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  1. Another good example of "No good deed goes unpunished" Why do people with Panamanian partners look down their nose at people who can't learn Spanish via the pillow talk routine? Why do people with Panamanian partners look down their nose at people who don't have extended local families to help them integrate into the local culture? The people who are doing this radio program are volunteers doing it for no personal reward. You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
  2. Many of the old timers will remember Jim and Amelia Stroup. Amelia was very active in BCP and she and Jim were regulars in the bridge club. We are saddened to learn that she passed yesterday from lung cancer.
  3. Most people who live here have long realized that realtors do very, very little legwork here. They mostly put the property up on their website and then wait for a buyer to walk in the door. If you can easily do the same thing yourself and save the 5 or 6 percent commission, why not do it?
  4. Why are you guys so suspicious? Go to the meeting and find out. I know the lady who helped the police send out this announcement to the foreign community has a good relationship with the local police.
  5. We try to police the vendors who are supposed to move their cars outside the parking lot immediately after unloading. If we relax on policing it for one week, they start to take advantage again. I personally will check the back lot next Tuesday. It's supposed to be entirely reserved for handicap parking. Do you have a handicap tag on your rear view mirror?
  6. I checked out the new Super X-Tra store on Monday. It's way bigger than El Rey with more "hard goods" and better prices -- especially on dairy products. It seemed to be very well stocked with lots of employees and a huge selection of almost everything. It's located on the south side of the Pan American highway (left side while going to Price Smart).
  7. A friend reports that indigenous protests near San Felix (Las Lajas) held up traffic for more than 2 hours on Monday. Allow extra time if you're going that way today.
  8. My guests have told me they picked up a brochure when entering Panama that says they have 90 days of free health and accident insurance. I thought that law had expired and had not been renewed by President Varela. Who knows anything about this?
  9. I heard that a week ago Saturday folks were lined up around the block to get their flu shots. Has anybody reading this had any experience doing this in Boquete. Do you go to the health department clinic or the social security clinic? How much is it? Where do you check in to get the shot? Thanking you all in advance for your excellent information.
  10. My bad dog Rudy Patootie chewed up the remote to my droid box. Ordering a replacement from China took about 6 weeks or more. Now, the programs are hanging up and giving me error messages. I've tried to track down Lori Cloutier and Mike Niscrombe (spelling?) who sold and installed the box but no luck. If someone knows how to contact them or can give me a lead on someone else who could come to my house to tweak the thing, I would be very grateful. These are the times I really miss my friend Jackie Kuo.
  11. I think Juan Arauz could help. The down side is that he has become very expensive.
  12. I'm usually not a fan of facebook but this morning I went to Lori's facebook page and she responded immediately. I might have to change my opinion of facebook
  13. Nobody knows contact info for this couple and nobody knows of somebody who can give me some technical help??
  14. I've known for a long time that you could get certain legal certificates from the service desk of all el Rey supermarkets but I just noticed yesterday that this service is also available from the Romero's store in Boquete. The certificates that I remember being available are: Death, marriage, and birth (the 3 big events in one's life). This is convenient for all of you who can't find the local Tribunal Electoral which is difficult to locate in Boquete.
  15. I buy my hamburger from Palacio. It's about $3/pound. I like it because they grind fat in with it so it tastes more like what you get in the U.S. Most Panama hamburger has a funny, indescribable taste but I think it's because the beef is too lean. By the way, the butcher there has trained in the U.S. and will cut U.S. type cuts (e.g. chuck roast) if ordered in advance. His name is Sr. Alexandro and his phones are 730-3746 and 6969-1420.
  16. My guess is that more gringos go out to lunch on Tuesday than any other day of the week. It seems a natural progression to go to the market, attend the Tuesday talks, and then go with friends to lunch. The restaurants that close on Tuesday are missing a good piece of business IMO.
  17. Hil, find out who is the artist.
  18. It's a way off, but I have booked the sharp new lawyer in town, Martin SantaMaria to speak to us about immigration at the Tuesday meeting. He and his entire office staff will come on June 27th. Put it on your calendar and tell your friends who are having immigration questions.
  19. I'm not sure this is a good analogy. First of all these folks aren't wanting to stay in Panama. Apparently they haven't heard that the U.S. borders are tightening up and their chances of getting into the U.S. are getting slimmer and slimmer. Also,most of the Panamanians who went to Canada to escape Noriega planned to return to Panama as soon as Noriega was gone and stability was restored. At least this was the case with ex-mayor Manolo Ruiz.
  20. In most cases you will pay the same as last year. I took my last years bill to the Panama tax department (down the side street by the casiono of F sur) and they verified that it was the same amount. Interesting enough -- you cannot pay your taxes there. You have to go to Banco Nacional or Caja de Ahorros.
  21. I frequently doze in front of the TV at night. One of my favorite channels for this activity is the Investigation Discover channel (67 on CableOnda) with all it's true crime programs. Last night I stumbled across an hour long story about Wild Bill in Bocas and how Don Winner, owner of the apparently now defunct Panama Guide, brought him to justice. The general theme was that Wild Bill killed lots of people in Bocas who were rootless and wouldn't be missed by either family or friends. He would kill them and then tell people they had sold him their property before leaving town. He got away with this for a long time but made a mistake when he killed a woman who owned a small private island. She was a party animal and her ex-husband still kept in contact with her. She was immediately missed and an investigation was begun. Her ex brought in investigative journalist Don Winter and Wild Bill now resides in the David Correctional Facility. It was a good show.
  22. I love the Canasta Basica in San Francisco Plaza. Best place ever to buy chickens and eggs. They also give a discount if you promise to vote for the daughter who is the diputado. (Ja, ja)
  23. Marie Not too long ago you were very excited about the new visa that cost just a little more than $500, didn't require an FBI report, and didn't require a lawyer. What happened??? Have you ever been to Portugal? Can you even begin to speak Portuguese? Whatever you decide, I know you will never find another community like Boquete in Portugal.
  24. Of all the public infrastructure projects announced by the president and our own mayor, the one I'm most hopeful for is the rebuilding of the bridge over the Caldera River next to the Panamonte hotel. The history of this project is that the bridge originally washed out about 9-10 (I'm horrible on dates) years ago. The next year they rebuilt it as the one-lane bridge it had previously been. Now, I love the one way bridge. It gives you an opportunity to slow down, defer to the opposing car, and share a friendly wave with each other. This whole process didn't take more than 15-20 seconds out of your day. I guess I was in the minority because there was a growing outcry -- mostly from ex-pats I think -- to make the bridge a two laner. So the mayor had his crew go out and start excavating around the base of the bridge in order to put in a second lane. And then along came the next big flood. Now, my theory is that the bridge had been so weakened from the excavating that it was no match for the flood. Of course two floods in 2 years was demoralizing and it looked like the bridge would never be rebuilt. I'm so happy that they're reconsidering. I always think of the workers who live on my side of town (Jaramillo and Palo Alto) who have to walk twice as far to get to work in downtown Boquete. I also think it would be good for business for the Panamonte. There were many times I would stop by for a take out hamburger and fries on my way home and I expect other folks who live in my neck of the woods did also.