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  1. The library can accommodate 80 people. So I believe the 40 seats available takes into account people who already responded when the first announcement first was made last week. For the record, I encouraged them to explore a larger venue like BCP and the Animales building.
  2. The above flyer is the promised "more complete information." I have asked why it is in Spanish if it is directed at expats, as noted. There is a separate flyer, also in Spanish, for hotels. I am researching the best way to disseminate that information.
  3. The Public Affairs division on the U.S. Embassy, Panama, has asked that I disseminate notice that they will be sponsoring a presentation on safety in Boquete on October 12, 2018, at the Boquete Library. New York City police officers will be addressing the assembly on issues of senior safety and burglary prevention. More complete information is forthcoming, but the Embassy would like to gauge the level of interest so as to better prepare for the meeting. Those interested in attending are asked to confirm their interest by email to Julia Fong: FongJA2@america.gov.
  4. I received an email earlier this week saying they hoped to have additional information to me by Friday. It didn't come, so I expect it will be early next week. I understand they have reserved the library, so I'm assuming it's on.
  5. That’s one reason I don’t have a checking account. The banks here are thieves and robbers. I wish I felt I could do away entirely with a bank account because the banks here are a constant source of aggravation.
  6. Bonnie

    Do you know this doggy ??

    I have to assume the Newslady means a green collar, not a green color. It gave me quite a start. 😀
  7. Banistmo will have a lot of competition in that contest.
  8. I would like to register my opinion and experiences, but, as Citizen Volunteer Liaison (formerly Warden), I feel compelled to keep my own counsel. I will state the obvious, however: the Embassy would go a long way in restoring the faith of U.S. citizens if it would respond to telephone inquiries more than four hours a week and work harder to see that the federal benefits function is returned to Panama from Costa Rica.
  9. Bonnie

    Glamping Party for you!

    As I read it--and I could be wrong--two people gain entry by bringing a potluck dish for 6. If they bring additional folks, it will be $10 per person. "Glamping" is a combination of "glamor" and "camping." (I had to look it up.)
  10. Bonnie

    Safety meeting sponsored by U.S. Embassy

    I’m sorry, Linda. I completely forgot about ACCBoquete and Joe. I will add him to my recommendations, but he may also want to ask to sit in on the meeting with the police. I’m sure the Boquete police would welcome him, and I doubt that the Embassy folks would object if it met with local police approval.
  11. Bonnie

    Safety meeting sponsored by U.S. Embassy

    I would add that the trading of information and experiences between law enforcement agencies is a good idea, in my opinion. I'm just wondering whether police from NYC will have the requisite understanding of Boquete crime to address the subject meaningfully. I suggested that they make a point of visiting beforehand with Rodny and/or with former leaders of AAC for an understanding of the situation here, which, I'm confident, is vastly different from that in NYC. I have received no response to that recommendation.
  12. Bonnie

    Safety meeting sponsored by U.S. Embassy

    It's my understanding that the NYC policemen will be meeting with the local police the day before the presentation for citizens. But all questions are legitimate, in my opinion. I'm just the messenger here.