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    This is always a timely topic, now matter where one lives in what might be considered developing areas. For those interested in getting involved in helping the local indigenous families as well as the poorer Panamanian families, with either money or time or efforts or all, one of the local opportunities is with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete -- http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/. If, after viewing the website, you decide to take part in a food packing day (next one this Thursday, 3/29) you'll get to see some of the nutritional foods given to 100 or so families each month. And if you then decide to take part in one of the many food delivery efforts later that day, you'll get to experience a slice of the life of these families (may entail hikes or drives into areas off the beaten path), who are so grateful for these small monthly gifts and the kids who have no idea that they are "poor". Hope you can join us sometime, and if you do, at least for the first few visits, it's best to leave your "shoulds and shouldn'ts" behind.
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    Interesting discussion. I created a FB account some time ago, thinking to promote information about the spay/neuter clinics and the care of animals in general. I hesitate to give personal information on public forums, so I signed up as "Dottie Mae." Sometime later I thought to give my real last name (Atwater) but it was declined with a message something like "false last names are not allowed." I hardly even know how to use FB and didn't care to learn...it seemed that a lot of postings are about silly things like "what color of socks I wore today" (joke) with numerous responses. In creating that account, I didn't give my real birthday (still unwilling to post personal information on a public forum). Imagine my surprise when I received numerous "Happy Birthday" notices related to the fake birthday I gave. (Thanks to everyone, and I'll remember your well wishes for my real birthday!) I've posted almost nil on FB, and certainly nothing about my politics, friends, "enemies," and nothing about my trips (I never leave home anyway--I like it just where I am). So regardless of having very little privacy left in today's world, I do whatever I can to keep my personal life private from the world that spies on everyone.
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    Melissa Twohey, PriceSmart VP Corporate Foods, wrote this very informative explanation regarding their private label and the upcoming introduction of the pet food line. I am happy to answer your questions!
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    This report is from the Mayor's FB page. Mayor of BOQUETE CHECKS IN THE FIELD THE COMPLAINT OF CHIRICANOS ENVIRONMENTALISTS Opposing views have been generated in the last few days by work being carried out on the road going up toward the top of the Baru Volcano by the Ministry of Public Works. The Mayor, with the desire to issue a criterion as the situation in the field, visited the area to learn first hand about the allegations of environmentalists from our province. It is expected, according to the Mayor Emigdio Walker Vasquez, in the next few days will be bringing together all parties involved, in order to learn technically the situation that the environmentalists have denounced. During the tour, staff and volunteers of MiAmbiente carried out a day of cleaning in the Baru Volcano National Park. Public Relations Department
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    Dru's Bench We have a seat and it's kinda neat, it sits in the yard with a view. We sit out there in the cool mountain air and think of our times spent with Dru. There's such a breeze, and pollen...we sneeze and a moment of sadness wafts by. We miss you Dru. We think of you, and those thoughts cause us to cry. But in our seat that's oh no neat, we can see such a beautiful view. The sky up high, and birds flyin' by, and happiness in thoughts of you. A hummingbird drinks from a flower nearby; a hawk squawks chased by a bird. The sounds we hear make us feel you're near. The sweetest sounds we've heard. So cheers to you Dru ! YOU are the view: the flowers, the wind and the sky. We sit in this seat...oh so neat; You're near...so why should we cry ? We love and miss you Dru! Alison and Bill Brundage
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    Today our puppies received a nice visit, Aimee Langton, her husband and her three Beautiful children. Thank You for the visit!
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    Watch the birds. Turn up your sound, enjoy...
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    According to the Terms & Rules, it states that: "If you wish to post content on Chiriqui Life, you.... ....Continue to own the content that you post, but grant Chiriqui Life an unlimited, non-exclusive, non-cancelable license to use and distribute your content." So in other words, you have agreed that you are giving Chiriqui Life a non-cancelable license to use and distribute the content you post. That would mean that even if you cancel your account, they have the right to display or use your content as posted. This is very standard in most Internet forums and is typically spelled out in the Terms of Service policy at the time of registration. Most forums find that erasing posted content changes the readability of a discussion and can be used to unfairly change the meaning of those that replied or commented. The Internet does not come with an eraser.
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    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters are pleased to announce the delivery of 33 blankets, 23 sweaters and 43 caps to the Clinic in Palmira, the Centro de Salud in Bajo Boquete and Nutre Hogar residential treatment facility for severely malnourished infants and children. Our members create hand-crafted quilts, blankets, caps and booties for our tiniest neighbors. If you knit, crochet or quilt -- or would like to learn how -- or even if you're just curious about our organization, please contact Brandy Gregory by replying to this notice.
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    That is the part about this whole story that makes me the saddest. No matter what the truth is here, it hurts all of us ex-pats. One stinker can make us all look bad. From the lady who screams for paper bags at the little clerks in Romero, to people who take advantage of locals, I feel like I have to remind my Panamanian friends that we are not ALL rotten, and there is no country full of angels. I think we are often held to a high standard, and are definitely observed constantly by the locals. It reminds me to be overly kind to those I interact with to try and counter some prior experience they have had dealing with one of our ruder ex-pats.
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    Obviously, I’ve gotten my priorities wrong and my sense of community is twisted. After all, there’s at least 14 families here who would rather squeeze a couple of dollars out of their castoffs than support an important local charity.
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    Ha Ha . Just not enough things to keep people occupied!
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    Just sent the Diputada a message congratulating her on the passage of the above legislation, and asking the status of her initiative to treat minors convicted of serious crimes with more severity. As I noted a few weeks back, there are recent cases where tougher penalties have been applied. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/chiriqui-condenan-menor-delito-abuso-sexual/
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    Heard some folks drove up the road in their 4 x 4. They said it was graded all the way to the summit and actually driveable!
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    We have a policy of not disclosing our business affairs, but in general ASEP has provided information about how things work here in Panama, and made recommendations as to how to deal with public utilities (e.g., electric utility and cable service, etc.), and then interfaced with the utilities once we had done our job with documentation. We found the ASEP staff cooperative and friendly, never in a hurry, and conversations always in Spanish/Spanglish (but we were successful and I am definitely not fluent). In one case we actually got back a refund from a utility based on the interaction between ASEP and the utility. For those who may not be aware, ACODECO and ASEP are two totally different governmental agencies. ACODECO deals with consumer rights and issues. ASEP is the Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Publicos -- in other words, the governmental oversight over public utilities (other than water/sewer related, which is IDAAN in many cases). We hear people frequently confusing the two agencies. Our experiences with ACODECO have been disappointing, but ASEP does a good job, in our opinion. The main thing for customers to do when dealing with either agency is to document everything. For instance, with ASEP bring in written documentation of every telephone call to the utility (e.g., Gas Natural will provide you with a ticket number for each outage/trouble report). Include summaries of who you talked with, scheduled service calls, who showed up when, and what was accomplished if anything. Etc., etc. Granted, it is a bit of a hassle, but doing the documentation thing has worked well for us when dealing with ASEP and the utilities. As an example, with sufficient documentation at hand, the manager of the ASEP branch in David actually called the utility and had a "frank" conversation (my terminology) with management level people at that utility. In summary, our approach of going in with a smile and a statement to the effect that "I need your help" (along with written documentation) works wonders. Leave the bad attitude at home. This approach seems to work well for us in almost all cases.
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    I have never been asked for a “spot tax” in my 5 years here. Been stopped plenty of times, usually just to check my licence, a lot of the time I am just waved through. I do have a pretty good rapport with the local check point guys and give them cold water and cookies every now and again. The head of the police in dolega knows I am a retired copper and has dropped in once or twice for help in getting repairs done to various police vehicles. I have no problem with that and consider it community service
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    I was at The Dog Spot this afternoon waiting to pick up one of my dogs when a gentleman came in. He waited patiently for his dog, and Roberto eventually emerged cradling a smallish dog that had been freshly bathed and groomed, announcing to me that and the dog was a recent rescue. He transferred the pup, about a year old, from his shoulder to that of the waiting man. The little dog’s tail started wagging so fast that it was quivering with excitement as the man held him close and began talking to him. It was such a heartwarming moment that I just had to pass it on. What a difference we can make in the life of a homeless animal.
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    During the month of May, obtain a Revisado inspection for the vehicle. You will need to have your insurance document and a copy of the Title with you. Take the original and a copy of the Revisado with you to purchase the 2018 Plate at the Municipality of Chame, and do so. Afterwards, tell them you also want to change the Municipality of registration to Baru. They will ask for copies of Revisado, Title, identification, insurance, and an acceptable receipt from an entity such as Gas Fenosa or Cableonda, proving that you actually have residence in Baru. They will issue you a document which, together with another set of copies, you will submit to the Municipality in Baru. Once re-registered in Baru, you will take the receipt which you’ll be issued, along with another set of copies, to the DIJ office in Paso Canoas for an Engine number and VIN verification. After their inspection they will tell you at which office of the ATTT Transit Authority, and when, your verification document can be retrieved. Once that document is available, submit it right there at the ATTT along with the original of Title, copy of Revisado and identification, and you will be issued a new Title which reflects the registration change.
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    This report on TVN 2, At least they got some press coverage! https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Protestan-terminen-construccion-policlinica-Boquete_0_4956254369.html
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    The airbag didn't deploy because the sensors are behind the bumper which seems barely impacted. Looks to me like the car was airborne when it crashed into the pole on a steep angle, mainly slamming it with the hood and engine. The terrain between the highway and the pole line is very uneven. Blown off the highway on a clear, dry day? Not likely.
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    My housekeeper, who has spent her entire life here in Palo Alto and whom I have never heard gripe about anything in the 11 years I've known her, just arrived for her weekly visit complaining bitterly about the electrical outages. Her last sentence was, "Pero la factura es igual." So it's not just us gringos.
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    After 6 years here, sadly we will be departing soon. So, I want to give a shout out about MBE. They provided us with great service during our entire time here, and they're a super nice bunch of people on top of that. For Mary, the Miami operation is simply a mail consolidation and distribution operation for the MBE offices in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Customer service on your account will come from the Boquete MBE office.
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