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  1. On July 4th the speaker on Tuesday at the BCP will be Tom McCormick who gives a very interesting and funny talk on Panamanian culture. At least the backwoods or interior kind of culture. Here's the write-up: Tuesday, July 4 – Tom McCormack will tell us all about Panamanian legends, wives tales, myths, and superstitions. This is a very entertaining talk and will teach us all something about this place we call home.
  2. All of you folks who are moaning and groaning about Panamanian immigration and the need to get your visa and the changes in the law, etc, etc should attend this talk and get some real answers instead of a lot of bochinche.
  3. The culture is the "Panamanian hang-up call." Tell your workers to call you and hang up. You call them back.
  4. I've gone mid afternoon for the last two days to Fusion (formerly "Bistro Boquete) to make reservations for my gang to sit on the balcony Saturday afternoon to watch the cablegada. Both days they've been locked up tight. They used to open for lunch at 12. Are they closed for good or just no longer opening for lunch. Does anybody know?
  5. Are they now following the law and giving the pensionado discount when requested?
  6. The basic rules for parking at the BCP is you cannot park with your wheel(s) on the sidewalk and you cannot park with your wheel(s) in the driving lane. As Bonnie says, there have been lots of warnings about this.
  7. It's as complete as Hospice can do in 75 minutes (mas o menos). You can write to Betty Landis, one of the presenters at
  8. I ate there on Sunday with Bud and Marcelyn and wanted to share some of my observations. It's obvious the owners have put a lot of money into this place and the rent is most certainly high in this new building (Dona Mirta). I thought the menu for dinner was very limited -- some lasagna dishes and one eggplant parmesano. I ordered the vegatarian lasagna and am almost positive I ended up with the 4cheese lasagna as it was very cheesy and sin vegetales. It was good though, but too rich for my digestive system (read "heartburn"). I also thought the dishes looked very lonely on the large plate. No salad, no pickle, no carrot stick, nothing but the main course in the middle of the plate. The service was good but we were the only 3 diners in the place so good service should have been fairly easy for them. The place is almost a duplicate of Otto's on main street but no wine or beer. I don't think it will be able to compete with Otto's in the long run unless they learn to do some advertising to gringos and expand the menu.
  9. We have scheduled the Hospice presentation "Being Prepared" (for dying) in late August or early September. This program always fills up and, since Panama law is always changing and morphing, everyone should attend even if they've attended in the past.
  10. Tom McCormick is not a doctor but I would bet he's fitted more prosthetic breasts, hands, legs, and feet than any doc in Chiriqui.
  11. There's a guy named Phillip Hagen who has recently opened a body shop. However, I think he specializes in older cars with a need for flashy paint.
  12. I believe Leslie has mixed up her two right hands. If you're going to David from Boquete, San Miguel and Ivan are both on the LEFT. San Miguel is directly across the road from Merca Max which is on the RIGHT.
  13. Proving kinship is done all the time. For example, our friend Irene Haines who died in Panama without a will but clearly wanted her sister to inherit everything. The sister had to submit birth certificates for both her and Irene showing the same parents. She also had to submit a divorce certificate for Irene to show there was no spouse. Then there is the advertisement asking for other related parties to come forward. It's not foolproof but it's the best system we have. Remember when Howard Hughes died and all of a sudden, lots of relatives came out of the bushes.
  14. A friend who has consignment items at Casa Decor went by to check on them yesterday. She found the place locked up tight and she is believing they have closed their doors for good. Anybody have any information on this? If it's the case, everybody who has an item in the store will have a difficult time getting it back (or getting paid).
  15. I have a sneaking suspicion that people ignore the arrows in the street because it makes no sense to not allow left turns at that intersection. I have to confess that I have ignored the airrows quite frequently. Also, having a "no left turn" sign or painting on the street is a lot more effective than just the lack of an arrow. Reminds me of when I got a ticket in David for making an illegal left turn. I said to the policeman, "but officer, there's no sign prohibiting a left turn." He knowingly turned to me and said, "Ah, but there's no sign permitting it." Got me there and I paid the $75 ticket.