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  1. Another good example of "No good deed goes unpunished" Why do people with Panamanian partners look down their nose at people who can't learn Spanish via the pillow talk routine? Why do people with Panamanian partners look down their nose at people who don't have extended local families to help them integrate into the local culture? The people who are doing this radio program are volunteers doing it for no personal reward. You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
  2. Most people who live here have long realized that realtors do very, very little legwork here. They mostly put the property up on their website and then wait for a buyer to walk in the door. If you can easily do the same thing yourself and save the 5 or 6 percent commission, why not do it?
  3. Why are you guys so suspicious? Go to the meeting and find out. I know the lady who helped the police send out this announcement to the foreign community has a good relationship with the local police.
  4. We try to police the vendors who are supposed to move their cars outside the parking lot immediately after unloading. If we relax on policing it for one week, they start to take advantage again. I personally will check the back lot next Tuesday. It's supposed to be entirely reserved for handicap parking. Do you have a handicap tag on your rear view mirror?
  5. I checked out the new Super X-Tra store on Monday. It's way bigger than El Rey with more "hard goods" and better prices -- especially on dairy products. It seemed to be very well stocked with lots of employees and a huge selection of almost everything. It's located on the south side of the Pan American highway (left side while going to Price Smart).
  6. Many of the old timers will remember Jim and Amelia Stroup. Amelia was very active in BCP and she and Jim were regulars in the bridge club. We are saddened to learn that she passed yesterday from lung cancer.
  7. A friend reports that indigenous protests near San Felix (Las Lajas) held up traffic for more than 2 hours on Monday. Allow extra time if you're going that way today.
  8. I think Juan Arauz could help. The down side is that he has become very expensive.
  9. I'm usually not a fan of facebook but this morning I went to Lori's facebook page and she responded immediately. I might have to change my opinion of facebook
  10. Nobody knows contact info for this couple and nobody knows of somebody who can give me some technical help??
  11. I've known for a long time that you could get certain legal certificates from the service desk of all el Rey supermarkets but I just noticed yesterday that this service is also available from the Romero's store in Boquete. The certificates that I remember being available are: Death, marriage, and birth (the 3 big events in one's life). This is convenient for all of you who can't find the local Tribunal Electoral which is difficult to locate in Boquete.
  12. I buy my hamburger from Palacio. It's about $3/pound. I like it because they grind fat in with it so it tastes more like what you get in the U.S. Most Panama hamburger has a funny, indescribable taste but I think it's because the beef is too lean. By the way, the butcher there has trained in the U.S. and will cut U.S. type cuts (e.g. chuck roast) if ordered in advance. His name is Sr. Alexandro and his phones are 730-3746 and 6969-1420.
  13. My guess is that more gringos go out to lunch on Tuesday than any other day of the week. It seems a natural progression to go to the market, attend the Tuesday talks, and then go with friends to lunch. The restaurants that close on Tuesday are missing a good piece of business IMO.
  14. Hil, find out who is the artist.
  15. My bad dog Rudy Patootie chewed up the remote to my droid box. Ordering a replacement from China took about 6 weeks or more. Now, the programs are hanging up and giving me error messages. I've tried to track down Lori Cloutier and Mike Niscrombe (spelling?) who sold and installed the box but no luck. If someone knows how to contact them or can give me a lead on someone else who could come to my house to tweak the thing, I would be very grateful. These are the times I really miss my friend Jackie Kuo.