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  1. Quail Eggs

    If anyone has been looking for quail eggs to incorporate into their cooking, Georges of Georges' Fireside Inn has them for $1 a dozen. They're beautiful.
  2. We originally were told it would be a three-year project. It's been a little over two years now, I believe, but the contractor is behind on everything. So it's my guess that we have at least another year to go. It's interesting to me that only when the business community started squawking did the government come down on the contractor to get things going. The residents are of little consideration.
  3. From the Chiriqui Life welcoming page: Report post Posted September 26, 2015 Welcome to the Chiriqui.Life Website Understanding and Taking Advantage of Chiriqui.Life If you want the "quick and dirty" on how we recommend accessing CL, scroll down to the section that talks about the activity stream. What is Chiriqui.Life? Chiriqui.Life (CL) is a free information resource available to anyone having access to the Internet. From the domain name you can discern that the target audience is not just Boquete, but all of the residents, businesses, and clubs/groups of the Chiriquí Province of the República de Panamá. The content on CL focuses specifically on any aspect of life (residing, working, or visiting) in the Chiriquí Province, as well as topics about Panama in general that may affect life in the Chiriquí Province. A few forums have a more global scope, but those forums are limited in number and incidental to what CL is about. Think of CL as your [digital] homegrown, daily, self-published, neighborhood newspaper targeting Chiriquí and its highlands region, principally Boquete.
  4. There are two U.S. Wardens in Boquete. Hank Landis, the originator of this thread is one. I am the other. Hank, I too question whether this belongs on a forum about Boquete and Chiriqui. This kind of thing can be debated ad nauseum, to the detriment of the sharing of information about our community here in Panama. I have witnessed this kind of topic go terribly awry on the "other" forum. I'll let Bud and Marcelyn be the judges.
  5. I meant a personal check. I bought a car from another expat by making a bank transfer from my u.s. account to their u.s. bank account. I know one person who bought a new car on his American Express card. For something as expensive as a car, the wiring down of money may not be impractical. Just three ideas.
  6. In a follow up email, the petitioner clarified that it was two American banks that said they could not wire money to Panama because it is on the list of countries to which money can't be sent based on the Patriot Act.
  7. An American expat has advised the U.S. Wardens that his bank has refused an incoming wire of money from the U.S., citing the Patriot Act. As I wired a substantial amount of money into my Panama bank account just a couple of months ago, I am wondering if this is an isolated event attributable to a single bank, or whether it may be a new banking regulation. Has anyone conducted an incoming wire transfer from the U.S. lately? Has anyone else's bank refused an incoming wire of money from the U.S.?
  8. Could be. The foundations of the other Bailey Bridge certainly were much better. Over two months still seems like a long time to install a Bailey Bridge. It's my understanding that they were developed by engineers during WWII for quick access across rivers.
  9. I understand. But the Bailey Bridge went up in just a day or two. In fact, I didn’t even see it being put up; it was just suddenly there. They’ve already hauled in some materials for the Palo Alto Bridge, and they don’t look anything like Bailey Bridge materials. I’m concerned about this. At times the Palo Alto side of the loop is closed because of the Panamonte Bridge construction or for some other reason (like filling potholes just beyond the Féria Bridge this morning), and that leaves those of us who live in Palo Alto with both ways blocked, i.e., with no way to come and go. with no way out.
  10. While I agree that the post may have been off topic, I think we need to understand that everyone’s patience is tried and tempers shortened by the road situation. Only this evening there was a massive traffic jam in front of The Fish House and Sugar ‘n’ Spice when a long hauler truck was unable to make the detour turn and blocked the road at the same time that vehicles that were detoured themselves were pouring in from the two side streets. There was no one there directing traffic or sorting out the situation even though a number a police vehicles were in the vicinity. It was a mess—like the daily messes we have been experiencing for two years. It’s been particularly hard on those of us living north of town because there’s no way we can avoid it. Getting from my house into town or through town has become a daily, never-ending nightmare, and most people are saying the same thing. I’m as patient as the next person, but this has just gone on too long. I’ve tried to be a cheerleader, but I’m just worn out like everybody else. I’ve never seen anything so poorly managed.
  11. Why Bother with Current Events

    I agree, Keith, and I thank you for helping to keep us informed.
  12. It can’t come soon enough. But I’ll be surprised if it’s completed by January.
  13. New on-site Computer Service

    Leivys recently left Overclock, where he had worked for several years, to go out on his own. Many, many Overclock clients, including me, can vouch for his skills and trustworthiness.
  14. Bingo to Support Boquete Dog Camp


    A minor correction: the event was not "poorly" attended. It was "modestly" attended. I would guess there were between 40 and 60 people, but I didn't count. There were several empty tables and even more empty chairs. Nonetheless, with Nairn and Nancy's generous contribution, Javier and Magaly took home some money. For those of you who support their work but were unable to attend the event because of personal commitments, Alison offers a sound suggestion: utilize their GoFundMe site to help out.