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  1. Bonnie

    Farewell to Ken & Becky Campeau


    Ken and Becky are simply two of the most outstanding volunteers Boquete has ever had. They are involved in so many charitable organizations and always can be counted on to do whatever is necessary. I had the pleasure of working closely with them when Bid 4 Boquete was around and always considered them among the best and most reliable. I wish them well. But Boquete is going to much the poorer for their leaving. I'll be there!
  2. Bonnie

    Corporate Arrogance Or Incompetence?

    Can someone please explain to me what "impairment of assets" and "conventional-generation assets" mean? I have never heard these terms before.
  3. Bonnie

    Open-Meeting Scheduled for Monday, 12 November

    Is this an offshoot of Hospice? If not, how does it differ from the caregiver work that Hospice does?
  4. My guess is the CO is replacing some equipment.
  5. I have lights in my great room ceiling that require scaffolding to replace. I have asked many workmen as well as expats, but no one seems to know anyone who has scaffolding capable of doing the job. Can anyone help with either a source or a suggestion?
  6. CableOnda is down at my house. Anyone else?
  7. Bonnie

    Looking for a used toilet

    Being a landlord here must be pretty lucrative. It's always been common for renters to be responsible for household repairs. That's bad enough. But now they're responsible for supplying a house's basic plumbing???
  8. Yes, I consulted this when the question came up. It says "desfiles," but nowhere can I find specific mention of a parade on Sunday. Only on Saturday. I seem to recall having been informed of two parades, however--perhaps by my housekeeper on Friday.
  9. Bonnie

    November, 2018 at the Old Catholic Church

    It is within Valle Escondido. Ask at the guard gate when you enter, and they will direct you.
  10. I realize that you were being light hearted, Keith, but I can't even manage a smile about this anymore. Sorry. On the good side, workers were on site at the Panamonte Bridge on this Sunday morning. It's showing signs of imminent completion, which will make a huge difference for those of us living in Palo Alto and Jaramillo.
  11. Respectfully, Keith, I don't think any of these monumental projects legitimately can be compared to the Boquete water/sewer project. Come live on the north or east side of town, and I'd be willing to bet that your point of view would change.
  12. I think we’ll see Calle Central completed in time for the holiday festivities. Everything else? Who knows? The pressure will be off from the merchants.
  13. From the article on Via Argentina: " The group insists that it is not opposed to restorations and repairs on the road and public services, but to the way it has been done." My point exactly. One question: are there no built-in penalties for contracts that exceed their promised time of completion? This is a real motivator, in my opinion. Had there been threatened penalties associated with this project, I doubt we would had to wait for a visit from President Varela and a near revolt by downtown merchants to get this project moving.