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  1. I have Skype here in Panama. I don't understand the difficulty you're having.
  2. The problem clearly is on their end, as evidenced posted by Mr. Bondoux demonstrates. Call their attention to that, and make them understand that ONLY Wells Fargo customers are experiencing the problem here in Panama. Then, the next time you're in the U.S., change banks.
  3. Dr. Franklin Anguizola is the best cardiologist in Chiriqui. He and his wife have bought a house in Boquete and apparently want to spend more time here or maybe even move here full time. What a plus for Boquete!
  4. I had to look up what impugnacion means, thinking it had to do with impugning and wondering what the heck that would have to do with the election. In fact, it means contested or challenged. I wonder how long this will take.
  5. It would be helpful to know exactly which products these are. Those of us on medication for high blood pressure may need to see a doctor for a prescription change.
  6. The alternative is to buy your own sturdy bags. I bought some Pricesmart bags many years ago, and they're still going strong though they look a little ratty. I recently purchased online a mesh bag for fruits and vegetables and two inexpensive but good quality nylon bags.
  7. The worst of this for me is resetting everything. My generator doesn't extend to the garage door opener or the electric gate. I try not to open them when the power is out, but I had to today to admit some workmen. So I did so manually. It took me almost an hour to reset them. Too, on my DNS, the IP address changes , requiring reactivation, and my IPTV has to be completely rebooted, including disconnecting everything for a period of time and then rebooting. Resetting the clocks are nothing. But the rest took up the better part of an 1-1/2 hours after the four-hour outage this morning.
  8. Anyone else except those of us in Palo Alto without electricity this morning?
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