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  1. Of all the public infrastructure projects announced by the president and our own mayor, the one I'm most hopeful for is the rebuilding of the bridge over the Caldera River next to the Panamonte hotel. The history of this project is that the bridge originally washed out about 9-10 (I'm horrible on dates) years ago. The next year they rebuilt it as the one-lane bridge it had previously been. Now, I love the one way bridge. It gives you an opportunity to slow down, defer to the opposing car, and share a friendly wave with each other. This whole process didn't take more than 15-20 seconds out of your day. I guess I was in the minority because there was a growing outcry -- mostly from ex-pats I think -- to make the bridge a two laner. So the mayor had his crew go out and start excavating around the base of the bridge in order to put in a second lane. And then along came the next big flood. Now, my theory is that the bridge had been so weakened from the excavating that it was no match for the flood. Of course two floods in 2 years was demoralizing and it looked like the bridge would never be rebuilt. I'm so happy that they're reconsidering. I always think of the workers who live on my side of town (Jaramillo and Palo Alto) who have to walk twice as far to get to work in downtown Boquete. I also think it would be good for business for the Panamonte. There were many times I would stop by for a take out hamburger and fries on my way home and I expect other folks who live in my neck of the woods did also.
  2. He's coming home to a jail cell today, Monday, June 11
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    A story about a life in Panama

    You can drop off donated items at the Handicap Foundation center in Alto Boquete -- just north of the unfinished polyclinic and across the street from Chopsticks Chinese restaurant. Also, people have asked how to make money donations. If you're local you can drop off your donation in an envelope with Celia's name on it. If you're not local, I'm taking donations through my paypal account -- pjbarrett@aol.com Check the box that says you're sending money to friends and/or family and there won't be any fee. Thanks to all who want to help.
  4. Does anybody know where in David to buy nicorette gum?
  5. It's not for me; it's for my friend with the broken leg who is staying with me. She's miserable enough with the broken leg. I don't need her going through nicotine withdrawal at the same time. I've concluded it's not available anywhere in David. Went to 7 pharmacies. Only the big Revilla on Olbaldia knew what I was talking about. The rest just gave me the blank stare or tried to sell me herbs. I quit my 2.5 pack-a-day habit about 15 years ago. Chewed Nicorette for about 6 months and then broke that habit also. My friend has been chewing it for 5+ years.
  6. Charming Fully Furnished 2 bed, 1 bath with Garden Sitting Room for rent in Los Naranjos. Gourmet Kitchen with 2 refrigerators, Work Island, Pantry, 6 burner gas stove, quality pots and pans, flatware, dishes, drinking glasses, Overhead cabinets and under counter drawer storage.. Bedroom has King size Memory Foam mattress & pillows, sheets & pillow cases. Carpeted Garden Sitting Room has large windows with view of yard and hillside. Bird watching standard with your morning coffee. 40" LED TV with HDMI cable hookup for computer. Custom gate-leg table seats 2 to 8 persons. Washer and gas dryer. Covered outside patio eating area. Available June 1 Bring your clothes and toothbrush and move in. Rent $550.00 usd and $ 250.00 usd deposit. Monthly includes first $15 of electricity. If interested call Daisy at 6553-2384 or Ralph and Clare at 6887-6083.
  7. Daisy Quiel has reduced the rent to $550/month. A good deal.
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    Writers Workshop

  9. Several people have asked me to post the Law (Ley 6) concerning jubilado discounts in Panama. This will be a summary of the law in English rather than an exact word for word translation. First of all the discount law applies to anyone: a) With a pensionado visa as long as the person is over 18 years old unless the age requirements are spelled out in the specific provision. b) Any legal resident of Panama who has attained the age of 55 (if female) or 60 (if male) c) The law does not apply to tourists or anybody who does not have some kind of residency visa. Discount of 50% of the admission price for recreational and entertainment activities such as movies, sporting events, and other public shows. The discount is not applicable to charitable activities and fundraising events. Discount on public transportation (other than inter-urban) a) 30% for buses b) 30% for trains c) 30% for boats d) 25% for airplanes These transportations must originate in the country of Panama in order to receive the discount. The discount does not apply to the portion of the ticket for fuel surcharge or taxes. Discount on hotels, motels, and hostels: a) 50% from Monday through Thursday b) 30% from Friday through Sunday c) In hotels that sell "all inclusive" packages there is a 20% discount applied Monday to Thursday, and a 12% discount applied from Friday to Sunday. Discount of 25% on food consumed in non-fast food restaurants a) Doesn’t apply to fondas that don’t need a commercial operating license. b) The discount applies only to the qualifying persons, not everyone at the table. c) The discount applies only for a meal consumed on the premises; it doesn’t apply if the diner only orders a beverage or a dessert. d) If a restaurant is offering a special price for a meal, the diner has the option of paying the special price or obtaining the discount off of the regular price. e) The discount applies to all food except alcohol and sodas Discount of 15% in fast food restaurants a) This is for places like McDonalds, Burger King, Food Courts and franchises. b) The diner has the option of paying a special promotion price or the regular price with the discount. · Editor’s note – both McDonalds and the cafeteria at Price Smart give 25% discount although they are not required by the law to do so. Discount of 15% off the total bill for services at hospitals and private clinics. Discount of 20% off of all medicines purchased in a pharmacy. a) If the medicine is offered at a special sales price, the buyer has the option of accepting the price or paying the regular price minus the discount.\ Discount off the following medical services: a) 20% off the consultation fee for general practitioners, medical specialists, and surgeons. b) 15% off the fee for dental services c) 15% off the fee for optometrists Discount for health insurance policies must adjust their premiums to reflect the discount for jubilados. · Editor’s note – the law doesn’t say what the percentage discount should be. Discount of 20% of the charge for technical and/or professional services. a) Technical services include electricians, plumbers, building contractors, wood-workers, etc. b) Professional services include accountants, economists, lawyers, engineers, architects, etc. Discount of 20% on the price of prosthetics and other handicap aids (crutches, wheel chairs, etc) Discount of 50% on the fees and commissions for obtaining either a personal or a commercial loan. Discount on the surcharge or encumbrances from a personal or commercial loan. Discount of 15% off the interest charged by banks, financial institutions, credit institutions, etc on a personal or commercial loan. Discount of 1% off the interest charged on a mortgage. The freezing of the property tax on your primary residence that is in your name (not in a corporation or foundation). Discount of 50% off the charge for a passport (Panamanian passport) Discount of 25% on your monthly electrical bill (up to 600kwh). Discount of 50% off the Airport taxes (usually included in your ticket) Discount of 25% off the flat-rate monthly telephone contract bill when: a) The telephone bill is in your name b) The telephone bill is for residential usage c) The telephone bill is for a single phone Discount of 25% of your water bill (whether from a public or private water company) a) The bill must not be more than $30 b) The bill must be in your name c) The bill must be for a residence and be your primary residence Exoneration of 100% in the Public Registry for paying registration and judicial fees for new organizations for retirees. Discount of 20% for purchase of coffins and urns and for funeral services when the deceased qualified for the discount.
  10. Do you take this anticoagulent prescription medicine? The Handicap Foundation has had a donation of 46 capsules in unopened containers donated to us. The expiration date is November 20, 2019. There is at least $120 worth of medicine which we will sell for $50. Disgren belongs to a group of drugs called platelet antiaggregants, which act avoiding the formation of clots (thrombi) that can clog blood vessels. This medication is indicated in adults to reduce the risk of reappearance of a heart attack. myocardium, stable or unstable angina or cerebral infarction in patients who have suffered previously one of these processes. It is also indicated in patients who have undergone a coronary "by-pass" operation. All proceeds go to the Handicap Foundation. To purchase email pjbarrett@aol.com.
  11. Nut job. We have more than our fair share of those here. You sometimes have to have thick skin and a short memory.
  12. What reason would your neighbors have for saying she got what she deserved???? Because she was a lawyer??? I ask all of you to look around in this community and you will find many retired lawyers doing very good things for this community.
  13. The Handicap foundation has these 3 donated monitors, a sub-woofer, and a scanner for sale. All work well and are guaranteed for 30 days. Email pjbarrett@aol.com for information or to purchase. Dell Monitor - E173FP- 17 inch -- REDUCED TO $45 more information athttp://www.chiriqui.life/topic/9188-dell-monitor-e173fp-17-inch-reduced-to-45/ KDS 900P 19" LCD Flat Screen Monitor -- Reduced to $30 more information at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/8946-kds-900p-19-lcd-flat-screen-monitor-reduced-to-30/ LG Flatiron 15" Monitor -- $40 more information at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/9391-lg-flatiron-15-monitor-40/ Canon LIDE 110 Photo Scanner -- REDUCED TO $25 more information at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/8928-canon-lide-110-photo-scanner-reduced-to-25/ Panasonic SB-WA350 Active Subwoofer 290 Watts -- REDUCED to $25 more information at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/8801-panasonic-sb-wa350-active-subwoofer-290-watts-reduced-to-25/
  14. The Handicap Foundation has 4 of these 50 watt ceiling or wall fixtures. They are manufactured by General Lighting and can be mounted to either a ceiling or a wall. They have swivel mounting brackets and all electrical fittings are included. These are guaranteed for 30 days by us. You can purchase one for $25 or all 4 for $80 Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  15. I remember going on a cruise on the Norwegian ship named "The Norway" which (at the time) was the biggest passenger cruise ship in the world. It held 2000 passengers and the thought was that they would never build a bigger ship. Now, we have one that carries 5000 passengers. Twice the size of the town I grew up in. Amazing !!!
  16. This is horrible news. Leyda is/was the lawyer for the Amigos de Animales in Boquete and also did some work for the BCP. I pray they find the killers.
  17. Nexgrill 820-0015 2 Burner Table Top Gas Grill with Tank Regulator 2 - 10,000 btu stainlesss steel burners 247 square inch total cooking area Equipped with liquid propane hose and regulator for use with 20-pound liquid propane tank (lp tank not included) This is a "like-new" grill. It cost over $100 new. The Handicap Foundation will guarantee it for 30 days and only charge you $50. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  18. Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N20S Briggs 450e Side Discharge Push Mower in 20-Inch Deck Almost new. Used only a couple of times 450E 125cc Briggs & Stratton primer engine 20-Inch deck push mower Side discharge only. Speed forward maximum: 3 mph, air filter type: foam 4-Quick height adjusters with 5 positions 7-Inch Front and Rear Wheels On sale on Amazon for between $159 and $194 plus major shipping costs. The Handicap Foundation will sell this one for $120 and no shipping costs and we'll guarantee it for 30 days. Email pjbarrett@aol.com .
  19. I'm posting this for my friend Daisy Quiel who is a great landlady: Nice, large apartment of two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, terrace, bathroom, and garage. Fully fenced and furnished. All services (water, electricity, cable TV, internet, garbage collection and outside maintenance) included in the rent. Located in Los Naranjos and available immediately. Monthly rent is negotiable. If interested call Daisy at 6553--2384 or Ralph and Clare at 6887-6083.
  20. Penny

    Car washing

    The young man in your neighborhood with a construction job should be on strike right now and available for car washing.
  21. Penny

    Car washing

    Bonnie. Go to Karretta's Restaurant across from the library for breakfast or lunch. Leave your car with the guys on the side of the restaurant. Enjoy your meal and then pick up your clean car.
  22. LG L1515S - LCD monitor - 15" Series A compact monitor measuring 13.8 in x 5.2 in x 12.5 in. Manufacturers Suggested Retail price is $429. Priced at $44.95 plus shipping on Ebay. The Handicap Foundation will sell this monitor for $40 and no shipping. Guaranteed for 30 days. Email pjbarrett@aol.com to purchase.
  23. We've reduced this perfectly good monitor to the astonishingly low price of $30.
  24. This is a large 19" computer monitor. It has some minor scratching on the screen which is reflected in the reduced price. The 140-degree viewing angle is going to make this monitor valuable to groups as well as the single user. The 300 cd/m2 brightness keeps the image crisp in all light levels and its 800:1 contrast ratio keeps those images sharp. With 16.7 million colors, every shade is clear. Tested and guaranteed by the Handicap Foundation. For sale for $30. (remember, some minor scratching on the screen). Email pjbarrett@aol.com to buy
  25. You can also leave them at the Handicap Foundation book table at the back of the BCP lobby at the Tuesday market (9-11:30). Remember that the Handicap foundation is also looking for computers that we can fix up and sell on the internet.