to the SENADIS office on the upper floor. Second of all, I consider myself an above average black jack player. Having been booted out of two Las Vegas casinos for card counting puts me into that category.
  23. until
    We are a friendly group of intermediate duplicate bridge players. We meet and play at the Oasis Restaurant in Boquete every Wednesday from 1 to about 4 PM If you'd like to join us, come by at noon and have lunch with us. Call John Sandeen, 6737-2486 for more information.
  24. Bud, it might be easier for people if you said the entrance to the Brencan building is across the street from the Slot Casino and next to a parking lot. The parking lot used to be $.50/hour but it's now $1.00 an hour. Still worth it.