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  1. I have Amazon Prime. It doesn't help with books and movies that aren't free, and I'm picky about what I read and watch.
  2. It's not unusual in the sense that it always rains during the week of the Fair, but certainly the wind and the long-lasting nature is unusual. We had a similarly long bad weather streak in December (at least on my side of town), making it feel like the rain hasn't stopped in an eon. It's depressing. My Amazon bill is going to be out of sight as a result of downloading books and movies.
  3. Got it. Thanks. So I guess I needn't look forward to seeing this completed in my lifetime, given my age.
  4. Yeah, but that was two years ago almost to the day, Keith. Why, in two years plus, is it only 28% completed? Does anyone know?
  5. I see now, and I think you're right. I managed to miss the "his." Haven't they been working on the Boquete-Palmira highway a long time? It seems like it should be more than 28% complete. But I confess to knowing little about the distance or the terrain, except that I understand it involves one or more bridge.
  6. I don’t know who they’re referring to; that’s why I asked. “Administration in Boquete” is unclear, but it sounds to me more like the municipal government than it does the national government overseeing municipal work. I just would really like to know who’s in charge.
  7. Does this mean we can blame the Mayor for all the delays in the completion of projects?
  8. Reading this, it occurs to me that, outside the fairgrounds itself, there is little flower cultivation that I'm aware of. The celebration of flower cultivation therefore seems misplaced. Am I missing something?
  9. Just to be clear, it wasn't the current U.S. Ambassador to Panama (John Feeley) or any other U.S. diplomat associated with Panama. Joel Nagel is described by Escape Artist as an "International Attorney" who formerly served as Ambassador to Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia, as well as the United Nations offices in Vienna. Notably, it doesn't say which country he represented as an Ambassador, but it certainly wasn't the U.S. and it certainly wasn't in Panama. If you search online, you will find that he is a major developer in Latin America, an authority on "international banking," and was Belize's ambassador to Austria before being kicked out by the Austrian government for paying more attention to his personal financial aims than to his duty to Belizean diplomacy. [http://amandala.com.bz/news/austrian-government-kicks-belize-ambassador-joel-nagel/] Various Internet sites paint him as a shady character at best, and it doesn't speak well for Escape Artist to have hired him. More hucksterism from these publications. But there's nothing to suggest that Nagel had any association with Panama, and Ambassador Feeley certainly wouldn't appreciate being confused with him.
  10. I had never heard about this, and I couldn’t believe it would be allowed, so I Googled it but found nothing. A search of the Escape Artist site itself revealed that a former Ambassador Joel Nagel (not a diplomat to Panama at any time) offers or offered advice, but Ambassador Feeley’s name doesn’t come up. Could this be what you saw, Penny? it surprises me that even a former ambassador would do this, and I’m reasonably confident that a sitting ambassador giving advice of the nature described would be in violation of federal conflict of interest law.
  11. 1. IT BEGINS 4 hours ago U.S. Ambassador to Panama Quits, Says He Cannot Serve Trum Reuters/Eliana Aponte The U.S. ambassador to Panama resigned “on principle,” noting that he cannot serve under the current administration any longer. John D. Feeley has served as ambassador to Panama since Dec. 9, 2015, after being nominated by President Obama. “As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the President and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies,” Feeley said in a statement. “My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honor-bound to resign. That time has come.” The State Department reportedly confirmed Feeley’s departure but said he decided to “retire for personal reasons, as of March 9 this year.” According to the Associated Press, Feeley’s resignation came before Trump referred to several poor countries as “shitholes,” as the announcement was on the State Department’s website prior to the Thursday remarks. 1. IT BEGINS 4 hours ago
  12. I received an email telling me that NIT is the abbreviation for Numero de Identificacion Tributario. It is essentially a tax identification number, like the social security number is on U.S. tax returns.
  13. Anybody know what NIT stands for?
  14. But how will we know what it is if we can't get on the website? Trip to David?
  15. It was congested on Wednesday with set-up. As I had to make three separate trips into town and became frustrated during the first two, I took the loop on the third. Unwise choice. In Los Naranjos, in two separate spots, there was one-way traffic due to the water/sewer construction. Cars were backed up for blocks. It took me 25 minutes to get from my house in Palo Alto to El Bajo. Perfect planning once again. Of course, it's better than Penny's 40 minutes. Penny, was Los Naranjos open to two-way traffic when you took the loop?