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  1. Email their support service. They are pretty good about responding.
  2. I watched it last night. Are you using it on your computer or on Kodi? Sometimes it develops problems on Kodi.
  3. I used speedtest.net and Cable Onda's speed test. The result was the same for both.
  4. Do you have an old router? I used to get half speed. But when I got a new router, it went to full speed.
  5. Maybe they could turn it into a parking garage with elevators to lift the cars to various levels. I saw one of those in San Antonio, TX.
  6. http://www.speedtest.net/ To reboot your cable modem, you also have to remove the battery so it goes completely dead. Then put the battery back in and plug in the power cord.
  7. Dottie, what scientific studies are you talking about? Can you give some links to these? I would like to know if these studies are real or junk science, peer reviewed and reproducible or just opinions. Some evidence please. By the way, Dr. Mercola is a major profiteer in the health care field, identifying maladies then selling his own products to cure them.
  8. There is a great wildlife sanctuary and turtle rescue organization in Punta Burica. http://www.tigresalvaje.com/
  9. Stinging SilkMouth Caterpillar

    OMG! Why would anybody even think of touching that?
  10. Well said Bonnie! You just can't argue with people who think their personal opinions are better than scientific evidence, especially if they negate the validity of the evidence.
  11. I have received flu vaccines and had no ill effect. I have also had the flu in years when I didn't get the vaccine , a disease I never want to get again. It's terrible. So far the scientific studies (you all know what those are, the ones with provable evidence) have debunked all the misinformation and alarms from the anti-vaxxers, who are even telling people not to vaccinate their dogs and cats. I wonder how they will feel when they watch their pets die of distemper.
  12. They are probably sending Pence out of the country in case Trump starts a nuclear war with North Korea. The U.S. needs a designated survivor.