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    Why?. I feel protected by the country I live in and love. I feel encouraged by the smiling eyes I see above the masks they wear. I am touched by the door guard who would not accept the $ gift I wanted to give to him for his family..."No he said, it is against the rules" ( I dropped it and hope that got it). I cry for my Ngobe friends I cant reach because they have no power to charge their phone or money to buy a card. They have no running water...no tank to store it for when it does not run. I fall asleep at night praying for them and all my friends here. When this is over I want to see every face. I do not want to see one lost to this virus ! Life's short. Panamanians are a robust caring folk that are genuine givers/helpers. How very fortunate that I am here with them through this I cry for all this happening to the people I love, yet I am happy here.
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    Microsoft and the CDC have teamed up to create a chatbot for evaluating people with possible COVID-19 symptoms. It's called the coronavirus self checker. You can access it from this web page.
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    For your information this lady was passing in front of Big Daddy and Chris told her to come have some water. She sat and talked to Chris and Joe for a while. After investigating we were told she lived in front of big gym..behind gas station. We went to look for her husband. He came to Big Daddy and rescued her. Thank you Nicole and Chris for taking care of Suzy. Blessings to you all! Judy Tovar
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    That is recklessly false. Right now there are two cruise ships where all passengers are quarantined. Given how rotovirus spreads in a cruise ship environment, those ships are not a good place to be, especially if you're not yet infected. Science is trying to fight the virus by detecting and detaining sick travelers at transit points. But infected patients do not show symptoms for several days but can spread the virus before they get symptoms. And it now appears that the virus has mutated a little, unfortunately into an even more virulent strain. It's not that it's more deadly, but each infected person now on average infects over 3 others. It's now spreading faster than the Spanish Flu of 1918. There was no way for science to fight that pandemic, and there is no way to fight this one. A vaccine wil be developed, but not until it's far too late. The economic consequences might well affect upcoming elections.
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    ACCBoquete is looking forward to a exciting 2020. But first we want to say thanks to all of our supporters for a great 2019! ACCB 2019 Actitivites Jan. Elvis Presley birthday fundraiser for the Knitters and Quilters; Feb. Fundraiser at Big Daddys for Bricks Path Ministries for kids school bags; Apr. Palm Sunday dinner at Boulder 54 to raise money and collect Easter baskets for needy kids in Boquete; June started our bi-weekly Bingo games and still going strong; August, Elvis Memorial Tribute fundraiser for the Panama Princess Baseball League ACCB sponsored; October 5, the 3rd annual Oktoberfest; Dec. 1, 9th annual Christmas party at Boulder 54 to raise money and collect wrapped gifts for Boquete needy kids; Dec.6 &7, Sponsored Christmas concert at BCP for gifts and food for needy families; Dec. 14, Christmas party for 400 kids of Boquete Dec. 24, A Thank-you Bar-B-Q at the police station for all Boquete First Responders. While everyone else is with families celebrating Christmas the PD, Firemen and EMT's are on the job protecting us and Dec. 31, and finally, another Thank-you Bar-B-Q at the police station for all Boquete First Responders.
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    I went to high school in Tampa, FL with Mike. I think he was the nicest and most well-liked guy of the whole class of 100. We were friends. So sad.
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    Tears in my eyes, a smile on my face, and toes that are tapping. Thank you BHH (Boquete Health and Hospice)
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    The MINSA site has, for about a week, listed an active case in Los Naranjos that is a domicile quarantine. That is just northwest of Bajo Boquete.
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    Your questions are reasonable and logical, but it suggests that you are planning to move to Boquete without having done your homework. Maybe I am interpreting your questions incorrectly. My recommendation and response to your questions is that you first should go to Boquete and scope things out for yourself. Plan to spend at least a month, or possibly two or three before making such a huge decision - unless you have tons of money to burn. But if that were the case then you wouldn't be asking the banking questions that you ask. Everyone has their own opinion and own experiences and own goals, so you need to do this footwork in person.
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    Well, back in February my license plate expired. Having lived here long enough to know not to wait until the end of the month, I went to Dolega to renew sometime in the middle of February. Because this is Panama, they don't just issue stickers to designate the year of your license plate, you have to buy an entirely new metal plate. Yes, somebody's cousin owns the placa company obviously. Also being Panama they sometimes forget to order the new metal placas. This was the case with me. After paying they explained that the February plates would hopefully be in at the beginning of March and in the meantime they gave me a letter saying I was allowed to "circulate" with an outdated plate. Okay, I didn't go back the first week in March and then we were locked down and the Dolega Municipio closed up. This morning I received insider information from my friend Lynda Rogers that it was possible to go and pick up my long overdue plate but I had to go during my designated release time. When I arrived at the Municipio I discovered that the building was indeed locked up but they had partially opened up an exterior window and were doing business through the window. Of course, there was a line and for some reasons the locals kept cutting in front of me. I waited patiently and finally got my new plate and window sticker. Now to get back to Boquete before my time expired. The whole procedure at the Caldera checkpoint has changed. Now you go through 3 distinct stations. At the first they spray the sides, tires and back of your car with some kind of anti-viral spray. At the 2nd stop they take your temperature and have an ambulance standing by in case your temp is out of acceptable range. At the 3rd stop they check your ID and wave you through. And that's how I navigated two bureaucratic governmental processes in one 2-hour outing. Ain't this pandemic thing great ???🤯
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    Hi... was able to get $500 out today from US bank. At same ATM I had trouble with on Fri. On Monday person in Banco General told me it was a temporary ATM system problem.
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    Jails & Juvenile detention centers. More police. Have Martinelli finance that with the money he relieved the country of. Freedom for the cash . Panama City populous are sick of the gangs and are okey dokey with them killing each other off. Very sad state of affairs. Keep your doors locked.
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    O.K. So we have very strict firearms laws and the police are consumed with checking to see if you are 10 minutes outside your time out? Here’s another thought, get the police back to investigations and solving crime. Seems to me it would be a better use of resources.
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    That's my read of it too. Kinda sucks that they brought in house arrest Saturday for "Easter" then thought it was such a good idea that it has been with us ever since. 4 hours a week isn't enough to get things done, especially with the line ups at stores now.
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    MY IDEA???? Drive right on by. I don't even blink. It's an " I just don't buy it today moment"...then I go home and take a vitamin pill. (yup) Alison Time saver...no shopping no cooking...just swallow. Take a nap...
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    I think when you see the men out on ladies day (and vice-versa) you are forgetting all the people who have passes. For example, all agricultural workers, bank workers, grocery store workers, pharmacy workers, gas station workers, medical personnel, etc, etc. In general I would say that this draconian lockdown is working. And I agree with Allison that there's going to be a lot of general unrest if things aren't loosened up by May 1.
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    Nobody out on Saturday or Sunday. Total lockdown.
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    Those arrested are sent over to the Justice of the Peace. I understand that there is a $50 fine or community work for the first offense.
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    Just received from a friend who lives half time in Boquete and half time in the US, enjoys golf. They got stuck in the US, and can't get back home right now. Somewhat lengthy, but it put a smile on my face.
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    Yes Keith.....I am 100 % aware that the "take" on this brought forward to the public through US media varies. ( boy..I tell ya....sigh....) For me personally , and for my own mental health , I try to stay focused on HERE...in Panama...today. I discovered that just this week. I'm curious, and as well hopeful that something positive in the way of CURE might evolve out of the USA...it has not...yet. I only get bombarded with organized disorganization with bodies being carried off in bags, and joggers still jogging. Worries about the economy......I weary of it. sigh................ I don't start my day anymore with the TV news( ...oh, I do like Panama's news.... ) Here in Boquete we are all screwed into our places.....calmly. Sitting here in the breeze...waiting for the World to change ( should be a song...) I attempt to keep my husband and I healthy & alive. I drive him crazy. I do my best not to irritate him...and he's trying too...but we irritate each other. It's all in this COVID nightmare sci fi episode we are currently living in. PEACE: That's my focus. If I watch TV outside of Panama I go a bit tense, frustrated and irritable...my husband pays the price. I end up ranting...at the TV...pick a channel...any one. We are only into week 4 of this here and the numbers are rising as well deaths in Panama. Easter is on the way...and Panama folks LOVE Easter fun together. Cops will be ready. All Panama can hope to do is hold this at bay . We all are focused on that...together ...doing the right thing. It WILL end......value your days. BOQUETE STRONG Alison OK...just me here. I just went up and pondered again this dialogue in the thread. Got me feeling a bit tense and annoyed all at once. It would be a cryin shame to ruin what Bud so well did to create CL. Just the facts well organized and laid out for all of our wellbeing here. Topics that relate to us here in Boquete. He has really done one helluvah job too !... USA politics are not our issues here. They really don't make this forum healthier. (or us)... I do understand that this did begin with a piece on Panama by FOX...yah every news channel got a kick outta that and missed the entire efforts in place here in Panama to keep people alive. That irritated me.......see? irritation is easy these daze.
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    Now there's a job for YOU !!!!!!!!!!! we'd all love it. (Bud here at CL?...he's been pretty busy)
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    Thanks for the nice post!! In regards to being able to be out, we have a permit stamped by Mayors office to be out and delivering food. Best regards, Chris
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    A gentle reminder: When you get home from the grocery store/pharmacy, unpack your items outside the house. Wipe them down with a disinfectant -- unwrap and thoroughly wash produce in the sink. Then either wash your grocery bags in the machine, or at the least, spray them inside and out with a disinfectant and let them dry in the sun. Or set up a "dirty zone"/"clean zone" on the counter. Unpack in the "dirty zone", wipe things down, and transfer them to the "clean zone". Have the sink full of water ready to receive any produce. After unpacking, cleaning and putting things away, wipe down your "clean" and (especially) "dirty" zones with disinfectant. Is this complicated and time-consuming? Sure! But it's still a good idea...
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    My woodturning days are done due to nerve degeneration and the mobility and numbness issues associated with it, so I closed my shop and sold my tools. I will no longer be selling my woodturning at the Tuesday if and when it resumes at a new location after losing the BCP facility as its venue. In recent years, I barely covered my costs, but did set up a table at the market every week to enjoy the international atmosphere and promote my fellow artisans and food vendors. This post is about people like me with pensions and other retirement incomes reaching out to help hardworking younger residents during this time while they are shut down and unable to sell their goods and offer their services. If this is the wrong forum - please advise on where to post. One artist whose family has become like my own is Richar Huisa, a multi-talented Peruvian expat artist with a wife and two young daughters. A couple of friends and I will help them financially through this crises, and recommend that others do the same for artists and vendors they know and like. I recently gave my old, but powerful, Lenovo PC to Richar and advised him on free, open-source software to get him started with graphic design for local businesses. Below is his first piece of commercial computer-based graphic. Please help him out by buying eggs from the vendor and suggesting other potential clients for his graphic arts services - and offering any suggestions in this thread about ideas for more business. His WhatsApp/Cell number is in the graphic (6462-9959) and his English is good. And please do the same for other local artists and artisans you might know.
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    We informed our gardener about the possibility of a quarantine last week. We said that we would continue to pay him because it wasn't his fault and he still needed to provide for his family. He was most grateful ... especially when we gave him a little "extra".
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    God Bless you BUD AND MARCELYN . We each have a role to play here. You are the information gatherers . As we all learn, we help others that have not ...yet. Its a process. It takes time. Panamanians for the most part have done such a great job it astounds me..................WE ARE BLESSED. Like it or not. We are all in this together.
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    This is WAR...don't let the enemy (virus) win it.......
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    Some of the isolated patients are experiencing diarrhea. COVID can transmit via stool. Hand washing is of utmost importance. I gave my Ngobe family we help a tablet of pool chlorine. I told them to put that in a 5 gal bucket next to another 5 gal bucket with fresh water. I told them to use the chlorine water to wash hands then rinse well in the fresh water. They do not have the ability to buy toilet paper all the time nor do they have a toilet like we do. They do not have running water. Water is carried by bucket.
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    Alcohol is a disinfectant. A sanitizer...a hand sanitizer. Works for virus as well. I think the use of "Antibacterial' is just a commercial presentation of a sanitizing product..
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    Sometimes the Newslady holds her nose and sends out an email containing claims of which she is skeptical. This happens with almost all of the alternate medicine, herbal cures, dietary supplements, and voodoo machines that folks in Boquete are so fond of. To ask her to determine the validity of any such claims is beyond her capabilities, desires, and time. Post your objections here and let's get a community dialogue going. That's what C.L. is all about.
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    Shame this was done too late and AFTER Carnival , when facts were out and clearly present of the disease's communicability in other countries. As this entire situation unfolds the professionals are learning how the virus transmits. Important to know: The virus stays alive 48 hr on hard surfaces. It is transmitted by droplet ( somebody sneezes who is standing close to you). The virus is NOT wafting in the air ( reassuring ) all by itself minus a sneeze. THE MOST likely mode any of us will get the disease is by TOUCHING a contaminated object and touching your face. Assume everything is "dirty" out there...protect yourself cautiously . Frequent handwashing is of utmost importance. Stay away from crowds ( ie: bus...take a cab) In time when this begins to play out people will become LAX...tired of it all. That is exactly when you must be very very cautious and not let up your guard...a few weeks from now right now. Begin to develop good habits. ALISON
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    Yesterday we traveled from Houston to Panama City. Shortly before landing at Tocumen, flight attendents handed out a mandatory one page personal health questionnaire (name, address in Panama, China travel, etc.). At the top of the plane exit ramp that sheet was collected by four individuals fully clothed in surgical garb, masks, and gloves; forehead temperature was taken; then each passenger was told “go” or “stay”. Fortunately more were in the “go” line than huddled in the “stay” group. Bud and I were in the “go” group. Total time involved per passenger for temperature check was about 5 seconds. Don’t know what happened to the five ladies and others falling into the “stay” group.
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    Sad......very sad. Our hearts break for Oso. All I can say is Javier and Magaly are very special people. They have very little (...money a/o time for themselves...) personally. They dedicate their lives to dogs who need help. They are amazingly empathetic people. We all need to support them one way or another. God bless you J & M!
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    It's really hard to know for sure what is going on in China. The anecdotal reports are terrible, but they are very hard to verify. The reported numbers of the infection growth rate have slowly dropped from over 20%/day to about 10%, although that is still very alarming given the logarithmic nature of those numbers. From the time the virus was first detected and concerns raised, but before China imposed the quarantine on the city of Wuhan, over 5 million people left the city. They mostly traveled within China, but that's why there out outbreaks all over China now, and less so internationally. We need international observers from the World Health Organization on the ground in China. Some experts think the numbers of those infected is probably 10 times what is being reported. Certainly some mild cases are not being reported, but China also has an incentive to try to keep the public from panicking and not going to the workplace. Unfortunately, I don't see how it matters too much whether the number of infected is 3,700, or 370,000. We have no way of containing it until a vaccine is developed, produced, and distributed. The measures already taken have almost certainly slowed the rate of new infections but you can be sure that the number tomorrow will be higher with no end in sight.
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    Well, apparently he was resurrected. Multiple news sources now report that he is only in critical condition at the moment and earlier reports were premature.
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    The members of ACCBoquete want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who made 2019 a great year. This is some of our events/fundraisers in 2019 you supported: Jan. Elvis Presley birthday fundraiser for the Knitters and Quilters; Feb. Fundraiser at Big Daddys for Bricks Path Ministries for kids school bags; Apr. Palm Sunday dinner at Boulder 54 to raise money and collect Easter baskets for needy kids in Boquete; June started our bi-weekly Bingo games and still going strong; August, Elvis Memorial Tribute fundraiser for the Panama Princess Baseball League ACCB sponsored; October 5, the 3rd annual Oktoberfest; Dec. 1, 9th annual Christmas party at Boulder 54 to raise money and collect wrapped gifts for Boquete needy kids; Dec.6 &7, Sponsored Christmas concert at BCP for gifts and food for needy families; Dec. 14, Christmas party for 400 kids of Boquete Dec. 24, A Thank-you Bar-B-Q at the police station for all Boquete First Responders. While everyone else is with families celebrating Christmas the PD, Firemen and EMT's are on the job protecting us and Dec. 31, and finally, another Thank-you Bar-B-Q at the police station for all Boquete First Responders.
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    So, that means it's not really a record high. But this sounds scary, so CO2 must make up 20% of the atmosphere now, and skyrocketing! Naw, it's less than that. In fact, it's still less than 0.04%. Not 4%, not 4/10ths of 1%. Less than 4/100ths of 1%. So, even though the level is 147% higher than it was in 1750, it is a very tiny increase in a very tiny number. I'm not trying to start a climate debate here. All I am suggesting is that a lot of information lacks any perspective for the casual reader.
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    This can only happen as a result of incompetence. Probably some corruption thrown in as well. Heads should roll.
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    Glad to see enforcement. Still some mighty fast and furious driving goin on.
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    Really sad news. Michael was very much involved in our community, both for health/physical fitness and musical entertainment reasons, and truly was a nice guy. Marcelyn and I had taken stretching exercise classes with Michael at The Haven, and also were working with him on preparing some high end multimedia to help document and market his musical skills. Following John's lead above, below are some video recordings taken on September 27th at Boulder 54. It was a rainy evening, there was the ambient noise of recording in a functioning restaurant, and the audio was based only on the camera microphones, so not good quality. These videos were test runs only, and not intended to be made available to the public. However, under the circumstances it seems appropriate to publish these so as to share Michael's talents. We cannot confirm, but believe that these likely are the last videos taken of Michael prior to his passing because a few days after these recordings were made Michael traveled to the USA for about a week; we were on the same plane with him. That was the last time we saw Michael, on the plane from David to Tocumen on October 2nd. We do not think he would object to these postings. Along that line, we were working with him to produce higher quality multimedia recordings (using studio quality audio kit) in November and December. Again, really sad news for our friend. RIP. Posting here in your memory.
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    This baffles me. How do people get butterfly fluff all over their skin? And I would love to know what this evil butterfly that attacks ankles looks like.
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    Lost my Appetito for that service before I even used it. Also, Domino's Pizza is investing major dough $ in Chiriqui in an effort to expand their market share. IMO, their product is terrible.
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    Instead of banning plastic bags for these merchants and grocers, the laws should require the bags to be biodegradable. That way, residents would still have bags to clean up dog and cat poop, and you wouldn't have the unhealthy dirty cloth grocery bags which get contaminated by meat pretty easily.
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    The CSS Polyclinica across from the Bomberos will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. as of September 1st. The schedule will be further expanded to 24/7 in December.
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    Just a side thought here: if Panama were to change its annual "revisado" process to include a safety and mechanical check of critical vehicular components (e.g., brake lights, head lights, brakes, turn signals, etc.) then perhaps some of these accidents due to failures could be eliminated.
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    I couldn't find any in town on Monday. Super Baru got some in on Tuesday. Onions are a price-controlled item in Panama. If farmers can't get a fair price for growing onions, they will plant something else instead.
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