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  1. There was an indigenous protest on the Boquete-David hwy at the bottom of Volcancito Rd. a few days ago. I don't know what it was about. They were in the middle of the road and the police were there.
  2. It has been a couple of months at least. There is an English speaking customer service person there named Adam Concepcion.
  3. Maybe he's just tired. Wouldn't you be? He has always gone over and beyond for people in trouble.
  4. I have a spare remote for my android box. I don't know if it would work with yours, but you can try it. I would like it back though when you buy another one, so keep it away from Rudy Patootie (bad dog!).
  5. Finally a good reason for not understanding Spanish on the phone. I hope nobody is foolish enough to give any caller this information, even if it is in English.
  6. They say you will be able to put a few Spanish sentences together, using only the infinitive of the verbs. That is probably true, but I doubt they could understand anything said back to them. This seems to be for people with 0 Spanish, just to give them a jump start - a pretty expensive jump start.
  7. Does anybody have one for sale or know where to buy them?
  8. Check places where he might have gotten locked in. They sneak into places and get stuck there. My cat spent a night in my tool shed and another night in my downstairs apartment.
  9. I stopped buying eggs there, because the cartons often contained one or two rotten ones. I never find rotten eggs in cartons from other stores, so I think Canasta Basica's eggs are old.
  10. Mouse droppings can contain hanta virus. Not a good idea to be crawling around up there and breathing in the dust. If you decide to clean them up yourself, find some kind of a good quality mask to wear. Do they have hazmat people here?
  11. Yes, so do I. Also sometimes they laugh at me.
  12. Not only the long flight Marie Elaine, but the EU requires you to get a rabies titer, not just a rabies vaccine. This test costs about $600 and is only available in a few places. They make it prohibitive for most people to bring their pets from Panama. I know this because some friends moved from Panama to Portugal last year. They had to go to the U.S. first, so they took the cats with them (4 of them) and found homes for them there, after not being successful in finding homes here. Please contact ARF for help in finding homes for your babies. Also I will put them on Pets Want Homes. Then ask everybody you know. It isn't easy to find homes for adult cats, so try everything you can think of.
  13. After living here a long time, I have learned that a parade scheduled for 2 will start at 5, and one scheduled for 10 will start at noon or 1. If it is different this year, please let me know. I have given up trying to watch parades.
  14. Well that's very creative thieving. They set up a business advertised as private safe deposit boxes and invite people to put their valuables there. When the trusting people do that, they steal the deposits. Have the victims bring their stuff to you instead of having to break into houses and rob them. I just can't figure out why anybody would be that trusting to hand over their valuables to a company they know nothing about.