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  1. There is already a foreign transaction fee when you take money from a U.S. bank from the Global Bank ATM.
  2. I would think the Mike Rogers proposal would be unlikely to pass. But crazier things have happened. Would this keep us from getting money from our U.S. bank accounts transferred to our Panama bank? A lot of non-thinking going on there.
  3. Well said Penny. I think expats who came here without family and a built-in support system, especially single women who came here on their own, are very brave for doing that. They don't need to be criticized for not learning Spanish fast enough. It is a struggle to learn Spanish, especially when you don't have a Spanish-speaking partner and local family who can help you practice, or to be there to translate for you when you just can't understand something said. There are lots of Spanish radio stations in the U.S., so what's wrong with having an English one in Boquete? Everybody needs some help sometimes.
  4. Notify the U.S. embassy of the death. They will send you a death certificate in English good for use in the U.S. They send several copies. They will also take care of reporting the death to Social Security. Mitzi Clare Nash is an excellent certified translator.
  5. Not too current. It talks about what Obama will do with him. It is a pretty good summary of the crazy Alt-Right in the U.S. though. If Panama can't get back the money Martinelli and his cronies stole, who really cares what happens to him?
  6. Those don't look like Boquete houses. Is that just an example? When I click on them, nothing happens.
  7. Why do you think he is lost? A lot of dogs walk around loose, making their rounds. He doesn't look like he's starving.
  8. Have you ever used pepper spray? It goes everywhere, including back on you, and chokes you. It's not as easy as that.
  9. It sounds like the stage coach robberies in the old West. In Oakland, CA a gang of about 60 young men boarded a BART train and robbed the passengers. Are they going to have to start putting armed security people on every public conveyance?
  10. There was an indigenous protest on the Boquete-David hwy at the bottom of Volcancito Rd. a few days ago. I don't know what it was about. They were in the middle of the road and the police were there.
  11. It has been a couple of months at least. There is an English speaking customer service person there named Adam Concepcion.
  12. Maybe he's just tired. Wouldn't you be? He has always gone over and beyond for people in trouble.
  13. I have a spare remote for my android box. I don't know if it would work with yours, but you can try it. I would like it back though when you buy another one, so keep it away from Rudy Patootie (bad dog!).
  14. Finally a good reason for not understanding Spanish on the phone. I hope nobody is foolish enough to give any caller this information, even if it is in English.
  15. They say you will be able to put a few Spanish sentences together, using only the infinitive of the verbs. That is probably true, but I doubt they could understand anything said back to them. This seems to be for people with 0 Spanish, just to give them a jump start - a pretty expensive jump start.