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  1. An earthquake of 5.0 magnitude, located 95 km. south of Panama City in the Pacific, has been reported on the U.S. Wardens' WhatsApp. The city got a good shaking; buildings were evacuated. There now is concern about a possible tsunami.
  2. In an earlier forum on the subject of electrical service, I joined Bud and Marcelyn in complaining about the cost of electricity. My utility bills started out being in the $125 to $140per month range. Being used to electricity bills in the States, and having plenty of other things to attend to associated with settling in, it took me a while to realize that this was much higher than that of others. Over the years I sought the services of three different electricians, none of whom offered suggestions that solved the problem. Then, about a year ago, my bill went to between $160 and $180 dollars a month. Exasperated but determined to get to the bottom of this, I asked Juan Arauz for help. He came and recommended five things: change to LED light bulbs; replace my fish pond pump with a more efficient one; put a timer on my one electric hot water heate;, do some rewiring in the electric box; and replace my refrigerator/freezer with a more energy efficient model. At significant expense, I did all of this with the exception of replacing the refrigerator (having just had to replace my washer and dryer, which was an expensive and unpleasant experience in and of itself). I sat back and waited for my next utility bill. It had gone up to $190!!! I went to Juan's office with the bill, and he concluded that something had to be wrong on Fenosa's end. He came to the house once again and, in ways I don't understand, measured the electricity coming from the pole to my house compared to actual usage. It was a job that took a couple of hours. He recorded his findings and found that there was a problem with Fenosa's transformer outside my house. He told me he had encountered the same issue with another client and successfully had Fenosa rectify it and reimburse the client for past overcharges, although it took several months. So, armed with his findings, he went directly to Fenosa. Miraculously, they met him here that very afternoon and, after some testing of their own, agreed with his findings and made some repairs/changes. The bill I received about three weeks ago was $16.74! I assume a substantial portion of that is reimbursement, but I finally have hope that I've gotten to the bottom of the problem, although it will take me a long time to recover what I've paid over the years.
  3. What kind of help is available? I don't believe I have encountered any mental health services in my ten years here.
  4. You can donate and/or volunteer here: Just click on the appropriate button. Credit cards and Paypal accepted.
  5. Have the cats been rescued or, at the very least, untied? My cat came to my house after having been tied up elsewhere. She was missing the fur all around her neck where she had struggled to free herself.
  6. Not everyone lives on the south side of town.
  7. Dra. Zapata's office can be reached at 774-0128, ext. 3225.
  8. Of course you're right about the necessity to conduct research before getting involved with anything like this. I was not clear. I object to any ad that does not reveal the name of the sender of that ad, not just this particular one. We've gone through this before with some other posts. Like you, I would not have been interested in any event, but I still would like to know who posted. Maybe that's asking too much.
  9. I don't know about you, but I really would like to see a name associated with this type of announcement/ad. I always like to know with whom I'm dealing before making contact. And, yes, I went to the noted website and, after a few clicks, learned who the founder is. But I don't think the customer should be required to do research. (In case you're wondering, I have no personal interest whatsoever in this.)
  10. I overlooked that, as well as the fact that this an old forum topic. In fact, I had forgotten about the whole thing. in general.
  11. But I read that President Varela cancelled a trip to Bocas because of pressing business in Panama City.
  12. Bud, I think your innate politeness has compromised your ability to understand that people express themselves differently. I don't perceive any snipes or baiting, only posters who tend to speak more directly than you do.