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  1. The emergency battery powered lights in the BCP theater were recently replaced by our great electronics guy Phil Bennett. I can ask Phil where he bought them. As I remember they were relatively inexpensive (maybe $30???)
  2. Hard to believe there wasn't enough demand for pepper jack cheese. Everybody I know is wishing it would come back.
  3. I frequently doze in front of the TV at night. One of my favorite channels for this activity is the Investigation Discover channel (67 on CableOnda) with all it's true crime programs. Last night I stumbled across an hour long story about Wild Bill in Bocas and how Don Winner, owner of the apparently now defunct Panama Guide, brought him to justice. The general theme was that Wild Bill killed lots of people in Bocas who were rootless and wouldn't be missed by either family or friends. He would kill them and then tell people they had sold him their property before leaving town. He got away with this for a long time but made a mistake when he killed a woman who owned a small private island. She was a party animal and her ex-husband still kept in contact with her. She was immediately missed and an investigation was begun. Her ex brought in investigative journalist Don Winter and Wild Bill now resides in the David Correctional Facility. It was a good show.
  4. Major General Albert Stubblebine died a few days ago. For several years he and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow were controversial residents of Volcan. They were both extreme conspiracy theorists and felt they were hiding out in the mountains of Panama but in reality they were developing a commune or cult like development on the outskirts of Volcan. General Stubblebine was known for his work in the intelligence division of the army and was in charge of conducting psychic experiments, the most famous of which was training soldiers to stare at goats until their heads exploded. A character ("General Hopgood") in the 2009 film The Men Who Stare at Goats is loosely based on General Stubblebine as head of the project to walk through walls. TRU TV once did a show with Jesse Ventura (ex governor of Minnesota and ex professional wrestler) interviewing Dr. Laibow. The theme was she flew in from her secret hideout in the mountains of Panama to a small undisclosed landing strip in the U.S. where Jesse interviewed her about her plans to develop a utopian community of followers in Panama. The truth is that the residents of Volcan gave the group so much grief they eventually picked up and moved to Peru.
  5. I second (or third) the recommendation for Dra. Zapata. 3rd floor to the right when you get off the Hospital Chiriqui elevator. She's very thorough and explains everything in English. I have heard nothing but good reports about her services.
  6. until

    This is an amazing project. I've been talking with Robert and Jeff and they are so dedicated to this labor of love. They are building a 4 story "castle" made from 40,000 bottles. You and your guests can stay in the castle next time you're in Bocas. Come by to the BCP theater today at 10:30 to learn more. The video is wonderful -- spend 6 minutes watching it:
  7. Furnished 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment. Lower level of house in Jaramillo Arriba. 20 minute walk to town. Private patio and shared garden area. Washer and dryer shared with upper tenant. Totally fenced with secure under-cover parking. Electricity, wifi, and cable tv included. Must love dogs.Available March 1. $500/month plus deposit.Contact Leslie:
  8. I traveled the Pan American about 12 noon.
  9. I just traveled the Pan American highway from Price Smart to Novey and there is no visible protest action and no part of the highway was closed.
  10. This is the most amazing project. Robert expects to have almost 300 houses in his development. The houses cannot be differentiated visually from a regular cement block house but they're better insulated, more flexible (for earthquakes) and cheaper. What a vision this guy has!!! The website is very informative:
  11. Bud The recycling place across from La Posada restaurant will take your appliance. They will even pay you the scrap value for it. Get a Panamanian with a pickup and give him $10 and he'll probably get another $10 from the salvage place. It's good to know about La Reina. I find their prices to be quite reasonable on most things. My dishwasher went electronic/circuit board crazy after only 7 months. Am going to try to get it fixed under warranty (ja, ja, yes, I know this is Panama and it's a long shot). Actually, in my neighborhood I just set stuff out on the curb. Don't even have to put a "gratis" sign on it. It's usually gone within an hour or two.
  12. During "Just Cause" the US Military went to the house and opened the secret room. There is no written report of what they found but they apparently took whatever they found.
  13. My car is going to the body shop next week because of that damned pole.
  14. Tomorrow's Tuesday Talk is a very special one. We've been working on putting it together for many months. TV Chiriqui is going to film the presentation. This is one you should not miss.
  15. I wonder if this is the daughter who is married to the son of my neighbor Julie Fogarty.
  16. As promised I went with my Panamanian neighbor today to pay our garbage bills. Last year mine went up considerably (to $32.40) because I was a gringo. Yes, they actually said that was the reason. This year my bill stayed the same and my Panamanian neighbor's bill rose up to equal my bill. So, no profiling in our neighborhood. However, at the same time I paid the garbage bill for a house in Santa Lucia (Volcancito neighborhood) and that bill was $54 for garbage. I believe the rate difference was because Santa Lucia is a planned community and I live more in a neighborhood. In any case both $32.40 and $54 a year are pretty cheap. Also, many folks think that the rate increase was to pay for the new garbage trucks but I heard today that they were a gift from the government of Taiwan which, apparently, likes to give stuff to Panama. The big difference in bills seems to be the water bills. There are something like 21 different water systems in the Boquete area. My system is the Jaramillo Arriba system which has billed me $16.20 a year for many, many years and we never run out of water. The water bill I paid for the house in Santa Lucia which gets very, very little water was $108/year. Irony !!!!
  17. I'm quite sure the inspection isn't free however a tin-foil hat is almost free and works well.
  18. In my memory (13 + years), no Panamanian perpetrator of a crime against a gringo has ever been solved to the point where the perpetrator has been jailed. I would love it if someone could cite a case where I was wrong. They did catch Wild Bill and Ozzie and jailed them but they were/are both gringos.
  19. The main address for the Panama taxation department is Click on DGI En Linea. I used this website yesterday to fill out and submit my annual corporate income tax form (called "La Renta") However, I can't figure out where to find the section where I enter the property RUC and my NIT and find out how much property tax I owe. Hopefully, somebody with better Spanish skills can figure lit out.
  20. Last year this was the web address: However, like many things in Panama, the address to get your property tax information has changed again. I want to repeat Bonnie's question -- does anybody know the new address???????
  21. Admission to the talk at the BCP theater today is:
  22. I have known Celestino for about 10 years through my volunteer work with Fundacion Pro-Integracion (Handicap Foundation) here in Boquete. You will not find a nicer guy anywhere. He's the one I go to when a wheel chair needs repair, or a book case needs to be built. I'm going to buy a 50 lb bag of dog food for Celestino next time I go to Price Smart.
  23. I don't think that my Panamanian neighbor and I are in different zones.
  24. I will get the definitive answer to this question when my Panamanian neighbor and I go together to pay our garbage bill right after the feria. If they are different she will ask the municipio to explain why and we'll see what they say.