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  1. This is Panama. We had to go to Panama City to get a copy of my wife and son's passport "authenticated". The passport office in David, where we requested and received new passports from them, "wasn't authorized". What should be very simple processes are often not so simple here. But it's slowly getting better. The hardest part of obtaining the E-cedula was getting the required documentation from Immigration (in PC, of course). I never received the document acknowledging my pensionado visa, and that was a major effort requiring multiple trips to PC. Immigration never seemed to be
  2. Have no need for a Panamanian bank. Would be handy for local utility bill payments but those can usually be handled online with a credit or debit card. Schwab is fantastic, but you'll need an address in the US for a successful application. Unless you're wiring funds for buying a house or car, the ATMs work fine, usually. Just lost $335 when I tried to get $500 out; the machine only had 5 dollar bills. Of course 100 of those won't exit the machine through the small slot, so the machine ate the rest and powered down. Obviously there was an error or problem. After 3 weeks of invest
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