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  1. Bonnie

    Showcase Your Chili!

    The correct date is August 19, I believe. (I thought all announcements of events had to be calendared before going out on News Boquete, but this September 19 announcement is not on the calendar.)
  2. Bonnie

    Found male beagle with red collar

    He wandered quite a ways along a busy highway. Lucky to be alive and to have been found by someone who cared.
  3. Bonnie

    Chili Challenge - Amigos de Animales


    August 19 is only one of six dates scheduled for the BCP play. I think it’s unreasonable to expect other organizations to respect and schedule around all six. If someone goes to the Chili Challenge, there are five other dates on which to see the play.
  4. Contact Lorena Pitti or her husband, Nemacio Cascante, at Boquete Garden Services. Lorena 6681-1648 (English) or Nemacio 6554-8213 (Spanish) or email boquetegardenservices@gmail.com. I haven't heard anything about them lately, but so far as I know they are still in the tree trimming business. Nice folks.
  5. Yes, that's why I used the term "authorities." I know the Personeria takes over from the police, but I've never been sure exactly what the police do. In two cases I was involved with, the police did do some minimal investigation. Both cases were then kicked up to the Personeria and died somewhere in the process. Obvious suspects and witnesses (or potential witnesses) in both cases were never even questioned. The victims, on the other hand, were tied up for days in the bureaucracy.
  6. I can't speak for Keith, but it has been my experience that the shortcomings of the police go beyond showing up late, even though that is an important concern. The failure to investigate or to investigate effectively I find deeply troubling. In my dealings with the authorities, they have made no effort I'm aware of to actually solve a crime. They fail to follow up proffered leads, do not interview named suspects, gather no evidence, etc. Rather, they engage the victim in hours of unproductive bureaucracy leading to nothing. And criminals profit when there is no apprehension and enforcement. Certainly the behavior of the young man in question was not caused by the police, but I also would be willing to bet that he has engaged in other criminal behavior during his 20 years that has gone unpunished.
  7. Bonnie

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    What do you mean? If you mean welcoming U.S. citizens who have come to reside in Panama, I see absolutely no evidence to support that. I know of no one who has been "welcomed," as I understand the word, by the Embassy. Don't forget that the Embassy's role goes beyond in-country citizen services. It's most important function is the diplomatic one, which includes interacting "with representatives of the host government, local businesses, nongovernmental organizations, the media and educational institutions, as well as private citizens to increase understanding of the United States and its policies and to collaborate on shared interests. Embassy staff analyze the political and economic situation in the host country and report back to the Department of State on issues that affect the United States. They help U.S. businesses find partners and customers and may train the host government’s police and military to support better security in the country. They also sponsor educational, professional and cultural exchanges to introduce emerging and established leaders to the United States and to promote ties between U.S. and foreign students, academics, scientists, entrepreneurs, political, religious, and civil society figures." [from https://diplomacy.state.gov/discoverdiplomacy/diplomacy101/places/170537.htm]
  8. Bonnie

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    The embassy handles a lot of things other than aiding U.S. citizens, so I think you mean American Citizen Services (ACS). Register your concerns with them. I’m afraid I’m just a flunky, as frustrated as you are. I will say this. The people in Panama ACS always respond, and usually respond promptly. They were always quick to resolve SSA issues before the responsibility was transferred to Costa Rica. And they too were distressed about the transference. So we’re all suffering from that decision. i just don’t understand why phone questions are entertained for only four hours out of a 40-hour work week.
  9. Bonnie

    Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours

    They respond to emergencies at all hours. I don’t know—and I think it’s a bad idea—but I believe they severely limit the time for receiving phone calls to encourage people to use email. They can’t be THAT busy, particularly since one of the major functions of ACS, social security, has been transferred to Costa Rica. Speaking of Costa Rica, I wrote the consulate there on July 5 asking a simple question about the proof if life procedure. After five days and responding to three emails from them—all of which asked for information already provided, information that was irrelevant, or information which could and should have been sought in their first reply—I finally got my answer this morning. Very frustrating.
  10. U.S. Embassy - Panama Consular Section IMPORTANT INFORMATION Change to ACS and FBU Calling Hours The American Citizens Services (ACS) and Federal Benefits (FBU) Units will be changing their schedules to receive external calls from 10:30-11:30am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The Embassy phone number is (507) 317-5000. For automated information, please call (507) 317-5030. Additionally, we would like to remind our customers that ACS and FBU operate on an appointment-only system for all services except emergency ACS cases and adult passport renewals. For general questions, we encourage writing to ACS by email (panama-acs@state.gov) and FBU (panama-fbu@state.gov) by email. American Citizen Services To schedule an appointment, or to obtain more information, please see the Embassy’s ACS page, which can be found here. Federal Benefits To schedule an appointment, or to obtain more information, please send an email to Panama-FBU@state.gov. Please only send one e-mail regarding your issue. We aim to respond to your inquiries within 3 business days. U.S. Embassy – Panama Sección Consular INFORMACION IMPORTANTE Cambio a Horario de Llamadas a ACS y FBU Las Unidades de Servicios para Ciudadanos Estadounidenses (ACS) y Beneficios Federales (FBU) cambiarán sus horarios para recibir llamadas externas a las 10: 30-11: 30 a.m. los lunes, los martes, los jueves y los viernes. El número de teléfono de la Embajada es (507) 317-5000. Para información automatizada, por favor llame al (507) 317-5030. Además, nos gustaría recordarles a nuestros clientes que ACS y FBU operan con un sistema exclusivo de cita para todos los servicios, excepto casos de emergencia de ACS y renovaciones de pasaportes para adultos. Para preguntas generales, recomendamos escribir a ACS (panama-acs@state.gov) y FBU (panama-fbu@state.gov) por correo electrónico. Servicios para Ciudadanos Estadounidenses Para programar una cita u obtener más información, consulte la página ACS de la Embajada, que se puede encontrar aqui. Beneficios Federales Para programar una cita u obtener más información, envíe un correo electrónico a Panama-FBU@state.gov. Por favor, solo envíe un correo electrónico explicando su problema. Nuestro objetivo es responder a sus consultas dentro de los tres días hábiles. Assistance: U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama 507-317-5000 Panama-ACS@state.gov https://pa.usembassy.gov/ State Department - Consular Affairs 888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444 Panama Country Information Enroll in Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security updates
  11. Thanks for this, Keith. It's reassuring. My limited experiences with the police and the justice system, primarily related to my responsibilities as a U.S. warden, have all been bad: time-consuming and non-productive.
  12. Bonnie

    July 10th Tremors

    Strange. I distinctly felt one between one and one thirty, but that time isn’t mentioned.
  13. This has echoes of the "thoughts and prayers" emanating from Stateside politicians in response to gun violence. I would be more impressed if we heard the Mayor say that he will demand more of the local police and prosecutors. Platitudes aren't enough. People want to see a responsive police force: the apprehension and successful prosecution of criminals.
  14. Does anyone know where one might get his or her ears pierced in Boquete?
  15. Bonnie

    United States Embassy Handover Ceremony

    For those of you who, like me, did not know what a charges d'affaires is, it is a diplomat who heads an embassy in the absence of the ambassador, sort of an interim ambassador.