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  1. Speed to a particular website can be effected by many things. To help track down where the problem is occurring you can take the following steps: 1. Try going to the slow website using a different web browser. Compare Firefox Mozilla with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. If only one is slow, then the issue can likely be corrected by cleaning/dump the cache. Rather than trying to figure out how to delete the cache of the web browser you are using, I recommend downloading the free version of Ccleaner. Install and run the program, clicking on Analyze and then Clean. That will delete the cache and temporary files. This often speeds up web browsing that has gotten slow on a particular site or even in general. This is always a good first step, along with restarting your computer as it refreshes everything. 2. If the website is slow across all the browsers, the next step is to eliminate the computer as the cause. To do this, go to the website using a different computer, or a tablet or phone. If the other devices are quick, then the issue is with the computer and not the websites. 3. If multiple devices in the same house are slow for a particular website, the cause is one of three things. It is either with the Internet Service Provider, the path between you and the website or else with the website itself. The fact that other sites are not slow helps eliminate the ISP as the problem. Once you have eliminated everything above, you are left with the path between you and the particular website or else the website itself. One cause for a particular website to be slow while others are not is the route your computer takes to get there. This is determined by something called a DNS server. Your computer asks the DNS server where a particular website is located out on the Internet so it can begin the journey to get you there. Most people are setup to use the DNS server provided by their Internet Service Provider. However, services such as Unlocator and VPN's will change the DNS server that is used. Therefore, a computer that is setup to use Unlocator (or similar service) can be slow getting to a particular website because it takes a different route to get to the website, often encountering slow downs along the way. If possible, turn off the VPN or disconnect from services such as Unlocator and check the speed to a particular website that was slow. Some VPNs have been included in Internet Security software and users may not be aware of it. If all else fails, it is time for a call to your local computer guy/gal to help track it down. Most of these types of problems can be easily diagnosed using some additional tools. I am not seeing any slow down for the site, however I am not in Panama at the moment. Hope these tips help... if not, contact me directly. Dan
  2. John, Sent you an email and have not gotten a reply. You can send a private email to me at
  3. When people think of Windows, they think of their personal computer. However, most do not realize that many of the other things they interact with daily are also running Windows. If you have ever walked into a casino and seen rows and rows of slot machines - most do not realize that many of them are simply a computer running Windows. Without seeing a keyboard and mouse, the average person would not think that this is a single game program being displayed and run by Windows. The same is true of some ATM machines, some cash register terminals and many other devices we interact with every day. With the news that Bonnie has quoted, I suspect that there has been a strong outcry from larger companies that need the security patches but are burdened by all the additional patches that can have an effect on their device's single purpose. This was also they case when WIndows XP came to "end of life" and no more security patches were going to be released. Microsoft soon reversed it's decision and continued security patches. Having options is always a good thing because the world is not simply black or white. The fight for control tries to make it so but ultimately, there are exceptions to every rule. Windows 7 and Windows 10 are distinctly different. Each with its own advantages and faults. I am happy to see Microsoft giving users the option to choose what best fits their needs. Windows 10 is great for a one size fits all approach and Windows 7 is great for allowing companies and users to choose what fits them best.
  4. For the curious, let me explain the difference between an "app", an "application", a "program" and "software". Most people use the terms interchangeably because the difference is either unknown or unimportant. Software vs hardware is a simple concept. Hardware is the physical components that make up your computer, tablet or phone. Software is the set of instructions that make the hardware perform different tasks. Looking at the four terms, they become increasingly more specific. In other words, you can have many programs that make up a suite of software - such as Word, Excel, and Power Point programs all make up the Microsoft Office software suite. The term software includes all programs, applications and apps. Stepping down, an application is a program with a specific purpose yet contains multiple functions to accomplish a range of tasks. For example your Word program is an application with a specific task of being a word processor. It has the functions of creating text documents, spell checking them, sending them to the printer etc. The confusion comes in when people think an "app" is an "application". It is not. An app is specific to a single function. Because it is specific to a single function, it is not critical to the overall goal of an application or program. Think of an app as similar to an icon. You can delete an icon and still run the program/application from another point because you have not deleted the actual program/application. Generally, apps are touch based. They may be used to start an application but an app is not the application itself. Windows 10 has apps - a touch based way to start an application which may be part of a set of programs within a suite of software.
  5. In other news, Oct 31st is the last day that Microsoft will allows OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures) to build computers with Windows 7 pre-installed. While you will still be able to buy computers with Windows 7 pre-installed for a short time, once the supply in the stores and warehouses is gone, your choice for Microsoft will only be Windows 10. Like every operating system, there are its devotees and its critics. User experiences vary greatly. Combining that with the fact that both Apple and Microsoft are changing as technology evolves, and you have a situation where the average person is easily confused. Realize that what you have and use today is not what you will have and use in the future. My advice is to keep your knowledge up to date while staying one step back from the leading edge of change. I will attempt to post important technology updates. At the rate of change that can be a full time job!
  6. Judy, this has been a problem with many versions of Windows, not just Windows 7. It is not related to the release of Windows 10, however Microsoft continues to change their policies and update process. Fixing this issue often requires several steps to clean out and reset the update process. From a security standpoint, it is important that the updates get applied and the operating system is up-to-date at all times.
  7. Roger, To solve your issue, you need to get an HDMI to VGA converter. Amazon has them very inexpensive. Here is one I would recommend: You plug this into the HDMI port on your laptop and then use a VGA cable to run between the projector and the computer.
  8. I am seeing more and more clients with issues due to the latest Windows 10 Update. Common issues are that printers/scanners and other devices that worked one day suddenly do not work the next day. I also have had clients reporting their laptop will suddenly shuts down and not power back up until the laptop is plugged into the wall. It gives every appearance that the battery is somehow bad. It is not a bad battery at all. The removal of the latest Microsoft update returns the laptop to normal working condition and the battery works as expected. What to do... Microsoft made a change in their policy back in June of this year. Windows 10 users can no long block or defer any Microsoft updates. They have taken away control of the operating system from you, the user/owner, and they dictate how your computer will operate and which updates it will receive, regardless of how it might effect you or your particular computer. This is a change that most people are unaware of yet most will experience these some of these issues without warning. Keep the phone number of your computer guy/gal close at hand. If the issues suddenly appears one day when everything worked fine the day before, it very well might be a Microsoft update.
  9. I believe he did not need to ask what was being purchased since nothing in the hardware part of the store qualifies for a discount. Unless I am misunderstanding, the card is meaningless to him. I would think the appropriate next step would be talk with the manager or then the owner of the store if in fact there is some item that you feel qualifies. Before doing so, you need to be clear about which items you were purchasing that qualified for the discount so you can ask about those items specifically. The card is "honored" for the discount on qualified items, nothing more. It has no other purpose for a cashier. Threatening ACODECO is also probably meaningless to the employee. The discussion needs to happen between you and the person making policy within the store.
  10. I most likely have one. If you email me the model number of the Toshiba, I will look and see.
  11. I have had this happen from time to time when the Internet or phone lines are down in the local establishment. They can not contact the credit card processing system. This may have been the case for your hairdresser.
  12. I believe that Lee used to pay for Ning annually every year in July. The current Ning hosting fee based on having more than 1,000 members and less than 10,000 memebers is $600 per year. It appears that all of the old sponsors have not renewed their advertising. Currently there are two local sponsors and one non-local sponsor listed, all of which appear to be fairly new ads. For awhile there was an ad giving an email address to write to if you wanted to be an advertiser (sponsor); however that email address in fact did not exisit. After a few weeks it was removed. My guess would be that as it is time to pay the annual hosting fee, they will be looking for sponsors and/or donations. It would not surprised me to see JLM asking members for donations. Perhaps the long term "Ning is awesome" cheerleaders can now put money to their words and help pay JLM for the service it provides. Without enough revenue from advertising, they will need to find another source of revenue to cover the basic costs of hosting and whatever they are paying Ambreen and Olga. I doubt JLM will continue to just give the Boquete Ning forum to the community as a free service if they do not find a way to either make money or at least cover expenses. It is a reminder to all Chiriqui Life members that community forums like this one have expenses. Those that use this forum owe Bud and Marcelyn a big thank you as they donate the entire cost of hosting and operating this forum.
  13. I have not seen much of that here on CL. Ning seems to be doing a very good job of it for those that want to bang their heads against the wall over those things. Not exactly consistent over there. They banned a member for a humorous "cinnamon toast" musing but now it is OK to rant and rave over guns, religion and politics. The once overly censored board seems to be wide open now and crys from members go unanswered. My opinion is that they are struggling with finding a balance, something I think CL has done well. Me, I am happy with CL. I think each place is finding what fits its members best. I would wager that if the musings catergory got overly derogative or hateful, Bud would be quick to make the appropriate adjustments.
  14. In my opinion it serves a very useful purpose. It is no different than the old style newpaper. News had it's place and musing or comics were dedicated to a specific page or pages. Some days I just wanted to read the comics. Then again in other days I did not find things to be so amusing and just read the news. Not everything in this world fits into a category. Life comes with miscellaneous and "other". It serves a purpose. To remove it would not elimiate the need nor the desire of the CL membership to laugh and enjoy things outside of Chririqui. Always leave space for laughter and fun and the miscellaneous things in life.
  15. I would take it down to the M Store in David. They are an authorized Mac dealer located in the Rey/Do It Center shopping mall near Conway. They do repairs as well as sales of new computers, so I am sure they could help.