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  1. My phone isn't pre-paid. I don't run out of minutes. I did solve the problem after an online chat with C&W. He said to turn off the phone and turn it back on. That solved the problem, as it does with most computer problems. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. I checked the call forwarding settings, and they are OK. I asked my neighbor to try to call me, and she can't call me, but she can call other people on C&W.
  3. Just happened in the last half hour. I can't call out. It says "conditional call forwarding active". I don't know if this is a new message, or if it is always there. Is C&W having problems?
  4. It was so slight, I didn't know if I was feeling a tremor, or just had too much wine.
  5. I went ahead and posted them on Pets, because there is a spay/neuter clinic tomorrow June 25, and I am hoping you are taking them. Let me know if you are not, because we do not promote the adoption of un-sterilized dogs, neither males nor females. Dottie is right, these dogs could use some grooming. Good luck on finding homes for them. It is always sad when pets are left when someone dies.
  6. How sad. What cute dogs! Did you ask ARF to help you find foster homes or permanent homes? I can put them on Pets Want Homes. Also please post them on News Boquete for more exposure.
  7. Those were common on the old road, before they built the highway. The highway has held up for a long time, no potholes. But now they are happening and can be hazardous, I hope they fix these soon, and not when they get a
  8. Everybody loves it so much, I guess they don't care. But you're right, that is no excuse for not following the law.
  9. Panama also teaches patience. If you can't learn to be patient about many things, you won't survive here, and you will leave. Amazingly, a lot of things that you need to be patient and wait for eventually get done (like patching potholes in the roads, maybe even paving the roads in town - it will get done, eventually.) Dan, I'm so sorry you're leaving. I never met you, but you provided great service fixing my computer problems. You did that remotely, so maybe you can also do it from Spain, or wherever you're going. Good luck on your new adventure. Off topic: Why are so many people moving to Spain? What is the attraction? The power stays on? What?
  10. Home hairdressing and legal services? That's an interesting combination
  11. I asked about nieces, nephews, and cousins. Of course a sibling's birth certificate would show the same parents (unless the sibling was adopted), but how would the others prove kinship, especially if they had different names?
  12. They do not have to wait for probate. The money is given directly to the beneficiary. That's what the bank told me. I am sure it would require presenting a death certificate.
  13. I have done it dozens of times over the years. It has worked every time. Doesn't make the power come back any faster though.
  14. I made one of my nieces the beneficiary on my bank accounts, so if I die, all she has to do is come here and get the money out of the bank. She will then transfer it to my U.S. bank where my U.S. attorney will handle it from there. I don't understand how a relative could prove kinship to you. I can't think of any document that would prove a niece, nephew, cousin, or anybody but a child or sibling is related to you. Also, who grants the Power of Attorney, and what powers does the person have specifically? Authority to release the body? This isn't clear.