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  1. Making Calle F Sur one way will be a disaster. Many people use this street in order to make a left turn onto the Pan American Highway. There's a stop light at the intersection that facilitates making this left turn. No such stop light on the intersection of the Via Rapida and the Pan American and making a left from the Via Rapid is very difficult and dangerous. Speaking of stoplights, the one at Calle F Sur and the Nissan Dealership has been non-functioning for at least a month.
  2. The guy who had a shop next to Super Baru and behind the Sabroson #3 restaurant has moved. I need a minor repair on my watch band. Ven Jewelry fixed it a couple of weeks ago and it didn't hold and they charged me almost as much as the watch cost originally. 😀 Does anybody know where the guy moved to? He was a whiz on fixing things like phones.
  3. I bought 5 small items at Super Baru this morning. Sure enough, the bag boy substituted paper bags for the ubiquitous plastic ones. However when I got home I discovered my 5 small items were bagged with 3 paper bags of various sizes. I guess you can train them to use paper instead of plastic but what is needed is to train them that not every item needs its separate bag.
  4. Anybody else having trouble with USTV Now? This is how the website comes up for me. Been like this for about 3 days. Is there a fix?
  5. I bet that many gringos don't realize that what they want to see stocked at Price Smart are not necessarily the items that Panamanians buy. No store can continue to stock items that don't sell to 80% of their clientele. People need to take a wider world view especially when you're living as a minority in a country not your birth country I was at Price Smart yesterday and the lines were very short and went quickly. Don't know if PS put on more cashiers or if there were just fewer customers because City Mall has siphoned off some of them. Probably a combination of both.
  6. I highly doubt it as the US seems to believe that Panama uses a foreign currency called the Balboa.
  7. Best name for a band that I've heard for quite awhile. Maybe even better than "Black-eyed Peas".
  8. Penny

    Do you know this doggy ??

    Bonnie is the ultimate proof-reader; newslady, not so much. In any case it turns out that this abandoned dog is being cared for by the folks who run the Rock Restaurant and the Riverside Inn. They are feeding and medicating him. He was returned to them yesterday.
  9. I closed my Panama checking account when I discovered that they had taken more than $100 out of my account because my balance had fallen too low. In the many months it was too low (by just a few dollars) could they not have sent me an email? The once every couple of years I need to write a check, I pay about $5 for a cashier's check. I also cancelled my Panama bank ATM cards. The fees were terrible.
  10. A trusted Panamanian friend has told me that the labor union Sun Tracs plans to close all the Boquete roads on Thursday. Given the state of the roads, it's probably pretty easy to close them.
  11. Penny

    Glamping Party for you!

    Somebody needs to go to this and report back "what is glamping?" Also, it seems additional people cost $10 admission. What does the first person cost? A potluck dish to pass? Very confusing.
  12. Is this possibly a vacation to Boquete on taxpayer expense?