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  1. My property backs up to the Palo Alto River, and I can hear it roaring this afternoon. During floods, the river moves rocks from upstream. Smart idea to close that bridge. I used it coming and going somewhere this morning, but I was uneasy about it even then, when things weren't nearly as bad. As I'm reading the satellite weather pictures, it looks like we could be in for several more days of this. Can those of you better schooled in weather prediction than I please weigh in?
  2. Doug, I put "bulk money" in my Panamanian account by depositing a personal check on my U.S. account and allowing approximately two weeks for it to clear. It's slow but, by planning ahead, I avoid the substantial fees associated with wiring money. I have never been charged by either bank using this method, although I haven't done it for a while and have heard rumors that Panama banks are now charging. Maybe someone has more up-to-date information.
  3. With today's horrible weather and lots of folks returning home after the Mother's Day weekend, I'm afraid we might be looking at a lot more road carnage before the day is out.
  4. Thanks. I had prior understanding of the information imparted in your first paragraph, but I needed help with the second.
  5. My thanks for sharing the results of the survey. ARF's public communications have picked up substantially in the last few months, which is particularly admirable given all the boots on the ground work the organization does. My hat is off to them and the fine work they do.
  6. Boquete, across from the Bomberos. Turn to the right when you go in; there will be a windowed desk for registering if you haven't been there before. Then proceed to the back left, to the right of Xray, to the "Adult Consultario" door. Knock on the door and tell them what you're there for.
  7. Yes, it's possible. Every shipment of drugs and/or cosmetics requires paperwork (or computer forms) to be completed by the recipient or mail forwarder. This would provide a record.
  8. I got both my flu and pneumonia vaccines downtown at the social security clinic. No charge.
  9. A thoughtful person forwarded to me the below message from Airbox Express to her. I took the liberty of running it through an online translator and therefore have also provided the English translation.. Estimados clientes, Les informamos que según notificación emitida por la Dirección Nacional de Farmacias y Drogas del Ministerio de Salud de Panamá las nuevas disposiciones que regulan las importaciones vía empresas de courier para cosméticos que no cuenten con el debido registro sanitario y sean para uso personal. Las nuevas disposiciones autoriza la importación mensual de cosméticos de la siguiente manera: Máximo 3 productos cosméticos por persona Volumen mensual no mayor a 500 ml Les recordamos los requisitos para realizar estos trámites: Factura comercial Carta de solicitud de importación Copia de cédula o pasaporte Nombre comercial del producto Formato de presentación (cápsulas, líquido, comprimidos, etc.) Los productos que aplican para estos requisitos son: Maquillaje Champú Perfumes Cosméticos Lociones Cosméticos medicamos Productos de higiene personal Para mayor información no dude en comunicarse con nosotros a través de nuestro Call Center al 269-9774 o a nuestro WhatsApp al 6982-1029. Gracias por preferirnos, Airbox Express Dear customers, We inform you that according to notification issued by the National Directorate of Pharmacies and Drugs of the Ministry of Health of Panama the new provisions that regulate imports via courier companies for cosmetics that do not have the proper sanitary registration and are for personal use. The new provisions authorize the monthly importation of cosmetics in the following way: Maximum 3 cosmetic products per person Monthly volume not greater than 500 ml We remind you of the requirements to carry out these procedures: Commercial invoice Import application letter Copy of identity card or passport Commercial name of the product Presentation format (capsules, liquid, tablets, etc.) The products that apply for these requirements are: Makeup Shampoo Perfumes Cosmetics Lotions Cosmetics we medicate Personal hygiene products For more information, do not hesitate to contact us through our Call Center at 269-9774 or our WhatsApp at 6982-1029. Thanks for choosing us, Airbox Express Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite Translator
  10. I'm sorry to hear this. I was planning to take some stuff within the next couple of days.
  11. An Alta Al Crimen Report To Boquete

    I appreciate the explanation and believe that newcomers will benefit from the history. Also, I have always thought that Bob writes very well. The only thing I don't understand is the following sentence:
  12. Keith, did you ever check into this? I was reminded of it when I went to the Sertracen website to find out their hours and saw that these vehicle identification cards are still said to be required. La Tarjeta de Propiedad Vehicular (TPV) es un documento oficial emitido por la Autoridad del Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre de Panamá y el Registro Único Vehicular Motorizado que certifica la propiedad de un vehículo legalmente autorizado para circular en Panamá. Dicha tarjeta de acuerdo al Reglamento de Transito vigente en Panamá debe portarse en el vehículo y debe presentarse a la policía de tránsito o inspectores de la ATTT cuando es solicitada. Esta tarjeta contiene la fotografía del automóvil y sus principales características como los son el número de motor, chasis y otros más. Esta tarjeta se emite automáticamente al ser inscrito el vehículo o al ser traspasado de propietario.
  13. Help Hogar Trisker

    Thank you, Keith. It always concerns me when we are asked to support programs that are the responsibility of the government. That's a slippery slope. However, if there are particular needs for these needy facilities, I found when I was a director of Bid 4 Boquete, that it's best to fund projects rather than just make monetary donations. As I understand the message from Rotary, that 's what they intend to do. I would appreciate reassurance of this.
  14. Help Hogar Trisker

    I don't know what this means. Does the government provide funding for these homes or only regulate them? If the government doesn't manage them, who does?
  15. Need new glasses/prescription

    Vega in Boquete or David. Some people prefer Lopez in David.
  16. Recently, for budgetary reasons too complicated to go into here, the U.S. Embassy in Panama was instructed to refer all social security issues to the embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica. Just so you know that you're not the only one suffering from this change, I am a U.S. warden in Boquete, and I can't get the Costa Rica embassy office to respond to me. (At least they responded to you, however inadequately.) The U.S. embassy in Panama City has been contacted and asked for help in resolving this issue. I'm confident they will help figuring it out.
  17. I can’t buy your logic on this one, Keith. If someone is fined for having an expired license or expired insurance, he’ll be more likely to keep his license and insurance up to date, but I doubt that it’ll change other behaviors like speeding and running stop signs.
  18. Thanks, Siempre. I think mine as out of date anyway as I’m pretty sure it predated 2007. I’ll check Mandarin. I wonder why they don’t have them at Sertracen. I guess that would make too much sense?
  19. I'm in the local pharmacies and Arrocha on a regular basis and have never seen them. Do you recall in what area?
  20. Is failure to have the driving handbook a towable offense? Mine has gone missing, and I don’t know where to buy another.
  21. The Hexagon Room has been through a number of iterations. It's the main room at BCP. I'm confused by this announcement because it previously has been advertised as a game room--with food and drink. I'm eager to learn what The Clubhouse really is all about. Is it a restaurant, a bar, a game room, or what? That will determine whether or not I ever go there.
  22. Ladies outing and fellowship, Dec 14

    Great idea, but I don't see how there will be time for shopping unless there's shopping at La Casa Mexicana. An hour to get there, an hour to get back, and at least an hour and a half for lunch. Should be a fun trip nonetheless. (You should provide your email address for purposes of RSVP.)
  23. Great idea. What about a donation certificate? I have friends who I know would appreciate a donation to ARF rather than a Christmas present from me. Maybe just a card? All you need is a printer and some card stock (and someone who knows what they're doing).