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  1. It's easy for the peanut gallery to sit back and criticize someone who is trying to do a service for the community. I would like it if BD told us how he has contributed to our community lately.
  2. It's my understanding that the inability to see the link on an I-pad relates to the settings of the I-pad and maybe also to the service provider. It also seems to me that BD was quite rude.
  3. Having lived here for 16 years it's my opinion that life is much easier if the US government doesn't know you live in a foreign country. I would never have my social security deposited in a Panama bank. I've seen several of them fail and the rigamarole you have to go through with your account here is daunting. I don't file the proof of life form. Interesting enough, the new medicare card never came to my stateside address. It was fairly easy to go to mymedicare.gov and print out front and back of the new medicare card. My next step is to go to MBE and have the card laminated.
  4. I sell the condensed and English version of this book at the Tuesday market every week for $6. I also have my personal copy of the book you are looking for but it's not for sale. You can communicate with the author (in Spanish) by writing to her at mspinzon@gmail.com. You can ask her how much to purchase the book and mail it to you at your Texas address. I can take the payment on my paypal and deposit it into her Banco Nacional account. I do this with the proceeds of the books I sell. Penny 6510-8934
  5. Large capacity Whirlpool (Made in America) dryer purchased in 2017. Barely used because my solar electrical system isn't strong enough for this large dryer. Propane gas complete with regulator. Has a few scratches on top. Asking $350. Contact Joe 507-6728-6274 Email mountainjoe2017@gmail.com
  6. It was built in 2016 5 ft. wide by 8 ft long box One foot high drop down sides and back for easy loading.Lots of tie down hooks. Nice long tongue for easy turning and backing up. Solid steel construction.with good clearance Great utility trailer for Panamanian roads. Asking $800.00 The hitch is free if you take it off current vehicle. Contact Joe at 507-6728-6264 or mountainjoe2017@gmail.com
  7. This came to me from Boquete Outdoor Adventure: Hello Good morning, Really sad news god bless her soul. As the company boquete outdoor adventures we are really sad about her loss she was with us for a lot of years and work with all clients very responsible and Enson and Her wonderful persons. we want to say we will support Enson in everything for any questions or inquiries in english boa office is open His a great friend of ours, English would be a problem for him so we are here to help him out. Also please let the community know she has left 2 wonderful dogs behind and Enson will be caring for them if any one wants to do donations ( dog food or other) please leave them at boa office (Jim or Nicole) thank so much Nicole
  8. Gloria Cruz was a younger woman who helped many expats. She translated, transported, did social security, ran interference with government offices, etc. She died unexpectedly Friday morning, March 1.
  9. I have an antique wall clock that isn't working correctly. Does anybody know of someone who can work on this clock -- either in David or Boquete? Thanks so much. Write to pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934
  10. More than a minor disruption to traffic flow. They closed the Panamonte bridge at 6:30 AM and it was still closed when I went by at 12:30. Coming back into Boquete about 8:30, I was directed to the shoulder by a very large cavalcade of SUV's with flashing lights, police cars, police motorcycles, and even an ambulance.
  11. For those of you who remember the songwriting team of Mickey and Squirt who lived for a long time in Boquete . . . . Squirt is still writing songs and plays in her new home in The Villages, Florida. Here's one she's shopping around that will probably be a big hit for her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNPNgdNiolA&feature=youtu.be
  12. Nice, flat, titled building lot with both wonderful ocean and river views in Las Lajas, Panama. Las Lajas is the best beach in Panama and is just now beginning to be developed. This large lot is the last lot at the end of a dead-end road. It is high and dry and fenced with electrical poles close by. The lot is 1753 sq. meters with fruit and cashew trees. It has been meticulously cleaned. Dead trees have been removed, the fence has been repaired, and the undergrowth has been controlled. The owner has decided not to build on the lot and is offering it for $48,500 with financing options. The coordinates are 8°09'51.7"N 81°50'43.9"W. To drive to see this lot, enter the Las Lajas beach area. Turn left on the gravel road between Brisas del Pacifico and the Refugio Tropicale. Stay to the left and follow the signs to Casa Marpella. The lot is at the end of the road on the right side. For more information, contact Penny Barrett at pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934
  13. I made a 25' long wall out of my empty wine bottles. It even lights up at night. Took me many months to empty all those bottles and had to import blue ones from Michigan.
  14. Keith, if you read or hear of a motive, please post it. About the couple who works for Amigos de Animales and who were gleeful about another lawyer dying . . . . don't these nut jobs know that Leyda was the attorney for Amigos de Animales?
  15. Now, if they could only find a use for all the glass wine bottles we empty.
  16. Does anybody know how to get ahold of the powers at Valle Escondido?
  17. I needed gas (actually diesel) so I decided to pay attention to all the gas station prices between Boquete and Price Smart. There's a couple of stations I usually buy gas at because in my experience they are cheaper. I was surprised on this trip to discover that the cheapest station for diesel is the new Terpel station in Los Algorrobos. And, the bonus is that they will pump the gas for you even though you've pulled into the Autoservicio pump. 😄
  18. Posting for a friend. Danby Model DDR308EE dehumidifier. Used but works well. Will remove 30 pints a day from any room. Has a 10 quart capacity. Electronic controls. Runs quietly. Priced to sell for $100. Contact Jan Thompson at jan.thompson@sbcglobal.net or phone 6994-0381
  19. Living in Boquete one would think that Panamanians are almost totally bi-lingual. I interact with many Panamanians (yes, even outside of restaurants) and our conversations are often conducted in Spanglish or full English. But, Boquete is unique in this regard.
  20. Jim and Shirley Maffitt were founders and strong supporters of the BCP. He passed yesterday. In the hospital a short time. Heart failure. Shirley is doing alright according to Linda Lee who lives close to them. Her brother and his wife are here on a vacation (they used to live here) unrelated to Jim ‘s health. They are supporting Shirley.
  21. Babe Ruth didn't do it; Ty Cobb didn't do it; Panama's Mariano Rivera did it yesterday. A unanimous election on his first year of eligibility.
  22. I treated a friend to lunch at Isabella's yesterday. The place is spotlessly clean and Isabella speaks much better English than I was led to believe from Marcelyn's post. I think my friend had the salami sandwich and I had the Isabella special. The sandwiches are panini style and very tasty French fries not an option.🤐 Total bill was $11 and included two soft drinks. I'll return. By the way, there's another new restaurant in the former Machu Piccu site. It's run by Reynaldo, the owner of Electronical Nacional next door. Basic Panama food.
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