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  1. On November 7, two local prominent attorneys, Juan Contreras and Lourdes Miranda, will speak at the BCP Tuesday meeting. They will explain all of the ramifications of the new law as well as compare different scenarios under the old and new laws.
  2. Stolen pensionado card

    To replace a cedula it costs $10 at the Tribunal Electoral (behind Sugar and Spice). To replace a lost or stolen pensionado carnet costs $100 and must be done at Immigration in David in the Chiriqui Mall.
  3. Prunes

    Found them yesterday at Price Smart. Thanks to all.
  4. Prunes

    Anybody know where you can buy dried prunes in the area?
  5. We've reduced the price on this ASUS laptop computer to $150.
  6. Take a friend to lunch and a mammogram!

    I just had a mammogram at Mae Lewis. Happy to report they don't squeeze you like a wringer washer as in the old days. I got a film and report but my experience is that most x-rays can be transferred to DVD if you bring the blank DVD and are willing to wait a while longer. It does take a day or two to get the written report.
  7. Giant Book Sale

    You can bring your book, CD, DVD, etc donations to the book table in the lobby of the BCP every Tuesday market day from 9 - 12.
  8. Judy, don't do it. About six years ago the local CPA's were all telling people they had to do it and report zero income. Then it was learned that if you have zero income you don't have to file. The catch 22 is that once you file the first time, you can never stop filing or you pay a fine of $100/year for not filing. There is no way to get out of the system. 2nd falsehood is that you can't do it yourself. I made the mistake of filing initially and now have to do it every year. With the help of a friend who is better in Spanish than I am, I file on-line every year. The program is called "Renta" and the first couple of months it's out every year it has bugs. You just have to be patient and learn how to do it. However, my best advice is DO NOT FILE !!!!
  9. It's a bitch getting old and forgetting past conversations. I thought only the lonely old geezers in town did that.
  10. We've reduced the price of these 4 tires to $50. They are better than the tires I have on my car. This is the best bargain around.
  11. Is the new bridge going to be one lane or two lanes? Personally, I prefer the quaintness of a one lane bridge.
  12. The bridge was finally clear when I crossed at 5:30 last night. Coming home from David it took me almost two hours to get to my home in Jaramillo Arriba. First I needed to stop at my friend's house just behind Plaza Los Establos and that road was blocked. Then the road approaching the bridge was blocked by the big breakdown. So I decided to go around to the little back road that runs in front of the dessert restaurant and then comes out just on the downtown side of the bridge. Well, that road was under construction and closed also. So, I felt I had to go all the way around the Alto Lino loop and, guess what. That road was closed but thankfully there was an available detour around the closure. This is getting really more difficult by the day.
  13. Fenix Cafe

    The BCP would love to donate the use of its facilities to local charities however it's not financially reasonable. The rent and maintenance for the BCP facility are very high. The $1 admission fee to the weekly Tuesday talks barely covers the cost of weekly bathroom supplies. People seem to think that BCP owns it's own facility and this is not true. The monthly expenses are horrendous.
  14. ASUS X502CA Windows 7 Ultimate English / Spanish Intel Celeron dual core 1.5 GHz Processor 4GB RAM 15.6 in diagonal size screen 2 USB ports Built in microphone not working This computer is being sold by the Handicap Foundation which receives all proceeds for it's care for the handicapped citizens of our community. The computer has been completely cleaned up and reconditioned by a volunteer computer tech. Appropriately priced at $165 $150 and guaranteed. Email pjbarrett@aol.com.