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  1. Oktoberfest


    Tell me again who the loud band was, so I can avoid them when they play in the future. The volume was unbearable. I ate and ran.
  2. Crash Course Spanish Classes begin in October

    Yes, it's like getting rid of a dictionary because it didn't teach you English.
  3. That's really depressing, but a form of it goes on at the private hospitals too, even if (or maybe because) you have insurance. If a bill seems high, contest it.
  4. Panama abolished capital punishment in 1903. It is prohibited by the constitution.
  5. Crash Course Spanish Classes begin in October

    Just curious. I use that book all the time. Who can remember dozens of forms for a single verb? Why would you want to get rid of that book? It's invaluable.
  6. Real Estate Services

    Potrerillos Amiba? Don't you mean Arriba? This is on your FB page. Perhaps one can get amoebas in Potrerillos, but I wouldn't advertise it.
  7. Prunes

    Yes it does. I saw them there a couple of days ago. They have a lot of dried fruit - cranberries, apples, bananas, mangos.
  8. Prunes

    Super Baru Boquete, probably Romero, though I haven't looked. Big bags at Price Smart. They tend to be in the same place as the raisins. If they're not, ask. They can put them in odd places, like with the cake mixes.
  9. I like Danka. I use them more than Revilla, though I also like Revilla. I have found things at both places that weren't even available in Hosp. Chiriqui pharmacy. I don't know what's going on with Any's. I've always been puzzled by that large wasted space (the front half of the store with hardly anything in it).
  10. This dog needs your help

    Please steal her. I know that's not legal, but so what.
  11. Not supervising, just driving in town everyday as if it is a slalom, avoiding those tire-busting manholes.
  12. Recycling Center in Boquete

    I didn't see hours posted. I was there at 10 a.m.
  13. Recycling Center in Boquete

    I was there 2 days ago and dropped off a lot of stuff. It is definitely open.
  14. I couldn't figure that out either. It looks like one of the pedestrian overpasses. Where is this place?