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  1. Could be. The foundations of the other Bailey Bridge certainly were much better. Over two months still seems like a long time to install a Bailey Bridge. It's my understanding that they were developed by engineers during WWII for quick access across rivers.
  2. I understand. But the Bailey Bridge went up in just a day or two. In fact, I didn’t even see it being put up; it was just suddenly there. They’ve already hauled in some materials for the Palo Alto Bridge, and they don’t look anything like Bailey Bridge materials. I’m concerned about this. At times the Palo Alto side of the loop is closed because of the Panamonte Bridge construction or for some other reason (like filling potholes just beyond the Féria Bridge this morning), and that leaves those of us who live in Palo Alto with both ways blocked, i.e., with no way to come and go. with no way out.
  3. While I agree that the post may have been off topic, I think we need to understand that everyone’s patience is tried and tempers shortened by the road situation. Only this evening there was a massive traffic jam in front of The Fish House and Sugar ‘n’ Spice when a long hauler truck was unable to make the detour turn and blocked the road at the same time that vehicles that were detoured themselves were pouring in from the two side streets. There was no one there directing traffic or sorting out the situation even though a number a police vehicles were in the vicinity. It was a mess—like the daily messes we have been experiencing for two years. It’s been particularly hard on those of us living north of town because there’s no way we can avoid it. Getting from my house into town or through town has become a daily, never-ending nightmare, and most people are saying the same thing. I’m as patient as the next person, but this has just gone on too long. I’ve tried to be a cheerleader, but I’m just worn out like everybody else. I’ve never seen anything so poorly managed.
  4. Why Bother with Current Events

    I agree, Keith, and I thank you for helping to keep us informed.
  5. It can’t come soon enough. But I’ll be surprised if it’s completed by January.
  6. New on-site Computer Service

    Leivys recently left Overclock, where he had worked for several years, to go out on his own. Many, many Overclock clients, including me, can vouch for his skills and trustworthiness.
  7. until
    Lasagna dinner and bingo to support Javier and Magaly's Boquete Dog Camp for abandoned, abused, and neglected animals.
  8. Bingo to Support Boquete Dog Camp


    A minor correction: the event was not "poorly" attended. It was "modestly" attended. I would guess there were between 40 and 60 people, but I didn't count. There were several empty tables and even more empty chairs. Nonetheless, with Nairn and Nancy's generous contribution, Javier and Magaly took home some money. For those of you who support their work but were unable to attend the event because of personal commitments, Alison offers a sound suggestion: utilize their GoFundMe site to help out.
  9. Everyone is quick to admire and thank Javier and Magaly for the work they do, so I couldn't help but notice that the fundraiser for them, held this afternoon at the Amigos de Animales facility, was only modestly attended. There were some wonderful prizes in the bingo games (restaurant certificates, an eco tour, overnight stays at Finca Lerida and in Volcan, etc.), and the lasagna lunch was excellent. Nancy Halbert and Nairn Kennedy donated all the proceeds from the lunch, even the cost of food, to Javier and Magaly's dog camp. Charities work hard to sponsor events such as this rather than depend solely on donations. The least we can do to support them is to attend these fundraisers. They're fun, and they're a great way to meet your neighbors. Make time for them; put them on your calendar when they are announced.
  10. Crash Course Spanish Classes begin in October

    There's a discussion of this on the community forum on FB. At least two people write that they don't find the book useful by which they mean, I suppose, that it hasn't taught them to speak Spanish as their verb mastery is still bad. They seem to miss the point that it is a reference book, not a teaching book.
  11. This is the first I've heard of this, and it's horrifying. Not only are the public hospitals overcrowded, inefficient, and frequently out of medications; now we learn of the necessity to pay bribes to get any attention at all. All the more reason not to live here without health insurance that will get you into a private hospital if need be.
  12. From this morning's Newsroom Panama: Cable and Wireless sold l for $7.4 billion Posted on May 16, 2016 in Latin America, Panama Post Views: 195 Share: CABLE AND WIRELESS Communications changed hands on Monday May 15 with the completion of the $7.4 billion sale to Liberty Global The deal was approved in November 2015 by the C&W Board of Directors. Liberty Global is a cable television company with almost 27 million subscribers and annual revenues of approximately $18 billion. Its owner is American John Malone. C&W operates in 20 countries, with 10 million customers and $3.5 billion in annual revenues. Its operations in Panama are co-owned with the government.
  13. An expat has contacted me claiming that her wallet, including her pensionado card, was stolen some ago and that she has been unsuccessful in getting another. I sent her to the Embassy, Citizen Services, but I doubt that they can do much since it is wholly within the realm of Panamá bureaucracy. Has anyone else experienced this and could outline the steps that had to be followed?
  14. Real Estate Services

    Great sites, Joanne. It looks like Boquete finally may have a real estate agent with some marketing plans and skills.
  15. Having been critical of Super Baru Boquete earlier, I feel I should report that I had a very good experience there today. In fact, I got everything on my grocery list! I was amazed at how well-stocked the store was and how many new items they are carrying--items I thought I never would see in Panama. I may even be able to resurrect some old recipes I had given up ever cooking again. Their bread selection has grown, too, as well as meats. Parking was easy after I ran off a supply truck blocking the spaces out front. The only downside was that there remain far too many stock persons obstructing the aisles, normally two or more per aisle.
  16. Sounds like something we needn't lose any sleep over.
  17. Stolen pensionado card

    Yes, that's what I'm trying to find out. I've heard that it is much more difficult to replace a pensionado carnet than it is to replace an E cedula. I'm hoping the Embassy has dealt with this before and will be able to tell her what to do.
  18. Prunes

    I have found them at Romero and at El Rey in David. I would bet that Super Baru/Boquete also has them.
  19. Bingo Dog Camp! Helping Rescued Animals

    Just a reminder about this event. Javier and Magaly do wonderful work in our community rescuing and fostering abandoned, neglected, and abused animals. They richly deserve our support. This should be a fun occasion, too, replete with a lasagna meal. Tickets are available at Mailboxes, Etc. or by emailing dogcampboquete@gmail.com. The event will be at the Amigos de Animales Events Center in Alto Boquete from 1 to 5 this coming Sunday. See you there!
  20. In the ten years I have lived in Boquete, I have noticed that the availability of drugs in the local pharmacies is far from ideal. On several occasions I have been forced to go to David when the pharmacies here were out of a common drug or simply didn't carry an uncommon one. At the very least I had to go from pharmacy to pharmacy to get what I needed. I therefore was very pleased yesterday when I filled five prescriptions at one place and at a lower cost than I had been paying elsewhere for the two I take regularly: Danka Pharmacy on the square. My blood pressure and heart medications were there and were cheaper than at Revilla and Romero (I've given up on Any's since their inventory has become so depleted). I also had scripts for three fairly unusual drugs used to treat chest congestion I acquired while on vacation. They too were there. Moreover, the service was quick and the discount applied without asking and without producing a cedula. Danka will be my pharmacy of choice from now on.
  21. Our Tuesday lunch group met at Senor Gyros yesterday and had great food. My chicken wings were the best (and the messiest) I've had anywhere. The same sauce was used on the ribs, the eater of which reported that they too were delicious. There are still the big hamburgers with bacon and blue cheese (or whatever you choose), the lettuce wraps, and of course the gyros--all very tasty, I was told. For those of you who enjoy a cerveza, I'm happy to report that they are ice cold. The papas fritas are hand cut and crispy. If you haven't been, I urge you to give it a try. The owner was attentive and appears eager to please. And, by the way, they are either enclosing or putting a roof over the outdoor area.
  22. 2018 Calendars Available Soon!

    My Skeeter’s beefcake photo has only a few months to go. There’s no one who can replace him, but I’m buying a calendar anyway. i remember when I got Skeeter about three years ago. He had been living in a barn with minimal or no care, was very sick with a respiratory infection, but still was wagging his tail. What a pleasure he has been. I encourage everyone to adopt a homeless dog and experience unconditional love on both sides.
  23. Where is this? What bridge? I’m so concentrating on the road and other vehicles on the Via Boquete that I don’t recognize many roadside landmarks.
  24. In my life prior to Panama, I worked in the field of governmental ethics. Virtually without exception, when I spoke to government officers and personnel in second and third world countries and brought up laws prohibiting the use of public position for private gain, they looked at me like I had two heads. In discussions, I learned that in many cases bribe money made up the majority of a public official's or employee's salary. In these cases, the fault lies with the governments that won't pay a living wage. In the case of high level, well-compensated officials, they justify bribery and other forms of misuse of office on the basis of common practice. They maintain that it's the only way most people know how to do business. It's just the way it is. This is an educational issue, but a very difficult one.