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  1. Recycling in Chiriqui

    You lost me, Keith. What is this about?
  2. Recycling in Chiriqui

    Thanks. Neither Ivan nor El Dorado is convenient for me, but it’s doable because it’s only the occasional trip. It’s not clear who reposted the blog entry below, but it doesn’t answer my question about the recycling place downtown next to BFF.
  3. Recycling in Chiriqui

    I understand about the once-a-month recycling event. But is the recycling center next to the BBF still operable too and, if so, are they still taking aluminum and clear glass only? My aluminum and clear glass builds up a lot more quickly than my plastic. Second question: Is there anywhere other than Roher where you can buy bottled beer and bottled sodas? The parking there has become a nightmare and sometimes there's no one available to help with loading and unloading.
  4. Probably. I'm fast becoming too old to live alone, and I miss my son and his wife. But even if I decide to stay, this house and property is just too big for one old lady.
  5. Built on what once was part of a coffee finca, this beautiful house and 1-1/4 acres (1/2 hectare) of land is a gardener’s, entertainer’s, and cook’s paradise. In addition to grass lawns in both front and back, it features a fully mature botanical garden complete with orchid casita, fish pools with waterlilies and a waterfall, numerous custom trellises, and an upper deck and pergola for climbing plants. The setting, which is shielded from downtown noise by the topography, feels remote but is less than five minutes north of downtown Boquete. The property is fully fenced, with a remote controlled gate, window and door bars for added security, as well as outside lights. There is a wraparound terrace off the back and, a safe distance beyond the back garden, the Palo Alto River. The roof is of aged clay tiles. Inside, the enormous great room area, with vaulted wood ceilings, includes an unusually spacious kitchen with more than ample storage in cabinets, drawers, and walk-in pantry. A long bar of live edge mango wood separates the kitchen from the living area, which is complete with a gas fireplace as well as a built-in entertainment center with shelves for books and artwork. Located off the central living area are a laundry room and a half bath with large linen closet. One wing of the house contains a master bedroom and a spacious master bath of travertine marble with a shower plus jetted tub. In this wing, adjacent to the master, is a study with three walls of built-in custom cabinetry. On the opposite side of the house are two guest bedrooms and a shared bath. This area connects by door to the two-car garage. All bedrooms have walk-in closets, and there is additional built-in storage throughout the house. The Palo Alto water system is a private and reliable one, and there is a complete water filtration system, including UV light. Also, the house comes with a generator for those occasional power outages as well as a whole-house surge protector. Cable Onda supplies Internet and t.v. service, or there are two satellite dishes for Direct TV and Skye. There is a large reserve water tank as well as four tanks that collect rainwater for irrigation purposes. All appliances are included: refrigerator/freezer, stove/oven, microwave, toaster oven, washer and dryer. This house and garden were built with love, and it shows. Don’t miss this opportunity to own one of the most uniquely beautiful properties in Boquete. List Price: $559,000. Photos at: https://youtu.be/Xp9vI9o-HkQ Contact Bonnie Williams at ridgelandres@yahoo.com or 6709-7838
  6. It will sell out quickly because you've told everybody about it!
  7. The wardens have received several requests lately about when the embassy may have an outreach in Chiriqui so as to be able to have their U.S. driver's licenses notarized and save them a trip to Panama City. There are two answers here, and I think they merit repeating and distributing via this forum. 1) The embassy generally announces community outreaches no more than a couple of weeks ahead, sometimes a week ahead. So the wardens know only that far ahead. Just as soon as I receive a notice from the embassy about an upcoming visit, I publish it on News Boquete, CL, Boquete News on Facebook, and Boquete Community Group on Facebook. Be sure you look at one or more of these sides regularly, even daily. 2) Obtaining a Panamanian driver's license cannot be accomplished without a trip to Panama City. The U.S. license can be notarized at an outreach, but the process also requires a trip to the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Panama City for certification. The full instructions, available on the embassy website but difficult to find except via the Search function, are as follows: "To obtain your Panama driver’s license: Make an appointment online, bring your valid U.S. driver’s license and a copy of both sides to the American Citizen Services (ACS) section. Licenses that are expired will not be accepted by the Panamanian Authorities. The fee for this notarial service is $50. Consular regulations require us to charge $1.00 each for photocopies we have to make in connection with affidavits. Take your valid U.S. license and notarized documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification. The MFA is located at: Plaza Sun Tower on Avenida Ricardo J. Alfaro (Tumba Muerto) by the National Bank of Panama. Telephone number: 511-4045 or 511-4046. Obtain proof of your blood type, if your driver’s license does not include that information. You must visit a lab certified by ATTT . Bring your residency documents, passport, valid license, notarized documents and proof of blood type to a SERTRACEN service center." Questions to the Boquete wardens about this or other matters should be addressed either to landis.boquete.warden@comcast.net or to me at ridgelandres@yahoo.com.
  8. My son conducts research on and teaches university courses in climate change. He assures me it's real. But I don't think we want to get into that debate here.
  9. Please adopt Judi

    You may want to add contact information, assuming that it's not the Newslady who has the dog.
  10. Pet Food News from PriceSmart

    Great info, Marion. Thanks so much.
  11. April 23 Voting Workshop 2018 Mid-Term Elections Are you a U.S. Citizen in Panama who wants to volunteer to help other fellow Citizens register to vote in the 2018 U.S. mid-term elections? If so, the U.S. Embassy is hosting a Voting Assistance Workshop on Monday, April 23, from 1-4 p.m. at the Elks Lodge in Balboa. Participation in the electoral process, regardless of political affiliation, is a right of citizenship that ties us together as Americans. And yet many Americans living overseas do not vote, often because they do not understand the absentee voting process or how to register to vote. Voting overseas is simpler than you may think. Because each state has different requirements, however, it’s important to understand the processes. This workshop will provide participants with the information, resources, and tools needed to successfully aid other U.S. Citizens to participate in the electoral process from overseas. The Voting Assistance Workshop is an interactive, hands-on training session led by a Washington-based official of the Federal Voters Assistance Program (FVAP). When: April 23 (Monday) from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. (Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early.) Where: The Elks Lodge Calle Rosas Palacios, Same Building as Bon Profit Restaurant, Balboa *Parking is limited in the neighborhood. Who: All private U.S. citizens living in Panama who want to help other U.S. citizens register to vote. Space is limited to 60 persons. How: Please RSVP by April 20 to Panama-ACS@state.gov. A U.S. passport will be required for entry. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop on April 23! Assistance: U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama 507-317-5000 Panama-ACS@state.gov https://pa.usembassy.gov/ State Department - Consular Affairs 888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444 Panama Country Information Enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
  12. Parade on April 11?

    Actually, I needed to take my dog to the vet. But it would be almost impossible to get there with the parade going on and a critical street closed.
  13. Parade on April 11?

    I saw on FB reference to a parade and happenings at the Féria today, but I don’t see anything on the CL calendar. Anyone know if it’s true and, if so, what time?
  14. until
    The U.S. Embassy will be conducting a voter registration workshop from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Elks Lodge in Panama City, located on Calle Rosas Palacios.
  15. Parade on April 11?

    It didn't occur to me to look anywhere other than the calendar for today, April 11. In the above-cited posts, I note that mention of the "desfile" is pretty well buried in the lengthy announcement--in Spanish--by the Alcalde relative to the schedule of a full week of anniversary celebrations. After looking at the calendar and before posting, I did conduct a search under "parade April 11" but came up empty. But I guess I could have been more thorough in my search.
  16. Association Of Panama Veterinarians

    You need to do more than inquire. There were some posts in the past about a vet who, when questioned by a client, claimed to be a graduate of a very prestigious U.S. vet school. It sounded suspicious to me that a graduate of that school would be practicing in Chiriqu when there clearly would be better opportunities elsewhere. I contacted the records department of the vet school in question and was told they had no record of him. Trust but verify.
  17. Sorry, but I just don't see a change. Panamanians have been taking advantage of gringos at least since I arrived 11 years ago. They love having us here to take advantage of economically. Boquete now enjoys the same minimum wage as Panama City and David, so the locals clearly have benefited in this regard, as well as with increased employment opportunities. Panamanians I have spoken with are grateful for this. I'm inclined to attribute the isolated incidents of rudeness to bad apples and to expat misbehavior. And if the Panamanians are, in fact, becoming xenophobic, they certainly are not alone. At this moment it's a worldwide trend.
  18. And my reason for posting was to share that I have not experienced any "changing in the attitude toward expats" by Panamanians. I think your experience was an isolated one.
  19. Given all the dust from ongoing road projects combined with the dry season, everyone's vehicle is dirty and car washes and washers are working overtime. I wonder if any of the volunteer groups always beating the bushes to come up with ways to make money have given any thought to sponsoring a weekend car wash. It might be a challenge to find just the right location, with the requisite space and water supply, but, given wide advertising of the event, I can't help but think it would raise a decent amount of money. Back in the States, car washes are common fundraisers in the summer months, particularly by youth groups, and are very popular.
  20. Returning for a moment to the original post, the one that initiated this discussion, I have never experienced what Marcelyn described. I'm sure there are isolated incidents of discourtesy, but I have found Panamanians to be almost universally polite and helpful in a way rarely experienced back home. There was the woman who chased me down in the parking lot of a grocery store in David to return the cedula I had left at checkout, and there was the driver who led me in his car to my destination all the way across David when I had simply asked for directions. The incident I recall most fondly is the young man who sprinted across the street from Melo, unbidden, to bodily remove my husband from our car and carry him into Dr. Chen's clinic when I was unable to do so. I don't doubt that expats and their financial resources have engendered a degree of resentment, but I have never seen it manifested in the behavior of Panamanians.
  21. One could argue that the homes of indigenous residents here are on par with those of the homeless in Hawaii. In that sense, homelessness is Panama is widespread.
  22. Coworking and Innovation HUB in Boquete!

    I could use a little more information about what this is, what it's designed to accomplished.
  23. I use Smart DNS Proxy and overall am very happy with it. One things puzzles me, though. Periodically, without any notice, the IP address requires updating. I find this out only when I can't access my Roku or, bewilderingly, when I can't access Amazon online. It's easy to do by going to the website and clicking on an Activate link, but it's just so curious to me. Can any of you computer types explain why this is? And, as it took me a while to learn what was wrong and how to rectify the problem, I'm wondering how many other users have the same problem and may have spent money on a serviceman to solve it.
  24. I've heard that tape gums up some of their sorting machines, i.e., the tape is scraped off in the machine and clogs it. If that's the case, they need new machines, IMO.
  25. I got all excited for a minute, thinking the asphalt might be headed toward Boquete.