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  1. This newcomers lunch immediately follows the Open Forum and New Comers meeting in the theater at BCP at 10:30
  2. What program do you guys use to measure your speed. Another question -- I assume that "reset your modem" means to unplug it and then plug it back in.
  3. We've reduced the price on this item: Large bar game or buffet table (your choice) -- Reduced to $75
  4. Brother P-Touch PT-1950 Thermal Transfer 10 mm / sec. 180 dpi Label Printer Appears to be never used by original owner. All label tapes still in original packages. Thermal Transfer 10 mm / sec. 180 dpi Use either connected to your computer or stand alone. Has 53 available symbols, a variety of fonts, auto cutter, and a two line LCD display. In addition to the printer, also included are: 1. 1/2 inch laminated white tape 2. 1/2 inch laminated white tape 3. 1/2 inch black print on white tape 4. 3/4 inch black print on fluorescent orange tape 5. 3/4 inch red print on white tape 6. Print head cleaning cassette Sells new on Amazon for $354.73 + $8.78 shipping. The Handicap Foundation is selling the entire kit for $30. Email pjbarrett@aol.com
  5. I truly believe that Panama brought this law on themselves by instructing the bag boys to use a separate bag for almost every item. It's ridiculous. The ones who will suffer are the charity patio sales. People buy multiple items there and the sales usually collect plastic bags right along with the donated sales items.
  6. High-Pressure Hose Repair

    Whiskey man seems all set but for other people's information, the El Dorado Ferreteria has a sign that they deal in the making and repair of high pressure hoses. You might check them out for a closer alternative.
  7. Book sells used on Amazon for $6.91. Loose tile set sells for $44.35 on Amazon The Handicap Foundation is selling this really nice complete mah jong set. If you bought it used on Amazon you'd pay more than $50 plus shipping. We're asking $25 for the complete set of tiles and the book (A Manual of Western Play). Email pjbarrett@aol.com
  8. Remove oxygen around food and you radically slow down spoilage and deterioration. FoodSaver home vacuum packaging systems offer a two-step process of removing air and sealing it out, so that your food stays fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods. This Advance Design Food Saver has an innovative new design - it flips up to conserve counter space when not in use. It features: - Hands-free operation at the touch of a button - Variable speeds for different size bags, canisters and food-specific settings - CrushFree Instant Seal feature - immediately stops the vacuum process when packaging delicate foods - An easy to use and clean flat Touchpad Control Panel - Accessory Hose Storage - keeps accessories handy - Port- Allows vacuums packaging with FoodSaver Canisters and Accessories - Pen Storage- Stores pen under the lid for dating and labeling bags - Built In Roller Storage and Cutter- Simplifies making custom-sized bags - Extra-wide Sealing Strip- Provides extra-secure, airtight seal Includes roll - 11 inches w. x 10 feet long Appliance dimensions: Length 16.75 inches, Width 9.75 inches Sells for $179.99 plus shipping on Amazon for a used unit with no accessories or operators manual. The Handicap Foundation is selling (and guaranteeing) the exact same unit for $30. Email pjbarrett@aol.com
  9. This complete audio system is being sold (and guaranteed) by The Handicap Foundation. We've priced it so cheap that even if you only want two or three of the components, its economical to buy the total package and sell off the surplus. For more information or to see the system, email pjbarrett@aol.com Kenwood Stero Cassette Player Model KX 5530 Kenwood Compact Disk Player, Model DP 560 Kenwood Stereo Synthesizer Tuner, Model KT 56 Kenwood Double Cassette Deck, Model KX 66W Kenwood Multiple CD Player, Model DPM 6650 Kenwood Stereo Power Amplifier, Model KM 106
  10. This shuffle board type game was either in a bar or a large rec room before it was donated to the Handicap Foundation. It measures 25" wide, 10'2" long, and 39" high. The six legs could be cut off to make it 30" high (normal table height). Among other things it could be used as a buffet table for a B&B. Comes complete with 12 metal disks. Buy it now for $100 (or best offer). To see it, stop by the Handicap Foundation next to the new poli-iclinic (under construction) in Alto Boquete. You can call Migdalia in the office at 6592-8446. She speaks Spanish but might be able to summon an English speaker
  11. We've reduced the price of the Phillips Senseo Single Serve Coffemaker to $50 -- an even better deal as it sold new for $248.49
  12. Tranpath (Tuyo) A14 - 215 -70R15 98H. These are original equipment for Toyoto Rav 4 and Nissan X-Trail. Can be seen and purchased at the Handicap Foundation which is adjacent to the new policlinic (under construction) in Alto Boquete. You can call Migdalia in the office at 6592-8446. She speaks Spanish but might be able to summon an English speaker Priced to sell at $60 and all proceeds go to the Handicap Foundation.
  13. Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band N Router The Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band Wireless-N Router offers true dual-band with 450Mbps on the 5GHz band; Gigabit Ethernet; fast throughput; a long range; NAS functionality; a nice set of networking features; and a good Web interface. The router also comes in a nice and compact design, and includes Cisco Connect, an intuitive software application that helps home users set up and manage their home wireless network with ease. Transfer rates up to 300 + 450 Mbps speed for a premium home network experience Full 3x3 MIMO antenna array boosts signal strength to provide exceptional coverage and reliability Double your network bandwidth with dual-band N (2.4 and 5 GHz) designed to avoid interference and maximize throughput Keep Wi-Fi freeloaders and Internet threats at bay with WPA/WPA2 encryption and SPI firewall Quick to install and easy to manage Includes power adapter Sold for $180 new; tested and guaranteed by the Handicap Foundation. $30 and all proceeds go to the Handicap Foundation. Email pjbarrett@aol.com