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  1. Michael died unexpectedly yesterday while playing music with his friends. He taught the 5 rites at the Haven and was the organizer of several musical groups in Boquete. Rest In Peace Michael.
  2. All computers have been sold. More coming. If you want to get on the notification email list, write an email telling us what you're looking for and send it to pjbarrett@aol.com. Also, please drop off your old, broken, or unused computers to the Handicap Foundation in Alto Boquete (across from Chopsticks Restaurant). And, don't forget our large book (plus CDs, DVDs, Christmas decorations, etc, etc, ) sale on October 29th at the Foundation. Lots of miscellaneous for sale. Stop in either before or after (or even during) the Tuesday Market.
  3. A memorial mass was held today for Hanna, the youngest daughter of Dan Boville and Nixia Santamaria who died at 13 years old after a lengthy illness. RIP Hanna.
  4. Many of us remember Barbara and Ian Phillips who lived in Boquete several years before joining the little migration to Spain;. I received this email from Carol Hurst (another ex-Boquete resident): It is with deepest sadness that regret to inform you of the passing of our dear friend. Ian passed last night at home in the company of his devoted wife Barbara and loving companions Tipper and Dodger. There will be a service TBA. Barbara would love to see you and appreciate your support. Carol Hurst Calle La Romantica, 12 Almuñécar 18690 Granada, Spain +34-699 802 223
  5. I agree about these chips. Have been hooked on them for months and can no longer zip up my jeans.
  6. Barnes and Noble Nook in beautiful turquoise leather case Perfect condition. $60 Available at the Big Dog Camp sale at El Cacho Gymnasium this coming Sunday (Sept 15).
  7. Posting for a friend. Call or WhatsAp Axel at 6989-9615 (either English or Spanish). These are well made and very nice hats. They are men's size 5. They would make a wonderful gift for the man in your life. You can buy them both for $40 or either one for $25. This is a steal.
  8. IF you need great thick boxes and wrapping paper this lot is for you 30+ boxes and clean white wrapping paper. They are used but just unpacked. $30.00 for lot. call me Michelle 6677 3299
  9. A great event and great photos. If you've never been to Nutre Hogar, it's an amazing place. Watch for the next scheduled bus trip to visit.
  10. I want to say that the Jaramillo Arriba water system is one of the smallest in the greater Boquete area. It's also one of the best and least expensive water systems. My neighbors say that it was contamination from the coffee farmers and the water system board had to declare an emergency in order to get a judicial order of no trespassing against the farmers. To my knowledge, nobody has gotten sick. The contamination apparently happened about 8 AM Friday morning and many, many people drank the water before they heard about the problem.
  11. There's a rumor in the neighborhood that the entire Jaramillo Arriba water system got accidentally poisoned yesterday (Friday, July 12) morning about 8. The rumor says we cannot drink the water for 48 hours and we have to flush out all of our water tanks and pipes. Anybody know anything?
  12. This sweet little Sony Vaio computer will be at the book table of the BCP Tuesday market. You can stop by and try it out.
  13. It seems like the lot across from Tre Scalini is the new place for food trucks to locate. Last night I dined al fresco with some good friends: We discovered the latest food truck which appears to be named "Cuba" or "Fabrica Cubana". Here's a scan of their flyer.
  14. This might be old news but the ferreteria in Alto Dorodo advertises that they work on high pressure hoses.
  15. What a plus for me. I've not been happy with the three different pulmonologists I've consulted in David. Dra Anguizola was next on my list to check out. The fact that she and her husband are moving to Boquete is wonderful. I also agree with Bonnie that Dr. Anguizola is the best cardiologist in Chiriqui. I need to get registered as his patient even before I need him because he's awfully booked up.
  16. Is it just my imagination or do we get more earthquakes in May than any other month?
  17. Hard to believe they found 40+ people in Boquete young enough to benefit from this presentation. More power to them (and to the little blue pills as well).
  18. Power out in Jaramillo Arriba from about 5:30 until about 9:30. Also in Panamonte Estates.
  19. My barbecue grill rusted out and I've changed to charcoal. This tank is still probably half full. The regulator is not the Panagas or Tropigas type. It's specific to barbecue grills. First $20 takes it away. Email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934.
  20. For the last couple of days, ATM machines all over Panama have been rejecting Wells Fargos debit/ATM cards. People can still use their cards at restaurants and gas stations but not to get cash from an ATM. Since WF is the largest bank system in the U.S. I imagine this is causing quite a big of consternation among the tourists who are here and who suddenly find themselves cashless.
  21. Large titled building lot on the Palmira Road. This lot is only 1.1 km from the Boquete David road, just a little past The Boquete Country Club development. It is approximately 2000 square meters -- large enough for a couple of nice houses or a small condo development. There is approximately 40 meters frontage on the south side of the Palmira Road. The owner is currently living in the states and her medical situation is such that she can no longer build on the land and wants to sell. It is priced at $60,000 which is $30/sq meter. There is a sign in front of the lot which identifies it. For more information email pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934
  22. Brand new, unfurnished house near the David Airport. Three bedrooms one bath, granite counters, completely empty. Panamanian owner is being transferred and wants to rent this house for $300/month with a one month deposit. Length of lease can be negotiated. Contact Evelyn Zapata 6742-7611.
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